Meng Jinhuai once told Duan Hengye that from the piloting of a mecha, people could tell a person’s personality. After studying for a while, Duan Hengye strongly agreed with him.



Unlike Yu Xinran’s aggressive driving style, Duan Hengye gave off a much calmer feeling. During the beginning of the competition, he was almost always dodging. This was due to the fact that Yu Xinran’s attacks were too detailed, making it impossible for Duan Hengye to find the time to fight back, but also due to his own habits in operating the mecha.



The scene was so exciting that the onlookers were dumbfounded, but Meng Jinhuai, who was standing not far away, couldn’t help but frown. After a period of study, Duan Hengye’s operating techniques had been very high, alone as a mecha pilot, he was definitely very good. But Duan Hengye also had a big disadvantage – he couldn’t ki-ll.



The same way Duan Hengye left the attackers on the Tize star alive, when operating the mecha, he would also subconsciously make such a choice. Meng Jinhuai’s expression gradually got serious ……



This contest didn’t end up with any winning or losing results. About twenty minutes later. Duan Hengye and Yu Xinran simultaneously drove their mechas to a halt. The area of the mecha docking pad was very large, and because of the influence of the mecha activity, the wind on this training ground just now hadn’t stopped. Now, with the suspension of the mecha movement, the wind also gradually dissipated.



But although their movements stopped, the surrounding onlookers’ excited mood didn’t calm down. Just like ancient martial arts, mecha pilots could learn a lot from a master’s moves. In this short period of 20 to 30 minutes, a duel between masters, taught many people.



After the mechas stopped, Duan Hengye and Yu Xinran came out of the cabin. Although the temperature was suitable, because of the high concentration and operation of the very exhausting reason, Duan Hengye’s forehead was covered with a little sweat. After getting off the mecha, the wind blew the hair between his forehead up, some of his black hair gently stuck to his cheeks, some of them followed the breeze and moved to the side.



Duan Hengye couldn’t help but reach out his hand to tame his flying hair.


At this time, Yu Xinran also walked out from inside her mecha. After seeing Duan Hengye, Yu Xinran stood there and shrugged at him, then walked over quickly. Many people around were observing Yu Xinran’s reaction, although Admiral Yu was sometimes not very serious, she was a person who was very strict with herself.



In particular, many people who had been on the battlefield with Yu Xinran knew that her desire to win was generally strong.



Although it was just a simple competition today, and in the end there was no winner or loser. But for Yu Xinran, it was already a rare loss.



The location where the mechas were parked wasn’t far, Yu Xinran came over in a short while. Duan Hengye saw that Yu Xinran’s expression was serious. Even though Duan Hengye was already very familiar with Yu Xinran, he couldn’t actually figure out what the other wanted to do right now.



When Duan Hengye was about to ask, he saw Yu Xinran suddenly stop a meter away, then she raised her hand and saluted him with an incomparable solemn military salute.



Not only did Duan Hengye not react, but the rest of the group didn’t expect to see such a scene. No one spoke on the entire mecha docking pad, and only the sound of the wind echoed in their ears.



After a few seconds, Yu Xinran finally let her hand down. Then she reverted back to her former state, “Awesome, Professor Duan.” Yu Xinran smiled and went over to pat Duan Hengye’s shoulder, then she walked with him to Meng Jinhuai’s side.



Meng Jinhuai really deserved to be the marshal of the military department. Duan Hengye noticed that even when he and Yu Xinran were competing just now, he still kept an elegant posture. Looking from a distance, he had an extraordinary bearing and elegant posture. Even if anyone didn’t know that he was the marshal of the military headquarters, Meng Jinhuai was still the most conspicuous person in the crowd.



Standing next to Duan Hengye, Yu Xinran noticed the change in the expression of the people around her, so when he was about to walk next to Meng Jinhuai, Admiral Yu gently pushed over and said in Duan Hengye’s ear, “Tsk …… why is your expression a bit nympho-maniac now?” Carefully recalling, the current Duan Hengye compared to more than a year ago, had really changed a lot.



For example, before, it was difficult for her to imagine such an expression on his face, but now everything seemed to be so logical ……



Because of the close proximity, Meng Jinhuai also heard Yu Xinran’s words. He stepped forward after glancing at Duan Hengye: “Any comments?”



“…… No, no.” Well, apart from Duan Hengye, the change in Lord Marshal was actually not small.



The wind outside was still slightly strong when they got off the mechas just now, and the hair in front of Yu Xinran’s forehead became a bit messy. After walking to this side, she took care of herself and untied her hair, then re-tied it into a sharp ponytail. And when she put her hair in order and was ready to talk to Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai about the competition just now, she saw that the two of them had already ignored her and were talking while walking somewhere else.



