Because there was still scenes ahead, Chu Chen came not long ago. He didn’t change his clothes especially, so he wore the costume for the next scene.



Some fans could stay and watch one or two scenes, and they had guaranteed that they wouldn’t take videos of the filming process.


Compared with Chu Chen, Lan Peirou was the least burdened. When she came, the pages in her hand were still open.


The next scene was for the three of them. Her assistant brought a bottle of ice water to Chu Chen and Fang Lin.



Chu Chen looked at Lan Peirou with a smile, reminiscing: “I was similar to you when I was studying, sometimes I couldn’t drop my phone. What are you reading now?”



“Very normal emotions, you shouldn’t like it,” Lan Peirou was still trying to explain herself: “But the plot is bad.”



“I understand I understand,” Chu Chen followed her words and looked at Fang Lin, who had just put the script aside, “Peirou and I are similar, I remember you’re not a science major? Was your university more relaxed?”



Fang Lin thought back for a moment, he also felt he had nothing to hide: “It was okay, after the third year there were no classes, I wasn’t too busy, so I went to a bar as a resident singer at that time.”



Hearing him say so, Lan Peirou turned to him, her life direction had been very standard, she had been strictly tutored since childhood, after going to college, she also continued this rule of life, before graduating, she rarely went to such occasions, she looked at him admiringly: “Really?”



Fang Lin nodded with a smile: “Yes, but nothing unusual, just holding a guitar and singing.”



But Lan Peirou showed a very admiring and longing expression: “That’s great, then you may also be able to sell singles in the future, if not for my inability to sing, I definitely want to enter the recording studio every day.”



Fang Lin smiled and didn’t say too many details.



He did work as a resident singer for a while, not that he sang so well, but it was better than the average person’s level.


It was just that he was anxious to save money. He followed his roommate once on his birthday, and was encouraged to sing a song. Later, he was liked by the boss and got a part-time job. He also knew that it was mainly because of his appearance, how he sang while sitting there with a guitar was the second.



The money offered by the boss was very high, he had no reason to refuse.


He went there two to three days a week, at first he felt a bit embarrassed to get that salary, but later on he really started to have a regular audience, some of the girls who originally came to get drunk, with their faces painted with elaborate makeup, would be willing to wait for him at the booth at regular intervals, they’d listen to him sing some less known songs, and try their best to ask for his contact information.



He knew that his singing was just like that, so he picked some less difficult songs, and staying in the bar for almost a year wasn’t without its benefits, at least it washed away a lot of the timidity in him, which helped a lot when he was later tapped to sign with a company and figure out how to act.



Hui Yao had a background in gathering online traffic, and was accustomed to wanting to cultivate its artists into perfect idols, so he thought that this part of his life wasn’t too glamorous, so he never put it on his resume, plus Fang Lin had no fame, so no one would notice this even more.


At the time, Hui Yao wouldn’t even let him mention it, but now that his contract was terminated, Fang Lin could finally talk about it as if it were a pointless trifle.


“That’s great,” Lan Peirou murmured as she looked at him, “That’s great, if I have the chance in the future, I’d like to hear about it.”


Fang Lin was a little embarrassed at being praised all the time, “Didn’t Sister Peirou act in the Golden Melody Award winner’s music video before, those are the ones with strength.”


“Can it be the same?!” Lan Peirou said uncaringly, “He’s the King of Songs, so I just took it as a job to complete it, there is an idol filter, unlike you, it’s different.”



Chu Chen also nodded, “Okay, when there is an opportunity after the finalization of the film, I can also stop by and invite you to have a meal.”



After all, after spending more than half a month together, their scene together were much, so they all got familiar with each other, the relationship between the actors was finally not a label, but each had a different experience, a vivid life. They also began to call each other friends, sharing some of the past with each other.



Fang Lin felt his heart was full, a feeling he didn’t hate at all.


Their professionalism was still there, even the fans on the scene didn’t affect them, and Rong Jiu also knew that there were fans in, so he was lenient enough with the actors, in short, the whole process of visiting the set was very smooth, the respective fans were very satisfied, when it was close to the evening, the crew arranged a car for them and they left in high spirits.



Chu Chen and his team still had a scene tonight. Fang Lin finished work today and thought it was still early. He wasn’t waiting for the production team to have dinner, so he called Tao Le and they went out to eat together.



