C63 – The Threat Of Family Members

Lu Yang looked at Lu Na incredulously and asked rhetorically, “Nana, you …… how can you think like that? And do you know the tremendous impact that his talent would bring to the entire Rune Card industry? His existence is equivalent to ……”


“Big brother!” Lu Na interrupted Lu Yang with aggravation and anger, “I am your sister, do you want to speak for an outsider who destroyed my family?”


Lu Yang stopped talking, but he didn’t promise to help Lu Na either. Lu Na knew her brother’s nature very well, so she pleaded once again with tears in her eyes, “Big brother, I don’t want to make things difficult for you either, but do you know what He Chengkun said to me today? He even said that Tingting is just an illegitimate daughter and is no match for He Yishu. If I am only aggrieved by myself, it’s fine, but I can never watch my two children being tortured and hurt like this.”



Lu Yang was silent for half a second, and finally lost to Lu Na’s tears and confession: “How do you want me to help you?”



Lu Na wiped his tears: “I remember that big brother once said that once when you were doing research, you got the ratio of the ingredients wrong, and as a result, the potion made could directly destroy a person’s mental domain.”


Lu Yang’s eyes instantly widened: “Are you trying to …… no! That kind of potion is my mistake, it has long been destroyed, it is also impossible to configure again!”



“In addition to destroying his spiritual domain, does big brother have other ideas? Do you want me to just kil-l him?” Lu Na wiped her tears and asked rhetorically, “And precisely because that kind of potion is forbidden to be made again, it is even less likely to be suspected, does big brother want me to be implicated in this matter?”



“But this really won’t do, I can’t let you do this!” Lu Yang’s face turned pale.


First strong, then weak, Lu Na saw that Lu Yang’s attitude was so firm, and she no longer forced him to do anything for her. Instead, she cried in a low voice: “Brother won’t help me, I won’ t blame you. After all, I have been married for many years, and the relationship between me and my brother is not as good as it was at the beginning. I just hope that when I’m driven out of his family by He Chengkun, my brother can give me and my child a shelter.”



“Nana, don’t say that,” Lu Yang suddenly felt heartache, although he was angry with his sister when she did such a thing, but these years she also really suffered a lot to live today’s life, “If He Chengkun really dare to treat you badly, father and I will not sit idly by and do nothing, not to mention that Xiaochen and Tingting are his children.”


Lu Na no longer said anything more, she quickly hung up the communication, the expression on her face was immediately replaced by indifference and resentment, with big brother’s love for her, within a few days, he would definitely agree to her request, at that time, how would He Yishu still be arrogant?



And at this time, Lu Na wasn’t the only one who was thinking about how to deal with He Yishu, Qiao An, who was at home, was also facing this difficult problem imposed on him by his parents.



“Father, you …… what did you just say?” Qiao An looked at his father incredulously, not expecting that words like that would just come from his father’s mouth.


Qiao An’s father’s expression was serious, he looked bright and honest, yet he spoke despicable words: “Qiao An, what do you think the Brandt family represents in Vulcan? As long as you can get the trust of the Brandt family, your future and your brother’s future will be very bright, and the situation of our family will be greatly improved.”


“But you can’t ask me to do something like that either, He Yishu is my friend!” Qiao An still couldn’t understand his father’s thoughts.



“So what? Is he as important as your family?” Qiao An’s mother interjected at the right time with a dismissive attitude, even taking it for granted, “Your father and I have worked so hard to raise you to such an advanced age, shouldn’t you repay us well? Now such a good opportunity is in front of us, if we really miss it, we won’t be able to wait for the next time.”


Qiao An’s father echoed, “Your mother is right, and you are not hurting your friend by doing this, think about how powerful the Brandt family is, if you really let your friend go against the Brandt family, I’m afraid he won’t have a chance to mix in the Rune Card industry in the future, so you are also helping him by doing this.”



Qiao An looked at his father and mother in shock and embarrassment, feeling more and more that these two people were very strange: “How can you …… think like this? This matter will cause great harm to He Yishu, if I really do this, it is only a harm to him!”



Seeing Qiao An’s attitude was surprisingly so resolute, Qiao An’s father was immediately unhappy, he said with a frown, “Qiao An, I won’t talk to you about these things just for you to disobey me, you are still young, you don’t understand everything, I can ignore it, but what your mother and I say must be right, you must listen, do you understand?”

