When he heard the shouts of anger behind him, he asked, “Gu Yueze, why did you give Jiang Yu such a question, was it watered down?”


“It’s just a question of the same difficulty, but it was too difficult for him.” As it turned out, he had overestimated Jiang Yu.



Shi Fei smiled, he was sure he did it on purpose. The other gave a question about changing concepts, and Gu Yueze gave a question that was easy to make mistakes. Well, Jiang Yu made a mistake in such a simple question again. Shi Fei decided to find some sets of math papers for him when filming was over.


The two of them were walking together, one black and one white, both wearing fake hair on their heads, Shi Fei’s hair was tied in a high ponytail with a red rope, and Gu Yueze’s was tied with a white headband that matched his clothes.



One of them was natural and unrestrained with a little evil spirit, and the other was dressed in white like snow, elegant and cold frost.



Just standing together was a beautiful scenery. Even if the passersby weren’t fans, they would be conquered by these beauties.


There wasn’t much time left for the live broadcast specified by the program group.


“If we want to exceed their popularity in the specified time, then we must think of a way to do it.” Shi Fei took the fan and gently tapped his shoulder.


Li Hong and Yu Wenwen, one big flower and one small flower, were all first-tier artists. Even if Li Hong has a baby and become a mother, she still had a large fan base.


After all, Li Hong had always attracted female fans. They didn’t care whether she was married or not.


As for Yu Wenwen, she was lively and cheerful, and was always funny. There were many loyal fans and drama fans.



Jiang Yu was a first-tier star. His girlfriend fans accounted for more than 70%, and they were all loyal fans purified over several years.



Although Tian Sihan, his partner, didn’t bring much traffic, her understanding of Han clothing could complement Jiang Yu’s, and the combination of a man and woman was also very attractive.


Although his popularity was no worse than that of Jiang Yu, his fan base was relatively scattered.


There were painting fans, guitar fans, zither fans, etc. Compared to that, his fans in the entertainment industry were probably the least.



At this time, Shi Fei saw a little brother in Chinese costume among the onlookers, holding a skateboard in his hand, which should be for the douyin video.


An image flashed in his mind, his pair of sly eyes lit up.



He went to the little brother to borrow a skateboard, and the other side readily agreed. Then he looked at Gu Yueze and whispered a few words to him.


Gu Yueze nodded and left.


It was almost time for the live broadcast, Shi Fei asked the staff to help hold the phone.



He directly used Gary’s account to broadcast live. Previously, this number attracted all guitar lovers. Since Shi Fei’s vest was exposed one by one, different fans flocked to pay attention to it.



The original attention of more than 1000 had become more than 4000.


As soon as he opened Douyin Live, quite a few people came in.



“Hey, gary is finally online, almost thought this douyin account was a fake, is the god ready to play guitar today?”



“Where is this place? It seems that there are all people wearing ancient clothes around? God gary has gone to film?”



“Don’t tell me what you don’t understand upstairs. The people around you are obviously wearing Han style clothes. There is a difference between Han style clothes and ancient clothes. Look at the scene around here, and dare to guess that it is Xiyuan.”



“Ah, ah, ah, ah, Brother Fei’s outfit today is really killing me. I can’t do this.”



“Brother Fei, what are you doing? Do you want to play the guitar in a hanfu?”



“What is the operation of playing the guitar in Han suit? Of course, playing the guqin is more artistic. Shi Fei is a guqin master.”



“I can watch anything, as long as it is from Brother Fei. It doesn’t matter whether he wear an ancient costume or a Han suit. He can do without it.”


“Upstairs sister, my nose sprayed bl-ood.”


Because of the angle problem, they didn’t see the long board at his foot. He saw many messages on the bullet screen, so he looked closely to see what they said.



“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah brother, don’t be so close, I can’t stand it.”


“Brother Fei’s face is like a k-illing weapon. My heart is out of control. What should I do?”


“Upstairs, that’s a heartattack.”


“Don’t save me when I’m dead.”


“Can this thing stop? I will stop breathing if he gets closer. It’s like he wants to kiss me.”



“Come on, wake up the lady upstairs with urine.”



“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, look at me again and I will go crazy. How can he be so lovely?”


Shi Fei looked at the comment screen, “Hello, I’m Shi Fei. I’m in Xi Yuan. You can see the beautiful scenery here. You can come here to play when you’re free. Don’t forget to wear a hanfu when you come, because tourists who don’t wear a hanfu are not allowed to enter. I was asked if I’ll play the guqin just now.”


