Wen Run tightly wrapped his arms around his neck, face buried in the nook of his neck, skin to skin, they were close enough to feel each other’s every heartbeat.


Ye Hansheng embraced his body with force, clearly feeling the wetness on the nape of his neck, he didn’t make a sound, he just hugged him harder and harder, the force was almost so strong that the two people could melt into one.



After a long time, Wen Run let go of him, the eyes and the tip of his nose was a little red, his eyes were like water-washed glass and his eyelashes were still stained with moisture. It was obvious that he was sad for him, but he looked more pitiful than he was.


Pulling his wet eyelashes, Ye Hansheng kissed his closed eyes. His eyelashes trembled slightly, and a shy blush crept up from behind his ears, but he didn’t hide.



Ye Hansheng’s lips slowly curved up, then he spoke softly, “Good night.”


Wen Run looked at him with wide eyes, saw the smile in his eyes, and subconsciously smiled back. He thought for a moment, and dared to learn from him. He kissed his forehead, “Good night.”


That night, Wen Run didn’t continue the massage, but Ye Hansheng still slept well. Both of them had a good night’s sleep.



The next morning, Wen Run prepared breakfast. They had breakfast together, and Wen Run sent Ye Hansheng out to work. When Yu Biao, who came to pick him up, saw the boss coming out of the next room, his eyelids jumped and he quickly lowered his head.


After Ye Hansheng left, Wen Run immediately contacted the doctor. The doctor was a Chinese doctor who was quite old and was secretly introduced to him by Chen Zhen. After Wen Run contacted this old Chinese doctor, he would often ask the other some questions, and discussed a lot about Ye Hansheng’s leg injury, but always avoided mentioning Ye Hansheng’s name.


Even last night’s “Xie Yupan’s foot bath” was actually just a front . In fact, the medicine was prepared by the Chinese doctor.


Wen Run secretly planned for a long time, he finally took the first step yesterday. It was hard to make initial progress, after Ye Hansheng left, he quickly gave feedback to the doctor.



In addition to telling him to insist on soaking his feet with medicinal herbs, the old Chinese doctor still suggested regular leg massage. This was actually the very first suggestion, but Wen Run knew it was impossible to get it done overnight, so he backed off and asked the old man to come up with a method that would be easier for Ye Hansheng to accept.


It turned out that Ye Hansheng really minded, so he had to take it slowly step by step, in order to make him gradually accept.


After the two talked about Ye Hansheng’s situation, the old man sent him the acupuncture point map over, telling him to recognize it first, one day it would come in handy.


This morning, Wen Run seriously recorded the acupoint map, and occasionally pressed the corresponding position on his body… He ate at random at noon. In the afternoon, he carefully hid the printed acupoint map, took out the script, and began to practice. At five o’clock, he received Yu Biao’s WeChat message that President Ye was off duty, and he began to prepare dinner. When Ye Hansheng came back from work, they had dinner together.



Although it was inconvenient to go out, this closed door held their own small life, but also gave them some leisure and comfort, Wen Run cherished the time when they were together, but the reality was beyond their control. After only two or three days of comfort, Zheng Xuan sent a message that he had made an appointment with Director Yuan to meet in the morning of the next day.


Wen Run had to pick himself up and go out.



But even though it was said to be an audition, the meeting was just four people. Wen Run, Zheng Xuan, plus director Yuan and his assistant. The four people met in a hotel box, the atmosphere was quite relaxed.


Director Yuan was more than fifty years old, but he looked radiant, like he was in his early forties. Especially with his eyes that seemed as sharp as a falcon, it was as if he could see through someone. Wen Run remembered that some people evaluated this director and praised him for “reading people very accurately”.



Director Yuan didn’t talk much, after simple pleasantries, he went straight to the point and talked to him about the script.


Wen Run answered naturally and smoothly. He had been prepared after reading the script. Director Yuan’s tense expression finally relaxed. Seeing that he was answering fluently, he continued to ask deeply about his understanding of Zhao Yuanlong as a person.



