The two of them tacitly stopped talking and didn’t say anything about the Ye family. Zheng Xuan went to bring the dumpling skin and then sat down with Ye Hansheng at the table with a serious face, ready to wrap dumplings.

Wen Run took three clean spoons and put them in the bowl with meat filling, then skillfully pinched a dumpling skin and spread it in his hands, and used the spoon to scoop a spoonful of meat filling on the dumpling skin, and his white and slender fingers flipped nimbly, and after a few strokes, the white dumpling skin was pinched out with a nice pleated edge.

“Okay, wrap it like this.”

Wen Run held the belly of the dumpling to show them, Zheng Xuan and Ye Hansheng followed the example of a dumpling skin spread in the palm of their hands, and stiffly scooped a spoonful of meat filling in the middle, but neither of them had ever cooked, let alone wrapped dumplings, a small dough sheet spread in the palm of their hands, their fingers were stiff and they didn’t know how to move.

Especially Ye Hansheng, he wrinkled his eyebrows and gloomily stared at the dumpling skin, his slender fingers pinched the two sides of the dumpling skin, he wanted to pinch out the pleats like Wen Run. But he put too much meat filling, once he pinched the first side, the meat filling was squeezed to the other side, he hurried to pinch the other side, and finally did it, but it was wrinkled, not to mention the beautiful pleats, the whole dumpling looked like haphazardly pinched up dough, ugly, it didn’t look like a dumpling.

Zheng Xuan mocked him nonchalantly, “It’s even uglier than the one I wrapped.”

Ye Hansheng took a look at the dumpling in his hand, although there were no folds, but at least it looked a little like a dumpling, his face sank, without saying a word, he took another dumpling skin and continued to wrap.

All this fell into the eyes of Wen Run, the corners of his mouth rose in a smile, he got up and said: “The dumplings should have a coin in it, the person that eats it will have good luck this year.”

Then he dug out a brand-new coin from his wallet, went to get boiled water, washed it again, and wrapped the coin into dumplings flexibly. He stared at Ye Hansheng, who was fighting with the dumpling skin in his hand with his head down. He quickly folded the corner of the dumpling, and then put the coin into the wrapped one.

The three of them chatted while wrapping dumplings, Zheng Xuan quickly mastered the skills, wrapped although it wasn’t better than Wen Run’s, it was passable. Ye Hansheng was still wrinkling his brows in bitterness.

Zheng Xuan deliberately led Wen Run to talk, talking to him about family matters. Although Ye Hansheng did not make a sound, the movement of his hands slowed down as he listened carefully to them talking.

Two dozen dumpling skins were wrapped, a total of more than a hundred dumplings, most of which were wrapped by Wen Run, and a small number of crooked ones were the work of Zheng Xuan and Ye Hansheng.

The dumplings were cooked without the two of them, Wen Run sealed the rest of the dumplings in a plastic bag and put them in the refrigerator, then picked up the dumplings left out and went into the kitchen.

Boil the water in the pot, add salt shrimp skin and a little laver, boiled it and then put the wrapped dumplings. The dumplings sunk into the clear soup. When cooked, they floated up one by one.

Wen Run stared at the dumpling that he had purposely folded and left it at the end. Zheng Xuan carried two bowls of dumplings out, while Wen Yun carried the last bowl and purposely placed it in front of Ye Hansheng.

Zheng Xuan held his own bowl, and could not care less about the heat and stuffed one into his mouth, it was a straight one without pleats, it was his own dumplings, although the taste was the same, the feeling was different.

It was particularly beautiful.

Ye Hansheng also picked up his chopsticks and ate one, in his bowl of dumplings, each had pleats, it looked good and was delicious, Wen Run obviously wrapped all of it.

Wen Run saw him eating one by one and glanced at him from time to time, Ye Hansheng raised his eyes, then raised his eyebrows at him, “What?”

Wen Run immediately shook his head, lowered his head to eat his own, but his eyes are still looking at his bowl of dumplings.

Ye Hansheng picked up another dumpling and put it in his mouth, this time he choked on a hard object, he frowned and spat it out, but it was the only coin that was wrapped into the dumplings.

Ye Hansheng’s heart moved, he raised his eyes to look at Wen Run.

“You ate the coin, this year you’ll have good luck, everything will be smooth,”

Wen Run smiled mischievously, his trick was clearly revealed.

