“On this issue, my team and I have done 280 experiments and the stability of the plant fermentation refinement far exceeds that of animal serum, the relevant data can be found in Appendix III of the material.” Li Zheng answered calmly.



The crowd in the lecture hall stretched their heads, trying hard to see the information in the hands of the five people in the first row. A few prestigious scholars had already left their seats and stood next to the five people in the first row.



With their expressions, it was obvious they really wanted to snatch the information in the hands of the five people.



“Can you describe in detail the principle of artificial detoxification?” Xu Mingsheng asked.



Li Zheng nodded.



He turned around and placed a mockup of the virus under the slide.


“Please see, this is the virus model of the Doc virus. For this artificial attenuation technique, I was inspired by a project that researcher Liu Sichao is doing, virus blocking. The construction of this virus model determines the way it spreads in the human body ……”



Five people asked one question after another, as Li Zheng finished answering one person’s, another person’s question came up, without a moment’s respite.


However, Li Zheng didn’t panic, his face was calm, his tone wasn’t rushed, so many old-timers in the biology circle couldn’t help but admire.



This was probably the longest graduation defense, from the beginning of Li Zheng’s report to the end of the defense, they spent more than six hours. The five men in the mentor’s chair looked at each other, and couldn’t help but show bitter smiles.


Although there was no doubt about the professional quality of the five people, biopharmaceuticals was a profound discipline. It wasn’t easy to understand a project.



Let’s just say that, a multi-gram virus vaccine project, had such a thick pile of data on that they couldn’t finish it in a month. If they wanted to understand it thoroughly, it may take three or five months, which was still under the premise of Li Zheng’s explanation.


It wasn’t easy to ask questions.


The five people could only ask these superficial questions if they turned it over roughly.



Su Changzhi coughed, “Li Zheng, your performance is excellent. Your project is not only of outstanding academic value, but also of great practical application value. The people of Dorman will thank you. Our Hong Kong University is also proud to have a student like you !”


Su Changzhi was obviously excited when he said that. He winked at Xu Mingsheng, who stood up laughing and took out a red degree certificate from under the desk drawer.


He took a big step up to the podium, “This should have been presented to you personally by Principal Su, but I fought to get it. You are my student, and I am personally giving this to you. Thank you for choosing Hong Kong University.” Xu Mingsheng said sincerely.



Li Zheng bowed deeply to Xu Mingsheng, “And thank you very much for Hong Kong University’s willingness to accept me.”



The venue once again resounded with loud applause.


The crowd at the guest table clapped their hands while the expressions on their faces were not so good.


Xu Mingsheng was ready to argue. It wasn’t easy to wait until the defense finished. Was it their turn to ask questions? But these seniors in the biosphere had been holding back all afternoon.



In particular, Professor Fujigami of the University of Tokyo wanted to go directly to the stage and pull Xu Mingsheng down.


As soon as Xu Mingsheng stepped down the first step, the atmosphere in the venue became significantly different.



At the end of the defense, the reporters took out their equipments, and perhaps they held back so much that the flashing lights became one after another, almost blinding the eyes of the crowd.


Li Zheng’s eyes were also slightly squinted because of the strong light.


“Hello Li Zheng, I am Fujigami Iasaku, I would like to ask if the plants in your report will work for the Doc virus that already exists in the human body. I found that your plant refining technique is different from the traditional technique, is this a new technique that you invented? May I ask if you can explained your new technique?”


Fujigami couldn’t care less about the blinding flash and was the first to rush to the front row.


Xu Mingsheng got angry and leaned backwards, “Professor Fujigami, today is Li Zheng’s graduation defense, not an academic sharing session, I hope you pay attention to the impact.”


Fujigami didn’t pay any attention to Xu Mingsheng’s intention, but only stared at Li Zheng with burning eyes.



Li Zheng smiled, “The comprehensive fight against the Doc virus must take two paths, prevention and cure, both hands must be strong. The only shortcoming now is the treatment of the dormant virus in the human body. That’s the next step I’m going to take.”



The newly discovered fermented extract of the plant could be used for artificial attenuation and was also effective against viruses in humans. However, during the experiment, Li Zheng found that while this plant fermentation extract was effective in treating viral infections, it also stimulated the virus and strengthened its activity.


Doc virus was a virus with an extremely long latent period, some lucky ones stayed even 30 or 40 years without an attack. The plant fermentation extract, while inactivating the dormant virus, would also accelerate its activity.

The degree of this was really difficult to grasp. Li Zheng had thought about it, until the vaccine went precisely into the human clinical stage, he would set up a joint project team with Mercer Sharp & Dohme in the name of Li Zheng’s laboratory, to carry out drug research.


Li Zheng could predict that this would be a long and difficult process.