They chose a place that was farther away, almost close to the commercial street of the next film city, one person rented a bicycle to ride, while driving around and chatting.



Tao Le sat down and checked with him about the next schedule, the script itself didn’t have many episodes, the shooting cycle was less than three months, Fang Lin’s scenes were mainly concentrated in the front, it could be shot in a month. After half a month, the venue would change to Zhuhai, and some scenes would be shot there.



Now there was less than a week left for the drama on the crew’s end, and they had only been there for three weeks. Tao Le, like Fang Lin, also developed a sense of reluctance, “Hey Fang Lin, will we just leave the crew after finishing the last scene in Zhuhai?”





“We won’t come back then?” Tao Le said, “I think the atmosphere of this crew is quite good, it’s quite sad to leave.”



In fact, Fang Lin himself also thought so, but Tao Le said it out loud, if he followed and agreed with it, it would seem pretentious, he simply change the topic to reveal the present, “Then what are the plans for next month?”



When it came to business, Tao Le got serious: “The next door station has a public service propaganda film appointment, and someone from Hai Lin said that you can prepare for the advertisement, brother Xia said that there is also a notice in the talks, he’s seeing if it can be gotten. By the way, he explained that your Weibo has been slightly more popular recently, and Hai Lin’s unified management of an artist’s Weibo isn’t that strict, but it’s better to post less controversial content.”



Tao Le sighed with emotion, “Sure enough, brother Xia has finally come to manage you …… Although I know you’re going to be annoyed with me again if I say it, I really feel like I see hope, I won’t lie to you. That’s what I thought when I helped you prepare gifts for the fans, and even though I only sent out two today, there will definitely be more than that in the future!”



Fang Lin didn’t blow him off this time, and was very cooperative, “Right, and then you’ll be a famous artist’s assistant.”


Tao Le grinned heartily at this, as if Fang Lin was really popular in the next second.


There were large hotels and many small restaurants in the film and television city. The two of them found a private restaurant and ordered a few dishes, but there was no private room available. They sat in the corner by the window.



Fang Lin was a southerner, but he was also able to eat spicy food. Tao Le was from Sichuan, he couldn’t even mention it, the little fat man also looked for a waiter to ask for a can of beer and three pounds of crayfish, Fang Lin looked at him and smiled: ” Take good care of your body, don’t eat all kinds of food before I become popular, or you won’t be able to witness the birth of a new star.”



Hearing him say this, Tao Le’s nose wrinkled: “What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with me besides being a bit fat?”


Fang Lin pointed in front of him and said succinctly, “Happy Meal.”



But after all was said and done, he also took one, broke the head of the shrimp and atet slowly.



Because he was wearing gloves, his cell phone lit up for a bit in the middle of the meal, but he didn’t have time to care.



Only when he had eaten til his lips were red and oily did he take off his gloves and wipe his mouth then open his cell phone.



The message was sent by Xia Qi, the content was similar to what Tao Le explained, but specially emphasized one point, that was, Fang Lin should be more active on Weibo, It was said that relevant news about him was being posted, so he had to establish a personal identity. However, before doing anything major, he still needed to be informed.


The two of them had been eating for almost two hours but still hadn’t finished. Fang Lin said he wanted to take a walk nearby for a snack, but Tao Le didn’t follow and went back on his own.



Fang Lin carried the packed crayfish slowly through the commercial street, looking at the distance, there was still a crew preparing for night scenes, the lights were bright.

He wondered what kind of crew it was.



As a result, before this thought could fall, a cough came from behind him.


He turned back and realized that the other party was wearing a mask, but was still quite recognizable, “Meng Jinyu?”


He suddenly remembered, Chu Chen had said that the other party didn’t receive the role of Jing Chuan, so he took on a new role next door, he didn’t expect to meet him here.


On such a hot day, he was still wrapped in a long black jacket, a pair of eyes looked at Fang Lin a bit vigilantly, he looked around for a while before he carefully took off his mask. His expression wasn’t very descriptive, Fang Lin referred to the description in Lan Peirou’s favorite book, it was about three points of suspicion, three points of disdain, three points of temptation, and the last point he couldn’t find the adjective at once.



But the emotions in Meng Jinyu’s eyes didn’t last long, because before he could speak, his stomach rumbled.


