After dinner, Tian Sihan started to teach everyone how to make hanfu.



However, there was only one tailoring machine in the hanfu workroom, so it was obviously not enough.



“I forgot, we should have rented a few.” Tian Sihan slapped her head, hating herself for not thinking of that.



Just as the words left his mouth, he heard a commotion outside, and someone was calling Tian Sihan’s name.



Tian Sihan hurriedly went out to look. She saw two workers standing in the yard and asked, “Is this Tian Sihan’s home?”



Tian Sihan was a little confused and went forward: “Yes, yes, who are you?”




One of the two staff members spoke, “We are from the tailor store. The five tailoring machines you rented from our store this afternoon, we’ve delivered them.”



Tian Sihan pointed to herself, “I rented them? I didn’t rent them.”


Gu Yueze stood out, “I rented them.”


After a pause, he continued, “I think we should use it.”



Li Hong laughed, “You’re so useful, I was worried about the sewing machine, and it was delivered.”



Everyone praised Gu Yueze for doing a great job, but this guy still had the same cold and expressionless look.



With the sewing machine, together with Tian Sihan’s own one, one for each of them would be much more convenient.



The first thing they had to do was to cut out the shape of the clothes they wanted to make, which wasn’t too easy for beginners.



Although it seemed easy when they had their own measurements, it wasn’t .



They almost broke down and wasted a lot of fabric, fortunately they bought more cloth, there was a spare.



After that, Tian Sihan taught everyone how to step on the sewing machine, it felt a little difficult at first, but it got better after practicing.



It was just that the technique wouldn’t be too skilled, and it was easy to make mistakes when you couldn’t stop looking at it.


Too sleepy, Yu Wenwen almost put her fingers into the needle.



Fortunately, Li Hong was sitting on the side, she immediately pulled out her hand and checked her finger: “If you’re sleepy, go to sleep first, you could hurt yourself.”



It was already more than twelve o’clock, Yu Wenwen really couldn’t hold up: “Then I’ll go to sleep, I’ll get up early tomorrow.”





Shi Fei saw that Li Hong was also yawning, there had been a morning flight and car shopping, and there was no resting time during the day, Li Hong easily got sleepy after giving birth.



Jiang Yu also yawned. The big man was really not interested in making clothes any more. The more he did, the more sleepy he became.


Unable to help persuading everyone, he said, “Why don’t everyone go back to rest first? If you have no spirit, you will not be able to make beautiful hanfu. If you wake up and have spirit, you can do it again.”


They all nodded.


Seeing that Shi Fei was still packing up, he also persuaded, “Shi Fei, you should also go to rest first.”



Shi Fei said, “Mm-hmm, I’ll rest after I finish this piece.”



When Jiang Yu heard Shi Fei’s answer, he yawned in satisfaction and went back first.



Shi Fei quickly stepped on the sewing machine and rushed to make his hanfu, which he hadn’t used for a long time.


At the beginning of the creation of Lanlian Fang, when there was no one, he could only do the finished product himself.



As Lan Lian Fang became bigger and bigger, he now basically just drew designs, so he hadn’t touched it in a while and he was rusty.



“Can I help you?” Suddenly a clear voice rang out.


Shi Fei looked up in surprise, “You didn’t leave?”



Gu Yueze actually stayed here.


Gu Yueze quickly responded, “You didn’t leave, I wouldn’t feel at ease.”



Shi Fei knew what Gu Yueze meant. He guessed that he would work overtime here to make Hanfus, right.



He smiled and said, “OK, then help me. I’m almost done with this set myself. Please put them in order and show me.”



He guessed that they were new to sewing, so he didn’t expect them to be too good.



“What’s Jiang Yu doing here? Are they big pants? Or the kind with a head covering.” When Shi Fei saw Jiang Yu’s half-finished product, he was devastated, and then he looked at Yu Wenwen’s side.



The lingerie was only made for the time being, and it was a bit crooked, even the straps weren’t made, so how was she going to wear it then?



Li Hong’s side was similar.



Anyway, except for Tian Sihan, the boss, all the other people’s hanfus were not qualified and needed to be re-done.



Shi Fei didn’t want to trample on their hard work, he reopened the cloth and prepared to redo a set according to their design drawings.



“Ruler, pen, scissors ……” without the previous crowd, Shi Fei took out his designer style to do things at least twice as fast as before.



Plus Gu Yueze was very cooperative in helping, the mentioned tools were immediately handed.


Even when Shi Fei had just cut out one piece of cloth, Gu Yueze was able to quickly lay the next piece of cloth on.



It was clear that he could recognize which cloth was which.



While Shi Fei was cutting, Gu Yueze was putting the cloths he had cut into different categories to prevent them from getting messed up later.



After cutting out the cloth for the five sets of Chinese costumes, Shi Fei twisted his waist, he was just a mortal, he felt sore after bending over for a long time.



