C11—- Gentle Neighbour

Bonus Chap




Zhang Liang was sweating. He carefully stared at the door in front of him. His eyes stood still in the dark light for a few seconds, and then he bowed and picked up the flashlight.



Su Yu sobbed and backed up.


Her pretty face was now pale and haggard, not at all like a girl in her twenties.


The dark and creepy atmosphere around him made Chu Chen’an freeze, his eyelashes curled and lush, cast a curved shadow, his eyes seemed soulful and weak.


His lips were red and moist, in the obscure light and shadow, when he exhaled he was a little dense fog.


Xu Moshu looked askance at the side of Chu Chen’an’s face, and his finger leisurely fondled the gemstone necklace in his hand.


“Hurry up!” The little girl seemed to impatient, her voice became shrill and she shouted in discontent, “I’m starving to death!”


The crowd was too scared to move and shivered in place.


The little girl finished screaming angrily, and suddenly smiled strangely, the ghostly voice of a child echoed in the obscure room, “I’ll only wait for three seconds, I’ll count three then come out, hehehe ……”



Zhang Liang was pushed violently, he staggered two steps to stand at the front.


The girl began to laugh and count: “Three.”


Zhang Liang looked panicked, a strong desire to live filled his mind, he fiercely closed his eyes, gritted his teeth and rushed into the door.


Su Yu and the others followed closely behind.


Xu Moshu walked at the end, as leisurely as if he had come to be a guest.


Zhang Liang and the others were so preoccupied with themselves that no one noticed the abrupt Xu Moshu.




The faint light shone into the bedroom, the interior of the elegant architectural style, a piano placed under a European-style painting, the master bedroom with a large bed looked expensive ……


And these had long since lost their exquisite and intact shape, as if they had been burned by fire, leaving only blurred black ruins.


Zhang Liang and the others carefully looked around the interior, there was no sign of the little girl who spoke, his heart was in his throat, his hand trembled violently, but he held the fondant in his hand carefully.


Li Yaya and Su Yu also followed and put it together.



Chu Chen’an squeezed the toy g-un, something felt wrong, he hesitantly lowered his head, fingers delicately twisted together.


The nail caps were rounded and neatly trimmed, and the ends were flushed with a thin pink color.


Xu Moshu looked bland, he casually put down the gemstone necklace in his hand and stood behind Chu Chen’an, deliberately urging softly, “What are you doing? Put it down quickly so that we can all get out.”


Chu Chen’an glanced sideways at Xu Moshu who was intent on mischief, blinked a few times quickly, he was so tense that his earlobes turned slightly red.


“Yeah, hurry up, Chu Chen’an,” Su Yu was so scared that she anxiously urged Chu Chen’an: “It’s enough for you to die, you want us to follow you?”


The meaning of the words was obvious, they all thought that the toy gu-n that Chu Chen’an wasa holding was what the “person” on the sixth floor didn’t like.



As long as Chu Chen’an put the toy gu-n down, he wouldn’t be able to get out of 601.


It seemed that everyone was sure that he would die.


The three of them were the only ones who could leave.?



As soon as he looked up, he saw the complicated and disordered eyes of the three people, with pity, happiness, and relief… as well as the complacency of surviving.




The dilapidated 601 door opened on its own.


The crowd looked back, Li Yaya and Su Yu immediately crowded out of the master bedroom door, scrambling to get out of this terrible hell.



Only Zhang Liang was still waiting for Chu Chen’an.


He looked worried, “Chen An, you should not be too afraid, maybe it ……”


Chu Chen’an’s expression was clear and cold, he gave Zhang Liang a sidelong glance, but he still kept his proud and reserved posture.



“No need for you to pretend to be nice.”


Zhang Liang had fake kindness on his face, then he resentfully lowered his obscure eyes, turned around and quickly followed Li Yaya and Su Yu’s pace.



After Zhang Liang left, Xu Moshu leaned leisurely on the edge of the door, wrapping his arms around him, his long, slender and powerful legs was against the other side of the door.


It looked like he was blocking Chu Chen’an’s way out.



Chu Chen’an’s eyelids jumped wildly.



His weak eyes welled up and he carefully glanced at Xu Moshu a few times.


He knew something was up tonight.


Chu Chen’an turned back and looked around the room, Jiao Jiao should still be hiding.



He tilted his head with a cold face, but his fluttering eyelashes revealed his fear, “You, why are you blocking here?”


The warm and soft voice sounded like the humming of a young animal, and it was still pitifully faintly trembling.



“Sorry,” Xu Moshu smiled, he smiled then leisurely stood up straight and leaned down to Chu Chen’an, “Just want to see you a few more times.”



The complementary phrase was exasperating.



Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened fiercely, like a small puffer fish that began to bulge up.



After saying that, Xu Moshu looked at Chu Chen’an who was slightly angry, and his smile intensified.


He backed away from the body and looked leisurely out of the living room.


Only to see the door at the entrance gate suddenly close again at this moment.


Su Yu was panicking and tapping on the door, “Let me out! Open the door! Didn’t you say only one person will die! Chu Chen’an is dead! Let us out ah! Let us out! ……”



Li Yaya was anxious and fearful, she was also crying.



The chaotic hissing and crying filled the living room, causing Xu Moshu to frown slightly in annoyance.


He leaned against the edge of the door, his handsome and gentle face was filled with a bit of impatience.


“I wish it could be over soon, I’m already missing my lover.”


He stared at Chu Chen’an at his side, a gentle smile creeped up on his face.



Chu Chen’an evaded his gaze.


He didn’t even want to think about it.


Why did Xu Moshu have to deliberately look at him after he finished speaking.


His heart was racing, and even his breathing was careful.


A loud sound broke the stagnant atmosphere.


Chu Chen’an passed Xu Moshu to check the source of the sound.


Su Yu fell to the ground, and a doll was thrown at her hand.



It was clear that the doll had been put into the master bedroom by her, but now it appeared beside her again.



Obviously, 601’s owner didn’t like this doll.


Su Yu sat down on the ground and kept retreating: “Impossible… How could it be… How could it be me… Sobbing… It can’t be me…”


“Auntie you’re too noisy.” The girl’s childish voice echoed in the bedroom.



The girl smiled mischievously, “Come to the host’s house as a guest yet you’re so rude, I don’t like you, I don’t like your doll. So, hehehe …… stay as my dinner, I’m already hungry.”



Xu Moshu listened to Jiao Jiao’s words and raised his eyebrow slightly.



He had known Jiao Jiao for so many years, how could he not be clear about her preferences.


An eight or nine year old girl would like a military style toy g-un?


Xu Moshu slightly smiled, he lowered his eyes in silence for a moment, then came to Chu Chen’an’s side, he leaned down and whispered in Chu Chen’an’s ear: “Little anchor An, listening to her words, you seem to be very popular with children.”


Chu Chen’an heart trembled then he raised his eyes.






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