C23—- It’s Hard To Fly Without Wings (XI)



Kou Dong looked at him like this, and his fatherly love flowed like the sea, it couldn’t stop –



“Good boy,” he said to Ye Yanzhi, who was holding his finger, ” wait here, I will go across the platform to buy you a bag of oranges.”



Ye Yanzhi’s face showed a little suspicious look, eyes raised, with a little blank look at the youth.



This didn’t sound too problematic.


But this person’s expression, why did it feel wrong?




He cautiously asked: “What orange?”



Just these words immediately made Kou Dong’s eyes of love turn to pity. He sighed and stroked his son’s head, “You’ve never been to school, right?”



Ye Yanzhi didn’t say anything, with a tense expression, he silently put down the arm that was holding Kou Dong’s finger.



“There’s no need,” Kou Dong said, “it’s dad fault – when you go to school, nine years of compulsory education will make you understand.”



Ye Yanzhi: “……”



He finally contained a bit of anger and stoically said: “I’m twenty-one.”



This sentence didn’t work, because Kou Dong lovingly stroked his hair, in a voice that sounds confused: “Okay, you’re twenty-one ……”



Ye Yanzhi: “……”



At that moment, Ye Yanzhi had the heart to leave the stall, to simply let the group of experimental subjects tie up Kou Dong – anyway, he took advantage of him.



Kou Dong didn’t know that he was on the verge of death.


He tested around for a while, and quietly took back his death seeking feet a little, “How do you sleep?”



The little man folded his arms, with a cold expression.



Kou Dong re-stepped a foot back and proposed: “Daddy will make a nest for you?”



Little man: “……”


Good, he thought with a grimace, adding another vote to the option of tying him up.


Finally they slept together on the pillow. Fearing to press him, Kou Dong put him on his head and took a cotton cover from the quilt. Ye Yan crouched in his soft hair, tightly pursed his lips, light and silent.



Kou Dong also wanted to tell him a duckling story, just as he started, he was cruelly and mercilessly interrupted by the little man, “the duckling was stewed.”



Kou Dong: “……”



He couldn’t help but accuse, “You don’t have a bit of compassion.”



“No,” the villain said coldly, “sleep.”



Kou Dong still tried to struggle: “But I think the bedtime bonding time is necessary.”



The villain’s voice didn’t half rise and fall, “The director of the institute also feels that communication with the experimental body before bedtime is particularly necessary.”



The words just fell, Kou Dong heard a knock on the door, from the outside.



This late at night, the uninvited person was obviously the glasses man, standing at the door, he patiently knocked ln his door again and again, only that the interval was getting shorter and shorter, his voice was gradually urgent. At the end of the day, Kou Dong could clearly feel his repressed resignation, the thin door panel swayed around, as if it could collapse at any time, “You open the door, why won’t you open the door?”



The door crack was very narrow, only an extremely thin one. He didn’t know how he did it, but he actually shoved his fingers through that narrow doorway and fumbled desperately inside.



“Open the door–”



…… this movement, only a fool would open the door for him.



Kou Dong took out the scale from his pocket, put on his shoes and got out of bed, and scratched hard on those hands.



Although the edge of the scale was smooth, it was unusually sharp, immediately the director’s hand was soaked with bl-ood. The man outside cried out in pain, his fingers curled up and he was about to flee, but he was grabbed by Kou Dong and came again without a word –






This cry was even more poignant than before, the man with glasses couldn’t think of anything else, and recklessly retracted his hand. Then came the intermittent sound of footsteps, as if he was frightened by the sudden attack, and the door was silent.



Kou Dong put the scales away.



Of course he knew what the glasses man came here for, if it were anyone else that took the director’s badge, they would have been divided by the group of experimental bodies – he came here, only to recover the evidence.



It was a pity that the evidence wasn’t recovered now, and Kou Dong was still safe and sound.



Although he didn’t know what the chest plate meant to the glasses man, but seeing him so anxious to get it, it was quite important.



Such things were fun to hold in his hands.



Kou Dong finished cleaning up the door then turned to educate his son: “See? Other children want to hear the story.”



Originally, he sat up from the pillow and stared at the door: “….”



He looked at Kou Dong and fell back again. It was a very simple action, and it was obvious he wasn’t happy.



The young man went back to the quilt and listened to his son say with a gnashing of teeth: “When I grow up…”



Kou Dong picked up very smoothly, “You’ll be filial to me?”



The little man sneered and gripped his hair tightly, in the end, he didn’t tug too hard.


Filial piety.


He thought gloomily, you will never die.



By the second day, everyone had little to eat. The cookies were only a little, even if they saved and ate carefully, they consumed most of them – the expressions of the people were not good, and the little girl who acted alone held her face, sighing quietly that she didn’t expect to feel the most intense hunger in this life here.



The most irritating thing was that this game access was to the human brain waves, no matter what kind of starvation happened in the game, reality wouldn’t change.



–What was the use of eating less?



You couldn’t even lose weight!



When she complained, she looked towards Kou Dong a few times and asked shyly, “Brother, do I need to be thin?”



