Dong Juncheng fainted in the meeting, and was taken to the hospital by ambulance.



The news from the symposium quickly spread to the whole of Hong Kong.


Almost all the media in Hong Kong were mobilized, divided into two ways, one way went to Li Zheng’s laboratory to get the report on the “in vitro regenerative organ” technology, and the others went to encircle Dongchen University, almost all the members of Dong Juncheng’s laboratory were hounded by reporters.



“Academic moral corruption, famous professor stealing academic results, forcing lab members to die.” The higher you stand, the heavier you fall. A few days ago, the media praised Dong Juncheng’s achievements in tissue engineering, but today they called him an academic thief and a moral degenerate.


The death of Wen Xuefeng was also rehashed, and almost all the media put the pot of the death of Wen Xuefeng on Dong Juncheng’s head.


Dong Juncheng immediately became a street rat that everyone shouted at, at this point, his situation seemed pitiful.



“Sister, why are you here?” Li Zheng, under the cover of Zhang Yuejun, ran out of the back door of Hong Kong University, but before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he saw a woman wearing a mask half leaning against a tree, it was Zhou Sitian?


“Why can’t I come to you?” Zhou Sitian came forward and rubbed Li Zheng’s head.



Zhou Sitian heard her brother’s name countless times from the newspaper news and other people, she knew that Li Zheng was very powerful, but she had no specific concept on exactly how powerful he was, but today she saw, those who she usually thought were great newspaper reporters, frantically praised hi work as “human life science revolution.”


The fact that her brother was doing something that could change the fate of mankind more than the rich and powerful, was shocking.


“Okay.” Li Zheng laughed helplessly, he suddenly thought of something and touched his nose, “I remember, today is your final?”



He felt a little embarrassed that he had done too incompetently as a brother.



Zhou Sitian indifferently waved her hand, “It’s just a competition, don’t care too much.”



Although Zhou Sitian said so, Li Zheng knew that she was concerned. This sister of his, ah, was the strongest, but life had slowly smoothened out her edges.



A smile appeared on Li Zheng’s face, “Let’s go, I’ll send you there.” He inserted the keys into the car not far away and waved at Zhou Sitian.


With the lesson of almost being caught driving without a license last time, Li Zheng deliberately found time to take the driver’s license test. But with Li Zheng’s personality, even if he had a driver’s license, he wasn’t willing to drive himself.



After all, he had to concentrate on driving, while sitting in a car he had time to think, compared to the two, Li Zheng naturally preferred the latter.


Zhou Sitian looked at her brother in surprise, then smiled and got into the car.



The car slowly drove out from Hong Kong University. From Pokfulam Road East to the site of the Miss Hong Kong finals, he had to pass through the main gate of the University of Hong Kong.



In front of the main gate of Hong Kong University, several vans with the logos of TV stations and newspaper media were next to several journalists leaning on the vehicles, chatting and smoking at the same time.



“Really, you saw it with your own eyes?”



“Why should I lie to you? Really, that nose is growing on the mouse, it can grow with the mouse, but it can also self-heal!”



“Not only us, those foreign media are going crazy, our editor-in-chief received a call from the London Daily News, the New York Daily News, the Munich Times and several other authoritative paper media in one afternoon, I think in few hours, those foreign journalists will all arrive!”



“We were unlucky to be left behind to watch the car because of our shallow seniority. If we could interview Li Zheng, tsk ……” the young reporter shook his head and sighed.



The short, fat reporter next to him scratched his head helplessly, he was about to say something to comfort his companion when he saw a gray business car slowly drive past him.


The car was a familiar license plate?


His pupils dilated, “Li Li Li …… Labs!” The short fat reporter had a problem, when he got nervous, he stuttered.






“Li! Li Zheng! The lab car!” The short fat reporter held his red face and couldn’t easily complete his words.



Li Zheng’s lab car? Several reporters turned around at the same time, just in time to see the gray commercial vehicle that was about to turn the corner.



“That’s right! That’s right!” The young reporter shouted out, he threw his cigarette to the ground, pulled open the door and sat in the driver’s seat, as he stepped on the gas pedal, the white van rushed forward.



The rest of the journalists weren’t slow, and several vans with the logos of authoritative newspapers and TV stations drove in the direction Li Zheng was heading.



So a very peculiar sight appeared on the street, the gray business car drove unhurriedly in front, followed by several vans in hot pursuit.



“Hong Kong Daily, TVB? What’s the big news?” A coolly dressed woman looked at the speeding vans and asked curiously.



“It’s the Miss Hong Kong finals today.” Her male companion replied.



The woman’s high heels stomped hard on the man, followed by the man’s painful and begging sounds.



Red light.



Li Zheng looked in the rearview mirror, a helpless look on his face, it seemed that he was caught.



He didn’t understand, he wasn’t a star, he was a researcher, those reporters were always chasing him, what did that mean ……



Green light, the car continued to move forward. But because of the red light, the newspaper and TV interview cars had caught up.



They followed a short distance behind Li Zheng’s car, not daring to get too close. After all, Li Zheng wasn’t an entertainment star, these academic circle of bigwigs had eccentric tempers, if they were annoyed, not to mention getting an interview, there would be a problem with their jobs.