“All right.” Miss Yu shrugged once again, she had long been used to seeing such scenes.





The long period of calm before the storm finally ended, and the one who broke this calm was no other than Southern Star.



After the last star piracy incident, the empress of the empire had never appeared in public again. She was placed under house arrest on her own planet, while the old duke finally failed to cross this hurdle in the most stormy time of the family.



Although the entire empire’s nobility was gradually going down, the Queen’s family was still very powerful. In addition to the unseen distribution of power, their various industries were spread throughout Ye Tian Empire. People couldn’t see what was happening at the top, but they could see the changes in those industries.



Many of the industries that originally belonged to the Queen’s family had been taken by the royal family as their own.



The royal family’s actions weren’t small, and it looked like they were not going to hide – after all, they had been doing this for centuries before. But today’s Ye Tian Empire wasn’t the same.



The royal family was slow to come out and explain the last star piracy incident, and just when those who had been following the matter thought they would choose to muddle through, the imperial council, which hadn’t had much of a presence, appeared. This time, together with the Southern Stars, they sent a public inquiry to the imperial family.



On the distant capital star, Emperor Zhuo Yan’s study was filled with smoke. His fingertips were holding a cigarette, and the smoke already enveloped his entire body.


“Is there any movement on the council’s side now?” Zhuo Yan quickly read through the things on his light computer while pressing his other free hand tightly against his brow. Although Zhuo Yan was also trying to take back control of the empire a little bit since the Tize Star incident, his workload was still far less than Duan Hengye as well as Meng Jinhuai and the others.



Now that he really encountered a troublesome matter, seeing the documents piled up inside the light computer in front of him, Zhuo Yan’s headache increased.



After hearing his words, the man standing beside him immediately bowed: “Your Majesty, the council side remains the same for now, but Southern Star may have …… trouble.”



In fact, Zhuo Yan’s assistant came to the office to tell him about this matter. As a person who had followed behind the emperor for many years and had seen all kinds of scenes, he had long since developed a nature that wasn’t afraid of the sky and the earth. But when he spoke, the assistant’s voice still couldn’t help but tremble from nervousness.



“What does Meng Jinhuai want to do?” Zhuo Yan impatiently asked. When he spoke, the cigarette in his hand had also burned out.



The man threw the cigarette in his hand fiercely into the glassware not far away, and then continued to look at the assistant.



“Southern Star has just informed that a press conference will be held in an hour. But the content of the conference has not been announced to the public yet.”



“News …… conference?” Zhuo Yan slowly read these words out once. In fact, apart from Duan Hengye, the royal family had also planted other spies on Southern Star. But very unfortunately, except Duan Hengye, the rest of them hadn’t entered the high level domain over there, and even a large number of them had been discovered recently.



Although he didn’t know what the Southern Star side was going to do, and what things they had investigated and what results they had achieved. But after hearing the assistant’s words, Zhuo Yan’s first reaction was still to be nervous – he knew very well that Meng Jinhuai hadn’t been acting because he was afraid of him, nor was it even because of the lack of evidence in his hands.



On the contrary, Southern star had never been afraid of the royal family, but they also had evidence in their hands.



The reason why Meng Jinhuai hadn’t acted was that he was just waiting for the most suitable opportunity.



Zhuo Yan lit a cigarette again. He took a hard puff to ease his anxiety. After seeing Zhuo Yan’s expression, the staff member also lowered his head and dared not speak. After a while, Zhuo Yan’s voice rang out again, “Change the channel to the satellite network channel that will broadcast the news conference.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”


This press conference in Southern Star started somewhat abruptly, and after receiving the news on the Star Network, everyone in the entire Ye Tian Empire who didn’t have something big to do stopped and then began to wait nervously for the conference in a moment. The channel where the military ministry would conduct the live broadcast of the conference in a moment was rather special, it wasn’t like most Starnet channels that had programs to broadcast all day long, but only after the start of important events would the screen appear.



Those who received the notification to open the light computer saw a gray screen. But everyone had a rare patience at this time, no one turned the channel away, everyone was afraid that they would miss any important information.


But just when the whole interstellar was nervous and also looked forward to the moment, some things still couldn’t therefore pause …… for example, the normal class of students.



This day happened to be the day that Duan Hengye went to class at the An Luo University of the Duguang Star, and he had arrived at the planet a few hours earlier.



As the marshal’s spouse Duan Hengye had long known the time of the start of the press conference, and he even knew what would be said at the conference in a while.



