The third ward of the Prison Hospital.


Wu Dagui had been living here for a month. Looking around at the doctors and nurses, as well as his fellow inmates who were lying in the same ward, he didn’t know how things had turned out this way.



He still had one year to go before he was released from prison. But just a month ago, two forces in his cell block suddenly got into a fight. In fact, it wasn’t sudden, the prison had a division of power and the heads of both forces didn’t like each other, the grudge was deep. Usually there was always a small friction. But this time he didn’t know what happened, there was a large-scale mob fight.


He had always been an active labor activist, he’d never dare to participate in such a fight, but that day, he didn’t know how, he was pushed, and hit the two people fighting, and then somehow, he got swept up.


There were no weapons in the prison, but the physical strength of prisoners who had been working for years wasn’t bad. He almost vomited after being punched in the stomach. He instinctively resisted a few times, but was stabbed with a sharpened toothbrush.


He fell to the ground with his stomach covered, followed by the sound of the guards and the prisoner’s shouts.



When he woke up again, he was already lying in the prison hospital. He was wearing an oxygen mask, had needles in his arms, and had several tubes inserted into his stomach where he had been stabbed. He only felt pain in his stomach, but didn’t know what was going on.


A familiar prison guard came to see him, said he couldn’t contact his family and asked if there was any way he could contact his family to visit him.


He subconsciously refused.


When he received money for his work, he asked for cash and gold bars, and gave them all to his mother to hide, and asked her to take his wife and son to a small county where he used to run a car. The place was very remote, and no one would know them. And when he worked there, he used a fake card, he also met a person who handled fake ID cards for his wife, son, and mother. Apart from him and his mother, he didn’t even know his wife and son’s numbers.


As long as he survived the years out of prison. Then hide for a while, he could sneak off to reunite with his family.


He didn’t expect to have an accident before he got out of prison. The prison guard said he could notify his family to visit, but he didn’t dare to take the risk, he was afraid that the young master of the Ye family was still waiting for an opportunity to retaliate against him.



Without family care, he laid alone in the hospital, the nurse gave him a urinary catheter, since he couldn’t even move. The inmates who came in with him all recovered and went back, but he was the only one who still had all kinds of tubes in place and he didn’t know when he would be ready. He couldn’t resist asking the nurse who had been taking care of him.



The nurse refused to tell him, but was full of sympathy. He asked the doctor again, the doctor also stammered, only telling him not to worry and to take good care of his injuries.



Wu Dagui covered his stomach, thinking that he had probably hurt something important and wouldn’t live long. When the nurse brought him food, he couldn’t resist secretly telling him to hurry up and meet his family, and then sighed.


He was afraid of dying, his son was estimated to be 14 or 15 years old. His mother was also old. His wife was shrewd, and he didn’t know if she would obey his mother. If he was really going to die, he still had to meet with his mother and explain what would happen afterwards.


Anyway, when he died, the young master of the Ye family wouldn’t be able to do anything.


Wu Dagui was afraid and full of hate, but he finally found a prison guard and revealed a phone number that had been hidden for years. Not long after, his mother secretly came to see him once, they talked about the house and money, then she decided to bring his wife after a few days.


But by the appointed time, his mother and wife, none came.


Instead, the doctor came and told him that in a few days he could pull out the tube, and if the wound recovered well, he could be discharged in another week.


Wu Dagui was baffled, stammering and asking the doctor, “Didn’t you say it was going to be bad before? Why is it okay again?


The doctor and the nurse were impatient, and he realized that the nurse who took care of him before hadn’t come for a few days and had been replaced by a new nurse.



After a few years at the bottom, he also had the perception of danger that belonged to a small person, and thinking of his old mother and wife who didn’t come to see him at the appointed time, he vaguely felt that he was probably set up.


After tossing and turning in the hospital for four or five days, Wu Dagui finally got news of another visit from his relative.


But the visitor wasn’t his mother and wife, but his elder brother.


Wu Dagui’s face paled and his back was full of cold sweat. His mother only gave birth to him, there was no big brother at all.


The prison guard came to see him with “Big Brother”. “Big Brother”, named Wu Dafu, was a tall and strong man with a fierce face. When he saw him, he called “brother” affectionately and held his hand.


