C22— It’s Hard To Fly Without Wings (X)



The man with glasses was in a strange position with his back to him, leaning against the wall, stubbornly refusing to come closer.



This posture was full of resistance, Kou Dong’s eyes darkened, his fingers fell into the trouser pocket and touched the scales. The scales that came off on its own weren’t as slippery as the ones that were growing, it was more like a thin jewel, with rounded edges that were unusually sharp.



“I don’t need you to comfort me.” After finally calming down a bit, the man with the glasses muttered – his pronunciation of the words was also strange, as if his tongue was blocking his throat, and he could barely spit out the vague words.





After saying this, he stood up and stumbled towards the corner. Kou Dong stood in the same place, his hand rubbed the scales again, his heart gradually became clear.



He was afraid of this.



When walking back, Kou Dong asked Song Hong: “How much do you know about that programmer?”



Song Hong obviously didn’t expect him to ask this question, he was slightly stunned.



“Programmer? …… Oh, the one with the glasses, not much. I don’t know him outside, but he doesn’t seem to have much guts.”



This was said to give face to the man with glasses. In fact, he wasn’t only not bold, Ah Xue wasn’t as scared as he was. From the moment he entered the copy, the man with glasses had been in an overly tense state of preparedness, and his nerves were delicate enough to break at any time.



If they didn’t need him, Song Hong wouldn’t be polite to him. They all knew what they were in the game for, there was no need to put effort into useless people and things.



He asked Kou Dong, “Is he wrong?”



Kou Dong nodded, “Nine out of ten. I want to go into his room and take a look.”



Song Hong looked at him with a somewhat strange expression, thoughtfully sizing him up. When Kou Dong noticed, he asked, “What’s wrong?”



Only then did Song Hong take back his thoughtful gaze, rubbing his chin.



“Is this really your first time in the game?” He said, “You’re not really. ……”




He had seen many people who entered the game for the first time, most of them moved by the huge wealth and decided to take the risk – for example, the middle-aged man who died earliest had the desire for contribution points written on his face.




But they usually didn’t make it far. Newcomers usually preferred to act alone, and weren’t willing to group to share the contribution value, most simply didn’t last past halfway through the game.



“You are too calm,” Song Hong said, “calm to the point of it being abnormal.”


Kou Dong: “What? You suspect me?”



Believe me little brother, if you also come in with full favorability points from the NPC, you will also be calm.



If you’re not calm, at most you’d lose a hand – if I am not calm, I can be eaten alive.




“That isn’t the case,” Song Hong smiled, “it’s like you were – born to fit here.”




Kou Dong narrowed his eyes, “Can this be considered a good thing?”



Song Hong: “Probably not.”



He shoved his hands into his pockets, and after a moment of silence, he spoke, “I’ll lure that programmer out, but I can’t guarantee the time.”



“It’s okay,” Kou Dong replied, “just do your best.”



The smile lines on Song Hong’s face deepened a bit, his hand patted him on the shoulder, then he turned a corner and found Ah Xue, who was on the same team as him, standing there with her arms crossed, waiting for him. The little girl now tied her black hair into a ponytail, her appearance didn’t match her gloomy indifference.



“Don’t keep a strained face,” Song Hong couldn’t resist reaching out to pinch her cheeks, “you have to smile more, you’re so young and old-fashioned.”




Ah Xue expressionlessly turned her head to the side: “You promised?”


“Didn’t you ask me to promise?” Song Hong helplessly said, “You chattered about it last night, didn’t you mean to say yes to his request?”



He actually couldn’t understand this little girl, although she wasn’t old, her eyes were always filled with bleakness of the world, and she saw things extraordinarily keenly, “You should give me an explanation now, right?”




The corners of Ah Xue’s lips seem to have a thin smile. She pushed the glasses on her face and simply said, “I suspect that there is another relationship between him and the experimental body.”



“How so?”



“Pants.” The young girl was concise, “He only had slime on his pants.”




