Wen Run felt that Ye Hansheng was a bit strange, and he couldn’t understand why he suddenly appeared in the program group. He thought for a while, but he couldn’t figure out why. He simply stopped struggling and pushed Ye Hansheng to the table.

Because of the appearance of Ye Hansheng, the cheerful atmosphere had a momentary stagnation. However, all the people present were experienced in the world, and after a short time they converged their emotions and began to entertain three guests from afar.

Wen Run and Ye Hansheng were the most familiar, and of course he was sitting on the right hand side of Ye Hansheng, while Huang Ziyu was sitting on the left hand side. Originally, the position was reserved for Shen Muxun, and his boss switched it, thus saving others embarrassment. After all, they had heard that President Ye’s temper was a little moody, and no one wanted to hit a stroke of bad luck easily. Who knew Huang Ziyu was sitting there, and others couldn’t say anything. Finally, Shen Muxun sat down beside Wen Run.

The food has been set up, and there was no high-grade red wine or even juice in the village. Finally, everyone replaced wine with tea, they raised their cups, and the atmosphere was warm.

Ye Hansheng seemed to be in a good mood today, and his face was kind. He didn’t ignore them when everyone raised their cups. When someone talked, he woild answer a few words kindly. Although his chopsticks hadn’t moved, he seemed better than the rumors. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

“Boss Ye, what do you want to eat, I will dish it for you.” Wen Run saw that he had not moved his chopsticks, he thought that he was too far away to get the vegetables, so he whispered.

Ye Hansheng looked at him with a smile. Instead of refusing, he whispered, “I want to drink chicken soup.”

His voice was very low, and no one could hear it clearly except Wen Run, but Wen Run was the only one who could hear it clearly. There was no chicken soup in today’s dish.

He thought back to the chicken soup that had been consumed cleanly at the hospital. He thought to himself that Boss Ye seemed to like chicken soup.

“There’s no chicken soup today, I’ll make you a pot of it when I get back?” Wen Run carefully looked at his expression, but he couldn’t see any emotions from that unchanging face, so he could only try to ask a question.

Ye Hansheng gazed at him, his cold and hard face slightly softened, thinking that this child was also too easy to read, and his heart was all written on his face.

There was no chicken soup today, so he would make a special pot for him to compensate when he got back?

“Good.” Ye Hansheng felt that he really hadn’t come on the wrong trip.


After the hot and lively meal, the guests still had to take the guests on a tour of the village. At the time of the meal, Chen Yun and Shen Muxun were already familiar with the other guests, and at this point there was naturally already a guide, the only one left was Ye Hangsheng, everyone looked at him, hesitant to speak.

“Let me take Mr Ye for a walk around the village.” Unexpectedly in the end, it was Huang Ziyu who spoke up first, her eyes eagerly looking at Ye Hansheng.

Ye Hansheng glanced at her faintly and didn’t respond. Instead, he casually pointed to Wen Run, “You’re an artist under Starland, right? You show me around.”

Huang Ziyu, who was directly ignored, looked embarrassed.

“Then I’ll take Boss Ye for a walk around the village.” Wen Run stepped forward and pushed Ye Hansheng’s wheelchair.

Chen Yun and Shen Muxun were led by the remaining four guests to the village to see the river, but Ye Hansheng pointed in the opposite direction, so Wen Run pushed him to the end of the village.

The follow-up cameraman was carrying the camera and wanted to follow. As a result, the director said something in the headset. He pretended to follow for a short time and then slipped away with oil on his feet.

So only Wen Run was pushing him down the concrete road.

The scenery in this small village wasn’t really that great, and with it being autumn again, everything was withering, and even the greenery was gone. He could only point to the field in the distance and tell Ye Hansheng what was once planted there, and what it looked like.

Wen Run introduced it seriously, but Ye Hansheng was a bit distracted.

Wen Run said, “Over there is Granny Wang’s house, when the director team was giving us a hard time before, it was Granny Wang who secretly told us the answer, saving us a lot of effort…”

Ye Hansheng, on the other hand, asked, “Is your home in Yuanshen County?”

The two of them spoke at the same time, Wen Run was stunned, and finally replied “hmm”, not knowing why he suddenly asked this.

“Did you go to high school in Yuanshen?” Ye Hansheng seemed to be just casually mentioning it, “It seems like I went there five or six years ago.”

Wen Run softly said “ah” in surprise, “You still remember?”

Ye Hansheng raised an eyebrow.

Wen Run smiled somewhat bashfully, “You probably don’t remember me, at that time I was in my second year of high school, I went up on stage as the school’s outstanding poor student to receive a scholarship, and that was when you gave me the award.”

“Something happened to happen to my family at that time, and if it wasn’t for the scholarship you funded, I might have dropped out of school. I thought you hadn’t remembered. I never had a chance to thank you.”

Ye Hansheng had only been testing the waters, but now it was confirmed that he really did remember him.

