Wen Run’s face was burning red, his eyes were moistened by the intense kiss, and his body trembled slightly. He was at a loss, not willing to call his name again, but he knew that no matter what, he couldn’t break free of his strong arms, it was as if he was trying to melt into him.



Ye Hansheng tightly imprisoned him, he felt the subtle struggle of the person in his arms, and finally revealed a trace of haze and anxiety under his happy expression. He finally stopped ravaging his poor lips and rested his forehead against his.



“You regret it?”



Wen Run’s eyes trembled, then he subconsciously shook his head, “No.”



Ye Hansheng carefully observed his expression, and saw that he wasn’t resistant, and the uneasiness he hid calmed down. What happened tonight actually exceeded his expectations and plans. He just came to give Wen Run a birthday present, but Wen Run was asleep. The quiet and clever appearance enticed him, but at that time, Wen Run woke up.


He was obviously awake, but continued to pretend to sleep, almost as if he accepted his behavior.


This made him unable to hold back.



The person in front of him was too good, he wanted to rub him into his arms every moment, leaving his mark, declaring his ownership.



The willpower at night was always weaker than during the day, not to mention Wen Run’s almost acquiescent attitude, which made him completely irrational.



He thought so, and did so.



He tasted sweeter than he could imagine.



Suddenly he couldn’t wait. He originally wanted to wait for him to get the hang of it and then be willingly kissed and embraced by him. However, today’s accident disrupted his plans.



He didn’t want to wait.



Wen Run was like a silly little lamb, both ignorant and timid, if he didn’t push him a little, maybe he would never take the next step and would only look at him secretly, like today on the plane, after his sight was discovered, he immediately hid in shock and then acted as if nothing was wrong.



Obviously, he could easily stir up all his emotions with just one look.



Ye Hansheng hugged the man tightly. His hot breath deliberately sprayed on his face. He looked straight into his eyes and said very slowly, “Why don’t you call me my name?”



Why won’t you call him by his name …… obviously it was only two short words, but Wen Run felt like that word held a thousand weights, he’d have to use all his strength to call him. His heart was beating fast and he wanted to explain but didn’t know how to explain. Did it mean that just by calling a name, his heart was already out of balance and he couldn’t even speak properly?


This was too embarrassing, and too humiliating.



Wen Run forcefully lowered his head, hiding his face in his neck, as if this could hide all his red face and his apprehension.



Sensing his escape, Ye Hansheng forcibly held the bend of his leg and placed him directly on his lap.


Wen Run was startled and hurriedly raised his head, panicked: “Don’t, your leg ……”


“Whatever it is.” Ye Hansheng saw that he was finally willing to raise his head, his warm palms cupped his cheeks as he asked again, “Why won’t you call me by my name? You don’t like me?” He asked extremely slowly, his gaze locked firmly on Wen Run’s face, refusing to miss a single change in his expression.



“No ……” Wen Run’s eyelashes trembled and he shook his head in panic, he wanted to say he didn’t dislike him, but he opened his mouth and couldn’t say anything under his hot gaze, he could only shake his head vigorously.



“Then you like me?” Ye Hansheng didn’t give him a chance to breathe.



Wen Run felt dizzy and hot, his heart was in a mess and he couldn’t make sense of it, but when he saw the expectation in his eyes, he didn’t want to disappoint him, so he had to ignore his blush and nod.



But Ye Hansheng wasn’t satisfied with such an answer, so he played dumb: “What does it mean to nod? Don’t like me?”



Wen Run was forced to retreat, the tip of his eyes and nose were red: “No, there is no dislike ……”



At the end of the day, he sounded like he was being bullied. He was aggrieved and ashamed, his nature had always been introverted and subtle, being kissed so thoroughly was enough to make him dizzy and shy, and with Ye Hansheng holding him til he confesed, he couldn’t wait to find a shell to lock himself up.


Moreover, even if this person said it himself, he had to be forced to say it.



Wen Run felt like a shell. He was caught by Ye Hansheng, so he had to pry open his shell and knead the soft shell inside.



He was ashamed and aggrieved, but Ye Hansheng was too strong, he couldn’t break free, and didn’t want to say something false, he could only hold back the shame, and peel his heart open to him.


He didn’t know when he started having unusual feelings for Ye Hansheng, but he knew that he did like him.



The seeds that were planted before he was aware of them took root and broke through the ground at the moment he saw Ye Hansheng who came to pick him up today. He deceived himself by not wanting to look deeper, but at this moment, he was forced to admit his feelings.




“What a coincidence, I like you too.” Ye Hansheng saw his red eyes and nose. So he lowered his head to kiss his eyes and the tip of his nose, his low voice confessed over and over again, “I want to hide you, only I can see ……”



He pecked and kissed his earlobe, and his voice was tinged with pleasure again, “Do you think …… this is the joy of lovers?”



Wen Run’s heart was like beating a drum as his intense gaze rested on him. Finally, he quietly hummed.


The corners of Ye Hansheng’s mouth curled up even more, and the deep-seated uneasiness and gloom under his eyes disappeared, leaving only a burning heat, he lowered his voice and asked: “Then later, I can hold you, kiss you, and ……” the last words were hidden between his lips and teeth. Wen Run blushed and moved his body uneasily, but suddenly felt something strange.



His body stiffened, not daring to move again. He frantically looked at him, “you, you ……”



Ye Hansheng made no secret of his desire for him, but seeing that he was really flustered, he knew that today’s result was enough, the rest had to be done slowly, so he just kissed him and asked innocently: “What’s wrong with me?”