After the last wave, Kou Dong decisively choose to crush the girl’s heart, “Yes, your legs are a little thick.”



The little girl’s face changed at once, her originally wistful expression changed, she looked like a cat that its tail was stepped and said with contempt: “Scum, what kind of vision do you have? I am just right!”



Kou Dong thought, no, sister, you think it’s just right, but you still asked me why ah ……



She was clearly trying to pick a quarrel.


Ye Yanzi was also dishonest in his pocket and dragged his clothes up. Kou Dong was afraid that he would be seen and tried to poke him back. As a result, the villain’s eyes were swift and his hands were quick. He held his fingers and was steadily lifted up.



Fearing that he might fall, Kou Dong hurriedly put his other hand on it and whispered, “hide.”



The little man turned a deaf ear, swinging two times, with the impulse to fling to Kou Dong’s lapel at once.



He tugged on the top button of the sweater, coldly picked out a thread, and stuffed himself inside.



Like a seatbelt.



Kou Dong twisted around and wanted to stuff him back. But with a look, the sister was still criticizing his taste, as if she didn’t see a living thing crawling around on him.



Kou Dong paused and slowed down.



The egg, which he had drawn from the redemption pool, was probably some special prop that only he could see.


So thinking, Kou Dong let him play.



The glasses man was the last to come out, his face was more gloomy than the other players, standing in the corner with his head hanging, not even looking in the direction of Kou Dong. Kou Dong was staring at him for a while, and found that he had no injuries on his hands, his skin was smooth and clean, so he couldn’t help but touch his chin.



He didn’t think that the person who came yesterday wasn’t the man with glasses, just so it seemed, the other party was obviously not human.



This idea didn’t give a good feeling. Kou Dong pursed his lips and went back to fumbling with the scales in his hand.



He didn’t know if the man with glasses noticed his gaze, and stood towards the corner again.



He did more work than before.



Kou Dong just stood around watching, he could read his thoughts.



–Hurry up and run.



Run as fast as possible.



There was nothing wrong with this thought, after all, now that Experiment S knew who he was, it might come looking for someone tonight. The man with glasses moved hastily, nimbly directing the crowd to move, even forgetting to disguise his arm injury, he also went up to help.



Song Hong was careful, he immediately saw the problem.



“It’s too good to be true.” He said to Ah Xue, “He was chased that day and was injured quite badly.”



But at this moment, it looked like he was half fine – he could even lift heavy things.



Ah Xue listened, she also wrinkled her brow for a while, and replied, “There is indeed something odd.”



She paused and added, “This oddity is not bad for us.”



Such a place, who doesn’t want to hurry out of it.



Her feet crushed on the ground, Song Hong saw her mind: “You ah …… all right, when we win, in the future you can come in, don’t come here again.”



The girl laughed oddly, “I can’t do that. — I have to pay the debt first.”



She looked cold, not half as innocent as a girl of this age should be, and said to Song Hong, “Wrench.”



Song Hong sighed, pushed her aside and picked up the heavy tool, “I’ll do it.”



No one was always sweet.



The little girl was set up by her animal father and ran away without a shadow after he owed a lot of gambling debts. He left a pair of sick little mother and daughter. They were blocked and smashed by a group of people in the society all day. She didn’t know how many times she moved.



If not for this, she wouldn’t take such a big risk.


A fugitive, a miser and a gambler.



These were basically the three categories in the game. Rich people who had no place to pursue new excitement regarded this as a game ground to harvest sensory stimulation, and the fugitives and the miserable people regarded this as a gamble to turn over their fate. It was just a heavy weight. It was a matter of life and death.



After coming to the game more times, Song Hong could instantly see who belonged to which category. The only person he didn’t see through was Kou Dong.



How to say – he sometimes even had an illusion.



As if his game and theirs wasn’t the same at all.



Who dared to have such an operation in The Dead.



Kou Dong didn’t help much and kept looking at the man with glasses with interest from the side. The man with glasses was baffled by his look and finally stood up and said angrily, “What are you doing?”



“Not doing anything,” Kou Dong said with a smile, “I’m just looking. Just looking, it doesn’t bother you, right?”


The glasses man’s chest rose and fell twice, looking like he wanted to blurt out a foul word, but swallowed it hard. He looked around the petri dish, finally stifled it again and squatted down.



Kou Dong fed the experimental body next to him, and the small mountain of experimental bodies chewed those fish with blood spattering all over the glass.



At that moment, the man with glasses almost had an illusion – as if the blood hadn’t only spilled on the glass, but also on his face.



He could even feel the warmth. As they chewed the food, their eyes remained fixed on him, making a gurgling sound.



The man with the glasses knew that sound very well, that meant they were hungry. A group of monsters that sucked human blo-od and eat human bones, so far, they had eaten too few people.



So hungry.



The monster slowly stood up from the petri dish, reflecting down a large shadow, the corner of their mouth leaked a little snow-white cold light.



So hungry ……



The glasses man’s throat moved, as if to dry heave, buried his head violently.



He couldn’t wait any longer.



It had to be now, he thought.



