The things that happened on the set, Zheng Xuan hesitated but still told Ye Hansheng. There was still pressure on the crew, and the police didn’t do much. He tried to hide it at first, but sooner or later he thought that Ye Hansheng would still know that if he kept it from him, he would get even angrier.

No one knew how protective Ye Hansheng was, especially Wen Run, who had been put in his heart, Zheng Xuan didn’t dare to think about his expression after knowing.

But he had no choice, and finally called.

On the phone, Ye Hansheng’s voice was like an ancient well without waves, so calm that Zheng Xuan felt anxious. Licking his lips, Zheng Xuan’s heart jumped as he told him the current situation.

“I’ve had someone check it out, the QQ number was bought on Taobao, there’s no private information left on it. The chat records only have the records of the support group and the support group members, the personal information registered for the event were also forged, the cell phone number has been canceled, the other party was very well prepared, but someone in the fan group said she spoke with her, I pulled out the surveillance screen and sent it to the fan, she has identified the person. Now the primary problem is that the surveillance is too far away, and only a blurred face, it won’t be easy to find her. Then there isn’t enough evidence to fully confirm that the hidden needles were sent by the anti-fan.”

The nature of this matter was very bad, but in the end, only the assistant Liu Feng was slightly injured, the police couldn’t send a lot of manpower to help them find the person, they couldn’t only find the person themselves.

Ye Hansheng listened to him and after a long silence, he replied: “Don’t hide it, find a suitable time, and then release the photos.”

The so-called anti-fan was obviously not outside the circle, she was very familiar with the fans circle, could quickly mingle with fans, and the disguise was complete, all information and communication methods were forged, indicating that she must have been planning for a long time.

If it was just deliberate revenge from an anti-fan, it was impossible to plan for such a long time and also to put a considerable amount of money into it. The time and effort must be profitable. Most likely, she was instructed by someone.

However, Wen Run’s people had always been good, and recently there was no competition with anyone, thinking about it, and besides Ling Shangyao, who had already gone to rehabilitation, and Agent Song who wasn’t in B city, Mrs. Qiu was the one who was offended.

On the second day of the first year, he taunted Qiu Jihe for him.

“Go check Ye Qiuting.” Ye Hansheng finally said.

Qiu Jihe had a son and a daughter, the daughter Ye Qiurui was twenty-eight years old and was the financial director of Ye Corporation. The company had a lot of artists, but some wanted to climb into the boss’s bed and caused troubles, which Ye Hansheng had never put in his eyes.

Now that he thought about it, the most likely person to do this was Ye Qiuting.

“Okay, I’ll talk to you when there are results.” Zheng Xuan also felt it was reasonable, and after responding, he tried to say, “Do you want to come and see Wen Run?”

Although no one was harmed, Zheng Xuan felt his scalp tingling just looking at the short needles that were picked out, and the shock Wen Run received wasn’t small. Zheng Xuan thought he would take the opportunity to come over and pacify him, which would allow Wen Run to stabilize himself.

The result was that he refused.

“Recently there are too many things at hand, I’ll go see him when I’m done with them.” Ye Hansheng’s voice was a bit low and he hung up after he finished speaking.

Zheng Xuan had no choice but to go to Wen Run first and discuss part of his plan with him. After that, he contacted his lawyer and organized all the materials, and at eight o’clock in the evening, Wen Run’s global fan support association published a long Weibo post. The title of the long post was “To the anti-fans: you can not love but do not hurt”.

The post spilled thousands of words, accusing some anti-fans of spreading the fight from other fan-bases to them, and even plotted to mix into their fan base, and then took advantage of the fans to visit the set and hid needles in handmade spuds …… Throughout the article, the post remained angry and inciting, first angry accusations, and then a turn of phrase, citing similar incidents several years ago and calling on everyone. The sensible point was, can not love, but please don’t hurt.

Seeing that, the milk fans on Weibo suddenly became anxious, angry and worried, and some people couldn’t believe that someone would really be so vicious. Many milk fans went to Wen Run and Zheng Xuan’s Weibo page for verification.

Half an hour later, Wen Run himself posted a message reporting his safety.

[Wen Run V: Thank you for your concern, I wasn’t injured, but my assistant ate a piece, she went to the hospital for an examination, the injury wasn’t serious, she’s going to take some time off to recuperate. Also very thankful for the visiting milk fans, I believe that such a thing wouldn’t be made by a milk fan, we have called the police, I believe the police will give a fair result.]

As soon as Wen Run’s post came out, Zheng Xuan and Star Media’s official page also replied in seconds. Zheng Xuan posted the materials collated by his lawyer one by one, saying that the matter wouldn’t be tolerated and the law would be used. At the same time also called for the rational pursuit of the stars.

