Yuanshan County, Ye Hansheng looked at the unfamiliar place names on the news and finally searched them out in the nooks and crannies of his memory. He should have been only twenty-four years old at that time, not long after entering the Ye company, and in order to erect a positive company image, as well as to bless his frail mother, he would often show up to participate in charity events, and he had heard before that doing more good deeds could bring more blessings to the people he cared about.

He tried to remember the events that happened in Yuanshan County, but it was too long ago, and he had participated in so many similar activities that he couldn’t remember him, and no matter how much he recalled, he couldn’t remember anything related to Little Wen Run. Or perhaps, at that time, he hadn’t even paid attention to the little boy standing beside him smiling shyly.

His eyes fell on the face of little Wen Run, he didn’t remember him, so would he remember him?

Reason told Ye Hansheng that he shouldn’t remember. He was just a donor from six years ago, who would take it to heart? But the oppressed emotions tumbled back to remind him of Wen Run’s dark, watery eyes, who had been adamant that he was a good man and had tried to approach him but asked for nothing. Ye Hansheng let out a soft chuckle and touched his thumb to the face of the young boy in the news.

So, it should still be remembered, right?

At this moment there was something inexpressibly happy in his heart. After his mother died and his sister became a vegetable, he stopped all his charitable activities, he used to believe in blessings, but later he didn’t believe in them. The only thing left in his heart was his hatred for Ye Maokai and the Ye family, the two people he cared about the most, one dead and the other had a fate worse than death, the last bit of his goodness had long since been wiped away. The so-called karmic retribution was just a lie by the incompetent, not knowing that murder and arson could pave the way with corpses. There were too many injustices in this world, and Ye Jia was a living, bloody example.

He had long disbelieved that good and evil would be avenged in the end, and he chose to avenge his mother and sister with his own hands.

This was a belief that he had held on to unwaveringly for the past five years. But right now, looking at a screenshot on the screen of a small cell phone, his faith began to waver. The little boy on the news smiled shyly, his eyes alight with hope, Ye Hansheng dropped his eyes, the corners of his taut mouth gently curled, he thought, after doing so many good deeds, it wasn’t useless.

His taut spine slowly relaxed, Ye Hansheng leaned back in the wide leather chair, silent for a long time, finally dialed the secretary.

“…Find out the plan for that charitable foundation that was terminated previously.”

“Yes, perfect it and restart it.”

“Use Miss Ye Jia’s name.”
  After a two-day break after the interview, the second episode of Farming was back to record. It was still the same small courtyard, the same people, the same taste.

Wen Run was more prepared this time, and he secretly hid salted duck eggs mixed with rice and meat sauce in his suitcase. He found out in the first episode that the show didn’t check the guests’ luggage.

The small courtyard was still the same as it was when they left, and after the first five days of the first episode, everyone was much more familiar with each other, and Zhang Lu couldn’t help but tease when he saw Wen Run, “Wen Run na, next it’s up to you to take us running again.”

Wen Run laughed, “Didn’t you say that we won’t cut rice this episode?”

Because rice was after all a seasonal thing, it was not possible to keep planting in the field waiting for them to cut, so this period of bartering general “currency” had become cotton. This was a good time to harvest cotton.

Xie Yupan wailed, “But we don’t know how to harvest cotton either!” He looked expectantly at Wen Run, “Wen Run you can, can’t you?”

Cotton? Wen Run nodded, “Will do.”

Xie Yupan almost wanted to go bear hug him and doggedly said, “I’ll be your little brother from now on, if you let me beat up Zhang Lu, I’ll never beat up Qu Haowen.”

Zhang Lu: “??”

Qu Haowen: “…”

Huang Ziyu, who couldn’t interject, saw them talking happily and quickly took over with a whiny voice, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ll all be relying on you in the future.”

After a few laughs, they went back to their room to pack their luggage. The room allocation was the same as in the last issue, three boys in one room and two girls in one room.

Although it was a small farmhouse, it was tidy and clean as the program team had cleaned it up beforehand. The film director was standing by with a camera on his shoulder. Wen Run coughed and turned to ask Qu Haowen: “What are the rules of the program? I suddenly can’t remember, do you remember?”

Qu Haowen looked at him unknowingly, he repeated the rule again.

Wen Run turned around to ask the teacher, his small eyes particularly innocent, “Did he remember correctly? Is there anything else you missed?”

The teacher’s eyelids jumped, feeling that there was a conspiracy waiting for them, he hesitantly nodded, and finally confirmed with the director, the director did not think so much, just said right, right, nothing else.

Wen Run was happy, he opened the suitcase and took out ten salted duck eggs, two bottles of bibimbap meat sauce and two bottles of Laoganma[chilli sauce. “That’s good, the rules didn’t say that you can’t bring your own food.”

