The gift box wasn’t large, it was rectangular and flat, with a gray ribbon tied with a beautiful bow.


Fingers deftly unwrapped the bow, Wen Run opened the box, inside was an envelope and a paper note. The hard ink envelope was sealed with fire paint, so it was impossible to see what was inside. Wen Run first opened the folded paper paper, it had only one sentence written on it.



[Wait till April 29th at 2:00 p.m. then open the envelope].



The handwriting was stiff and sharp, and the signature was Ye Hansheng’s.



Putting the paper paper aside, Wen Run cupped the envelope and touched it, but he couldn’t guess what was inside, as if he had a small brush in his heart, the soft bristles sweeped over and over in his heart, tickling his heart.



He finished recording the show on April 29 and it was also his birthday, why did Ye Hansheng want him to open the envelope on that day?



Wen Run vaguely felt that it should be related to his birthday, but m believe that Mr. Ye prepared a gift for his birthday?



The morning of the 29th, after recording the show, he would take the evening flight back to B City, was he aware that he wouldn’t go back early, so he asked Guo Congfei to give him the gift in advance?



Pinching the envelope and guessing, it seemed that any kind of guess was possible. Wen Run stretched out his fingers and gently rubbed the fire lacquer seal, it took a lot of effort to suppress the desire to open it.


The envelope was pressed under the pillow, and Wen Run deliberately didn’t allow himself to think about the 29th. Before, he wasn’t looking forward to his birthday. At first, the family was poor, so he only got a bowl of longevity noodles; later he went to B City to study, it was far from home, so he couldn’t even get longevity noodles, so he got a phone call from the family. Every year was the same, the rules were the same, nothing different.



But this year, this letter came out of the blue, he had a hint of expectation.



Even at night when he went to bed, he couldn’t help but take it out and fondle it for a while.



The next two days of recording flew by. But his popularity wasn’t what it used to be, he was quietly looking forward to his birthday in his heart, and his fans were also preparing for his birthday support, the movement was so big that even the program team knew that his birthday on the 29th.



So the morning of the 29th, the program team specially bought a birthday cake, the staff and guests together first gave him a lively birthday. This morning seemed to be extraordinarily short, after the birthday banquet, other guests left one after another, Xie Yupan ran the fastest, she smiled and promised to give him a gift, and then flew away.

The assistant was packing his luggage, Wen Run pinched the envelope, looking at the time on the phone until it reached two, he was nervous and excited as he opened the envelope.



The envelope opened, but inside was another piece of paper. Wen Run slightly froze and unfolded the paper, and saw a familiar handwriting: luggage packed, come to the door.



Wen Run’s heartbeat was a little faster, he didn’t even care about his two assistants, he couldn’t wait to run to the front door. At he empty and unoccupied doorway, a black Rolls Royce was parked, and Ye Hansheng was holding a bouquet of roses, right in front of the car and he was smiling at him, “Birthday boy, happy birthday.”


He was still wearing a serious shirt and pants, and he didn’t even have time to remove his tie, he appeared on time with a tired face at the recording site.



Wen Run’s footsteps jerked to a stop, somewhat at a loss, “You, how did you come?”



Ye Hansheng smiled from the corners of his lips, moving the wheelchair close to him, then he put the flowers into his arms, “Naturally, I came to pick you up to go home.”



Wen Run’s heart was beating fast, his fingers subconsciously twisted the ribbon on the bouquet, eyes glancing at the car, “Agent Zheng couldn’t pick me up?”



It was originally agreed that Zheng Xuan would pick him up after recording the show, and Wen Run didn’t want to be too rushed, so he agreed to the evening flight. He didn’t expect to see Ye Hansheng.



“He had a temporary situation.” Ye Hansheng looked behind him and said to the two assistants, “Are all the things packed?”


The assistants nodded.



“Put the luggage in the trunk, go back by yourselves, and get the financial reimbursemernt from the company.” After saying that, Ye Hansheng looked at Wen Run again, and said warmly: “We will go first.”



Wen Run was still a little confused, and got into the car as instructed. The driver then drove outside the village.