This matter was too appalling, this wasn’t just about Wen Run, as early as a few years ago there had been stars receiving flowers with hidden razor blades, mixed with unknown substances …… such things came and went, there were big and small accidents, but it was forgotten in time. Now it was brought up again, in addition to the team and fans of Wen Run, many stars began to forward the post.

The “Folding” crew naturally took the lead, followed by Lu Zhan, Shen Muxun and Wei Ye, Starland’s artists also forwarded it, the fever gradually expanded to half of the entertainment industry …… Weibo was full of calls for “chasing stars sensibly”, “can not love but do not hurt”. The “can not love but don’t hurt” was fiercely supported by both the stars and fans ……

As the online storm grew bigger and bigger. Zheng Xuan saw the right moment and had the photo that was captured in the surveillance put out.

Overnight, the long Weibo retweet of Wen Run’s Global Fan Support Association had already passed 250,000 likes, and in the comments below the post, a milk fan’s comment was on top. This was a long time fan, her posts were related to Wen Run, so her words were also more credible.

[I know her, originally I shouldn’t post this kind of private photos, but once I think of not exposing her, next time she may really hurt Wen Run, and even hurt others, I feel angry and upset, at that time I was also on the scene, when I took a photo of Wen Run, I accidentally snapped her, I hope milk fans can work together to find and report her. Give Wen Run justice.]

The post had a screenshot of a somewhat blurred face, but one could still see the features. The picture was passed around by countless fans, who all worked together to try to find the person.

It was a coincidence that while the milk fans were looking for the person, a small artist’s fan page forwarded the post and asked: Doesn’t this person look like the scammer who ran away with my money?

The artist’s fans quickly contacted the support group.

The small artist was from a talent show, he wasn’t very famous, but his fans were very united. The page also operated very carefully.

But just a month ago, the page’s former manager ran away with their money.

The fans who were cheated were not very old, and this time the money was raised because it was close to the birthday of their idol, so the fans wanted to raise money to prepare a surprise for him. The fans raised enough money, but the manager ran away with the money.

They reported it to the police, but after going to the police station and making a statement, there was no further action. The fans were not influential enough to launch several online searches, which ended in failure, but they didn’t expect to find the scammer when they were scrolling through Weibo.

The site manager and the management of the backing association verified that the former site manager and the “anti-fan” was the same person who had run away with the money.

The support group sent the information given by the manager to Zheng Xuan, and the fans followed the more detailed information and quickly picked up all the information of this “fan”.

The person was quickly found by the police, and Zheng Xuan finally came out to calm the angry fans, telling them that the rest of the matter would be resolved with legal weapons so that the fans could rest easy. The rage that had been heating up for two or three days finally subsided a bit, and everyone was waiting for the final result.

The arrested woman, Sun Yi, aged 27-28, was hiding in the village in S city. When she was found, she pretended to be stupid and refused to admit it. Later, the police found several Weibo accounts and QQ accounts in her computer, including QQ account nicknamed “Sheep don’t eat grass” and the small artist’s Weibo page.

She finally admitted her guilt. But for the needle incident, she insisted that she hated Wen Run before sending needle hidden spuds, it was just a moment of anger, and not instructed by others, and the needle incident although boisterous, the actual victim wasn’t injured, but she illegally collected funds and ran away, the amount involved wasn’t small, and so after the procedure was completed, the public prosecution would be fixed.

The online storm lasted for more than a week and ended with the anti-fan being arrested and the fraudulent money being recovered.

But Zheng Xuan knew that there was someone behind this person’s direction. The most probable one was Ye Qiuting. However, he investigated these days, but there was no evidence pointing to Ye Qiuting.

He vaguely felt that he must have missed something, so he contacted Ye Hansheng again.

Ye Hansheng really didn’t come when he couldn’t see Wen Run. Every time Zheng Xuan contacted him, his mood was calm and there was no sign of rage. Zheng Xuan could only comfort himself, Ye Hansheng’s temper was getting better after being moistened with love.

“Ye Qiuting recently investigated a few small stars.”

Ye Hansheng only said few words, but Zheng Xuan was enlightened, he finally reacted to what he missed. He only cared to check whether Ye Qiuting and Sun Yao had dealings, but ignored the fact that Ye Qiuting didn’t understand the industry. Most of these things were done for him by people around him, and the people who handled it knew the means in the industry, so the most likely person were the little stars around him.

Inside a villa somewhere in B city, a soft and relaxed woman laid on Ye Qiuting’s chest, her white fingers drawing circles on his chest, as she whined and pouted: “Boss Ye, Sun Yao has been caught, I’m so scared ……”

Ye Qiuting narrowed his eyes, his expression was a little bad, but he still pinched the woman’s chin and shook it, laughing: “Afraid of what? I still can’t protect you?”

“Of course Boss Ye can protect me ……”

The woman wrapped her arms around his neck and took the initiative to kiss him. Ye Qiuting, however, lost interest and pushed her away.