“Mom and Sister-in-law were hurt by a car on the road. They were a little scared. I’m the only one that came to see you this time. I’ll bring them to see you next time.”


“Wu Dafu” smiled and talked to him about the family situation. His nephew Wu Xiaoli went to the private high school in the town, and his grades were average. The family had been in good condition for years, and bought a house… It was just that Mom and his sister-in-law didn’t get along, they always quarreled.


Wu Dafu spoke in a long and garrulous voice, but Wu Dagui was cold all over and looked at his smiling “Big Brother” in horror. The door of the ward was open, and there was a monitor in the ward. The prison guard was at the door, but he dared not shout.



He let “Wu Dafu” say many interesting things about his nephew in school.


Finally, when “Wu Dafu” left, he said with a smile on his face: “Summer vacation is coming, next time I visit, I’ll bring my nephew along.”



The word “nephew” was bitten very hard.


Wu Dagui’s body was cold, even the wounds that were recovering faintly hurt. He knew that this person must be someone the young master of the Ye family sent, the other wanted him to retract his confession, a few years ago he asked him to retract his confession, but he bit the bul-let and didn’t admit. He didn’t read much, but he knew that drunk driving and intentional homi-cide weren’t the same.


But now he found his son, his mother and wife, and they were probably caught.



Wu Dagui thought of his son, who was ten years old when he left home, and covered his face in pain.



Everything was as Ye Hansheng had expected. After returning to prison after recovering from injury, Wu Dagui voluntarily retracted his confession after a long struggle. He took the initiative to explain the fact that he k-illed someone for money five years ago .



But he didn’t have more evidence in hand, the only proof was a box of gold bars hidden by Wu’s mother and not yet spent half a million cash. After Wu Dagui retracted his confession, the police followed his confession to find his mother and dug it out from the ground of Wu family’s yard.



Mother Wu at first refused to admit, but Wang Li was afraid of being implicated, and fully explained, desperately trying to clear the relationship, “The money was taken back by Wu Dagui, it’s all in the custody of the old woman. It’s not my business. If you want to catch her, you can catch her!”


“You’re a bi-tch with a sore mouth!! You eat and drink from me, now you want to harm your man!” Mother Wu was furious, she grabbed Wang Li’s hair and slapped her twice. In order to get some money, Wang Li had been putting up with a lot. She also pulled her hair with her backhand. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law rolled on the ground and began to tussle.


Even the police officers on the side couldn’t pull them apart. Finally, they could only wait until they were tired of fighting and then handcuffed them together, they were both taken to the bureau.


After five years, the car accident file was pulled out again to retry. The police quickly set up a task force to restart the investigation and evidence collection.


The accident files five years ago were transferred out for retrial. The drunk driving accident and intentional homicide were not of the same magnitude, and it was Ye’s former chairman’s wife who was kil-led. Ye Hansheng put pressure behind. The police soon set up a special team to investigate and collect evidence again.



They thought it would be difficult to investigate the case after five years. But after Wu Dagui retracted his confession, evidence began to emerge one after another. It didn’t take much effort. The project team found out the man who had met Wu Dagui .


It turned out to be the Ye family’s butler Zhou Xu.



Zhou Xu was in his early forties and had worked for the Ye family for fifteen years. He was a shrewd person and had helped Ye Maokai deal with a lot of underhandedness. After the case five years ago was reopened and re-investigated, he took his annual leave and said he wanted to go back home to visit his family.


When the police found his old home, the building had long been empty.


Zhou Xu ran away.


The police could only issue a wanted warrant.


However, people outside paid close attention to the police report, and after learning that the contact person was actually the butler of the Ye family and the confident of Chairman Ye, they began to speculate about the good image of Chairman Ye.



Zhou Xu was just a housekeeper, he had no reason and no so much money to buy murder to ki-ll his mistress and young master, all this must be directed by someone.



It was almost obvious who the instigator was. Although there was no evidence yet, there was a saying that couldn’t be wrong: see who is the beneficiary, you’ll be able to know who the mu-rderer.


The car accident five years ago was once again a hot topic of discussion five years later. Five years later the internet was more developed, the media was more developed, and many things couldn’t hide under the eyes of countless people. It simply didn’t stand up to the scrutiny.