Suddenly a hand was placed on his waist area, Shi Fei immediately turned his head, “What are you doing?”



“I’ll help you rub your waist.” Gu Yueze came a little closer, one hand was on Shi Fei’s shoulder to stabilize his body, the other hand on his waist lightly rubbed, his fingertips slowly rotated along his waist.



The temperature of Gu Yueze’s hand transmitted to Shi Fei’s body through the thin fabric of his clothes, and his temperature was slightly lower, which was very comfortable on such a hot day.



The other hand was placed on his shoulder, and his breath was right in Shi Fei’s ear, which made him feel extremely itchy.



Shi Fei’s ears were slightly round. Like him, his appearance wasn’t aggressive or deceptive. Unlike Gu Yueze, although he looked outstanding, as long as he stood there and didn’t speak, his whole body will emitted the aura of ‘strangers are not allowed to come near’.



Looking down his ears, along his long white neck, he could see the skin under his shirt.




Shi Fei originally wanted to ignore it, but the breathing sound close to his ear became more and more heavy, Shi Fei reached behind to grab Gu Yueze’s hand, then he slightly raised his head to look at the taller man and said with certainty: “You’re seducing me.”



“No.” Gu Yueze was quick, but just like the last time, it was simply too obvious.



“Really not?” Shi Fei asked with a raised eyebrow.



“No.” Gu Yueze again denied.



“Then okay, then help me with reference, what do you think Jiang Yu likes? I want to chase him.”



“No.” Gu Yueze immediately denied.



“No what?” Shi Fei took a step forward, with a devilish smile at the corner of his mouth, he said, “It’s because I’m not good-looking, are you worried that Jiang Yu can’t see me?”



Gu Yueze calmly responded, “What if Jiang Yu is straight?”



Shi Fei smiled, “I’m confident of myself.” He approached Gu Yueze again, “Even if he is straight, I can bend him.”




Shi Fei cocked his head and asked: “I’ll ask you again. Did you just try to seduce me? Did you have something in mind for me? If you want to say no, then I’ll go seduce someone else, this has nothing to do with you anyway, right?”



The bottom of Shi Fei’s eyes were starry, and the devilishly upturned corners of his mouth were simply nak-edly seducing people into committing crimes.



Gu Yueze narrowed his eyes: “Yes.” This time there was no more denial.


He also breathed a sigh in Gu Yueze’s ear, which was to pay off his debt just now.



Gu Yueze’s eyes twinkled strongly. Facing Shi Fei’s powerful seduction, he forgot all his original steps.



President Gu, who had always been rational and sober, was slightly stunned at this moment but he soon recovered. When he turned to face him, he met his starlike eyes, “Do you mean you agree to be with me?”




If he looked carefully, he could see that Gu Yueze’s eyes were full of expectation.



“Yes, I agree that you chase me, but I don’t agree to be with you.” Shi Fei stepped back and sat back on the sewing machine with a little ease. He didn’t look tired, and he even seemed very energetic.



For the first time, Gu Yueze felt uncomfortable. He stepped forward and asked, “What do you mean?”



Shi Fei’s hands cupped his face, he looked up at President Gu and said, “The meaning is, you like me, if you want me to be with you, you must chase me, and then impress me. If you impress me, I’ll be with you.”




This wasn’t a very simple step to chase someone. Although he was also quite interested in Gu Yueze, but there were some things that should be examined. It was always true that what was too easy to get, wouldn’t be cherished.



Shi Fei obviously didn’t seem to refuse, but he didn’t agree.


Seeing Gu Yueze in a daze, Shi Fei actually felt he was a little cute. He couldn’t help asking, “You seem to have no experience in chasing people? Do you want me to give you pointers?”



Gu Yueze: “…” Give him a way to chase him?



He took a breath, “No, I have an adviser. I’ll go out for five minutes first.”



He had to save his last face, he quickly went out to call Zhang Mengmeng.


At this moment, Zhang Mengmeng and her mother were sitting in front of the TV and watching Shi Fei’s talent show. Both of them were holding hands and shouting.


Since Zhang Mengmeng knew that Gu Yueze liked Shi Fei, she turned from girlfriend fan to a daughter fan: “Dad is so handsome ah, what is this angel kissed voice ah, his voice is too good. Daughter’s pocket money has been saved for a long time for your concert.”



“My son, how can this child look so handsome, look at this little mouth and eyes, too cute. When will I have such a handsome son?”



While tidying up the house, Zhang Wu felt helpless, his wife and daughter were obsessed with the same man, even his boss.



His daughter shouted ‘husband’ when she saw him, he almost got angry, he felt the cabbage he had been raising a long time was about to be arched.



As a result, these days Zhang Mengmeng changed to ‘Dad’, Zhang Wu was extremely upset.



His daughter suddenly had a new father, it sounded like he was cu-ckolded by his wife.




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