He thought that since Sun Yao had confessed that no one had instructed her, even if they investigated again, they couldn’t find out about him. Moreover, even if Ye Hansheng knew he had done it, he wouldn’t dare do anything!

  With this thought, the gloom cleared up and he turned back, hugged the woman on the bed, and continued.

Wen Run was on the set, and every day he did nothing but shoot a scene. After what happened, he uninstalled Weibo on his cell phone.His Weibo page had other people taking care of it. He could only concentrate on filming.

It wasn’t until that person was caught. Zheng Xuan told him the result and didn’t say that there was someone else behind the matter, only that for his safety, the company gave him two additional assistants.

Liu Feng was accidentally injured, so Wen Run gave her a bonus and sent her home to recuperate. When the injury was healed, she would be responsible for taking care of the support group and Weibo, and so on. Wen Run’s new assistants were both males.

The two male assistants didn’t talk much, but they were very meticulous, especially one of them, who was tall and sturdy, he looked more like a bodyguard than an assistant. Wherever Wen Run went, he followed.

At first, Wen Run was a little uncomfortable, but he thought that in case of any accidents because of his impulse, instead of worrying Zheng Xuan, he would try to adapt, so a month has passed, the original hidden needle fiasco had completely calmed down. And Wen Run was also used to the close care of two assistants.

In late March, the “Golden Terrace” was scheduled, in order to promote it, the main actors of the cast were invited to attend a variety show on Lychee to promote the new drama. Wen Run was also invited to participate. Originally, Wen Run, a supporting character who died in a dozen episodes, was not even close to the main actor, but he was now popular, so he also received the invitation.

Wen Run took a day off from work and rushed to C City to record the variety show.

What he didn’t know was that at this time, the long-lost Ye Hansheng had also arrived in C city.

Ye Hansheng was followed by Ye Qiuting. Ye Qiuting recently had a very favorite little star and went everywhere with her. This time this little star went to participate in a talent show on the Lychee Channel, he followed her to C city, to give his little love support.

The starlet was the one who contacted Sun Yao and asked her to deal with Wen Run.

This starlet was very clever and well hidden, Zheng Xuan took some effort to find the evidence, after Ye Hansheng got it, he “invited” the person to his own carefully arranged place.

Naturally, Ye Qiuting was also there. He was tied hand and foot and thrown in the underground garage, at first he was a little panicked, after seeing Ye Hansheng appear, his panic calmed down, he raised his chin and smiled provocatively: “Your crazy disease is acting up again?”

The last time Ye Hansheng went into a crazy state, he was kidnapped once, and that time he was locked up in a hotel room for two days and one night, while Ye Hansheng was beaten up by the furious Ye Maokai and put in the hospital afterward. Ye Qiuting felt that this deal was not a loss at all, he couldn’t wait for Ye Hansheng to kidnap him a few more times so that Ye Maokai would completely give up on him.

So now that he saw Ye Hansheng, he wasn’t afraid at all, he looked at Ye Hansheng moving towards him in his wheelchair, confident that he wouldn’t do anything to him, he smiled, “You still have a few stitches on your head from last time? Is it all right?”

Ye Hansheng sat in the wheelchair, his eyes unusually calm as he looked at him.

Ye Qiuting was laughing at first, but gradually he couldn’t laugh anymore, even though his legs were disabled and he could only sit in a wheelchair, Ye Hansheng always carried that high and mighty aura of superiority. What he hated most was this look from Ye Hansheng.

“Bring the woman here.” Ye Hansheng said indifferently.

Two bodyguards in black suits brought a woman with bright makeup over from next door. The woman struggled, but when she saw Ye Qiuting, she froze and stammered “Boss Ye”.

Ye Qiuting originally wondered what kind of madness Ye Hansheng was going through again, and then smiled when he saw the woman being brought up. He guessed it right.

He looked at Ye Hansheng with malice, “What’s the matter with you? You want revenge for your little lover?”

The last time he went back, he investigated Wen Run, naturally, he also knew about the rumors of Wen Run and Ye Hansheng, and this was why he later found someone to deal with Wen Run’s matter.

 If he can’t cope with Ye Hansheng, it was good to give his lover a little bit of trouble. It never occurred to him that Ye Hansheng cared more about this little affair than he had imagined. He even wanted to personally express his anger.

Ye Hansheng suddenly smiled at him, his body bowed slightly and his dark eyes fixed on him, but there was no smile in his eyes. He said word by word: “You touched my person, I have to return it ten times.”

He raised his hand, and a bodyguard came up behind him with a tray full of needles.

Ye Qiuting looked at the glittering needles, his eyelids jumped and he said, “How dare you!”

Ye Hansheng frowned gloomily and said coldly, “Hold his hand.”

Immediately, two bodyguards came forward and pinned Ye Qiuting to the ground.

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