“As for the refining technology you mentioned, yes, it is a little different from the traditional technology, just some practical tips. It’s nothing to keep secret, if you are interested, I can record a video as a small gift for all of you for coming to my graduation defense this time.” Li Zheng said with a smile.



Although Li Zheng didn’t answer his first question, the meaning of Li Zheng’s words was clear to him.


Looking at the peers behind him, he couldn’t help but speak again: “Mr. Li Zheng, have you received the invitation letter from the University of Tokyo? Would you be interested in teaching at the University of Tokyo? We can prepare a laboratory for you at the rank of professor!”


Xu Mingsheng couldn’t wait to throw this shameless person out of the meeting, and now he started to dig people in front of them, as if they were all made of clay!


The students of Hong Kong University were also indignant, and the venue was in an uproar. But Fujigami didn’t pay any attention to other people’s reactions and only stared at Li Zheng sincerely.


Li Zheng slightly lowered his eyelids, and his face showed a hint of just the right amount of apology, “I’m sorry, I don’t have that intention for now.”


“Mr. Li Zheng ……”


“Mr. Li Zheng ……”


The guests present shouted Li Zheng’s name as well as the reporters on both sides, Li Zheng smiled and nodded, but didn’t say a word and walked towards the side door.



“Editor-in-chief, be careful.” A reporter on the side quickly held Zhao Qihua.


Because of the reporters who kept pushing forward, Zhao Qiuhua was unsteady on her feet and almost fell to the ground.


The small reporter holding his breathed a sigh of relief, editor-in-chief Zhao wasn’t only their editor-in-chief of the Hong Kong Daily, but also their boss’s wife, if he bumped into her, he wouldn’t survive the aftermath.



He didn’t know why she had to come. Even if Li Zheng was great, legendary, and news-running, it wasn’t her department.


What was more, the big Buddha still carried the precious young master of the Shen family in her stomach.


The little reporter was worried, but the smile on his face was more sincere.



Zhao Qiuhua smiled politely at him. They didn’t know why she came here, but when she heard the news of Li Zheng’s graduation defense, she asked for a spot without thinking.


She didn’t seem to have attended Li Zheng’s graduation ceremony once in primary school and junior high school. Zhao Qiuhua, who realized this, couldn’t tell what she felt. She knew she was never a qualified mother.


There was a surge in the stomach, and the feeling of vomiting became more and more obvious. Zhao Qiuhua covered her mouth and hurried outside. She didn’t see Zhou Sitian’s cold eyes behind her.


After the graduation defense, Su Changzhi and Xu Mingsheng brought a group of guests to Li Zheng’s lab after obtaining his consent.



Most of the guests invited by the University of Hong Kong were some of the biologists in Asia and the UK who had a say in vaccinology or biopharmaceutics, and they were obviously interested in Li Zheng as a junior.



Especially after Li Zheng shared his tips on plant fermentation and extraction without hiding anything, this interest turned into appreciation and friendship.



Xu Mingsheng also had the intention to pave the way for Li Zheng, personally leading the introduction of each one of them, which was so attentive that Li Zheng couldn’t help but be moved.


It took a whole day to entertain these seniors in Li Zheng’s laboratory, but the people didn’t feel the least bit tired. Zhang Chao, Zhang Yuejun and Zheng Lingling, the juniors, didn’t close their mouths for the whole day.



Those bigwigs, whom they had only seen in the teaching materials, spoke to them warmly and even complimented them, and the three only felt that their bones were much lighter.



The group of people left with great satisfaction as well. Li Zheng kept his promise and recorded the tips into a video as a gift to the people, which not only had the skills of plant fermentation and extraction, it also included many experimental practical tips, which, to a certain extent, could greatly improve the efficiency of the experiments of the people.



These skills were also learned by Li Zheng from the experience of his predecessors in the previous life. In this case, the inheritance of this knowledge was nothing more than taking it from others to return it to others.


“Li Zheng, this time you gave our school a big face.” Xu Mingsheng returned to Li Zheng’s laboratory after seeing off all the guests.



Li Zheng poured a cup of tea for his teacher and placed it in front of him.


“I am a student of Hong Kong University, it is my duty to fight for the honor of my alma mater.” He said with a smile.



“Good one!” Xu Mingsheng stroked his palm and laughed, he took a sip of tea, “Students have to graduate eventually, are you interested in becoming a real person from Hong Kong University?”


He stared at Li Zheng with a burning gaze, his eyes were full of expectations.



Li Zheng lowered his eyes, while his left hand fiddled with the watch on his right wrist, the question came after all.


“Teacher…” Li Zheng said after considering his words.



Xu Mingsheng didn’t let Li Zheng go on. He waved his hand, “Think again, but don’t have any psychological burden. Tell me tomorrow.”



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