C39— Go Watch The Movie

The staff pushed the food cart to stop in front of Lu Wenxing.



Lu Wenxing:?




The host took the microphone and looked at Lu Wenxing with a smile on his face. “Our birthday boy seems to be out of condition.”




Lu Wenxing: “……?”




“Come on, where is the fan club? Let’s congratulate today’s birthday boy.”




The host turned the microphone to the audience area, and all of Lu Wenxing’s fans stood up.


“Happy birthday, Lu Wenxing!”



As the fans’ wishes fell, the lights in the arena dimmed again and the Happy Birthday song began to play, a photo of Lu Wenxing was shown on the big screen, the first day Lu Wenxing arrived on the set of Hundred Ghosts.




The next was a variety of photos of the midway through the shooting, there were single photos, there were also group photos.




Then, the picture turned.



It was an aerial video of the scene, the scene shot in the screen was the most crowded downtown.


The LED screens of various commercial buildings, or giant posters were all replaced with Lu Wenxing’s photos and birthday wishes.




Following the aerial photography forward, the street advertising signs inserted at some point also turned into birthday wishes, parked cars, passers-by holding balloons, and fans in support clothing, they stood together, each piece of clothing has a word written on it, together – Lu Wenxing, happy birthday!




Lu Wenxing subconsciously looked at his mom and dad sitting at the bottom of the field, as if guessing that Lu Wenxing would look over, Ji Yuan gave him a gentle smile.




Dad and brother had to maintain the high coolness and mysteriousness of a boss due to the occasion, but after meeting Lu Wenxing’s eyes, their gaze became soft.




After so many years, Lu Wenxing realized that his birthday was May 3rd.




Lu Wenxing couldn’t say what he felt in his heart, it was just like the weather today, bright and brilliant.




Before the lights came on, Lu Wenxing’s fans made a move.




The first row of fans stood up, and only then did everyone notice the fluorescent words reflected on the support uniforms they were wearing – Happy Birthday to Lu Wenxing.



Then the second row of fans also stood up – wishing Wenxing a happy day.




The third row of fan groups stood up only after the first two rows sat down – Lu Wenxing, we’ll wait for you to come back.




“Thank you all, thank you asteroids, thank you for still being willing to wait for me.”



“Lu Wenxing, happy birthday.”



Gu Yanshen got his birthday present from somewhere, because he was closest to Lu Wenxing, he was ahead of the others.



“Thank you, Mr. Gu.”

“Wenxing, happy birthday.” Song Jiajia also sent a gift, she smiled and looked at Lu Wenxing, “You will definitely like it this time.”



Le Hanfei similarly sent birthday wishes, “My gift is definitely not pink.”



Once these words came out, all the viewers who had seen Weekend Without Limits laughed out loud.



“Director Wang, where is your gift?”



Wang Ruijie coughed, “My gift …… next year’s movie, I’ll also invite Lu Wenxing.”



“Wow! Is this a second collaboration?”



“Ahhhhhhhhh! Thank you director Wang.”



Lu Wenxing’s fans were thrilled to death, leaving the entertainment industry for a year and then coming back, it was actually hard to get the right resources. Moreover, Lu Wenxing had no previous works, so it was hard to be remembered. This was equivalent to starting from scratch, but with this word from director Wang, Lu Wenxing’s first work after his comeback was stable.



“Director Wang, first come first served.” Gu Yanshen hugged Lu Wenxing’s shoulder, “Wenxing promised me first, the majority of netizens can testify.”



Gu Yanshen’s fans cooperated, “We testify.”



“For details, see Brother Shen’s latest post.”




The host smiled, “It seems that Wenxing is well liked, is he a group favorite in the crew?”



Lu Wenxing smiled in response.



“I play the teenagr Mo Xu, I hope you like it.”




“We love it!!!” The fans’ suddenly shouted.


“Wow, new drama premiere, good luck at the box office.” The host paused and continued, “Today Wenxing’s birthday, our sponsors were also very generous in preparing gifts.”



Wen Zheng knew he couldn’t give him a gift alone at the scene, it would attract attention, but he didn’t want to aggravate Wenxing, he hated that he couldn’t let everyone know the truth while having to carefully guard the secret.




In the end, Wen Zheng and Ji Yuan discussed, why not let everyone know Lu Wenxing’s birthday, everyone would send gifts, couldn’t they as sponsors do the same?



So they hid it from Lu Wenxing, and found someone to enter Wenxing’s fan base, including the crew, to give an advance notice.



LULU was exactly 100 years old this year, and on the day Ji Yuan and Wen Huaizhe got married, Wen Huaizhe gave it to Ji Yuan as a wedding gift.



As the boss behind LULU, Ji Yuan was the first one on stage.