Those people were all very skilled.



Li Zheng saw that they knew what they were doing, and didn’t care too much. The car was parked steadily in front of the TV station.



The staff of the wireless TV station that followed behind, that was, the short fat man was confused, he followed Li Zheng’s laboratory car, how come he drove back to the entrance of their office?



No! How could the car of Li Zheng’s lab drive to their unit?



Which of the seniors made the first move and arranged an interview with the lab?



A myriad of guesses emerged in the minds of the reporters.


Not only them, the original entertainment reporters who were guarding the entrance of the wireless TV station were also very curious. The license plate numbers of TV stations and paper media interview cars were regular, and those starting with 1 and 0 interviewed officials, businessmen, politicians or leaders with outstanding achievements in some fields. Anyway, they didn’t interview people in the entertainment industry.



But this type of license plate car came four or five at once, which made the entertainment reporters confused. Were they going to grab news with them ……



A leading reporter of the entertainment section of the Hong Kong Daily News hesitantly knocked on the van with the logo of the Hong Kong Daily News.



The van slowly lowered the window and it was the young reporter. The young reporter was obviously younger than the entertainment reporter outside the car, but his aura wasn’t weak at all.


“Brother Liu? Yes?”



Brother Liu handed a cigarette over, ” Miss Hong Kong’s finals are about to start, do you want to go in quickly?” He asked tentatively.


The young reporter obviously froze for a moment, “Miss Hong Kong?”



Brother Liu was also surprised. Looking at the youth, he didn’t seem to know that this was the venue of Miss Hong Kong’s finals. He was about to ask when the young reporter suddenly moved forward and stared at the gray business car not far away.



“Sister, I won’t go down. Go for it.” Li Zheng smiled and turned back, and showed Zhou Sitian a cheering gesture.



Zhou Sitian nodded helplessly, she knew that although her press release won the sympathy of ordinary people, the mystery created by Liu Zhidong for her had disappeared. Miss Hong Kong didn’t directly cancel her qualification for the finals because of the photo taken at the opening ceremony of Li Zheng’s laboratory where she had a very happy talk with the governor’s wife. It was impossible for her to win the title of Miss Hong Kong.

Zhou Sitian put on the mask and wore a hat before carefully walking out of the car.


If it was normal, such a strange car and Zhou Sitian covering herself so tightly, would make people recognize her.


But now, countless pairs of eyes were staring at the door of the gray business car.


“Why is it a woman? Ma Wenmin?”


“No, Ma Wenmin is short-haired.”



The young reporter muttered to himself, and Brother Liu listened with a bewildered expression. Ma Wenmin, a new star?



Zhou Sitian just stepped into the lobby of the wireless TV station, Liu Zhidong greeted her, he had been waiting for three or four hours on the ground floor of the lobby, if Zhou Sitian didn’t come, he was planning to just buy a piece of tofu and crash to death.



“Aigoo, my aunt, you’re finally here. Luckily, you’re in time, let’s hurry to change clothes and fix your makeup!”



The few entertainers who came in behind her couldn’t recognize the tightly wrapped Zhou Sitian, but Liu Zhidong’s appearance was still very recognizable.



“Zhou Sitian? She actually arrived only now!” Countless news headlines flashed through the minds of the entertainers, newcomers disrespecting the Miss Hong Kong organizing committee and so on.



Those reporters who followed Li Zheng over were also confused, a woman came down from Li Zheng’s laboratory car down, listening to peers, it was the starlet who forged a diploma.


The car’s license plate number was correct, ah.


The air in the car was stuffy, Li Zheng slowly lowered the window a little. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to go to Zhou Sitian’s final in person. It was just that Zhou Sitian’s profession was after all special, and he wouldn’t disclose his relationship with Zhou Sitian until he got her consent.


“She still has the face to come to the finals. Although the press release was written in a touching way, forging a diploma is a fact.”


“Those older women say that Zhou Sitian is the representative of a new generation of women who are self-reliant. You need to be careful what you say.”


“Representative? On behalf of forging diplomas?”



The words of a few staff members reached Li Zheng’s ears, and his brows furrowed. Zhou Sitian’s forged Diploma was revealed?



When did this happen? He had been isolated from the outside world in the lab recently, so he didn’t know about this.



He pushed the door and got out of the car, stopped the two staff members and asked, “Sorry to interrupt, Zhou Sitian forged her diploma? What does that mean?”



The staff were two young girls from the TV station internship, and when they saw the handsome man, their attitude was very enthusiastic. The round-faced young girl took out a few newspapers from the folder and handed them to Li Zheng.



“Are you a fan of Zhou Sitian? Take a look for yourself, the front page headline of the entertainment section.”


Li Zheng politely thanked her and opened the entertainment section, and the headline “New generation of jade girls forges diploma” caught his eye.



His expression changed slightly, then he flipped to the back again, it was the press release issued by Zhou Sichen. The press release was half-true, but Li Zheng could see a struggling Zhou Sitian growing up.


He was slightly silent for a while and put the newspaper into his car. Then he walked towards the hall.




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