C4 —- Is Young Master Luo Jiu trying to move my person?


[System: say yes, it’s not like you’re giving yourself out, he also said that it was to thank you, it’s not like he bought it for you on purpose].


Lu Xiaoning was once again convinced by the system, “Okay.”




At the table, after the two of them ate for a while, Xie Peiran smiled and asked Lu Xiaoning, “Which university are you studying at? The closest one to here, South University?”


“Uh-huh.” Lu Xiaoning wasn’t surprised that Xie Peiran was able to guess, because the nearby twenty kilometers or so, there was only one university in the South.



Xie Peiran: “South University and my company happen to be on the same road, I drive to and from work, so if we run into each other occasionally in the future, I can drive you.”



Lu Xiaoning felt that Xie Peiran wasn’t just saying that, and his heart inexplicably warmed.


He laughed bitterly in the bottom of his heart, he also had a big disadvantage, being too easily moved.



Lu Xiaoning: “Then thanks in advance.”



After the two finished eating, Xie Peiran didn’t forget to tidy up the table and take away the garbage.



At the door, Xie Peiran looked at Lu Xiaoning and smiled, “Goodnight then.”


“Uh, good night.” Lu Xiaoning closed the door and went to the living room, suddenly feeling a bit lonely.


In fact, when he was in the mission world, because of the protagonist aura of the little scum, he was surrounded by a particularly large number of people who loved him.



Family, friends, and fans, all of them loved and indulged him.


But he simply didn’t dare to open his heart to the experience or to invest his feelings, he treated everyone as NPCs.



That way when he returned to this side after walking through the plot, he wouldn’t be saddened by the parting.



So even though he lived a happy life in the quest world, he felt lonely all the time.




Xie Peiran stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and smoked a cigarette, his heart aching at the thought of Lu Xiaoning’s thin, malnourished appearance.


He had to find a way to fatten up the little friend as soon as possible.




The next day, it was almost nine in the evening when Lu Xiaoning finished tutoring the children.


He ate a bowl of noodles in the neighborhood and prepared to take the subway home.


Instead, he was bumped into by a drunken white-haired teenager as he passed by the entrance of a crowded upscale bar.


There were a few small followers behind the white-haired one.


Lu Xiaoning didn’t bother with drunks, but when he was about to move forward, he was pulled back by White Hair.



“You didn’t even apologize for fucking bumping into me?!” White Hair snapped, attracting the attention of many people around him.


Lu Xiaoning wouldn’t cause trouble, but he wasn’t afraid of it either.



He looked at White Hair without the slightest bit of tension, “You’re the one who bumped into me.”



White hair was a rich young master with a rich and powerful family, and relying on these two points, he often bullied others.



In the afternoon, White Hair had lost a few million yuan playing cards and was in a bad mood, so he brought his minions out for a drink.


Seeing Lu Xiaoning contradict him, the fire came up.


“Damn you.” White Hair raised his hand and slapped Lu Xiaoning with all his might.


Under the gazes of the crowd, in a flash of lightning, Lu Xiaoning raised his hand and easily gripped White Hair’s wrist, folding it with force.


“Ah–!!!” White Hair’s face twisted together in pain, narrowly kneeling down in front of Lu Xiaoning.



Lu Xiaoning shook off White Hair, the best thing that the system did for him was that when he went to the mission world, in order to make sure that he didn’t collapse his persona thus affecting the development of the plot, he kept all of the Little scums skills and it also let him bring them back.


The little Scum was near-perfect except for his emotions, and knew an exceptional number of things, including judo.


Seeing that he had made a fool of himself in public, White Hair gritted his teeth and threw another punch towards Lu Xiaoning’s face.


Lu Xiaoning dodged to the side.


White Hair, who was so drunk that he couldn’t even walk steadily, directly pounced and fell heavily on the concrete floor.



It drew a burst of laughter.



White Hair furiously looked at his minions and pointed at Lu Xiaoning, “What are you all waiting for? Give him a beating!”


The little brothers were about to go forward to surround Lu Xiaoning and beat him when two people walked out of the bar.



One was the manager and the other was Xie Peiran.



The manager was all smiles, “Then, Mr. Xie, you guys take your time.”



Mr. Xie?



Everyone sniffed and looked, unexpectedly realizing that Xie Peiran was actually at the bar today.



Xie Peiran was well known in the plutocrat circle and second generation circle, and his reputation outside the circle was also great.



Not only was he the crown prince of the strongest plutocrat in the country, he was also the new person in charge.


Almost everyone present whose family did business had to rely on the Xie family.


Lu Xiaoning was slightly stunned, it was him?



Xie Peiran also saw Lu Xiaoning, he walked to Lu Xiaoning’s side and asked with a smile, “Xiaoning, why are you here?”



The crowd clamored, did Xie Peiran know this young classmate? The relationship seemed to be quite good.


Lu Xiaoning skimmed his eyes at the white haired man, “Ran into some trouble.”



Xie Peiran frowned slightly, “What happened?”


Lu Xiaoning told Xie Peiran the whole story.


After hearing this, Xie Peiran looked at the White Haired man, the corners of his mouth were smiling, but there was not a bit of warmth under his eyes, “Is this Young Master Luo Jiu trying to move my person?”


Crowd: ????


What? My person? Was he Xie Peiran’s little boyfriend?


Lu Xiaoning: ……



Don’t make it so easy to misunderstand, okay?




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