What the hell happened?


The entertainment reporter squeezed to the side had a bewildered expression, the young man who accompanied Zhou Sitian was some kind of big shot?



This time the group of foreign journalists also arrived, and the tall Europeans obviously had an advantage at this moment.



“Mr. Li Zheng, hello, I’m Richard …… from the Munich Times.”


English, French, German and various other languages, intertwined, making the site of the Miss Hong Kong finals seem like a vegetable market.



The audience whispered, backstage Sun Junfang and other people had ugly expressions.



“What’s going on? What the hell is going on here? Who is that young man?” Sun Junfang was so angry that her face was blue, she had calculated every step carefully, how could this change occur.


“Just …… he seemed to call Zhou Sitian sister.” A backstage staff replied.



The stage of Miss Hong Kong had been surrounded by reporters from various countries, outside the wireless TV station, there were many interview cars coming one after another, not only Europe, Asia’s Japan, Singapore, South Korea and other countries also sent reporters.



In vitro regeneration of organs, in the early eighties in the biology circle, was really astonishing.


Li Zheng also didn’t expect to cause such a scene, he pressed the piano keys.



The ear-piercing sound of the piano reached the ears of the crowd, and the surroundings suddenly became quiet.


Li Zheng rubbed his brow and took the microphone in the excited eyes of the short and fat reporter.



“About the in vitro regenerative organ technology, Li Zheng’s laboratory will issue a press conference in due course, to explain in detail. I am only going to answer five questions here.”



If he didn’t answer any of the questions, these reporters wouldn’t be willing to give up.



Looking at the microphone with the TVB logo in his hand, he turned his gaze to the short, fat reporter and smiled, “Are you the first one?”



The short fat reporter was trembling with excitement against the envious and jealous eyes of his seniors, his thoughts were blank and his mouth moved before his brain could react.



“Mr. Li Zheng? Why are you here? What is your relationship with Zhou Sitian?” As soon as the words left his mouth, he wanted to slap himself.



He was a serious news reporter! This question should be asked by a reporter from an entertainment news station! The short, fat reporter glanced at the old-timers of the station, and the gaze of those people turned from envy and jealousy to hatred and contempt.





The fat reporter was so angry that his face turned red. Yes, he admitted that his question was indeed a bit out of place and not in line with his status as a reporter of the news desk! But you moralistic people, weren’t they curious about the reason why Li Zheng, the biosphere bull, was here!?



He was straightforward and honest, so what was wrong with asking directly! Thinking of this, the short fat reporter’s waist straightened up and he waited for Li Zheng’s answer with his head held high.



Li Zheng took a look at the work card in front of the neck of the short fat reporter, wireless Wang Ziqiang. He was an interesting person.



His question was in line with Li Zheng’s mind.



Li Zheng touched his nose and looked at Zhou Sitian as if cautiously, “Can I say?”



Although Zhou Sitian had been in the industry for only one year, at least she had also acted in one or two plays. Naturally, she could see that Li Zheng was pretending to give her the spotlight.



She was moved, yet she couldn’t help feeling a little frustrated. After all, she was still too weak.


“Go ahead.” She smiled.


The lights flashed, recording the interaction between the two siblings. The entertainers also finally reacted, what cared about the news station? When it came to grabbing news, they had no fear of anyone!



So these entertainment reporters also pushed forward, this was probably the first “cooperation” between news and entertainment stations ever.



“My sister agreed.” He shrugged, “Why did I show up here? Who knew that the piano accompanist had a temporary problem, so I came up to top it off.”


Here, Li Zheng paused for a moment, “Was I so bad?”


The head of Li Zheng’s laboratory, the bull of the biological circle, the inventor of palmatine and carbapenem antibiotics, and the owner of in vitro regeneration organ technology, Li Zheng, was actually Zhou Sitian’s brother!


No wonder she appeared at the opening ceremony of Li Zheng’s laboratory, no wonder she could talk and laugh with the wife of the Governor of Hong Kong. Who would offend a bull of the biosphere, in critical moments, they also relied on these scientific bigwigs to save their lives!



What was more, Li Zheng has already proven his genius-like creativity in the field of biopharmaceuticals with a single technology.


