“What’s wrong, you’re sighing? You guys made a big splash today, the news channels of the three major TV stations in Hong Kong are still talking about it, our hospital girls talk about Mr. Li Zheng every day. Oh, yes, sometimes they also mention you, director Xu.”



Chen Sufen came out of the kitchen with a bowl of vegetarian noodles, and she was all smiles as she teased her husband who was sitting in the living room smoking.


“Aigoo, now you’re smoking? What’s bothering our Mr Xu so much?”


Xu Mingsheng looked at Chen Sufen and exhaled a mouthful of white smoke, “You women don’t understand.”



Chen Sufen wasn’t happy, “What is that saying? In terms of title, you and I are professors, in terms of position, you are the director of the medical school, I’m the hospital director, I am not inferior to you. What is it that you understand that I can’t understand?”


Xu Mingsheng was choked by Chen Sufen, twisted out his cigarette butt, and responded in a good-natured manner: “I am bothered about Li Zheng.”



Chen Sufen felt strange. Normally, Old Xu never bothered about his precious student.


“Li Zheng still needs your worries? What’s going on?”


Xu Mingsheng sighed, “Li Zheng, his academic level can’t be mentioned. I am not even qualified to speak of him as a teacher. But he is too stubborn and impulsive. It is also due to his excellent academic level and good luck that he has become a famous person.”


“But you and I are both biology students. Is this infectious disease to be conquered? This is not a question of academic level at all. What we know, what we don’t know, how many of the microorganisms are in the world, and how to find the right ones, let alone three or five months, even in three or five years, it’s not necessarily possible. But he is a precious student…” Xu Mingsheng shook his head and sighed.



Chen Sufen gave Xu Mingsheng a blank look. “I know what you are saying is true. But if it is because of this, you should have complained about it two months ago. Now what do you want to do? Don’t treat me as a fool.”



“All right. I can’t hide from you, director Chen. I officially invited Li Zheng on behalf of Hong Kong University today.” Xu Mingsheng sat up slightly.


Chen Sufen paused. “Did Li Zheng refuse?”



“That’s not true. I should say that I didn’t give Li Zheng the opportunity to refuse. But I could see it, he looked exactly the same as when he refused Fujikami at the meeting. I don’t want him to stay at the University of Hong Kong, but I’m afraid he’ll go back to the mainland on impulse.”



“It’s not that the inland is bad, but on the research ecology alone …… alas.” Xu Mingsheng had always believed that scientists were the wealth of the world, no matter the reason, the heritage and development of the discipline was what should come first, to promote the development of the world wasn’t political, it was science!


Chen Sufen was silent for a long time, “Old Xu ah, everyone has their own ideas, you are a teacher, educating people is your duty, but you can’t impose your ideas on others.”



On the other hand, in Li Zheng’s laboratory, Li Zheng sent off the staff of the drug regulatory departments of Britain, the United States and other countries, and sat heavily back on the sofa.


“You plan to go back?” Liu Sichao looked at Li Zheng with a complicated expression.



He was also a native of China and hadn’t returned to his country since he went to study in Singapore, it was the place where he was born and raised, and where he still had his family.



“Hmm.” Li Zheng nodded.



In Li Zheng’s original plan, he would have returned to China in the late eighties or early nineties, or simply after the return of Hong Kong. But the events of the past two years completely disrupted his rhythm.



What he had planned to achieve in ten years, he achieved in just two years.


Li Zheng had been considering this question after the vaccine was developed, whether he should stay for a few more years or go back.


When this pile of invitations was placed in front of him, Li Zheng finally made up his mind.



“You are very courageous.” Liu Sichao was silent for a long time.


Having said that, Li Zheng’s heart also seemed to put down a boulder, and the expression on his face was quite relaxed.



He adjusted his sitting posture and found a position that was comfortable for him.



“Courage? I just think that my current self has enough power to protect myself. Marvin Min’s team has all been matched up, and you and Professor Zhong’s are almost trained. Even if I’m not here, Li Zheng’s lab can still run well.”



“Moreover, I will discuss with Hua Qing university, there is no way I will leave my lab behind.”



Liu Sichao’s face showed a hint of struggle before he sighed, “I was going to say handsomely that I’ll go back with you, but I’m sorry, I don’t have the courage for now.”



Li Zheng was dumbfounded.

Naturally, he had the strength to go back. Li Zheng’s scientific achievements were there, and palmatine, yewpox, Doc virus vaccine, carbapenem antibiotics, these drugs were not only high academic value itself, but also had obvious political significance.


