C5 —- How about it, relieved?


The white haired man was called Luo Jiu, and his family were Xie Peiran’s subordinates.



Luo Jiu was so scared that his tongue was all tied up, his mind was blank: “Yes, I’m sorry, I, I didn’t know, he was ……”



Xie Peiran: “The object of the apology doesn’t seem to be me, right?”



Luo Jiu hurriedly looked at Lu Xiaoning: “Yes, I’m sorry.”



Lu Xiaoning: “Oh, I don’t forgive you.”


Luo Jiu: ……



Xie Peiran raised his eyebrows with interest.



Lu Xiaoning’s voice was icy cold: “Are you sincerely trying to apologize to me? No, you’re apologizing to me because you’re afraid of Xie Peiran.”



“……” The scene was immediately silent, this little boyfriend was different ah, he actually dared to call Xie Peiran by his name.



Xie Peiran looked at Luo Jiu: “Since he refuses to forgive you, then I’ll have to cancel all cooperation with your family to make him feel better.”



Luo Jiu’s body violently trembled, he was so scared that he directly knelt at Xie Peiran’s feet, “Mr. Xie! Don’t! I was wrong!”



His dad would definitely beat him to death if he knew that he had lost the family’s cooperation with the Xie family!



Lu Xiaoning was expressionless.



Xie Peiran also looked as if he didn’t see it and said to Lu Xiaoning, “Shall we go then?”



“Okay.” Lu Xiaoning followed Xie Peiran out of the crowd.



Luo Jiu wanted to chase after them, but didn’t dare to.



Xie Peiran looked at Lu Xiaoning, “How is it, relieved?”



Lu Xiaoning softly answered, “Uh-huh.”



Just now when Xie Peiran called out Luo Jiu’s name, he suddenly remembered that he had met Luo Jiu in his previous life.



Luo Jiu liked Lin Yi, was Lin Yi’s loyal dog, and bullied him for Lin Yi.



Even his death back then, Luo Jiu was a direct participant.



Xie Peiran had helped him out a bit.



Lu Xiaoning clenched his fists, and a strong hatred surfaced in his expression.



Xie Peiran walked to the Rolls Royce parked on the street, opened the passenger door, waited for Lu Xiaoning to get on the car, and then closed it with a gentle expression.


The crowd was once again dumbfounded.



“This is the first time I’ve seen Xie Peiran help someone else with the car door.”



“Is that someone else? That’s Xie Peiran’s little boyfriend.”



“He looks so small ah, is he an adult?”



“I don’t know if he’s an adult or not, but I know that Xie Peiran has never been so protective of someone.”



Who didn’t know in their plutocratic circle and second generation circle, although Xie Peiran looked gentle and easy-going, in fact, his heart was black and ruthless, once he was messed with it, it was the end.


For example, the person who was still kneeling on the ground, would soon be dealt with.



Luo Jiu’s body was trembling with fear, but suddenly, he remembered that there was someone who might be able to help him.



–Lin Yi.



Right! Lin Yi!



As if he had grabbed a lifesaver, Luo Jiu stumbled up, took out his cell phone, and went to the side to make a call.



The Lin family and the Xie family were family friends, so as long as Lin Yi convinced Uncle Lin to go and plead for him at Xie Peiran’s place, there was a high probability that Xie Peiran would let him off the hook.



“With Luo Jiu looking like this, it can’t be that he’s trying to ask Lin Yi for help, right?”



“Lin Yi has always treated him as a dog at his beck and call, how could he possibly help him?”



“But people just think he’s a good friend of Lin Yi.”



“I’ve actually looked down on Luo Jiu for a long time, I’m happy that something happened to him.”



“But who is this Xie Peiran’s little boyfriend? Do you guys know?”



“I don’t know ah.”



What Luo Jiu didn’t know was that Lin Yi would also be present at this moment.


But not in the crowd, in the sports car parked to the side, sitting on the passenger side.



Lin Yi had come over here with a friend to pick someone up, and hadn’t expected to witness the whole process just now.



On the driver’s seat, Wen Han took out his cigarette and lighter: “Luo Jiu, that stupid bastard, he actually messed with Xie Peiran’s little boyfriend, stupid.”



Those of them who usually played together, their relationship was actually quite good, they weren’t just drunken friends.



But they all looked down on Luo Jiu.



Not to mention the fact that he was a dog when dealing with Ah Yi, he was too much of a pretender.



Therefore, they usually didn’t care about Luo Jiu.



The money that Luo Jiu lost in poker today was set up by a few of them.



Lin Yi was impatient: “You won’t smoke?”



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