Again, it was because whenever Qiao An’s opinions didn’t agree with his father, his father will use such remarks to suppress his ideas, which was why Qiao An had developed a timid character.



Once he encountered a situation where his ideas and those of others differed, Qiao An would often subconsciously attribute the problem to himself, thinking that he must have done something wrong or thought wrong to produce such a disparity of opinion.



But that was what he used to think. After meeting He Yishu, some of Qiao An’s thoughts had changed implicitly, and he began to seriously consider whether his thoughts were wrong, or his father’s thoughts were wrong, in those previous incidents.


Then he discovered a lot, he never dared to think before, in fact, as long as he thought, it was easy to find the problem.



Qiao An’s mother was equally good at using this trick against him: “Your father is right, there are many things we are asking you to do now that you may not be able to understand, but we are thinking about you, you just have to do as you are told.”



If it was in the past, Qiao An would have bowed his head at this time, feeling that he really shouldn’t have thoughts that contradicted his parents’ ideas, because if they said so, they should really be thinking about him.



But now, Qiao An clenched his fist and raised his head slightly, looking straight at his father, “Father, do you know that it is wrong to steal from others?”


Qiao An’s father obviously didn’t expect Qiao An to ask him this rhetorical question, he slightly paused for a moment before raising his eyebrows: “Qiao An, are you doubting my decision? I am your father, you are not qualified to question my decision!”



“Little An, how can you speak to your father like that?” Qiao An’s mother was also angry, she looked at Qiao An disapprovingly, “Whatever your father says, it’s for your own good, it’s okay that you don’t understand now, but you shouldn’t doubt his decision.”



Again such words, again such remarks, at the beginning when Qiao An still knew what a rebuttal was, his mother would use such words every time to block back all his rebuttals, so that even if he had his own thoughts, he didn’t dare to say them, until he really lost the only little bit of thoughts that belonged to him.


“Mother, do you really think that both you and father are right?” There was some sourness in Qiao An’s eyes, but he still tried to open his eyes wide to look at his father and mother, he wanted to see their expressions clearly and what they were really thinking inside, “Letting me install a monitor in He Yishu’s bedroom, letting me sneak into his room to find what you guys want, do you really think that’s right?”



Qiao An’s parents were stunned again by his rare tough attitude, but after reacting, they became even more annoyed: “I see that you are determined not to listen to me today, since you are so ignorant, don’t try to get money from me in the future!”



Qiao An’s mother was also looking at him angrily, “Little An, you’re really disappointing me too much by doing this, quickly apologize to your father, otherwise I won’t forgive you either.”



Qiao An looked at his parents in silence, this was the first time he saw the true faces of the two so clearly, that kind of obviously wrong, but also tough, made Qiao An feel very strange, but it was also extraordinarily familiar.


Strange, because Qiao An always took the responsibility under the attitude adopted by his parents, and then obediently lowered his head to admit his mistake, and agreed to the request of the other, so he had no chance to see clearly what kind of expression his parents had on their faces and what kind of emotion they had in their eyes at that time.


Familiarity was because he heard these words too often, and every time he heard them, he would instinctively fear and want to give in.


Only this time… Qiao An clenched his fist, summoned the courage and said, “Father and mother, I don’t think I’m wrong, so I won’t change my mind.”


“Qiao An, do you want to piss me off!” Qiao An’s father thundered and angrily reached out and pointed at Qiao An, “I didn’t feed and cloth you and raise you, just for you be disobedient to me!”



Qiao An’s mother was also angry and disappointed: “Little An, how did you become like this? You used to be very obedient, did someone teach you badly at the college? I told you that your roommate was not a good kid at all, he must have deceived you!”



Qiao An listened to his parents’ scolding in silence, but had no intention of changing his choice, he already knew how cowardly and incompetent he was back then, and he didn’t want to be a coward now.



In the midst of the accusations, a figure suddenly ran in from outside the room and rushed directly to Qiao An, slapping him hard on the shoulder again and again, “Brother is a bad boy, how dare you disobey your mother and father, brother is a bad boy, I will k-ill you!”




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