“Mr. Li Zheng, you play very well, I’ve never heard such beautiful music!” A German reporter spoke in unskilled Cantonese.


His counterparts were uncharacteristically silent, and even the photographers carrying cameras stopped pressing the shutter and looked at the German journalist.

It was common for journalists to exaggerate in order to gain attention, but was it really good for you to lie with your eyes open like this?



The German journalist didn’t care about the strange eyes of his peers, but only looked at Li Zheng with gleaming eyes.


Li Zheng smiled, “The next question, you can ask.” He pointed to the German reporter.



The German reporter showed an ecstatic look, “Mr. Li Zheng, how long will it take for your technology to move from the lab to the clinic? Do you have the intention to cede the technology?”



“I can’t speculate on the time, from the laboratory to the clinic is only the first step, but this technology will be universal, so that everyone can enjoy the dividends of biomedical progress, it is what we researchers should do. As for ceding, I have no such intention, and I don’t think any lab in the world can develop this technology faster and better than Li Zheng’s lab.”


“Mr. Li Zheng, I also think that you and your sister are very well matched, it’s really mesmerizing music.”


“Yes, this is the best sounding Canon in D major I’ve ever heard.”



When the foreign journalists saw that their German counterparts were admired by Li Zheng, they all abandoned the virtue of honesty and competed to praise Li Zheng’s performance, making the judges of Miss Hong Kong present wonder if the D major Canon they had heard was counterfeit, after all, the Canon was a foreigner’s music and foreigners naturally had a heavier say.



In order not to affect the continuation of the final, Li Zheng answered five questions, and then dragged Zhou Sitian into the backstage. Although those foreign journalists still had a lot of questions, they were at least polite, under the guidance of Miss Hong Kong organizers, they sat on the side.


This crowd of foreign journalists with long cameras, it seemed that the Miss Hong Kong contest had become a well-known international event, making the uninformed people of Hong Kong proud.


Zhou Sitian didn’t win the championship of Miss Hong Kong in the end. In order not to be said to be rigid by the outside world, the organizer gave Zhou Sitian the title of third place and awarded her the title of “the most photogenic Miss “.


The winner was obviously Sun Junfang, but when Sun Junfang received the crown, she wasn’t happy. The runner-up was Gao Jingying, she was happy and smiling, and when she went on stage, she hugged Zhou Sitian.



Li Zheng also got a report that surprised him in this exchange with foreign reporters.



Just two hours ago, the United Nations Health Organization officially announced Li Zheng as the most influential biologist of the year.


Although this wasn’t a highly prestigious title, it meant that Li Zheng had officially stepped into the top of the world’s biology circle, and his contributions and achievements in biology were officially recognized.



In the future, he could sit in the same row with the world’s best biologists at global biology conferences.



In his previous life, he received this honor when he was thirty-two years old, while in this life he received this honor at the age of seventeen. In the middle of the night, Li Zheng laid on his bed on the second floor of the second laboratory and gently laughed out loud.





On the TV was the scene of Li Zheng and Zhou Sitian surrounded by reporters at the site of the Miss Hong Kong finals. Housekeeper Fang deliberately played the TV loudly, while turning around every now and then to observe the dead expression of their little Mr. Liang.



Yes, Liang Zhe hadn’t contacted Li Zheng for a long time. Since his last return from China, Liang Zhe seemed to have something on his mind, and Li Zheng went into the laboratory, and only came out once every ten days and a half months, which in detail, the two hadn’t seen each other much in the past six months.


This made Housekeeper Fang very anxious, friendship and husband and wife relationship, depended on the management of ah, good feelings would fade after no contact for a long time. What was more, Mr. Li Zheng had such a special job, which required their little Mr. Liang to take the initiative.



Liang Zhe lowered his head, his thoughts unknown. In fact, he hadn’t seen Li Zheng for a long time, as Housekeeper Fang said.



Every Friday night when Liang Zhe returned from the office, he would ask his driver to take a detour to Li Zheng’s lab, but he didn’t bother Li Zheng, sometimes he just stood outside the glass for an hour.



When not busy, Li Zheng would come out to talk to him. Later on, the two actually got used to this mode of getting along.



“You like him.” The psychiatrist’s categorical tone, every time he thought of it made Liang Zhe’s heart flip, like an old train that entered the station, emitting a huge roar, ear-splitting but shocking.