Previously, they only knew that Chairman Ye was a gentle and elegant businessman, the chairman’s wife was also gentle and virtuous, the two had a son and a daughter.


Only those who were familiar with or concerned about the accident knew that before the current chairman’s wife, Ye Maokai also had an original wife, he also had a son and a daughter.


But after that car accident, this son and daughter never appeared in front of people again on behalf of the Ye family.


Now it was mentioned again, and netizens dug down layer by layer, only to find that under this seemingly harmonious and enviable family, was a skeleton. The gentle and polite Mrs. Qiu was actually a third party who stepped into someone’s family. Even when the legal children had just been in an accident, she brought the two illegal children into the door of the Ye family with a high profile.


Only a fool would believe that there was no connection between these two events.


Before Zhou Xu was arrested and brought to justice, the two biggest suspects in the m-urder of the buyer were Ye Maokai and Qiu Jihe.



The chairman and the chairman’s wife both became mur-der suspects. The already downward spiral of the Ye family business was even more stormy, the stock price went all the way down, the market value evaporated several hundred million overnight.


Ye Maokai’s position as chairman of the board was in danger, the Ye family was even more anxious.



Ye family old mansion.


Ye Maokai’s face was gloomy, and his blo-odshot eyes looked at his sobbing wife and daughter. After a long time, he lifted his lips and said coldly, “When did you catch up with Zhou Xu?”


Qiu Jihe bowed her head and sobbed in a low voice. Seeing his red eyes, she retorted, “What do you mean? Like the people outside, you think I asked Zhou Xu to hire a mur-derer?”


She cried, “You don’t know what others don’t know? Zhou Xu only listens to you, I have only talked to him a few times, it’s Wang Ma who handles everything inside and out!”


Ye Maokai looked at her with uncertainty, saw her crying in her daughter’s arms, and got a little uncertain. Zhou Xu was indeed his confidant, he usually only did things for him, he rarely had contact with Qiu Jihe. But if not Qiu Jihe, then who would be the one who bribed Zhou Xu ……


Although he had no feelings for his original wife and secretly raised a lover outside, he had the intention to compensate Qiu Jihe for his children, he didn’t want their lives.


After sweeping his eyes back and forth on Qiu Jihe for a moment, Ye Maokai’s gaze finally moved to his daughter Ye Qiurui. The mother and daughter were hugging each other and crying silently, no one was looking at him, both seemed aggrieved. His youngest son was also at the side with a haggard expression, like he wanted to say something but didn’t dare.



Ye Maokai was upset. Thinking of the current situation, he could only explain coldly, “The situation is not good now. Stay at home these days. Don’t show up and don’t say anything to the media!”


Qiu Jihe wiped her tears, nodded, and then asked tentatively, “Why don’t we send someone to find Zhou Xu? If we find someone, the truth will come out.”



“I have my own plans,” Ye Maokai glanced at her warningly and said unhappily, “Stay at home, there’s no need to interfere.”



After saying that, he went out the door without looking at mother and daughter again.



As soon as he left, Qiu Jihe waved away the maid, dried her tears, pulled her daughter up to the second floor bedroom, closed the door and windows and asked in a low voice: “Did you find him?”



“No.” Ye Qiurui was also anxious, “He didn’t go to the place we arranged!” She complained, “I told you a long time ago that Zhou Xu can’t be trusted!”


Qiu Jihe’s expression changed several times, and her face was a bit ugly. She rubbed the tablecloth in her hand, “You can ask someone to go to …… to look for him again!” She went close to her daughter’s ear and whispered the name of a place, Ye Qiurui’s expression became more ugly, she reluctantly spoke, “Now there are plainclothes staring outside, I am also not good at finding people ……”


[TN: Plainclothes — police officers]


“We must find him, we absolutely cannot let him come back alive!” Qiu Jihe grabbed her hand with a deadly grip, his face twisted and grim, “If he comes back, we’re all finished!”


Ye Qiurui’s face changed slightly. She was just about to say something, when the bedroom door was suddenly pushed open. Her husband, Zhong Ling, stood at the door and smiled at her strangely. “I thought there was no one. What are you whispering about?”




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