However, before he had time to be happy, he heard him talking about the past, and couldn’t help but be a little touched, “You used to… suffer a lot.”

But Wen Run smiled, “Actually, when I think back on it now, I don’t feel so bitter anymore. Instead, I feel very lucky.”

“Oh?”Ye Hansheng was appalled.

Wen Run didn’t push him forward anymore, but stopped under a big tree and slowly explained to him, “When I was studying, no matter how poor my family was, my family always supported me to go to school instead of dropping out of school early to work like the other kids in the same village.”

“Then in my second year of high school my mother became seriously ill, and I had already told my teachers that I was ready to take a break from school, but I ran into a kind person like you, who funded a scholarship that allowed me to finish high school.”

“Then came the college entrance exam, because I encountered a familiar type of question, I became the city’s top scholar by five points and took a lot of the prize money to come to B city to study. Otherwise, with my family’s conditions, I definitely wouldn’t be able to support the expensive living expenses in B City.”

“The last thing is that I signed up for Starland, although the previous year or so was not much, but the money earned was enough to help my family, and now I even have Zheng Xuan managing me.I think I’ve been very fortunate with all these forestry add-ups.”

“People always have to look forward and move forward. Looking back on those things after so many years, the bitterness I’ve suffered is sweet.”

His eyes shone as he said this, and when he recalled the past, he didn’t feel bitterness or pain, but rather felt that he had been too lucky.

Ye Hansheng didn’t expect him to say such words, and after pondering for a long time, he suddenly laughed.

“So it’s me who got it wrong.”He muttered in a low voice.

Wen Run didn’t understand and looked at him in confusion. But he found that he seemed to have lifted some extremely heavy burden, and his entire demeanor was much more relaxed. It was as if the traveler climbing over the mountains had finally arrived at his perch.

“You’re right.One must always look ahead and move forward.One cannot just wallow in the past.”

Ye Hansheng smiled at him, not a faint smile that occasionally hooked his lips, but a genuine smile that reminded Wen Run of the spring breeze that brushed the February willow, and of the genial-looking, only twenty-four-year-old Ye Hansheng.

His heart jumped suddenly, and his ears turned a little red.

Ye Hansheng, however, didn’t notice the thin redness on his ears as he turned the wheelchair and looked at Wen Run gently, “Walk with me again.”

Wen Run secretly took a deep breath, soothed his out of tune heartbeat, and pinched his ears before taking two steps forward to catch up with Ye Hansheng and continued to push him around the village.

The remote village did not have good scenery, but the occasional chickens and ducks passing by on the road, the villagers gathering in front of the door to chat, and the children chasing and playing, all had a sense of peace away from the hustle and bustle.

Wen Run pushed Ye Hansheng around the village and greeted a few familiar villagers, waiting until four o’clock in the afternoon, the guests would leave.

Before leaving, the guests had to rate the guests’ hospitality, and if they were satisfied, they would leave small gifts.

The last three guests gave the hospitality five stars. The small gift left by Chen Yun and Shen Muxun was a gift bag full of snacks, enough for five people to eat for two days.

Ye Hansheng didn’t leave any gifts, and no one dared to ask him for them. The three guests left just like that.

It wasn’t until the broadcast of the second phase and the recording of the third phase started that they learned from the director team that Mr. Ye had privately sponsored the renovation of the farmhouse and installed floor heating in every house.

Of course, all this was to come later. In the meantime, after the three guests left, the five guests had to continue their “farming life”.

The first few days of picking cotton for rice was enough for them, and the remaining two days were spent working for the neighbors for vegetables and meat to improve their lives. Without the pressure of survival, the guests got along very well with the villagers as they worked and chattered. Of course, Huang Ziyu had to be removed.

She sang in a short video and became popular, after that, she quickly signed an agency, after some packaging, she began to enter the entertainment industry. This was a good thing, but the agency she signed with had no personnel, and she also wanted to be famous, so she liked to create scandals. Today, she would send out a glamorous press release, tomorrow, she would have a scandal, she could do anything to get attention.

The other four members of the program team were a little defensive about her, but when they saw that the second phase had been recorded, they thought it had subsided.

The other four people in the program group were somewhat defensive about her, but after the second phase was recorded, and she didn’t see any moths, she thought it would stop. As a result, on the last day, when everyone finished recording and prepared to leave the group, someone suddenly broke a group of intimate photos of her and Wen Run on the Internet.

In the photo, Huang Ziyu was sitting on a pony in the courtyard, Wen Run was sitting next to her, they were very close to each other, no one knew what they said, Wen Run leaned close to Huang Ziyu with a bright smile on his face, while Huang Ziyu also looked at Wen Run sideways with a blush.

From the photo, the picture was even a bit beautiful.

The title of the scoop was also eye-catching, “Glowing teen romance exposed: suspected to be in hot love with net-popular Huang Ziyu.”


RIP to  her career, or not?

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