From the village out, it took nearly two hours to drive to the city airport. The two went in through the VIP lane, but instead of taking a passenger plane, they went to the other side of the boarding ramp – a smaller than regular passenger plane was parked in the parking space at the end of the corridor. The whole body of the aircraft was painted cream, sprayed with cartoon patterns, but Wen Run wasn’t close enough to see the whole thing, he also failed to see the pattern sprayed on the fuselage.



As he followed Ye Hansheng on the plane, Wen Run finally realized that this was a private plane. First, there was a beige sofa and a bar. Behind the bar was an open kitchen. At the back was the partition lounge and bathroom.


“There is a chef on the plane, let the chef make you whatever you want to eat. If you’re tired, go to the lounge to rest, we’ll soon arrive.” As he spoke, Ye Hansheng switched to sit on the sofa himself, while the wheelchair was pushed aside and put away by the bodyguard.



Wen Run sat down opposite him, the bouquet was put on the round table, he turned his head to look out of the porthole sky, he was dazed.


It was like without a little preparation, he suddenly stepping into a marshmallow, it was soft and sweet, and also beautiful and unreal.



“Is this for my birthday?” He asked.



As if Ye Hansheng had read his mind, he raised his eyebrows and smiled: “Think it’s too grand?”


Wen Run hesitantly nodded, this was the first time anyone was so serious about his birthday. Even a private jet was used, and the person that picked him up was Ye Hansheng, it gave him an unreal feeling.


He didn’t expect Ye Hansheng to raise his eyebrows and laugh: “This isn’t grand, you think too little of yourself.”



With Wen Run’s soaring popularity and fame, not to mention just a private jet pickup, he would soon be able to rent a private jet for himself. Wen Run was still working diligently, he knew nothing about his current status, if you peeled away the layers of dazzling halo, he still thought he was an ordinary person.



Looking at his dumbfounded expression, Ye Hansheng didn’t explain too much, he hadn’t been dyed red by the fame and fortune.



The time on the plane passed very slowly, after the initial restraint and anxiety dispersed, Wen Run gradually adapted to the atmosphere of them being alone. He and Ye Hansheng sat facing each other, Ye Hansheng seemed very busy, at the moment, he was slightly frowning as he typed on his computer, his dark blue tie was pulled loose by him, he looked casual and unrestrained.



He himself took the magazine from the drawer and flipped through it, but his eyes always inadvertently drifted to the opposite side. From the first second he saw Ye Hansheng today, his heart had been beating hard, completely filled with warm emotions.


“Bored?” Ye Hansheng stopped what he was doing and looked at him with a somewhat apologetic gaze, “The company has some urgent matters, and I’m dealing with them so I won’t delay your birthday party.”



Wen Run was surprised, “There is a birthday party?”



Ye Hansheng lightly laughed, “Otherwise? Did you think it would stop at using a private jet to pick you?”



Wen Run thought about it, then he scratched his cheek and smiled, “Sorry for the trouble.”



“For your …… birthday,” Ye Hansheng smiled meaningfully at him, “it’s not a bother.”



Wen Run looked away, he felt that his gaze contained an intenseemotion, so he subconsciously avoided it, after a while, his wandering eyes couldn’t help but turn back to confirm, but Ye Hansheng had retracted his gaze and continued working.



It was impossible to say whether the moment was relaxed or not, Wen Run turned his gaze to the window, the plane was moving forward and the sea of clouds were retreating. The golden red sunset dyed the clouds with a layer of gold, it fit his mood at this time.



10,000 meters above the sky, the two sat opposite each other. Wen Run moved his eyes to see his straight nose and thin lips, to see his slightly drooping deep eyes, in his heart, it felt seeds were breaking through the ground, taking root and sprouting.



When the plane landed in B City, it was already six o’clock in the evening. After leaving the airport, they drove straight to the outskirts of the city.



The scenery on both sides became more and more familiar, Wen Run was surprised: “This is to the road to the resort.” He still remembered the last time Ye Hansheng took him there.



Ye Hansheng hummed but he didn’t explain anything more. When they arrived at the resort, it was already dark, the resort was lit up with small and large lights, almost like a sea of lights.



After getting out of the car, the bodyguard, Yu Biao, didn’t follow. Only Wen Run and Ye Hansheng walked together. Wen Run on the left, Ye Hansheng on the right, there was almost no need for Ye Hansheng to point the way, Wen Run looked at the string of lights and followed it.



