Lu Zhan loved playing and drinking, Wen Run didn’t dare spar with him, he drank a cup with him and fled. When he reacted, his feet had already fled to Ye Hansheng’s table, and at this time he couldn’t pretend not to see him, Wen Run could smile and try to control his eyes not to look at the empty cake plate, “Mr. Ye, Brother Zheng.”



Zheng Xuan raised his glass and said with a smile, “Happy birthday, your gift has been put in your room.”



Wen Run re-poured wine and clinked glasses with him, with bright eyes and a wide smile, “Thank you, this is the most lively birthday I have ever had.”



“Every year from now on will be this lively.” Zheng Xuan glanced at Ye Hansheng meaningfully.



Wen Run didn’t hear his subtext, he just nodded concurringly, the signing of the contract at that time was a momentary fever, but as he stumbled along the way, he grew more and more fond of acting and also met more and more friends, this was his good fortune.



The three of them were having a light drink on one side, while the other side was having a good time. The birthday party was nothing but drinking and having fun. Wen Run was quiet in nature, but he had two or three friends who loved playing. Previously it was one Lu Zhan, but now there were Guo Congfei and Xie Yupan, seeing that they were similar in nature, the three of them sat together and chatted as they drank.


If you have too much alcohol in your stomach, your brain will numb itself and your instincts took control. The three of them didn’t know who started it, they began to rub cream on each other. Guo Congfei covered his hands with cream and dizzily moved to rub it on Lu Zhan, but he accidentally bumped into someone. Dissatisfied, he turned around and saw that the person who bumped into him was Shen Muxun. He immediately smiled and reached out to touch Shen Muxun’s face. After smearing cream on his face, he said, “Your skin is good, smooth and tender.”


Shen Muxun lowered his eyes to look at him, the look in his dark eyes was unknown.



Lu Zhan saw it on the side and sucked in a breath of cold air, he immediately abandoned his brother and flew away.


This person was looking for death, he couldn’t help him.


After touching his face, Guo Congfei pretended to be flirtatious, he squinted and licked his fingers, like he was intoxicated: “It smells so good.”



Shen Muxun expressionlessly asked, “Sweet?”



Guo Congfei giggled, “Sweet.”


Shen Muxun asked again, “Is it delicious?”


Guo Congfei nodded: “Delicious.”


Shen Muxun stopped talking and looked at him for a long time with a sullen gaze.



Lu Zhan and Xie Yupan successfully sneaked away with handfuls of cream in their hands, they put their hands behind their backs and ran to Wen Run. Lu Zhan used the clean hand to pat Wen Run’s shoulder, when Wen Run turned around, they quickly smashed the cream on both sides of his face. Five finger marks on both side, especially symmetrical!



Wen Run reacted late, by the time he wiped off the cream to counterattack, Lu Zhan and Xie Yupan had already run away while laughing.



Wen Run went to chase and it suddenly became chaotic, the whole restaurant was filled with the sound of laughter and occasional shrieks.



While celebrating Wen Run’s birthday in the Log Cabin restaurant, the netizens and his fans weren’t idle.



The two topics #WenRunHappyBirthday0429 and #WenRunBirthdaySupport were both occupying the front row of the hot search. The former were from Wen Run’s fans efforts, while the latter was all supported by netizens.



Stars’ birthdays were actually done similarly, birthday parties, LED screen promotions on iconic buildings, subway line promotions, and public service assistance, etc., and the number of ways was similar, just a piece of the fans’ feelings for their favorite star.



But Wen Run’s birthday was extraordinarily different. Where was the difference? The difference was that an extremely rich fan emerged.



As early as during the day, someone on Weibo posted an airport photo, the photo was of a parked milk-yellow aircraft. The plane was slightly smaller than a large airliner, the whole body was sprayed with a creamy yellow color, both sides of the wings had the words “Happy 20th Birthday Wen Run”, the fuselage was sprayed with the popular animated image of Wen Run. It was obviously done by a rich fan.