At that time they didn’t take off their white coats, the first time they were swarmed by the experimental body, after easily escaping, all of them were in a mess, the experimental body’s slime stained everywhere, especially concentrated in the neck.




Ah Xue stretched out her hand to pinch his neck.



Song Hong: “…… what are you doing?”



His breathing was a little unstable, and in a trance, he remembered the force of the experimental body that almost choked him to death, and looked at her inexplicably, “What does this mean?”



“If someone makes this move on you,” the young girl asked him with a stern expression, “what does it mean?”




“What else can it mean,” said Song Hong, “want to ki-ll you.”



“Very true.”



The little girl squatted down again, and her slim white palms firmly clasped his feet and calves.



“What if it’s this?”



Song Hong opened his mouth and suddenly hesitated a little. He said softly, “Trying to drag people away?”



“That’s right,” Ah Xue’s pupils seemed to have a cluster of flames shaking in the depths, “It’s a death game for all of us, but only a life game for him-”



“If he doesn’t have a special connection with the NPCs of this copy, then I can only understand that the whole game is open to him.”



Song Hong finally understood, but there was still some doubt in his heart, “You’re not afraid that he’s on the side of this game?”



The young girl lifted her eyelids and gave him a glance, that glance was filled with unconcealed contempt, “You men, aren’t all of you not long-eyed?”



Song Hong was disliked for no reason and couldn’t help but touch his nose.




“If it was really on one side, these NPCs wouldn’t look at him that way.” The little girl said, “That kind of gaze ……”



If there was an entity, that kind of gaze was enough to skin and bone people and devour them into their bellies.




Fallen love was far more horrible than hate.



Meanwhile, Experiment S was in a petri dish and slowly opened his eyes.




He stirred the water waves, rocking his slender and robust body up, his dark blue fishtail sent the water splashing and clattering against the glass. His long, sharp hands covered his scales, his pupils clouded with a mist, and he heavily slapped his tail on the glass.




With a loud crash, something fell from beneath him and rolled with a grunt to the bottom of the petri dish. The round beads, masked with a milky white glow, crackled and spilled everywhere.



His slender pupils revealed a hint of satisfaction, his tail flipped in the nutrient solution, and when he opened his mouth, there were two sharp fangs inside.







Experiment S made a muffled sound and stared straight up into the air at a spot, grinning at the corners of his lips.






Glasses man was rather impatient, he pulled the door open a bit, he looked around and saw only Song Hong and Ah Xue, he seemed relieved, “What are you doing?”



“How can you be inside all the time?” Song Hong said gently, “If you don’t command, we don’t know where to start.”



“It’s just a mechanical arm,” the man quickly said, “I’m starving, I don’t have the strength to accompany you guys to get this for now.”



The players didn’t dare to eat as they wished. When it came to hunger, even their intestines twitched.



Song Hong: “So all the more reason to hurry up and get out, if we stay locked up, the consequences are endless.”


The man with glasses was still quite alert, “Everyone is outside?”


Song Hong: “Yes, a few of them are on the fourth floor, let’s start with the whole design on the first floor. ”



His words made the man with glasses waver and finally hesitantly took his foot from the room door, “Okay.”


Immediately he came out, he closed the door.


Song Hong didn’t move, “I have my eye on a part on the second floor ……”



“There are no available parts on the second floor,” the man with glasses interrupted him, dragging his steps slowly, “You shouldn’t dismantle the test bench.”



Several people walked farther and farther away, finally turned a corner and disappeared after Kou Dong opened the door from the opposite side, and quickly picked the lock.



Game system: [……]



Alas, he really knew bad things, he was harmful to society.



This time he was much faster than the last time, Kou Dong cautiously closed the room behind him.



Until he confirmed that there was no movement outside, he lifted his head and surveyed the room.