  Director team: “……..”

“You’re exploiting a loophole in the rules!”
Wen Run looked innocent, “But I just asked you guys several times and you didn’t say I couldn’t bring my own food.”

Zhang Lu also picked out to help out, “Yes, you guys didn’t make it clear yourselves, so how can it be a violation!”

Qu Haowen followed with a nod, “It can’t be a violation.”

Director team: “….”

The three male guests fought to keep the salted duck egg and meat sauce and the laoganma. The director’s anger at the loss could only make it be added to the rules of the game, which prohibited the guests from bringing their own food.

Xie Yupan was so happy to see Wen Run put the food in the fridge that he finally followed his heart and gave Wen Run a bear hug.

Huang Xiyi also smiled and leaned in, “Wen Run you’re amazing, we didn’t even think of this.”

Xie Yupan secretly rolled his eyes.

Wen Run smiled at her politely, secretly a little wary. Zheng Xuan, during the recording of the first episode, reminded him that Huang Ziyu liked to bundle hype. As expected, after the first episode started, several drafts of Xie Yupan’s support towards her were posted. Fans on both sides had torn it, and Xie Yupan had a lot of fans. Although it was a crushing victory, it was still uncomfortable to see this kind of pull-and-step drafts flying all over the sky.


Because of the unexpected popularity of the first episode, the show had extended the recording time of the second issue to seven days in order to continue the popularity of the last episode. And the general currency was changed to “cotton”. One pound of cotton was exchanged for three pounds of pounded rice. As for the meat and vegetables, they still had to go to the neighbor’s house to help work.

A group of five people went to the cotton field first, October was suitable for cotton harvesting, the cotton field by the sun blossomed, it looked snow white. The group provided them with straw hats, dust jackets and bags.

This work was not physically demanding, but it was a bit sunny, and then they had to stand all the time to pick. Wen Run equipped himself and stated a demonstration: “This is much easier than cutting rice, just pull off the blooming white cotton.” The sun-bloomed white cotton came out of its wrapped shell with a gentle tug, and it really wasn’t difficult.
 Several people started to try, the guests were very excited when picking cotton for the first time. When they saw that they were happy, they said, “Leave three people to pick it here. Who will go to work in the neighbor’s house?”

Zhang Lu shook his head hard. “I want to pick cotton!”

So finally, Qu Haowen went to work with Wen Run at the neighbor’s house. The working villagers’ homes were also arranged by the director group in advance, and they would not tell the guests which villagers’ homes needed help in advance, so they had to find them one by one.

Qu Haowen had few words, so he couldn’t ask properly.

He was good-looking and small, and he smiled with his eyes bent when he saw people. Originally, the program group deliberately increased the difficulty and deliberately arranged a difficult family to set up the tasks. As a result, some elderly people watched Wen Run, and took him secretly and said, “I saw Ah Qing’s family called by the director earlier. Go to his house and have a look. ” Then he also pointed out where Ah Qing’s family house was.

The teacher & director group: “…”

How can you snitch like this! !

Wen Run smiled and thanked the old man, and found a small yard hidden behind a row of small buildings, where Ah Qing lived.

Wen Run knocked on the door and politely asked, “Hello, do you need help at home?”

It was Ah Qing’s wife who came out to open the door. She was in her thirties and had a nice face. It was strange how they came so quickly.

Wen Run smiled and said that the old man in the village secretly told him.

Ah Qing’s wife also smiled and didn’t embarrass them again. She pointed to the pigsty in the backyard and said, “I’m going out to the county today. You can help me clean the pigsty and feed the pigs. I’ll bring you pork belly when I come back.”
 After Ah Qing’s wife taught them how to prepare pig food and how to wash the pigsty, she went out with her bag.

Qu Haowen glared bitterly at several pigs who were eating with grunts. After doing some psychological work on himself, he picked up the water pipe and washed the pigsty together with Wen Run.

Although it was said to be cleaning the pigsty, after all, it was a big star who had never done dirty work, and the program group did not dare to do too much. In fact, the pigsty was clean, and only food was arched everywhere by a few piglets.

The two people wore gloves, and one person held a water pipe. First, they washed the pigsty floor and trough vigorously, and then turned down the water to wash the five piglets. The piglets had not grown up yet, and they were chubby and white, and their tails swung behind them after washing, which seemed to have a strange look of sprouting.

Wen Run remembered the craze of raising pigs on Weibo before, went to the director group to borrow a marker, ran into the pigsty and grabbed the fattest piglet, drew a small flower on its forehead, and gently said: “You will be called Xiao Hua in the future. When the program records another four or five episodes, you should have grown up, and maybe you’ll have fresh pork!”

The plump body of the piglet shook, making a whining sound.

Qu Haowen looked at him silently, as if he was seeing him for the first time.

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