Fang Lin looked at him in amusement.


He probably just slipped out of the crew to forage for food.



“What are you laughing at?” Meng Jinyu was dissatisfied, “If it wasn’t for my assistant having something to do, you wouldn’t be able to see me.”



After saying that, he looked behind Fang Lin.



“Don’t worry, I didn’t follow you, nor did I want to use you for hype.” After knowing that he was really being looked over during the audition, Fang Lin’s view of Meng Jinyu had a subtle change, and although his mood was still a bit complicated, he currently felt that this person didn’t seem that bad.



Meng Jinyu looked at him intensely.



…… Then his stomach growled again.



Fang Lin saw that his eyes had begun to look toward his packed box, he simply handed it over: “It’s still hot, will you eat?”


Meng Jinyu finally looked satisfied, with a ‘Well, look at that, I’ve caught you in the act’ expression, “You’re bribing me!”



“Bye.” Fang Lin didn’t talk nonsense at all, he turned around and left.


“Hey wait!”



Probably starving, Meng Jinyu reluctantly opened his mouth, “…… I’ll eat.”



Fang Lin turned back, “Big star, if you eat here, it’s easy to be photographed, or let’s change the place for you to eat with gloves?”


The big star condescendingly agreed.


Meng Jinyu looked exquisite, his eating was also showy, he could peel a shell for three minutes, the shrimp paste was too fishy so he didn’t want it, shrimp threads also had to be picked clean, but every piece of shrimp meat went into his mouth, he ate happily, and even licked a finger.



Fang Lin sat by and didn’t bother to give a hand. “Otherwise, you might as well go find food yourself. You look tired. Oh, the street doesn’t have Michelin.”



Hearing him say this, Meng Jinyu raised his eyes again and glared at him angrily, but it wasn’t very powerful, nor was it fierce, rather like a cat with open teeth and claws.


“Don’t,” he said, “it’s delicious.”


He peeled the shrimp really slowly, and still talked to Fang Lin in the process of peeling, just in a pretty stiff tone, “How come you haven’t finished filming yet?”



Fang Lin pulled the corner of his mouth to smile: “I wasn’t waiting to meet you by chance.”



“You ……!” Meng Jinyu’s face bulged, but a mouthful of spicy oil weakened his anger, and he was still hissing from the spice while talking, without any sense of shock, but like a rant, “Why do you keep talking with a thorn in your side!”



Fang Lin held up his hands, “I’m not.”


Meng Jinyu was busy eating shrimp and ignored him again.



Looking at this person peeling shrimp was simply a waste of a good life, Fang Lin wanted to walk away when he heard Meng Jinyu’s phone ring, the other party wore headphones, his hands were stained with oil, he was obviously alarmed for a moment, and was very sure of who the caller was, he must have specifically set the ringtone.



“You, you you ……” he bit his lip before calling Fang Lin’s name, “can you help me press answer?”



All his bravado was gone, he now looked like a capricious youth who had become overwhelmed because he couldn’t answer the phone.



Such an important call?


Fang Lin thought to himself, and didn’t make things difficult for him, walked over to him and pressed connect, the caller display “Y”.



Meng Jinyu answered too quickly, and when Fang Lin pulled back slightly, he heard a somewhat coarse male voice on the other side.





This one was very different, and Fang Lin watched as Meng Jinyu switched to a gentle tone, and then moved his position again and again, trying to move away from Fang Lin.


All of this person’s moves were too easy to guess, so Fang Lin thoughtfully took two more steps back and heard Meng Jinyu say to the other person, “Uh, eating. Have you eaten yet?”



“Eating crayfish.”


“No, my assistant is peeling them for me.”



“Good, good, good.”








He didn’t hear what followed, only remembering that Meng Jinyu’s tone was so soft that the crayfish in his hand was blown cold, and he hung up the phone before continuing to eat.


“My friend.” Fang Lin actually didn’t intend to ask more, but Meng Jinyu had to explain one more sentence here and there.


“…… Oh.” Fang Lin nodded his head woodenly, “You have a really good relationship with your friend.”



Meng Jinyu didn’t glare at him this time, and didn’t lose his temper, he was in a much better mood after receiving that phone call, and proudly said, “That’s right.”