It was revealed that the photo taken at the airport was by a fan[@I’ll love Wen Run all my life!!!! look at this! !!!!]


The person who commented first reposted the picture with only one line and a matching picture, with a screenshot of a Weibo account called [Xiao Xiao Wu Ye], who looked for them to authorize the use of the animated picture as well as transfer a huge amount of money.



It turned out that a while ago, someone suddenly asked her for authorization, only to say that they wanted to print something for Wen Run, to do birthday support, she thought it was just a fan who wanted to do peripherals, so she agreed. She didn’t expect this person to ask for the card number and directly transfer 100,000 yuan as authorization fee. Then after that, the person disappeared.



Unexpectedly, her drawing was printed on the private plane by the fan. Moreover, this wasn’t an ordinary fan, but a divine one. After having their Weibo ID exploded by the original post, it was soon discovered that [Xiao Xiao Wu ye] had even joined an official support group, other fans even released the chat screenshots at that time.

For Wen Run’s birthday, capable fans would raise funds to help. At first, his fans wanted to contract the whole subway line 2 to celebrate Wen Run’s birthday. However, they were rejected by [Xiao Xiao Wu Ye.]



The reason was: I have already covered the subway line. You can change it.



The fans all had one expression: EXM????


[TN: EXM — Excuse me]



This fan account, which looked strange and uttered a lot of nonsense, was kicked out of the group.



This was just a very small thing, fans didn’t take it seriously, but from the original post, it seemed that the private jet owner may be [Xiao Xiao Wu Ye], the fun became big. On the 29th, the B City subway line 2 and line 3, all changed to Wen Run’s support color – milk yellow, the subway was covered with Wen Run’s publicity photos, the station’s publicity billboards were also all replaced with photos of Wen Run’s birthday celebration.



And these weren’t the handiwork of his fans.



So this divine person was once considered a fake fan was on the hot search. On the hot search, it wasn’t just a matter of fans, idle passersby also began to pick apart the identity of the divine fan, but almost the whole day passed and they never picked up any information. On the contrary, someone else found that on the 29th, someone donated two million to a charity foundation in the name of Wen Run.



The most likely to be was the mysterious fan.



Divine fan was thus put on the front row of the hot search, and the zombie like Weibo page [Xiao Xiaowu ye] also increased by more than 100,000 followers. However, because people couldn’t find their identity, the popularity on Weibo hadn’t dispersed. Until the evening, netizens were still making various guesses. But different from the beginning, the normal guess had deviated, and started to go in all kinds of strange directions.


Ye Hansheng naturally didn’t have the energy to focus on that.



His full attention was caught by Wen Run, watching him and people laughing and playing, getting a head and a face of cream, his expression was full of indulgence.



Late into the night, a few people were tired of playing, and finally, they each went back to rest. Ye Hansheng made arrangements with Yu Lei in advance, the resort’s wooden houses were empty, so the rooms were arranged in advance, they all went back there to rest.



A single wooden house had a two-room layout, Wen Run and Ye Hansheng naturally lived in a building. The two went back together, Wen Run was tired and sleepy, he went back to the room and took a shower, he didn’t have time to blow dry his hair, so he half leaned on the bed and fell asleep.



When Ye Hansheng went to give him his gift, he saw his room door half open, the light was bright, but there was no movement inside. Seeing that it was about to pass twelve o’clock, Ye Hansheng directly pushed the door in, and saw Wen Run with his hair half wet, leaning against the bed, heavily asleep.



Turning the wheelchair line to the bedside, Ye Hansheng gently called him twice, Wen Run frowned slightly, his nose twitched, but he didn’t wake up. Ye Hansheng was very close to him at this time, Wen Run’s head tilted outward, if his body tilted some more, he’d be in his arms.



The gift was placed on the edge of the bed, Ye Hansheng’s gaze was fixed on him, Wen Run just took a bath, his white skin had a faint fragrance of shower gel. His raven-black eyelashes hung down, vaguely still permeated with moisture. Ye Hansheng’s mind moved, he reached out and gently plucked a little, indeed, it was wet. He lightly touched the tip of his nose, and finally fell on his red lips.