“This year is LULU’s 100th birthday, and it’s a kind of fate to bump into Wenxing’s birthday ……” Ji Yuan finished and walked up to Lu Wenxing, “So…happy birthday to you. ”



“Thank you…”



As Lu Wenxing took the gift, the host suddenly spoke, “This is a gift on behalf of LULU, as a high luxury brand in the fashion industry, this gift to Wenxing is very intriguing.”



Ji Yuan smiled, “You can open it and see.”



Lu Wenxing opened the box, it was a beautiful star watch.



Song Jiajia suddenly choked, “This is that new watch from the LULU family?”






Lu Wenxing tilted his head in surprise and met Ji Yuan’s gentle eyes, even the host came over, “It’s the one from the launch!”



LULU’s action this time was too big, a change from the previous low-key, everyone had an impression of this watch.



Ji Yuan: “it’s a global limited edition, there’s only this piece.”



Once Ji Yuan’s words came out, the audience watching the live broadcast instantly went crazy.



[ I thought Ji Yuan being young and beautiful already shocked me, but she’s the designer? The president is also her?]


[Oh my God, The limited edition is just a gift]



“Shouldn’t the limited edition be overpriced?”



“The Wen Group is too rich.”



“I’m getting envious.”



[ I knew it! No sale will definitely be a limited edition… but I never thought there would be only one piece]



[I thought the price would kill me, but it turns out that what killed me was the limited edition]



“I want to interview Mrs. Ji, as a designer… you didn’t have a new design for a long time, what is the idea of this star design? ”



“Lost and found.” The corner of Ji Yuan’s lips lifted.




The host could talk, so he quickly answered, “When you were young, you wanted to conquer the stars and the sea, but got lost in the stars and the ocean. So the stars represent a journey once again?”



Lulu to recapture the fashion world?



[Host this explanation is wonderful ah.]



[Is that what it means?]



Ji Yuan smiled and didn’t say anything. The watch was originally made for Xingxing for his sixth birthday, and the symbolism was simple – the ‘starry sky’ belonging to Xingxing alone.



Now the symbolism of this watch was – lost and found.




“Mr. Ji, I see that everyone likes this watch, you really won’t consider putting it into production?” The host spoke the hearts of many people, and Ji Yuan quietly smiled. “LULU also has a new product, and would like to take advantage of the premiere to do a promotion.”




The staff brought up the second watch – Ocean.



The dial was two shades, dark blue sea and the golden beach, a bright shiny gradient color scheme.



[ This one also looks good!]



[ I can’t get the starry sky, but it’s not bad to conquer the sea.]



[Ah ah ah ah! I can also get the ocean!]



[Starry sky, the sea. It’s amazing!]



[I’ll buy it! Does this count as a couple watch with Wenxing]



After all, it was a premiere, and Ji Yuan couldn’t take up too much time, and there were other sponsors who would be on stage.



At 5pm, the premiere ended.


The crew threw Lu Wenxing another birthday party, which of course was also sponsored by the Wen family, and they also invited the partner brands.


“Happy birthday.” Gu Yanshen came to meet Lu Wenxing, “Are you free tomorrow? Let’s go to the movies.”



Before Lu Wenxing answered, Wen Zheng came over. “I thought… Boss Gu’s itinerary could not be re-arranged.”

Since the premiere, Wen Zheng had noticed that Gu Yanshen and Xingxing’s relationship was beyond his imagination, they were whispering like nobody’s business on stage and even making plans!



Did they also get along like this in private? Or even more intimate?



Gu Yanshen was very surprised by Wen Zheng’s appearance, shouldn’t the big presidents take advantage of such occasions to befriend each other and talk business?



“Even if I’m busy, I need to have rest time.” Gu Yanshen’s tone was as usual.



Wen Zheng looked at him expressionlessly, “It’s better to rest at home.”



“Entertainment and relaxation is also a way to rest.” Gu Yanshen wasn’t willing to show weakness, “For example… watching movies.”



Lu Wenxing: “……?”



This atmosphere didn’t seem right?



Gu Yanshen looked at Lu Wenxing, “Xingxing, won’t you support your first movie? Make a little contribution to the box office of ‘Hundred Ghosts’.”






Wen Zheng’s face sank, and before he could say anything, he heard Lu Wenxing say ‘yes’.



“Then I’ll treat Mr. Gu to a movie.”



Wen Zheng: ????



Noticing Wen Zheng’s increasingly dark face, Lu Wenxing almost blurted out ‘brother’, he coughed and asked instead, “Why don’t I invite Mr. Wen to join me?”



Lu Wenxing just thought that Wen Zheng was unhappy that he wasn’t invited, so he invited him in passing. He knew that Wen Zheng was preoccupied with his work, tomorrow the 4th was a working day, so the odds were that Wen Zheng would not go ……






Wen Zheng suddenly smiled, following Gu Yanshen’s tone of voice just now, he said word for word, “Movie emperor Gu is right, watching movies is also a way to entertain yourself and relax.”



Gu Yanshen: “……”






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