Like, thinking of this word made Liang Zhe’s heart beat fast. He liked Li Zheng, not the friendship and like between friends, the like between partners, he wanted to be with him.


Together, what a beautiful word. But ……


Liang Zhe frowned seriously, could Li Zheng accept being a partner with a man?


He was rich, but he was also rich.



He wasn’t bad looking, but Li Zheng was better looking.


He had a bad personality and psychological problems, and Li Zheng treated people gently and also had an outstanding IQ.


Liang Zhe ……



He seemed to be inferior to him in every way, he became even more aggrieved.



Liang Zhe’s thoughts ran around a thousand times to never return. Li Zheng’s laboratory was completely busy because of the success of the in vitro regeneration organ project, Li Zheng’s laboratory had immediately entered the right track.




Ma Wenmin officially took over the follow-up work of “in vitro organ regeneration”, and Zhang Chao was promoted to associate researcher as her deputy, making this new star in biology excited.



Liu Sizhao was back to his old ways, looking for the experimental project he was interested in among the piles of published papers, but Li Zheng warned him to choose carefully then he left him alone.



As for Zhong Peng, his academic research and the University of Hong Kong were in the same path, He was very interested in viruses and bacteria and devoted himself to the research of new influenza viruses. Li Zheng was very supportive of this. He knew that various mutated influenza viruses would ravage the world in the future.


It would be a good choice if they could curb the development of the virus earlier and push the listing of Tamiflu, the virus ki-ller to the market.



“It’s Friday, and Mr. Liang actually hasn’t come over yet.” Zheng Lingling said unintentionally. She was very curious about this Mr. Liang, who came to the lab every Friday without saying a word, just standing behind the glass and watching.


If not for the fact that both of them were men, she would have suspected that this Liang helmsman had taken a fancy to Li Zheng. Thinking of Li Zheng, Zheng Lingling’s eyes rolled, why did she feel that these two together, were quite suitable?



Shaking her head, she must have been too tired these days and created a delusion.



Li Zheng sniffed, he frowned slightly, then looked at the watch on his wrist, it was already after 6 p.m., as a rule ……



His fingers twitched slightly, as a rule? How did he get this idea? Li Zheng pursed his lips, some complex emotions flashed between his lowered eyes, he seemed a little out of place.



“Boss, the plane ticket has been booked, the flight is tomorrow at two o’clock in the afternoon, it will be about seven o’clock the next morning in New York.” Zheng Lingling said with slight excitement, “The UN hall, I wonder what it’s like.”



That’s right, Li Zheng had to go to the United Nations Health Organization to participate in the “Most Influential Biologist of the Year” certificate presentation ceremony, which was actually a simple ceremony, with a few witnesses and the official presence of the United Nations Health Organization, before and after added up to no more than three or four hours.



But even so, he still had to fly to New York.


“I heard that the UN general debate happens to be taking place these days, and the theme of this issue is women’s rights, with many prominent and outstanding women from around the world attending. It would be great if I could be there that day.” Zheng Lingling said with her chin in her hand.



Li Zheng let out a light laugh, “You, as long as you get an average of 80 or more in your courses this semester, I will let you participate in the next experimental project.”



Zheng Lingling smiled and her eyes lit up, “Really?”





“Okay, I’ll definitely pass the test!”



On Friday afternoon of that day, Liang Zhe never showed up. The next day, the plane to New York was up at the Hong Kong airport, Li Zheng put on the eye mask and laid down with his eyes closed.



Suddenly he felt another person breathing next to him, Li Zheng’s eyebrows knitted slightly, he bought first class, the plane seats were spread, so there shouldn’t be someone next to him.


He took off the eye mask.



“Liang Zhe?” He was surprised as he looked at the expressionless Liang Zhe on the sofa next to him, no, he had an expression, he seemed a bit aggravated?



“What’s wrong? No, how come you’re here?” Li Zheng couldn’t help but ask.



Liang Zhe’s eyelids twitched, “Going to New York on business.”



Li Zheng fixedly looked at him, “Lie.” Liang Zhe’s eyelids twitched when he was lying, he didn’t know when he had gotten to know this Mr. Liang so well.



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