His warm lips wasn’t as thin as his, it was very fleshy, soft to the touch, the feeling made him linger. Ye Hansheng’s eyes turned dark and he gently rubbed them. However, he saw that the eyelashes of the sleeping person suddenly trembled, like the wings of a frightened butterfly. Ye Hansheng’s action paused, and he lifted his eyes to see. Wen Run was still asleep and hadn’t woken up.



His eyes lowered, with a smile, instead of pinching his chin, he leaned over to contain his lips, lips pressed together, tossing and grinding, while his dark eyes observed Wen Run’s reaction.




The sleeping person’s breathing was obviously chaotic, his body faintly trembling, like a butterfly caught by someone.



A soft laugh spilled from his throat, Ye Hansheng pried open his tightly closed shell teeth and hooked his soft tongue.



Wen Run tried his best to control his breathing so he wouldn’t reveal that he had woken up on the spot. In fact, he was vaguely conscious when Ye Hansheng called him, but he was too sleepy to open his eyes. It was only when Ye Hansheng suddenly touched his lips that he was startled awake. But he was afraid of waking up to an awkward scene, so he subconsciously continued to pretend to sleep, hoping that Ye Hansheng would leave quickly.



Who knew, he actually took advantage of his sleep to secretly kiss him.



It was an intense kiss that made him breathe hard, but it wasn’t annoying. Wen Run’s tongue dodged, but he caught it and lightly bit and sucked, he kissed him until Wen Run felt like he was about to suffocate, and only then did he finally let him go.




Wen Run closed his eyes tightly, his heart fluttered like it was about to jump out of his chest, he thought, after kissing for so long, he should be done, right?



Ye Hansheng narrowed his eyes in pleasure, his thumb lightly wiped the clear liquid at the corner of his mouth. Seeing that he was still hiding his ears and pretending to sleep, his chest vibrated as he quietly laughed, “Still not awake? Is it that you want me to continue?”




He couldn’t sleep any longer. He opened his eyes and said with mixed emotions “Mr. Ye!”



“Well?” Ye Hansheng came closer to him, still smiling, “How can you still call me Mr. Ye?” He moved up to his ear, his lips almost touching his earlobe, and coaxed with a raspy, low voice, “Call my name.”



Wen Run shrank inside the bed, avoiding his touch, his heart was a little apprehensive and a little confused, he looked at Ye Hansheng and asked softly: “In what capacity do I call your name?”



Ye Hansheng was slightly shocked. Seeing that he was worried, he chuckled, pulled the man over and kissed his eyelashes.



Wen Run’s hand rested against his chest, feeling the heart beating violently below, he listened to him speak with a low voice: “Boyfriend, sole partner, inheritance heir …… which identity do you want?”



Wen Run let out a shaky breathe, he opened his eyes wide to look at him with slightly opened mouth but he couldn’t say anything.



Ye Hansheng kissed him on his brow, his strong arms confined his waist, holding him tightly in his arms, then he laughed: “No choice? Then it’s all.” He forcefully put Web Run’s arms on his waist, so that he also hugged him, and then said in a deep voice: “Choose, it can’t be backtracked.”



The words fell, Wen Run was still dumbfounded, so he nibbled on his lips.



Wen Run finally came back to his senses, he shily reached out to push him, but his voice was soft, “Mr. Ye, let go of me first ……”



Ye Hansheng didn’t let go, he insisted: “Call my name.”



Wen Run was kissed into a panic, his mind felt like mush, he haphazardly called him “Mr. Ye” a few more times, but by Ye Hansheng intensified punishment, Wen Run’s cheeks and nose were red, he finally showed weakness and called his name.



Ye Hansheng …… Hansheng ……



Two short words, it sounded like honey, Ye Hansheng lightened his actions and tenderly licked his lips, vaguely urging him: “Continue to call ……”



The soft and sticky voice, with a begging undertone as he called his name, moved him to the bone.





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