The glasses man’s dormitory was no different from the others, it was a standard four-room, bunk bed, the bed was covered with exactly the same gray quilt, and even a backpack wasn’t visible. At first glance, it was an ordinary room.



The curtains were drawn tightly and there was no light at all.




Kou Dong reached out and rummaged through the bedding, and didn’t find anything, and saw a small packet of compressed cookies hidden by the man with glasses, hidden quite tightly, like a treasure.



“Alas,” Kou Dong let out a long sigh, “this broken game has tort-ured people, even the cookies were regurgitated ……”



He couldn’t help but think of the octopus balls again.



System: [There is nothing to be found.]



There was a hidden glee in its voice.


“Why not?” Kou Dong raised his eyebrows and retorted, “at least there’s something to eat. It’s enough for a day.”



His hand was still flapping on the bedding, a little groping.



If it wasn’t for fear of scales, what would the man with glasses do with his back to him? It couldn’t be that much kidney deficiency?


There was no map on this quilt—




Kou Dong’s hand suddenly touched a small protrusion, hidden under the cover, it wasn’t obvious, a thin piece. He had to rub it carefully inch by inch to find out that there was something else hidden inside.




He pulled the cover completely away and put his arm inside to search for it, and when he found it, he exhaled slightly and smiled, “So this is it.”



The thing he pulled out was clearly another white coat that had been scratched and torn.

System: [You know it?]



Kou Dong said, “An old object.”


During the first search, he found the six lab coats, and he felt strange at that time.



There were seven of them, but only six were left. At that time, Kou Dong thought that the missing piece was worn by the NPC who first led them.



Now it seemed that this wasn’t the case.



Kou Dong turned the clothes over and saw the metal chest plate worn on the top. The badge was stained with brown blo-od, and he wiped it vigorously with his index finger, picking off the stain before he could read the words underneath: Chief Jin.



He held his shirt open and counted the marks on it.



Scratching, biting, a slime, blo-od …… almost all the experiments he saw now had left their attack marks on it, except for Experiment S.



All of this was presented on this backing cloth, the composition of the effect really made people sick to their stomachs. Just looking at it, he knew exactly what kind of bl-oody appearance this person was torn into.



He took the piece of clothing, removed the ID, and tucked it into his pocket, then he touched the scales tightly.



Turning, he opened the door and walked out frankly.



The mechanical arm had made some progress, the crowd finally made a preliminary prototype, which made everyone vaguely relieved. When it came to the rendezvous, the man with glasses seemed to have sensed something and suddenly turned around and walked quickly towards his dormitory.




Song Hong’s gaze contained worry and glanced at Kou Dong. Kou Dong didn’t react, still standing motionless.




In a short while, the man with glasses came out of the dorm with a gloomy face. He walked straight up to Kou Dong and asked in a hissing voice, “Is it you?”



Kou Dong looked innocent, just looking at his appearance, he was simply a living little white lotus, “What?”



“Took my things,” the man with glasses stared at him, “isn’t it you?”




Kou Dong quickly replied, “Big brother, you’re slandering, am I the kind of person who steals and touches other people’s things?”



The system was convinced by his thick skin.



The man with glasses turned his gaze to Song Hong again, “It’s you!”



Song Hong was even more wronged, waving his hands, “What did you lose?”




The others also came over and asked what was missing. Kou Dong’s voice was the loudest, repeatedly asking the man with glasses to tell what had been taken.



The man with glasses was annoyed and finally threw down a sentence, “Don’t bother!”



“This isn’t right,” the culprit eagerly educated him, “say it, how can we help you find?”


Guy with glasses: “……”



I can’t thank you enough.



Kou Dong: “Seeing as you’re so secretive-”



He deliberately trailed off, and the crowd looked over, waiting to hear what he would say next.



As a result, this one said, “You didn’t lose your heart, did you?”






The whole room felt a feeling of revulsion at the same time.


“Not right?” Kou Dong said, “I’ve seen this routine a lot before, — did you take it? — what? — my heart, you have to treat it well. Isn’t that what you want to play?”