Wen Run wasn’t shy, he openly and generously said some of his opinions about this character. He spent a lot of effort to write a short biography and also researched, he also had his own understanding of this great ancestor, and even some differences from the image on the script, he didn’t shy away from speaking about that.


Director Yuan listened to him eloquently, although he mentioned some places that contradicted the script, there was no anger, instead there was more than a point of appreciation.



But he had always been quiet, after listening, je only nodded: “Okay. The crew starts in late June, the specific time and schedule, when determined, the assistant will inform you again.”


After talking, he didn’t stay, he mentioned that the crew had a lot of things and took his assistant to go back first.

It was settled. A few days later, the official page of the drama announced that the male lead was played by Wen Run. Later, the second male lead was also decided. It was Huo Guangzhi who Wen Run had seen once.



When he found out, Wen Run had already taken makeup photos in the crew. Make up photos were taken in advance. In addition to Wen Run, other important supporting roles were also shooting in succession. Only Huo Guangzhi started filming two days late because he was taking the college entrance examination.


Wen Run had a headache when he thought of Huo Guangzhi’s hostility to him. He only hoped that he could act better, otherwise he wouldn’t be peaceful when filming.



Not yet officially into the group, Wen Run had been busy, and could no longer stay at home with Ye Hansheng.



These days Ye Hansheng’s expression wasn’t very good. Wen Run was busy and couldn’t see him, which made his mood not very good, but looking at his occasional late return and his tired expression, he felt pained for him. But he couldn’t control Wen Run, so he could only move his anger to Zheng Xuan, and gave the innocent agent a few hard marks in his heart.



Wen Run naturally sensed Ye Hansheng’s subtle emotions. He wasn’t happy because he was going to join the group, so he deliberately coaxed him the day before joining the group.



Watching Wen Run leave in Zheng Xuan’s car until even the tail of the car could no longer be seen. Only then did Ye Hansheng turn around and go back and dial Gu Sinian’s phone number.



“Has the person been found?”



Gu Sinian was definitely outside, the background was noisy, “She’s been found, that old woman is shrewd, she almost got away.”


Just a month ago, a few inmates in Arashiyama prison led a conflict, after the inventory found that several inmates were seriously injured, it was quite a big deal on the local news. The driver, Wu Dagui, was one of those injured and hospitalized.



When prisoners were injured in prison, the prison would notify the family. But Wu Dagui did something wrong, fearing that his family would be retaliated against, when the trial was held, his family didn’t arrive, his family’s contact information were all invalidated and cancelled.



But Ye Hansheng knew that there must be a hidden contact between Wu Dagui and his family. After he was injured and hospitalized, he bribed the medical staff to lie about his injury, so that he thought he was dying of serious injury. At the same time, he ordered someone to watch him. It didn’t take long to discover that someone had secretly visited Wu Dagui.


The person who went to visit was an old woman in her sixties, dressed very inconspicuously, if not for Ye Hansheng’s advance connections, she’d probably come and go quietly, and no one would notice.



After receiving the news, Gu Sinian took his subordinates to grab her. But she was very vigilant. After leaving the prison, she found out that someone was following her. When there were many people passing by the food market, she made a lot of noise and threw the food market upside down, and then ran away.


Gu Sinian led people to search for several days, and sought the help of local local snakes before finally finding the place where she was hiding.



“We already have them tied up, I’m going over there now, do you want to come over and see for yourself?”



Ye Hansheng pondered for a moment and decided to go over and take a look.



Arashiyama prison was at the border of B and J city, the place was very remote, mostly migrant workers lived there. Ye Hansheng asked Yu Biao to take him there, and on the way he received the information sent by Gu Sinian.


They hadn’t seen Wu Dagui’s family before. The only tracing clues were some old photos and sketchy information left behind by the other. This was also one of the reasons why they had such a hard time finding them. But what he didn’t expect was that Wu Dagui’s mother and wife weren’t stupid, although they changed their names and hid in a small county, but with money, their days weren’t bad.