Wen Run was shocked by his brazenness, it felt like he was meeting him for the first time. But he was embarrassed to say it. He could only push him: “Let me go…”


“Then you have to kiss me.” Ye Hansheng wanted an inch more, motioning to his lips: “Kiss, then I’ll let go of you.”



Wen Run leaned against his chest, tangled hesitation flashed across his face, and finally his fingers grabbed his lapel, he closed his eyes and haphazardly pecked his lips.



The warm and soft touch was addictive.



Ye Hansheng wasn’t yet satisfied, but he knew that today’s harvest was enough, he had to give him time to slow down a little, if he forced too much, he’d probably avoid him. He generously loosened the arms that confined him.



As soon as his grip loosened, Wen Run, like a frightened rabbit, immediately ran with soft hands and feet, back to the bed, and rolled under the soft quilt.



But he didn’t cover his face. He simply closed his eyes and chased the guest. “I’m going to sleep… You should go to bed earlier.”



Ye Hansheng smiled then he leaned over his eyebrows and kissed him gently. He said in a very affectionate voice: “Good night, boyfriend.”



Wen Run’s eyelashes quivered, he smothered his face with the pillow and thought with some chagrin, why did Ye Hansheng kiss him? He wasn’t like this before! Why was it that he seemed to have turned into a different person.


Ye Hansheng fondly looked at him from the edge of the bed, seeing that he really refused to pay attention to him, but also kept himself covered in the pillow, Ye Hansheng reluctantly left.



The future was long, he thought.



And just two or three hundred meters away from them in another wooden house, Guo Congfei was sneaking open the door to Shen Muxun’s room.



Today he drank a lot of wine, came back and hastily washed up and went to sleep. Halfway through his sleep, he was awakened by an urge, so he got up in a daze and went to the bathroom. However, after going to the toilet, he couldn’t sleep.



Shen Muxun’s room was across from his, and the other was sleeping unsuspectingly at the moment ……



Perhaps it was the residual alcohol that made Guo Congfei particularly bold tonight. He gently touched the door of Shen Muxun’s room and tried to twist the door handle, it seemed that even the heavens were helping him, the door wasn’t locked, he gently twisted it and opened it.



Guo Congfei was pleased and he opened the door like a thief and slipped in.



There was a big bed in the middle of the bedroom, and a little bit of undulation could be seen in the darkness. Guo Congfei held his breath and slowly moved closer to the bed.



Shen Muxun was sleeping very well, his breathing was steady and shallow, his cold features had become softer because he was sleeping. Guo Congfei squatted by the bed and looked at him. The more he looked at him, the more he felt that this man looked really good, so he boldly reached out to touch his face.



His skin was smooth and elastic, Guo Congfei’s throat knot rolled a little, he boldly continued to move down.



Shen Muxun’s body was very good, bone structure covered with a thin layer of muscle, smooth lines and not exaggerated. The more Guo Congfei touched, the more he liked, the bolder his action was.



He was feeling happy when a low voice suddenly sounded in his ear, “Good?”



Guo Congfei subconsciously wanted to answer, but he suddenly reacted and looked at Shen Muxun in horror. Shen Muxun looked at him with a smile, deep eyes with unknown emotions.



Shen Muxun looked at him with a smile. His deep eyes were full of emotion. Seeing that he was scared, he simply pulled him down and turned, looking at him with unknown meaning. “Do you want to continue?”


Guo Congfei was actually a little scared, but thinking that he couldn’t lose his momentum, he stuck his neck and touched him again, “Go on!”



Shen Muxun smiled soberly, “Then I will not be polite.”



Before Guo Congfei reacted to what this meant, he found himself clasped by the hands.



“What are you doing? Let go of me!” Guo Congfei finally felt that something was wrong and struggled a bit, but found that he couldn’t break free. Shen Muxun was incredibly strong and held both of his wrists with one hand, like iron hoops.




It was clear that his strength wasn’t small, but against Shen Muxun, he had no power to fight back. Upon sensing Shen Muxun’s action, Guo Congfei was a little flustered. He tried his best to widen his eyes and angrily spoke: “Don’t think about what you shouldn’t think!”



Shen Muxun, however, was at ease, his expression was hidden in the darkness, “Boss Guo knows what I am thinking?”



Guo Congfei glared at him fiercely and didn’t answer.



“Second young master has never tried the taste of being down there, right?” Shen Muxun laughed lightly.



“How dare you!” Guo Congfei shook a little and tried to kick him with his foot, but was again easily suppressed by Shen Muxun.



Seeing that he seemed to want to do it for real, Guo Congfei’s liver and guts were trembling. He struggled desperately and couldn’t care less about saving face, he screamed and cursed: “Let go of me! You, if you dare …… I will not let you go!”



Shen Muxun coldly watched him struggle, but didn’t stop moving because of his threat.



Guo Congfei sensed his intention, his body trembled, and in order to preserve his innocence, he suddenly exploded and broke away from Shen Muxun’s suppression. With his hands free, he ruthlessly pushed the man away, rolled and crawled out of the bedroom, ran back to his room in shock, and then threw the door shut with a bang.



Locking the door, Guo Congfei leaned on the door and was in shock. He was so close, he was so close to being pushed down!



In the darkness, looking at his panicked back, Shen Muxun laughed and got up to close the door. But he’d taught him a lesson this time, he wouldn’t easily provoke him again in the future, would he?



He got up and went to the bathroom to take a cold shower, he wanted to scare Guo Congfei, but he really lit a fire.




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