The players were deeply shocked and turned amazed eyes to the man with glasses — how could anyone else want to play this!



The man with spectacles was about to turn green when he looked at his face. He sorrowfully responded: “No. just some biscuits.”



“Hey,” Kou Dong sighed in relief, ” you should have said so ……”



He patted the glasses man’s shoulder, deliberately with the right arm, “You took so long, it’s easy to make people misunderstand.”



Player: “……”



This shouldn’t be misunderstood by anyone but you, right?




The glasses man seemed furious, he twisted his body to avoid Kou Dong’s touch. After the crowd dispersed, he suddenly pulled Kou Dong’s hand and said gloomily, “That’s not a good thing. — If you take it, you won’t get to throw it away.”




After saying this, the corners of his lips lifted up to reveal an odd smile.



Kou Dong leaned closer to him specifically, “Thanks, big bro!”



The man with glasses almost turned 360 degrees, his expression was dark as he hurriedly left.




Only when the man was gone did Kou Dong’s complexion change. He touched his hand to the object, pondered for a moment, and said, “Looks like we’re going to have to spend some pleasant parent-child time tonight.”



Game system: [?]



Kou Dong: “Ugh, he just threatened me, I’m really scared.”



Game system: [……????]



It didn’t question other things, but – what was the player afraid of?



Kou Dong: “Single parenting is not desirable, since the child’s father has admitted it, I certainly have to promote their father-son relationship ah.”



The system finally couldn’t help but ask: [you are not afraid that the egg is not a mermaid?]



If he found out that he was wearing a green hat, he would fight on the spot.



Kou Dong: “Hey, there is always the possibility of genetic mutation.”



System: [……]



The hell with genetic mutation.



Was it really possible to fool NPCs with this statement?



It also didn’t know how to describe Kou Dong, perhaps he was just too bold – that night he actually took the egg and went to see experimental body S happily.



“Child’s father, I’m coming over.”



The mermaid came closer, his dark pupils gazing intently at him with a look that could even be called gentle.



Kou Dong continued in high spirits, “Child’s father, I brought something over.”



Experiment S:?



Kou Dong gave way to the door behind him, a large group of experimental bodies slammed in, crowded, roaring and running, waving tentacles and claws in a mess, the scene became very chaotic for a while.




This scene, for a time, shocked the mermaid into silence. He took his gaze back and looked at Kou Dong again, and spoke: “What did you do?”



“Alas,” Kou Dong looked as if his heart was palpitating, “I also did not expect the love-hate relationship would be such a result.”




He tucked the director’s badge into his pocket, he originally wanted to find an empty room to put it away first, but on a whim he was ready to try what this would actually attract.



The answer was quickly confirmed, too – all experimental subjects who had come to seek revenge.


Unfortunately, under normal circumstances, only one person may come.



However, Kou Dong also has a buff with all the NPC’s good feelings. After the results of the buff and the director’s chest plate were accumulated, a whole group came….




Some to protect him, some to fight him, the two camps themselves were fighting. The octopus-like experimental bodies whirled tentacles with each other very fiercely, several tentacles were exuberantly thrown off.



In addition to these two factions, there were many even while shedding tears, they chased and ki-lled, the strength of the interpretation of love and hate on the edge.



Kou Dong was really helpless. It was useless to touch their heads one by one at this time. It was useless to kiss him one by one. If the noise was bigger, everyone would be awakened. He had no choice but to follow the original plan and lead these experimental subjects to find the golden thigh to recognize his father.

The mermaid was speechless for a long time, and looked shocked by this scene.



Kou Dong pulled a tentacle paste on his face down and said, “The child’s father, do something first.”




You can’t keep watching me being hunted here.



Experiment S smiled and gave a soft hum. He straightened his body, gazed at the group of low-ranking creatures in the petri dish, and finally opened his mouth.



“Go back.”



He said indifferently.