“Well. Then I’ll borrow your good advice.”

Ye Hansheng smiled at him and put the coin aside, eating the rest of the dumplings with a smile.

Zheng Xuan secretly looked at Ye Hansheng and then looked at Wen Run, although the two didn’t say many words, it was as if he didn’t exist as a person.

He could only be an energy-saving bulb with qualities that could assist.


After eating dumplings and cleaning up the kitchen, it was already two o’clock in the afternoon. Wen Run left Ye Hansheng and went back to the dormitory to pack with Zheng Xuan, and then went to the airport.

Ye Hansheng watched them leave, and after closing the door, he took the elevator up to the second floor and went to Ye Jia’s room.

The caregiver took care of her closely and usually only moved around on the second floor. Seeing this not-so-good patron suddenly come up, she carefully moved out, leaving space for him.

Ye Hansheng turned his wheelchair and went to Ye Jia’s bedside, his eyes downcast as he surveyed his sleeping sister.

Ye Jia was very beautiful. She looked like her mother. She was exquisite and beautiful. Just lying in a hospital bed all-year-round, she could only rely on drugs to maintain her life, which made her face pale. Her healthy white skin was now morbidly pale, her full cheeks were sunken, and her clever eyes were closed, like flowers that had lost nutrients.

“Jia Jia ……” Ye Hansheng reached out, and touched her sunken cheeks compassionately: “Brother is now very good, you also have to get better ……”

After packing up his luggage and the gifts brought for the crew, Wen Run went to the airport with Zheng Xuan. The assistant Liu Feng went back home, so she flew directly to S City to meet them.

At 5 pm, the plane reached S City on time, and Wen Run wasn’t sleepy yet, so he began to think about the homework that Wei Ye had given him. He had been studying with Wei Ye for some time, and every time Wen Run’s video assignments were sent over, he would carefully watch them and then point out the deficiencies, and Wen Run, under his strict requirements, was unconsciously used to picking faults with himself, and every time before handing in his assignments, he would ponder over them for a long time, hoping to get a word of approval from his teacher.

He was mulling over it when he heard Zheng Xuan next to him speak, “I have applied with the company to recruit another assistant for you.”

Liu Feng in the end was a girl, sometimes it wasn’t very convenient, Zheng Xuan was ready to let her handle some things, the newly recruited male assistant would be ressponsible for taking care of Wen Run.

He had too many things to do, and also taking time off to take care of Jiajia, a lot of times, he couldn’t follow Wen Run around to take care of him, seeing that Wen Run was now on the right track, he felt it was time to give him additional staff.

Wen Run had always listened to the arrangements, so he listened to him and nodded his head.


On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, the crew officially started work, after the red envelope was issued, the crew was once again put into intense shooting, everyone was tense, and the cheerful atmosphere after the New Year also dissipated in the high-pressure shooting. It was not until the 15th of the first month that the sober atmosphere of the crew became a little more active when fans came to visit.

There were two groups of fans visiting the class on this day, one was the newly emerged “CP fans”, and the other was Wen Run’s fans. The visit was organized by the support group, and the big fans who organized the event communicated with the crew in advance, and at noon on the 15th day, when the crew was on lunch break, the fans visiting the set were let in.

After the last “love triangle” fiasco turned into the beautiful love of the luxury couple, Xie Yupan no longer needed to avoid Wen Run. After the scene, Xie Yupan and Wen Run got together to eat, Xie Yupan came and Chu Yu naturally followed, the three people carried boxes of rice and squatted on the side, Wen Run brought homemade pickled radish and spicy beef.

Wen Run’s mother was a good cook, the pickled radish and spicy beef were great, Xie Yupan completely let go of her image. If there was a benefit to having a relationship with Chu Yu, it was that her agent no longer forced her to lose weight!

Her agent saw Chu Yu like a mouse saw a cat.

This was when the fans came in. The excited fans looked around for a while and soon their eyes locked on their beloved stars!

The three of them were together, so the two fans, who were distinctly dressed in their support uniforms, instantly became one, and together they surged towards the three.

Fortunately, at this time the meal was almost eaten, the assistant hurriedly took away the boxed lunch, leaving the place empty for the excited fans.

Wen Run smiled as he greeted his fans. His eyes were attracted by their clothes.

