C3 —– Can I borrow your bathroom?


Was it his good looks or the aura on him that he liked?


Then it would be good to have some fun.



He didn’t seem too hard to chase, and it just so happened that he had just broken up with his previous partner the day before yesterday.


Lin Yi took out his cell phone and sent out a message.



[Lin Yi: Go check out someone.]




Tomorrow was Sunday, and even though Lu Xiaoning didn’t have classes, he had to get up at six to go tutor some children.


So even though it was only just after nine, he was already ready to go to bed.


Just as he was returning to his bedroom, the doorbell rang.


“Who is it in the middle of the night.” Lu Xiaoning walked to the entrance hall, looked at the visual doorbell, and realized that it was Xie Peiran who had just moved in across.


Lu Xiaoning hesitated for a few seconds and opened the door, “Is there something wrong?”


Xie Peiran smiled, “It’s like this, I was just getting ready to take a shower and realized that the shower in the bathroom is broken, I was going to go to the hotel to get a room, but it turns out that my ID card isn’t with me, so I don’t know if I can borrow your bathroom.”


Lu Xiaoning had always known that he had a big flaw, and that was a soft heart.


He had it in his last life, and he still had it in this life as well.


When he saw others showing weakness and seeking his help, he wouldn’t be able to bear to refuse.



It was probably because when he was weak, he didn’t have a single person around him, so he carried it all by himself.


Because he had gotten caught in the rain once, he wanted to hold an umbrella for others.


[Lu Xiaoning: looking at him like this, I kinda want to help him, but the thought of a stranger coming into the house to use the bathroom makes me a little uncomfortable].


[System: But he looks so pitiful, let’s help him.]


[Lu Xiaoning: …… Still can’t.]



[System: When you were the little scum, when you saw an old grandpa who couldn’t afford to eat, you would treat him to a super deluxe bowl of seafood noodles, but why can’t you help Xie Peiran? You and that old grandpa only have a one-sided relationship, but you and Xie Peiran are neighbors ah, maybe in the future you will become good friends, if you don’t help with such a small thing, won’t it a bit unreasonable]?



Lu Xiaoning:?


Why hadn’t he realized before that the system was so kind-hearted?


When he was in the body of the little slag, apart from the protagonist, when he wanted to help others, the system would always tell him to mind his own business.


“Is that a no?” Xie Peiran asked tentatively.


Lu Xiaoning thought about it and agreed: “No, you can use it.”


“Thanks.” Xie Peiran quickly brought his bathrobe and came to Lu Xiaoning’s home.



Lu Xiaoning brought him into the house and pointed to the right front, “The bathroom is there.”


“Okay.” Xie Peiran went into the bathroom, and the sound of water soon came from inside.


Lu Xiaoning sat down on the sofa and played with his cell phone.


Five minutes later, the bathroom door opened.


Lu Xiaoning reflexively raised his eyes and saw Xie Peiran walk out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe.


Xie Peiran’s hair was still dripping, and a large portion of his chest and abs were exposed.


The perfect abs coupled with the perfect face made Lu Xiaoning instantly unable to look away.


So damn handsome.


Xie Peiran walked to Lu Xiaoning and stopped in front of him, asking with a smile on his face, “What are you looking at?”


Lu Xiaoning almost got compelled, this was obviously asking a question knowingly!



“Nothing.” As he spoke, he couldn’t help but skim his abs again.


Xie Peiran didn’t chase after him either, “By the way, I didn’t find a hairdryer.”


“Wait a moment.” Lu Xiaoning got up and went to the bedroom to bring a hairdryer to Xie Peiran.


Xie Peiran quickly blew out his hair and returned the hairdryer, “By the way, I ordered takeout, as a thank you, I’ll bring it over to eat with you.”



Lu Xiaoning: “No……”


“I ordered raw marinated seafood, sesame seeds, and barbecue, it was quite a lot. Although I can eat them all by myself, it would be more delicious for two people to eat together. “Xie Peiran invited with a gentle expression on his face.


Lu Xiaoning instantly craved.


[Lu Xiaoning: Do you think I should say yes?]



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