Wen Run learned about the troubles of Ye’s family half a month after joining the group. Director Yuan was strict. He said good night to Ye Hansheng on WeChat every night before going to bed in addition to filming but he didn’t show anything strange. Earlier he overheard the crew members talk about “the sharp fall of Ye’s shares” and “the storm of rich families” in private, and realized that something had happened to the Ye family.



Wen Run forced down the worry, seriously finished shooting the last scene, then he immediately checked Weibo. He searched the keywords and found that the driver of the car accident five years ago had retracted his confession. DUI accident turned into a m-urder. And the person who ordered the m-urder was the housekeeper of the Ye family.



Nowadays, the network was developed, netizens traditionally liked to see this kind of luxury family antipodean drama. Not to mention that now Zhou Xu was at large, the police issued a wanted notice, the Ye family in addition to the Ye Maokai stayed indoors and refused interviews, coupled with Ye’s stock price plummeting, this drama had even turned into a suspenseful serial momentum.


Many netizens were speculating on who was more likely to be the m-urderer, or if it was simply Ye Maokai and Qiu Jihe. Because of the online discussion, Ye Hansheng also had to be involved.


Comments about him were more sighs and emotions.


Before the accident, Ye Hansheng was often in front of the media, he had a halo, the Prince of the Ye family, a graduate of a prestigious school, his ardent public service, excellent ability …… he just took over the Ye’s two years, he was more popular than his father. At that time, the development of the Ye company was also booming, the net profit of the annual financial report went straight up.


But such a person, after the car accident he disappeared for more than a year. After that he reappeared, in a wheelchair, and created Starland Media, which now occupied half the sky in the entertainment industry.



However, he rarely appeared in public again, like an outsider. Moreover, after he appeared again after recovering from the car accident, it was as if he had nothing to do with Ye family. It was obvious that he had broken up with Ye family.



In a car accident five years ago, Ye Hansheng’s biological mother died on the spot, and his sister became a vegetable, while he broke his legs. And his behavior after, more confirmed that the accident and his father or stepmother couldn’t be unconnected.

Netizens were amazed at the big show, they also sighed. Ye Hansheng was really a miserable man.


But after all, this was someone else’s business, not related to them. They were more concerned about how to develop the next plot.


But when Wen Run saw this, he was really sad for Ye Hansheng.


Just last night, Ye Hansheng gently said good night to him. His voice was very soft, showing his tiredness from the daytime. When he put down his phone for a good night’s sleep, what was Ye Hansheng doing?



Thinking about that made Wen Run uncomfortable.



The man who gently said good night to him may have been suffering from all kinds of speculation outside, or perhaps suffering from the truth …… but all in all, he wouldn’t sleep well like he did.


Wen Run couldn’t care less about the dinner sent by his assistant, clutching his phone and hurried back to the hotel room.



He almost immediately sent a video call request to Ye Hansheng, but just as it rang, he regretted it and hurriedly stopped it, he hesitated for a while, and sent Ye Hansheng a WeChat message.


Ye Hansheng always responded to him in a timely manner so he saw it and directly made a video request.


His expression didn’t show anything unusual. He spoke with a smile, “Why did you call at this time? You miss me?” When he said the last sentence, he raised his eyebrows slightly, and his deep eyes were soft.



Wen Run didn’t know what to say for a moment. He was afraid that asking directly about the Ye family would expose his scars. But pretending not to know, he was really worried, if he held everything in his heart, he might suffocate himself.



His fingers anxiously tugged at the corners of his clothes in places not visible on the screen, Wen Run showed him a nice smile and finally responded: “Well, I missed you, especially.”


Ye Hansheng slightly froze. He was about to take the opportunity to flirt, but noticed that he didn’t look quite right, he hesitantly spoke: “What’s wrong? Someone in the crew bullied you?”



Wen Run looked at him and saw that he didn’t mention himself, but still worried about him, he clenched his fingers in dissatisfaction, and finally chose to be honest.



If Ye Hansheng was willing to say, he would listen carefully, if he wasn’t willing to say, he would pretend not to know and coax him.



“I went on Weibo and saw it all.”


The smile on Ye Hansheng’s face faded, seeing that his good-looking features were wrinkled, the corners of his mouth subconsciously hooked up again, “Worried about me?”


Wen Run nodded honestly and said with some complaint, “You didn’t tell me something this big wateary-eyedg, you still pretended that was nothing at night to coax me ……” He was a little upset, “When you’re sad, I want you to rely on me.”



Wen Run wanted to say, if you are sad, you can lean on me. Instead of fearing that I’ll get worried, and pretend to be fine.


Ye Hansheng looked at his sad eyes, and his heart softened. He thought for a moment and picked up what he could say, “It’s not a big deal. Everything is within expectation. I have long suspected that the accident wasn’t an accident, and have been looking for evidence.” He smiled, “Now the case is being retried, you should be happy for me.”



Wen Run stared at him blankly, he opened his mouth, but no words came out.



He had known about it for a long time, but had held back until today.



Wen Run felt teary-eyed, he took a deep breath to hide the tremble in his voice, “Well, it’s time to be happy.”



Ye Hansheng felt helpless. He only hated that he wasn’t around. Otherwise, he would have no time or mind to think about the bad things of the Ye family. However, he could only think about it now, he didn’t know what the child had done to himself by overthinking. Looking at him, it was obvious he was very stressed. Although Ye Hansheng occasionally pretended to be miserably and took advantage of him, it was always trivial. He didn’t want to deceive Wen Run about his relationship with the Ye family. But he didn’t want to let him know too much. The Ye family had a nest of snakes. He did a lot to get revenge on the Ye family. It was a side of him that he would never let Wen Run know about.