The string of guiding lights from the doorway led to the front of the wooden house restaurant Wen Run had been to. Further ahead, the entire restaurant was dark, only the warm yellow string lights emitted a faint warm light.



Wen Run subconsciously looked to the side.



“Go see for yourself.” Ye Hansheng looked at him encouragingly, his deep eyes reflecting a fine light.


Wen Run nodded slightly and continued to walk forward, just as he stepped on the front steps of the wooden house restaurant, he saw the entire wooden house light up in an instant, warm lights illuminated the whole scene, while the melody of the Happy Birthday song rang out.


Many familiar faces held up a spray of gift flowers towards him, Wen Run squinted his eyes and saw Guo Congfei rushing to him with a gift, “Happy 20th birthday!”



Lu Zhan wasn’t willing to lag behind and stuffed his gift into his arms, “Happy birthday! Surprise!!!! Are you happy?”



“This is my gift, your agent didn’t let me give it to you then!” The seemingly busy Xie Yupan was surprisingly here, she laughed as she placed her gift in his arms.


After a while, Wen Run’s arms were stuffed, he blinked, from bewilderment, he finally revealed a big smile, “Thank you guys, this is the best birthday I’ve ever had.”



Zheng Xuan retreated to Ye Hansheng’s side and lowered his voice, “Where’s your gift?”



“I’ll give it to him later.” Ye Hansheng smiled and watched Wen Run being flanked to blow out the candles and make a wish. The birthday cake had three layers, the top layer was a Q version of Wen Run, the Q version was of a little man wearing a crown on his head, and holding a pacifier. It was very cute.



The cake had the number “20” on it and cartoon candles, Wen Run put his hands together, whether intentionally or unintentionally, he looked at Ye Hansheng, and then closed his eyes to make a wish, the jumping candlelight reflected in his face made the scene beautiful.



After making a wish, Wen Run cut the cake. Guo Congfei yelled at the side, “That little man is for me to keep! Don’t grab it from me!”



Wen Run put the Q version of the little man directly on his plate. Who knew that Guo Congfei wouldn’t eat it, he carefully held it in front of Ye Hansheng, fawning: “Dad, this is a tribute to you!”



The corners of Ye Hansheng’s eyes twitched fiercely, he obviously didn’t have such a big son, but Guo Congfei sent “filial respect” and it was really to his liking, he finally nodded slightly and accepted the small piece of cake.



In the cake plate, the cream made little man sat innocently, even though Ye Hansheng didn’t like sweets, his throat knot rolled a little. He picked up a fork, hesitated a bit before finally picking the little man’s hand “pacifier” then he ate it.


He lowered his eyes and ate very slowly, but with a look of obvious pleasure.



Wen Run was surrounded by people, but he glanced at him from the corner of his eyes, watching him, ge ate another piece and his ears turned red quietly. As soon as he was distracted, the knife in his hand tilted and almost sent the whole cake to the ground.



“I’ll divide the rest. Today you are the birthday celebrant. Enjoy.”



Shen Muxun glanced in the direction of Ye Hansheng, smiled and took the kni-fe in his hand, and continued to share the cake to others.



Wen Run carried his piece of cake out of the circle, his ears were still red, but his eyes subconsciously searched for Ye Hansheng. Ye Hansheng and Zheng Xuan had found a table to sit down, the cake plate on the table was empty.



The cake boy had been eaten by him.



His eyes fell on Ye Hansheng’s lips, Wen Run recalled the scene that he just saw, this time not only his ears, even his cheeks were also tinged with thin red. Fortunately, it was already dark, the lights weren’t very bright, so no one would notice unless they looked carefully, Wen Run exhaled a deep breath, and rubbed his cheeks, then he finally calmed down a little.



While he was hesitant to go to Ye Hansheng’s table, Lu Zhan went behind him and leaned on his shoulder, wondering, “What are you staring at?”



Wen Run hurriedly walked forward, “No, I was just thinking about what to drink.”


“You still need to think about it? Of course it’s that ah!” Lu Zhan pointed to the bartender who was making fancy drinks under the lights, “He’s not here to perform acrobatics.”


He went and got two glasses of wine and gave one to Wen Run, “Tonight, we’ll get drunk! Bottoms up!”




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