His voice was low and calm, without any extra emotion. But all the experimental bodies present gave a slight pause, not as if they had heard these words, but as if someone had sent this voice into their minds. From the sane to the unconscious, the monsters all trembled gently at this sound and raised their heads in fear.

When they saw the athletic and graceful mermaid, it was as if they had seen a demon coming out of hell. It was as if someone had just blindfolded them, so that they couldn’t see until now what kind of powerful and irrepressible creature they were facing.





In the scraping sound of gurgling, some talking experiments warbled and spat out a word.






A strong, mountain-like experimental body fell to the ground at once, and the ground shook with it.



Kou Dong didn’t hear, and thought they were shouting experimental body S. The monsters bumped into each other, as if out of the natural fear of predators, and cowered backwards. When the mermaid lowered his head in the petri dish and cast his gaze faintly at them, the group of monsters suddenly accelerated the flow like a tide, turning the laboratory space to give way in an instant. When Kou Dong turned back again, the doorway was empty, only the last tentacle stayed on the ground for two seconds, and soon disappeared as well.



“They went back?”



The experimental body didn’t answer this. He just looked at Kou Dong from a high position, slowly and thoughtfully.




Kou Dong pulled out the chest plate from his pocket and placed it on the ground. He watched the mermaid’s expression, and at the sight of that one breastplate, the mermaid’s gaze suddenly sharpened.




Kou Dong said, “Want to know where I got it from?”




The mermaid stared at him intently, and his tail tapped the glass.



It was a silent urging.



Kou Dong moistened his lips and said, “Then you have to answer a question first.”



The mermaid straightened his spine and stared at his lip-licking motion.



Kou Dong threw out the question he had been struggling with all day, “How many humans are there in this institute at the moment?”



After saying this, he immediately stared closely at the expression on the mermaid’s face and saw the mermaid show a bit of sharp teeth with a soft smile.




“Clever,” Experiment S replied. “Apart from you, there are three more.”




The suspicion in Kou Dong’s mind was verified, but his expression tightened.



He would rather the mermaid had answered with four.



“Then tell me,” the mermaid stretched out his strong and flexible limbs in the water, and the pressure came towards Kou Dong, “whose body did you get it from?”




Kou Dong: “He is also very smart, but unfortunately he is afraid of you.”




“-It’s the one with the glasses.”




Because he was too afraid, he revealed himsy. Even if he studied mechanical engineering, he couldn’t know all the test benches like the back of his hand – you know, Kou Dong’s era wasn’t exactly the same as the one in the game, and the technological process was different. From the very beginning, Kou Dong was suspicious because of his familiarity.



The man with the glasses was too eager to hurry and too timid. He wanted to perform as a normal person, but normal people weren’t as fearful as he was.



Because they weren’t sure that they were going to die here. This fear was mixed with a few flukes, with the idea of mixed luck.



Only the man with the glasses knew that if he couldn’t escape, he would surely die at the hands of the experimental bodies. He even knew exactly how they tortured people, and it was because of this clear knowledge that he panicked more than the ordinary people.



After all –



He, himself, was the former director of this place.



Kou Dong wasn’t sure in what way he had taken the identity of the player, but he believed that the players who had entered the copy from the beginning should indeed be seven. The game system wouldn’t lie to him on this.




If the seven of them were a team, they should have been able to find out right away; it was just that they didn’t know each other, and the director got lucky and killed a player who was acting alone and took his place. As early as the players identified each other, there was already a player who did not exist.




He may have taken some means to change his appearance, which wasn’t difficult, as the director of the Institute, he had all the research results here.




He was even able to transform himself into something inhuman as well. After he hid the white coat, the experimental subjects were even less able to find him – of course they couldn’t, he was already well hidden in the playhouse.




Until the night before, he found that the experimenters had found his scent again.




So he took the white coat with the badge and hid it in the room across the hall – the closest to him and the room with the people in it that he hated the most.