Especially the Doc virus vaccine, Li Zheng heard that someone in the Dorman government has already proposed to establish a Li Zheng Square in Dorman City, and it gained the approval of most of the Dorman people.



There were even vague whispers in the international community that the Nobel Peace Prize would take Li Zheng into consideration.


When Li Zheng first heard this news, he only felt a burst of amusement.



Would what he had pursued all his life in his previous life be reached in such a dramatic way? Not the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine but the Nobel Peace Prize?



No wind was no wave, and even if it was just the wind, this wind was enough to add a dazzling round of halo behind Li Zheng.


And ……


Li Zheng chose to return to China now, there was another important reason.


The drug environment in China.


In his previous life, although Li Zheng spent most of his time in the laboratory, but he at least also had the title of director of the National Institute of Drug Research.


For patients, they should not only have medicine, but also use it.


The drug environment in China had always been bad, it could even be said to be very bad. China’s own drug development level wasn’t high, but it had set up a series of foreign drug access mechanisms.

This made it extremely difficult for many foreign advanced drugs to enter the Chinese market. Li Zheng had a deep impression that in his previous life, when the meeting was held, a senior in the biosphere was angered and loudly rebuked the drug regulatory department for not doing its job.



An anti-cancer drug, foreign countries had developed and used it for ten years, but the relevant departments were slow to give access permission. There were so many patients, they obviously had the medicine but couldn’t use it.


This was simply more frustrating for a biopharmaceutical person than a failed experimental project.


Not only to make all the life-saving drugs in his head, but also to make the life-saving drugs that could really be used on patients and change the domestic drug environment, was what he wanted to do and should do!


“Have you talked to Mr. Liang?” Liu Sichao suddenly asked.



Li Zheng froze, he put down the tea, his eyes and Liu Sichao’s had a moment of contact, then his face showed a trace of rare embarrassment, “You …… know?”


“It seems that I guessed correctly.” Liu Sichao shrugged, “It was just a guess, now it is certain.”

Li Zheng ……


“Having said that, Ah Zhe never interferes with my decisions.” It should be said that Liang Zhe would always cooperate with Li Zheng’s decisions.



Since the end of last year, after the release of the Sino-British joint statement, during the dark tide of the upper class in Hong Kong, many pro-British families had been vaguely transferring their assets, Li Zheng knew that the largest capital flight in the history of Hong Kong had been vaguely foreshadowed.



Because of this matter, Liang Zhe now also had no time to follow his loved one that was stuck in the laboratory, he and the Huo family were on China’s side, the two were busy controlling the capital flight and stabilizing the economic situation in Hong Kong.


Liu Sichao exhaled a long breath, then he leaned back slightly, leaning on the back of the sofa.



“I’m so envious. ……”



Since the decision was made, Li Zheng didn’t hesitate, and early the next morning, he went to call Huaqing University.



In the early morning of Huaqing University, the crisp and high voice of young men and women rang out of the campus radio.


Because it was just after the winter break, the campus was filled with banners welcoming students back to school. Young students with stylish sail caps rode black bicycles from the campus and sped past, causing a gasp of surprise.



Chen Anbang took the newspaper and walked from downstairs toward his office.



“Professor Chen, there is a phone call for you.” The old lady watching the door downstairs shouted loudly.



Chen Anbang answered loudly, put the newspaper under his armpit, and quickly ran towards the phone.


While running he also asked, “Aunt Yang, did it say who it was?”



Aunt Yang, while knitting a sweater, casually replied, “It seems to be called something Li Zhen, a boy who has a girl’s name, it’s really funny.”


Auntie Yang was from the south, and her soft Wu Nong dialect had a strong teasing tone.


“Li Zhen, Li Zheng?!” Chen Anbang’s eyes widened all of a sudden.


“Li Zheng! His name is really Li Zheng! He said his name is Li Zheng?!” Chen Anbang realized the meaning of the word Li Zheng and his entire body shook with excitement.


He was inattentive and his feet slipped, almost falling to the ground. But he didn’t care at all and quickly lunged towards the telephone.



While picking up the phone, he also confirmed to Aunt Yang once again, “He really said he was Li Zheng?”


Aunt Yang was startled by Chen Anbang’s exaggerated expression.



“Li Zhen, it’s Li Zhen. What’s the matter, is he your relative?” She asked amusedly, “He’s a very polite boy la, he shouldn’t be your illegitimate son from when you went to the countryside, right?”



With the tide of vindication and return from the countryside, the banter among the crowd had lightened up a bit.


“I wish I had such a son!” Chen Anbang muttered.



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