Seeing that it was getting late, Fang Lin also planned to go back, “Then you eat, I’m leaving.”


“Hey!” Meng Jinyu saw him stand up and subconsciously tried to call him back again.



Fang Lin looked at him, “What else do you command?”


Meng Jinyu hummed, “Thank you.”


“It’s just serving the people.” He casually replied back.



Meng Jinyu shoved the rest of the crayfish back into Fang Lin’s hand, “It was delicious. I’ll buy it next time too.”


The tone of his voice was like a child in elementary school competing over a yo-yo.


“Oh,” Fang Lin nodded noncommittally, “Right.”




“It doesn’t make much sense, but I’ll at least say one thing,” Fang Lin’s tone was casual, “I didn’t steal your role.”



“This ah,” Meng Jinyu didn’t expect this topic, “I know.”


“Otherwise I wouldn’t have called out to you.”


Fang Lin raised an eyebrow, “Then I still have to thank you.”


“I’m leaving.”



Fang Lin went to find a bike to ride back, and while riding on it, he saw Meng Jinyu not far away carefully taking his cell phone out again, dialing a call, and revealing that sweet look he had ten minutes ago.



He didn’t quite understand.


Wasn’t this person a big boss behind him? Why did it look like falling in love?


Fang Lin decided to seek help. It …… wasn’t very understandable.


Back on his side of the set, Lan Peirou had just gotten off the scene, so Fang Lin walked over and casually chatted first.



Seeing that the other party was about to pull out her cell phone again, he saw the opportunity and asked, “By the way, Sister Peirou, what kind of movies do you usually watch?”



The other party didn’t mind chatting about this topic, “Many ah, I’ve been reading for many years, I’ve seen everything. Why?”


“No no no, I’m just curious ……” Fang Lin looked natural, “I’m asking for my friend, it’s that he’s suddenly interested in that kind …… of thing lately.”


“Which kind?”


“It’s that kind, that …… kind of …… something about a domineering president and a young lover …… that kind of ……”



Fang Lin swore that he was just curious about what was written inside this kind of novel because of Meng Jinyu’s attitude, nothing else.



“Oh!” Rather, it was Lan Peirou who revealed a look of sudden realization, “That ah! I have!”


Fang Lin blinked.



“Hey, why does that friend of yours still look at these now? It’s all from when I was studying, wait for me to look for it ah, when I go back to the hotel, I’ll send it to you.” Lan Peirou was in a hurry to remove her makeup and said to him while walking, “Don’t worry, there’s enough!”



“Ah?” Fang Lin didn’t know how it was going to take so long to find, “…… Oh.”


As a result, fifteen minutes later, Fang Lin sat in the hotel, opened QQ, and began to frantically receive files.


Some could still be received, some seem to stop transmission because of violations.



…… It was a lot.



There was a wide array of contents, and he had just opened the file packet when he saw a string of titles and almost didn’t take a breath.



The President’s Spicy Secretary


The President’s Double-sided Lover



The President’s Little Secretary’s Stealing Heart Tricks



The Panther’s Tenderness: The President’s Lover’s Favored Palm



“The Chief President’s Runaway Wife


“The President’s Young Ancestor


“The Tyrant President’s Wild Brand”.


“President vs. Hot Mistress



“President vs. Pretty Maid


“President vs. Fresh Secretary


“Catch the cool president”.


What’s this?


What was this?





Fang Lin didn’t quite recognize these words for a moment and became subtly suspicious of the world.


By coincidence, his cell phone rang.



He looked at the incoming call, and then looked at those article titles.

The president, who I haven’t talked to in over half a month, comes to my door.



…… Wow.


Fang Lin reverently pressed connect with one finger.


Thinking about Meng Jinyu’s tone today, and all this weird stuff right now, he suddenly wondered if his attitude towards the president was a little less than respectful.






Duan Changke’s voice was low, as if he was walking, “Busy?”


Fang Lin pinched his throat, “Uh, eating. Have you eaten yet?”


“…… ate.”


Fang Lin: “I’m eating crayfish.”


Duan Changke probably felt strange, “Hmm. No need to report to me what you ate.”



Fang Lin: “Okay ah good ah.”



Duan Changke had a rare moment of eerie silence, “…… Fang Lin. You can just say what you want.”



“Uh-huh uh-huh.”






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