He didn’t dare to stay in the room after the accident for even a second longer, also because he knew that it was supposed to be his own end, right?




Kou Dong was a little angry, “Although they’re NPCs, he can’t harm people at will.”




The mermaid gazed at him, as if the man’s angry appearance was a more delicious and tasty food in the experimental body’s view. His scarlet eyes belonging to a beast narrowed slightly, and his slender palms clasped the glass.



Kou Dong was done being angry, he thought about the time, and prepared to withdraw.




“Thank you, it’s also late, I’ll go back to sleep.”




The mermaid didn’t say a word, but pursed his lips in displeasure. Kou Dong felt a cold, wet sticky touch through the clothing, directly caressing his arm.



Like saying to him, don’t go.




Kou Dong quickly spoke, “I really need to go.”



He touched his round belly and shyly said: “Now I am also a person with an extra body, it’s precious, so I must be well rested. If I don’t rest well, the baby will not grow well.”



The experimental body S stared at his stomach and slowly sank himself into the water.



Kou Dong ended a pleasant chatting time with the child’s father, turned his head to officially withdraw, who knew that a turn amplitude was too large, a large egg fell to the ground, grunting and rolling in the direction of the Petri dish. At the same time, the youth’s stomach suddenly flattened by a margin visible to the naked eye.


Kou Dong: “……”



Experiment S: “……”


A man and a fish stared at the egg, and both fell into silence for a while.



Cr-ap, it’s over.


… The knot must have loosened when he was entangled with those experimental subjects.




The mermaid looked at the large egg, and turned his head to look at the large and small milky white orbs that he had spilled in the water ……



Even if he was blind, he could see that the two colors were different, not to mention that he wasn’t blind.


He turned his gaze to Kou Dong, the youth looked calm and collected, “As you can see -”




The system waited to hear what else he could pull out.


Kou Dong: “As you can see, I have just given birth.”



System: [……]



Subject S: “……”



God da-mn childbirth.




At this second, a thought flashed through the minds of both the system and the NPC: This person seems to think they are stupid.




Kou Dong licked his lips: “Here’s the thing, I’ve gone through the book, there is a possibility that there is some kind of biological mutation-”




The mermaid looked as if he was about to lose his temper, and as if he couldn’t. He struggled between the two for a while, and finally heaved himself into the water, his voice ringing grimly in Kou Dong’s ears, “Wait for it to hatch.”



He still felt his own breath on this egg. It was peculiar, and he could clearly distinguish that this strand of connection was real and not just the youth talking.




Kou Dong dared not speak, he didn’t dare to tell him, even if it hatched ……



It wasn’t his.



What you have on your head is not seaweed, it’s a green hat.




“If it is not ……” the experimental body straightened up again, not as angry as Kou Dong thought, his pupils shrunk slightly, his smile surprisingly seemed to contain a hidden joy.



“You will have children for me.”



His beast-like gaze was fixed on Kou Dong, as if the youth was not a person, but a warm, moist nest.



“There will be many births.”



With such a threat, Kou Dong ran away on the spot with his big egg in his arms. On the way he asked the system, “Can mermaids give birth to children? Ah? Can’t give birth, right?”


System: [haven’t you already let him have it?]


Or just take the egg and make him recognize it.

Kou Dong rubbed his face and said desperately, “That’s because I thought he was infertile, that’s why I purposely sent warmth to his door, who knew he actually believes in having more children?”



That was not his intention! Kou Dong said, “Sending one is already very interesting enough, I will never give birth!”



The system seemed to hum vaguely, not answering him.



Kou Dong hugged the egg tightly, the more he thought about it, the more stuffy he felt.



He patted the egg with palpitations.



“It’s still good to have one child.”


The one-child policy was good for family happiness.



The incubation countdown was almost at the end, Kou Dong looked at the time, he didn’t sleep, instead he watched the bedside to see his cub first. When the countdown progress bar pulled to the end, he gradually heard a cracking sound, crisp and clear.