He couldn’t explain too much. Ye Hansheng could only comfort him by avoiding the important and taking the easy. He didn’t know whether Wen Run really listened to those comforting words or not. He nodded obediently at whatever Ye Hansheng said and hung up after the conversation.



Ye Hansheng put his mobile phone aside and felt a little headache.

That night, Wen Run went to bed early in the morning after he read the comments of some netizens’s analysis. He knew more than them. He thought that the accident must have something to do with Ye Hansheng’s stepmother. He just didn’t know if his father knew or if he was involved.



Ye Hansheng probably knew, but he didn’t want to say, so Wen Run didn’t ask.



He suddenly felt that he didn’t know this man well enough. He just vaguely knew things. However, in today’s video call, he finally saw some shadows of the past from his words.


He saw netizens summarize it, saying that Ye Hansheng had disappeared for more than a year, and no one knew where he had gone. Many people guessed that he had gone to recuperate from his injuries. But even if his legs were disabled and he needed to recuperate, he wouldn’t have to disappear for more than a year. But Wen Run instantly thought of what Chen Zhen said, Ye Hansheng once received psychological treatment. And she was extraordinarily worried about Ye Hansheng.



Wen Run vaguely felt that perhaps things were not as simple as he knew.


But since Ye Hansheng wasn’t willing to say, he could only pretend not to know. In the end, he couldn’t help, asking about the root of the matter, would only uncover his scars and make him hurt again.



It was better to take time to spend more time with him. When there were many happy times, the unhappy ones in the past could be gradually forgotten.


He decided to pay attention. When he got up the next morning, he felt more energetic than before.


In the morning, after his scenes, he went to director Yuan and asked if he could take two more days off to go back, if his part was shot quickly.


Wen Run had been working hard since he joined the group. He could bear hardships even if he was good at acting. He didn’t play big. Director Yuan had a good impression of him. Seeing that he suddenly made such a request, he guessed that there was something wrong with him, and then he agreed.


Wen Run breathed a sigh of relief, and when he left, he met Huo Guangzhi’s eyes.



Huo Guangzhi withdrew his inquisitive gaze, putting out a pure and harmless smile, and went with him to the side to rest. Huo Guangzhi had been particularly fond of clinging to him. His excuse was that he wanted to get acting tips, but in fact, he was more interested in rural life.


Every day when he was idle, he either asked Wen Run how he did farm work at home before, or whether the school life in the countryside was very hard.



All said and done, he always mentioned the word rural.


Huo Guangzhi was young and had a good reputation in the industry. So when other people occasionally heard, they just thought he was a curious child. Wen Run didn’t think much at the beginning, but later found that there was always flash of contempt in his eyes, he realized that he was coming to find a balance on his own.


Although he felt speechless, Wen Run was too lazy to argue with him. He became perfunctory.


But when Huo Guangzhi came around again today, he didn’t have the patience he had before. He spent all his time thinking about the script. He must make sure that every time it was his turn, he must finish the scene as quickly as possible, and then he could ask for leave to go back as soon as possible. He had no spare time to waste on Huo Guangzhi.


So Huo Guangzhi had just opened his mouth, Wen Run asked, “The results of the college entrance examination came out, right? How did you do?”



He was asking on purpose, he saw Huo Guangzhi’s college entrance exam results last night when he was on Weibo. In fact, Huo Guangzhi’s college entrance exam wasn’t bad, if not for his shadow, most of the famous schools in China could be his choice. But it was still a bit short of Q University.



Huo Guangzhi’s smile stiffened and his face turned red. “The test was average, far worse than yours.”



Wen Run looked surprised, “How could it be? Didn’t you say that you reviewed well before?”


Huo Guangzhi’s teeth were almost crushed. He forced a smile, “I didn’t read well.”



Wen Run exclaimed and said that it was a pity.



It happened that Hao Li, the actress who played the second daughter, also came to have a rest after her scene. Hearing this, she turned to Wen Run, “What a pity! He’s being modest. He did well in the exam. When his grades came out, he was also on the hot search list.”



The fact that Huo Guangzhi was trying to go to Q University was only known to Wen Run, and Hao Li thought that Huo Guangzhi was being modest, so she spoke in passing.



Huo Guangzhi’s face was still red. After holding it for a long time, he said, “It’s far worse than Brother Wen.”


Hao Li didn’t think so much and said comfortingly: “You shouldn’t compare people. Wen Run passed the Q exam when he was 15 years old. Most people have to be exceptional from birth to compare with him. It’s better if we compare ourselves with ourselves. Don’t be upset. Look at me. I have been taking the exam for two years.”



Huo Guangzhi: “……”


Wen Run stifled a laugh and comforted him together with Hao Zhi. Huo Guangzhi sat for a while, then found an excuse to fly away.


Without his constant interruptions, Wen Run concentrated on studying the script, and pulled people to play during the break time. As a result, the film crew had a smooth shooting progress and were ahead again. The film crew all praised Wen Run’s professional and good acting skills.



Huo Guangzhi’s inner teeth were almost broken in the dark. However, Wen Run finally asked Director Yuan for leave and returned to City B by plane that night.





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