Shi Fei shook his head, “This is indeed a good place to play the guqin, but the sound of the guqin is lighter, there is a lot of traffic here, it won’t be very clear, today I’ll show everyone how to skateboard.”



He held up the longboard: “I borrowed it from a little brother, I hope it won’t be broken later. Don’t laugh at me if I don’t play well.” With Shi Fei’s words, the live camera also shifted to the person who borrowed the longboard and he smiled shyly.



Shi Fei put the skateboard on the ground, shook the fake long hair that fell in front of him at will, which was a move that fascinated a lot of people, making them scream on the other end of the screen.



Then he began to slide, at first it was a straight line and they didn’t see any skills.



Shi Fei waved to the live broadcast camera, which was closely followed by the staff, “I hope I won’t fall down soon. It’ll be too humiliating in front of so many people.”



“What is Shi Fei doing? What’s wrong with him playing the guqin and guitar? If not, he can draw on the spot. Why does he want to broadcast skateboard?”


“Skateboarding is something that is easy to fall without learning it, and his Chinese costume looks so good on him, I feel bad.”


“I feel more sorry for him than the hanfu, brother, standing there is enough, you’re the scenery.”


“Brother play what skateboard ah, play me ah, come and play me ah.”


On the screen, many people laughed at Shi Fei for overestimating his strength. However, there was a pillar in front of him, Shi Fei easily stepped on the long board to avoid it, and by the way, he completed a ‘swing. ‘ movement.



The swing was a very basic action in the long board, but many people who didn’t play with skateboards didn’t know it. Anyway, his fans only knew how handsome he was.



Some incoming anti-fans were just about to spray, but they saw that Shi Fei began to do inverse swings, ghost walks, ghost kicks, etc.



The action was neat. A “back flying” made the skirt of the whole Han suit fly with him, and the red flowers on the cuffs and skirt were dazzling.



Then he did a walk in place on a skateboard, by the way the black and red skirt did a spin and flip action.



A lot of Shi Fei’s old fans were crying. Many of them saw his self introduction video before he participated in “The Most Powerful Idol” at the beginning, Shi Fei appeared on a skateboard.


At that time, he was wearing a casual tracksuit, with his feet on a short skateboard, doing all kinds of cool moves.



Many people were fascinated by that video of him at that time, so he was able to overwhelmingly win the popularity king with his face value and cool skateboard popularity without showing anything about his idol talent.


Later on, Shi Fei slowly became popular, his fans also became more and more, many new fans didn’t know that Shi Fei could skate.


Many people in Xi Yuan were recording Shi Fei with their mobile phones. Originally, there were a lot of hanfu enthusiasts here. Once they uploaded it to their friends and groups, it was immediately spread in the hanfu circle.



Many people were begging for links to the same model, and many people were asking which hanfu store had come out with a new model?


Or which Hanfu lady designed the new style?



Even if they weren’t a fan of Shi Fei, they were Hanfu enthusiasts. They had to see such a beautiful scene in person, especially in Xi Yuan Scenic Area.



The news that Shi Fei wore Chinese costume to play with a skateboard in Douyin live broadcast also spread to various fans, and some of the fans close to Xi Yuan drove over to see him wearing Chinese costume.


Shi Fei was becoming more and more skilled and doing various skateboard movements. Standing on the skateboard, he had performed ‘Dragon Swings Its Tail’, ‘Indian Flying Cake’, ‘Horse Steps on a Flying Swallow’ and other movements. There was a large out of control scene in the live broadcast room.



“Ah ah ah ah ah ah you are going to drive me crazy ah, too handsome.”


“Ah ah ah ah ah ah I finally saw brother play on a skateboard again, this old fan is really too relieved.”


“As an old fan of my brother, at first it was his handsome movements when using a skateboard that fascinated me, and now it finally reappeared.”


“Shi Fei please immediately stop emitting charm , this mother fan is about to fall.”


“Is there anyone who has been watching his brother’s clothes? I’m obviously a fan who should look at his face.”



“I thought I didn’t like Hanfu before, but now I know that I don’t like the model in Hanfu in the store. I can change to Brother Fei.”



“What kind of hanfu is this? Which store is it? Asking for a link.”


“Brother, I’m sorry that I ignored your face for the first time. My focus is on the Han suit and skateboard.”


“I can only watch my brother’s beautiful skirt throwing movements silently, and then kneel down to beg for the link.”



“Brother, how many meters is your skirt, six meters or nine meters?”