It was as if someone inside was struggling to push the eggshell outward.



When he looked again, thin cracks appeared on the eggshell, spreading out one by one.



Old father Kou brought his loving face closer, waiting to see what would hatch.




A few moments later, an arm the size of Kou Dong’s thumb reached out and pushed the piece of eggshell away.



Kou Dong’s eyes were wide open.


After a while, another foot followed and poked out.



When Kou Dong looked again, a small person as big as his hand was holding a piece of eggshell, trying hard to crawl out.



Kou Dong: “……”



No, he must not have hatched it the right way.



He was a bit incredulous, cra-p, such a big egg, why did it hatch such a small thing!



What can this do?



–It’s not even big enough to stuff Experiment S!



He stretched out a finger and lifted up the person who was still straining, and looked into the egg shell.



The inside was empty, there was really nothing else.



The disappointment on Kou Dong’s face was overwhelming.



He really had thought about the rocket launcher.



The system said, “Alas, I told you it was impossible.”



The moment he touched it, information about the villain also popped up instantly.


[Name: Ye Yanzhi.
Identity: Ye family heir.
Stage: Infancy.
Growth method: Please give him enough love! The more love you give, the faster he will grow!
Ability: Koi (opened, level 1, can offset player’s lucky E attribute); Planning (not opened); Force (not opened); Special ability (not opened).
Current intimacy value: level one.]



Kou Dong digested it for a while and came to a conclusion with difficulty.



“So, this is actually a pet?”



Not a superpowered weapon as he thought?


The system didn’t speak, and only after a long time did it respond: [It’s not a pet.]




Kou Dong didn’t believe.



“Then what is it?! Look at your description, it’s not half different from the pets carried around inside the online game -”



System: [Not a pet.]



System: [This is a love game.]



Kou Dong: “……”




You have the fuc-king ability to look me in the eye and tell me once again that this is a love game.



This horror game, in the end there wasn’t even a little self-awareness?



The system didn’t speak again.




“I’m not a pet.”



Another voice answered him.



This voice made Kou Dong move his ears, he didn’t know how to describe it, but it was very good. It sounded surprisingly somewhat similar to the tone of the mermaid, both extremely moving.



He lowered his head and realized it was his son who was talking to him.




Regardless of what was hatched, at least it was hard work, Kou Dong held him up, his voice went back to loving, “Of course not a pet, clearly a father and son.”




Ye Yanzhi didn’t speak. Kou Dong lowered his head to see, only to find that he wasn’t actually a young child, but a man in his early twenties, with a cold look, deep eyebrows, and a little bit of oppressive aura. It was a pity that the whole person was only as big as the palm of Kou Dong’s hand, a pair of long legs were hard folded into a small short legs, he looked too cute.



Ye Yanzhi looked at the person who came close in front of him, but the look was complicated. A moment of elation and nostalgia were hidden, what remained was a desperate determination.




“Kou Dong,” he hesitated again and again, finally closed his eyes and whispered, “you are in danger ……”



This voice was soon interrupted by Kou Dong’s laughter.




Kou Dong laughed endless – such a small person said he was in danger, it was quite funny – although Ye Yanzhi didn’t necessarily understand the point of laughter.




But Kou Dong almost died laughing, he calmed himself down a little, then reached out and touched his son’s head.



“Good boy, call me Dad.”



Ye Yanzhi: “……”



The most distant distance in the world, I’m afraid, is this.




I want to be your man, but you want to be my father.




He opened his mouth and wanted to say something else, but he suddenly heard the alarm sounded by the system. An electronic voice warned him, “Illegal content detected, please be careful with your words and avoid mentioning illegal words.”




Ye Yanzhi frowned fiercely and finally managed to swallow the words.



He only stretched out his arm and gloomily clasped Kou Dong’s finger.



It was good.



As long as this person was still –



…… was fine.



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