Probably the fans had a mother’s love for him, their support clothing was milky yellow, it also had a Q version of a large milk bottle, a shrunken version of Wen Run was sitting on the bottle, his hair was messy, it looked extremely cute.

If one carefully compared the cartoon person with the real person, the painting was actually very evocative.

Zheng Xuan and Liu Feng asked the fans to line up, so that they didn’t crowd him. Wen Run was good-naturedly talking to the fans in front of him, with a gentle smile on his face from the beginning to the end.

The event was organized by the group, with the big fans taking the lead in restraining the fans, so the scene was quite orderly. The fans lined up excitedly and with restraint, handed the gifts they brought to the assistants, and waited excitedly for Wen Run’s signature. The fans came with great expectations, and Wen Run signed each one. Finally, he took a picture with the fans, and only after the lunch break did he send the excited fans away.

The gifts brought by the fans were checked by the assistant and sent to Wen Run’s room to be put away. In the evening after the shooting, Wen Run remembered that the fans sent gifts that hadn’t been seen and ran to open the gifts.

Because he asked to not receive expensive items, the gifts were mostly some handmade gadgets or snacks, although not valuable, the ideas were very clever, Wen Run opened them one by one, and laid them out together to take pictures, ready to post his thanks on Weibo.

Assistant Liu Feng passed by and saw the top box of pink heart-shaped spuds and laughed: “These fans are thoughtful, the small snacks are so cute.”

Wen Run also smiled, the small gifts were very attentive and the shape was cute and girly, it was no wonder Liu Feng liked them. There were two boxes of spuds, one pink and one cream, Wen Run gave the pink box to her, “I can’t eat too much.”

Liu Feng didn’t act coy, she smiled and took it, she then unwrapped it and put some into the mouth, but just as she chewed twice, her face changed and rushed to the trash can and spat it out.

“What’s wrong?” Wen Run was startled, but the he saw that the things she spat out were still mixed with blood.

“Inside, hidden, something.” Liu Feng hurt her tongue, and her speech was a bit incoherent. She couldn’t care less about being dirty, and reached out to carry out the spat out food and found a short, sharp needle inside.

Wen Run’s face changed, he picked up the box of spuds that fell on the ground, carefully broke one open, and found that there was indeed an identical short needle hidden in the middle.

He broke open the whole box to check, a box of six spuds, each with a needle hidden inside, and he opened the unopened box, it also had needles hidden.

“Rinse your mouth, I’ll ask Agent Zheng to send you to the hospital first.” Wen Run took a bottle of mineral water to her and went to knock on Zheng Xuan’s door.

Zheng Xuan came over to see the situation, then sent Liu Feng to the hospital.

Wen Run then informed the director and Xie Yupan and Chu Yu. Today Xie Yupan and Chu Yu also received a lot of gifts, Wen Run was afraid they also met this kind of thing, he carefully reminded them not to eat the snacks sent by fans.

When Liu Feng returned from the hospital after treating her wounds, Zheng Xuan reported it directly to the police. Liu Feng’s injury wasn’t serious, just a stabbed tongue. But the nature of this matter was very dangerous. The person who sent the gift had to be found.

There were too many fans that sent gifts. The two boxes of spuds mixed in a pile of gifts looked inconspicuous. Even when the surveillance was transferred, they couldn’t find out who the gift giver was.

Zheng Xuan privately contacted the person in charge of this visit. The person in charge was a big fan of Wen Run, after hearing that Wen Run almost got hurt, she was filled with self-blame and anger, and took the initiative to promise that the fans who visited the set would be verified one by one.

For this organized visit, the fans signed up in advance, the big fan found the list, and checked what gifts they sent, then sent it to Zheng Xuan.

The majority of the information listed on the form was correct, but only four people didn’t reply to the message.

Zheng Xuan told the person in charge of the results, and after the person in charge checked the fan information again, he told him that there was a fan called “Sheep loves to eat grass” who couldn’t be reached.

The timing of the appearance of this fan was also very coincidental, she actually entered the support group only a week or so, but she was very active in the group, and generous, very willing to spend money for Wen Run, so she easily got acquainted with the fans in the group. This time, she naturally participated in the set visit.

The person in charge gave Zheng Xuan the QQ and contact information of the fan.

After Zheng Xuan got it, he gave the police a copy of the powder’s information, and on the other hand, he also found someone to check.

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