“This is a textbook collection of Hanfu skirts. Are you not a shareholder of Feige?”


Shi Fei’s movements were really beautiful. It was impossible to turn away from him.


Of course, there were also some anti fans on the screen who swore that Shi Fei was pretending to be elegant. Why was a man making such a fuss?



The words were quickly pressed down by other fans.


“If you have the ability, you can also pretend.”


“Can boys without face value show the charm Chinese clothes?”


At the end, Shi Fei stepped on the long board with a handsome closing action, ending this live skateboard broadcast.



“Eh, why did you stop? We want to continue to look, no matter how long it is.”


“Brother isn’t going to end the live broadcast, right? Don’t ah, stay for a while.”



“Shi Fei, you didn’t even play a guitar and you want to leave, don’t you want your guitar fans? I don’t care, you must play the guitar.”



“I can kneel down to ask my husband for the link with the same style, or is there a couple style?”



“It seems that you have changed places. Where did you go with your skateboard, brother?”



Everyone kept their eyes on Shi Fei or the hanfu he was wearing, and didn’t even notice that the camera followed Shi Fei’s skateboard all the way, he had long left his original spot.



Not to mention that the netizens didn’t notice even the people who followed the scene didn’t notice.



Shi Fei returned the skateboard to the owner, and the other spoke excitedly, “Shi Fei, you were so handsome when you used the skateboard. Have you learned it before?”


Shi Fei nodded, “I was interested, so I learned a little.”


The old fans laughed, Brother Fei did it again, what learned a little?


As a result, his understanding and others’ understanding weren’t the same level at all.


As they scanned the live broadcast, they saw that this was actually a horse riding field.


Xi Yuan covered a wide area, there were many attractions, the piano and chess, calligraphy and painting card points, small bridges and boats, and so on all, of course, there was no shortage of scenes such as horseback riding and archery.



There was a special horse-riding field, which had more than a dozen horses, and there was a special attendant every day, there was also a special track.



This was to provide for those who liked to ride a horse in Chinese costume to take pictures and videos.


This was when a sound of horse hooves sounded, everyone looked over at the sound and saw Gu Yueze coming on horseback.


The white clothes were like snow, the hem of the skirt and cuffs of the orchid making his features more handsome and uncommon, wearing this gave Gu Yueze the aura of a high cold elite, he was like a snow lotus on a snowy mountain, his aura was permeated with cold air but people couldn’t help looking at him.


His false head cover wasn’t like Shi Fei’s, which was tied up with the whole hair, his was half spread and half tied. This was the hairstyle that Shi Fei chose for him. His hair was tied with a snow-white silk . Seeing his hair flying in the wind, he looked elegant and noble. Shi Fei knew he made the right choice.



There was no stopping the live comments, which was even more crazy.


“Someone said that couple style is required for Brother Fei. Here comes the couple style. This white orchid style hanfu is too fairylike.”



“Where is the link for this set? Kneel for links.”


“I want both of them for lovers. Which Han clothing store bought them? I’m anxious.”



“Frantically begging for the names of the two sets of hanfus, begging to be told.”


“Hanfus are for you guys, I’ll take the model in the Hanfu first.”



“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah , ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.”


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh who is this little brother in hanfu ah, i love his cold eyes.”



“This is the new guestof “The Sims”, he is so handsome. The little brother is so good. He has a good face and a good memory that makes me want to cry.”



The Sims had been on air for a period of time. In this program, except Gu Yueze, he invited first-tier stars. He said little and didn’t like to brush his sense of existence. So even if he had a good face, his number of fans was poor.



This was a stunning appearance yet many people didn’t know him, Gu Yueze’s fans immediately got excited and started advertising him.


Gu Yueze rode a brown horse and trotted to Shi Fei. At this time, he didn’t know that he was the focus of the live broadcast. He grabbed the saddle with one hand and stretched out to Shi Fei with the other. “Come up.”


His voice was sexy and calm, and his slightly overpowering eyes held a trace of imperceptible tenderness.


Shi Fei looked up at the man, his mouth slightly bent, and his smile made people around him warm like the warm sun in winter.


He put his hand on his. It was a simple action, but Shi Fei felt that he had given himself to him for life.



Stepping on the stirrups to mount the horse, his movement was clean and handsome.



This scene, not to mention the netizens in front of the live broadcast, even the passers-by couldn’t help but let out tiny screams.



The two little brothers, one in black and one in white, with such high face values, were riding a horse in Hanfu. This was a special scene of immortals.




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