Even Wu Dagui’s son went to the best private high school, and also bought a suite.



If it weren’t for the accidental leakage of their whereabouts, the three of them would have lived a more comfortable life.



Ye Hansheng sneered and let Yu Biao push him into the old, dilapidated silo. This area was densely packed together, the bottom was dim and damp and there was almost no light.



Wu Dagui’s mother and his wife, Wang Li lived on the first floor.


At that time, Wu Dagui was cheated by the medical staff that Ye Hansheng had bought. He thought he was very injured and would die soon, so he hurriedly told the prison the phone number he had hidden for several years and wanted to see his family for the last time. His mother and Wang Li heard that he was injured, so they couldn’t help looking for him. Gu Sinian finally caught them.



But in fact, after Wu Dagui revealed the contact information, the medical staff who was bribed told him that he was misdiagnosed.



He didn’t know how Wu Dagui felt now in the prison hospital.



The corners of Ye Hansheng’s mouth were hooked into a cold smile, and his eyes were slightly narrowed as he pushed open the security door that was plastered with small advertisements.



After Yu Biao pushed him in, the door behind him was closed tightly. The doors and windows in the rental house were closed, it was vaguely damp and musty, his mother and Wang Li were tied hand and foot, gagged and thrown in the corner.



They had never met Ye Hansheng, but when they saw Ye Hansheng sitting in a wheelchair, their faces showed a frightened expression.


Ye Hansheng turned the wheelchair closer and snorted coldly, “You recognize me?”


Someone pulled the rags out of their mouths, Wang Li, her hair scattered, shook her head desperately, “Who are you? We don’t have any money on us mother, please let us go ……”


Mother Wu swore loudly. Her dialect was very dirty. Some could understand and some couldn’t understand. The main idea was to tie people up in broad daylight and whether they had gone to court. It was a crime, and the police wouldn’t let them go.


Ye Hansheng sneered, as if he heard a joke, “Do you still know about crime? It was easy for you to use dirty money. Wu Dagui’s son is about to take the college entrance examination, right? The house has been bought, and he will be ready to marry and have children after graduation from college in a few years?”



Wang Li stiffened and said in a trembling voice: “What do you want!? Xiao Li doesn’t know anything!”



Ye Hansheng smiled, “Of course it is the father’s debt to the son to pay ……” He swept his gaze over the expressions of the two, his smile deepened a little, “is this statement correct?”



“You’re a black-hearted ghost!” Mother Wu was scared and angry, glaring and cursing at all of them, “Even if you caused us to hide! If you dare to touch my grandson, the Bodhisattva will not spare you!”



Gu Sinian had never seen such a shameless family before, but he couldn’t say anything even though he was angry.



Ye Hansheng, however, did not have any expression, he only said coldly: “Really? Then you don’t have to hide in the future, my mother has been sleeping down there for a few years, why don’t we send you down there to make amends?”



Wang Li’s sobbing stopped, and Wu’s mother’s cursing and swearing stopped. They seemed stunned by the hostility in his words.


“Take two of their personal belongings, and then send someone to Arashiyama Prison to properly talk to Wu Dagui about his family’s situation.”



Ye Hansheng glanced at the two women in disgust and gestured for Yu Biao to push him out.


Gu Sinian followed him, looking a little worried, “Hansheng ……”



“Let’s keep them locked up first ……” Ye Hansheng knew what he was going to say, “Wait until I’m in a better mood. And the money left by Wu Dagui, along with the house they bought, find a way to get it back.” The money wasn’t much for him, but he wasn’t willing to let the family live a good life with the money stained with his mother’s blo-od.



Wu Dagui wanted his family to have a good life, but he wanted them to be poor and more miserable than before.



Gu Sinian looked at him and sighed, then he arranged for his men to act according to the plan.




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