By the time darkness fell, they had basically finished making the arm most of the day, and not surprisingly, they would be able to successfully escape tomorrow. This gave the players a bit of confidence, when they broke up to encourage each other, and then each went back to rest.



The glasses man didn’t sleep, he sat on the bed for a while, to make sure that there was no sound outside, then stood up and slowly pulled open the door.




He had already thought about it. Instead of going with this group of players, he might as well go first. This last bit of finishing work, he could finish it alone.



Those players didn’t dare to take the risk of traveling at night, but he had to. Otherwise, he didn’t know if he could survive the night.




It was a pity that such a perfect body ……



From the first glance, he knew that that body was extremely suitable for breeding something. Eggs, or something else, he wanted to transform the youth into a nest of fertility. Those experimental bodies also loved him and were certainly willing to do so.



…… Unfortunately.


The man with glasses said something in his heart and opened the door completely. When he opened the door, he was confused. There was still a man standing in front of the door.



The young man he had just thought of was standing at the door and smiling at him. He said calmly: “Hello, director, I came to send warmth.”



Man with glasses: “…”


He took a violent step back and was about to close the door – but the youth braced his hand on the door frame, and with the advantage of his slim body, he actually squeezed his way through the doorway.



“Why so vigorous?” Kou Dong complained, “Everyone is the successor of socialism ……”



The director obviously didn’t have the heart to talk to him about what successors, he hissed: “What are you doing here? …… What do you have in your hand?”



“Hey,” Kou Dong said, “you misunderstood, I really came over to deliver warmth.”




God da-mn warmth.



The man with the glasses stared at him, his gaze almost sinister, yet burning, as if he wanted to turn that gaze into a scalpel and cut open the body that fit his imagination perfectly on the spot.



Kou Dong pulled up a chair and sat down in the room.



“Haven’t you heard,” he said, “that our people have quite a few traditional virtues. Honesty, humility, prudence ……”



The little man lifted his head from his chest and tilted his face to look at him.



Kou Dong said shamelessly, “I have all of these.”



The man with glasses let out a snort of laughter.


Kou Dong also laughed.



“I have all of these, but there is one most important–”


He slowly pulled out something from his pocket. The small piece reflected a shimmering light that stung the glasses man’s eyes.


“Pick up money,” Kou Dong said, “what a good quality.”



The man with the glasses seemed to freeze, not moving, just standing frozen. His body shuddered uncontrollably, his face grew whiter and whiter, and his pupils contracted indefinitely.



Suddenly, he turned around and rushed toward the door while he was unprepared.



“Don’t be in a hurry,” Kou Dong slowly pulled out the scales as well and gestured on top of that chest plate, “Director, the thing has not been returned to you, what are you doing walking so fast?”




The man’s footsteps stopped for a moment, issuing a ragged gasp like a trapped animal, tugging at his hair and screaming at the top of his lungs.



“What the hell do you want!”



Kou Dong didn’t answer, asking instead, “Is this thing hard enough for you? –can it be cut open?”



The man with the glasses didn’t answer, but just shook more and more.



“Give me, give me ……” he stammered, “It’s too late — it’s too late… …”



He said one side and started stomping his feet again, tears streaming down his face, looking woefully out of place.



“It’s time for him to come! Give me that, he’s coming!”



The youth didn’t make any movement, only sat on the chair with his arms clasped and watched him quietly. The man with the glasses finally got desperate, he sat down on the floor and let out a short laugh, “Do you think, they will let you go?”


“I know him …… I brought him up from the sea. I didn’t know then that he would turn into such a monster! He eats people, he’s been looking for nests, controlling everyone here, just waiting for someone to spawn for him-”



“He transformed the lab, and all these experimental subjects are under his control – fuck!”



He burst out, looking almost manic.



“All the researchers here are dead! All dead! If I hadn’t transformed myself, there wouldn’t be any of me left alive ……”



“Do you know what happens when he catches you?” The glasses man’s laughter got louder, “He’ll drain all his eggs into you, and you’ll keep laying and laying, and not wait until you’re done, he’ll fill you with new ones – and you’ll live in his wet petri dish and make a nest for him with your body! ”



“You think he’s your ally?” The spectacled man beat his chest hard, “I’m your ally!”



Kou Dong frowned, although he still had a smile on his face, his voice went down cold.



He said, “How did the seventh player die?”



The man with glasses snapped, surprisingly frozen by this question.



Kou Dong’s smile deepened.



“If I had fallen into your hands,” he said lightly, “would I have lived?”






The director didn’t answer, his eyes hollow, and fell violently to the ground.



Outside the door became noisy.




The double buff happened to be effective at the same time, and all the experimental bodies poured out, blocking this room.



Kou Dong stood up from his chair and slowly clasped the badge back onto the man’s chest.



“There,” he narrowed his eyes and scowled,, “returned it to its rightful owner.”






Just as the words fell, the experimental body outside broke in. In this instant, blo-od and mud splattered.



Kou Dong closed his eyes and wanted to turn his head to avoid it. But a cold, damp hand took the lead and gently covered his eyes.



“Don’t look.”



The mermaid whispered, his scarlet, beastly eyes staring straight at him.



“Don’t look. ……”





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