When Duan Hengye walked to the classroom, what he saw was the way the students were mingling. Basically, everyone here was holding the light computer and watching, afraid that the conference would start early and they would miss it.



Today Duan Hengye came to the classroom a little earlier than usual, which wasn’t to say that he wasn’t looking forward to the launch, or not curious about it at all …… In fact, Duan Hengye was more nervous than any of the others, even more than Emperor Zhuo Yan. The reason he showed up early was that he intended to attend class earlier. Duan Hengye wanted to focus on his work and not to think about those things related to the launch.



After standing on the podium, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but clench his hand hidden in the sleeve of his trench coat into a tight fist. Seeing that Professor Duan suddenly appeared here, the classroom was instantly quiet. In fact, while waiting for the live broadcast just now, many people were expressing their anticipation of seeing Duan Hengye in their chats with the students around them.



Because of the class later, they weren’t destined to watch the military press conference. But Duan Hengye was the other master of the Southern Star, they firmly believed that if there was really something big, they would be able to get some “spoilers” from Professor Duan’s expression. It was very likely that Duan Hengye would even talk about it in class – after all, Duan Hengye did this last time when Southern Star were at war with the Lisheng Alliance.


But surprisingly, Duan Hengye didn’t say what they wanted to hear, and his expression didn’t even change much. After seeing everyone quiet down, Duan Hengye nodded towards the students inside the classroom, then opened his light computer, “There are more topics within the classroom today, we’ll start the class early.”



What? Duan Hengye’s words weren’t the same as imagined. Did it mean that what would be said at Southern Star press conference in a moment was really not important? But then why did they make such an urgent announcement?



Looking around from Duan Hengye’s position, almost every student’s face had a big question mark on it.



But today’s Professor Duan was just so cold, not only did he not mention a single word about the topic that everyone wanted to know, instead he really started the class early like he said he would.



Mecha-related professional classes were already very difficult, and now after more than a year, the content taught by Duan Hengye had gradually become even more profound. In Duan Hengye’s classroom, a second’s wandering would mean many knowledge points that couldn’t be made up later. Therefore, once they saw that Professor Duan was really going to start lecturing, everyone had to hurriedly put down the light computer in their hands and then concentrate on the central position of the classroom.



At the same time, Duan Hengye’s light computer received a message from Meng Jinhuai. “Trust me.”



Right now, An Luo University was in two completely opposite atmospheres at the same time. On the one hand, the lecture area was still as calm as it could be, where the original appearance of An Luo University was still maintained. On the other side, students who had no classes to attend for the time being started to watch the press conference, followed by various exclamations without stopping.



The person who presided over the press conference today was Admiral Dongfang Hewen, who had always given the impression of being serious. So as soon as they saw Dongfang Hewen appear on the screen, everyone’s originally excited, or even agitated mood sank.



Those who were familiar with Southern Star knew that there were two admirals in the military department. Among them, Yu Xinran mainly managed the affairs on Southern Star, and generally speaking, the external speeches weee also made by her. But at individual times, this spokesperson would also turn out to be Dongfang Hewen. Judging from previous experience, whenever a serious-looking Dongfang Hewen appeared at a press conference, something big must have happened.


After the early start of the class, the mind of Duan Hengye, who officially entered the working state, was gradually immersed in the teaching. Because of the excessive concentration, the tension in his heart also disappeared a lot. However, not long after the official lesson, Duan Hengye’s heartbeat still couldn’t help but speed up.



This was his instinctive reaction, after feeling this, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but turn sideways to the side of the light computer – at this time, the press conference had officially begun.



As the spokesman, Dongfang Hewen went straight to the point, no half-word nonsense. But in just ten minutes, he had already dropped a number of heavy bombs on the entire Ye Tian Empire and even the entire interstellar world. A time of too much information, many people were still thinking about the last one, a new bo-mb had fallen on the side.



Zhuo Yan wasn’t wrong in thinking that the reason for Southern star’s silence was because they were waiting for the moment of the final direct hit on the seventh inch. The evidence in the hands of Dongfang Hewen was incomparably rich, and combed neatly before the start of the launch.



So, in this ten minutes, people were dumbfounded as they watched him illustrate with video restoration of what happened on the Queen’s family’s star at the time.




Oh …… the so-called “Star Pirates” wasn’t true, but the royal family sent people. The purpose of their purpose was to take away the power of the Queen’s family, and incidentally kidnap the useful guests who attended that event.



The Queen’s family called Duan Hengye back to the planet, not because they wanted the old Duke to see him one last time, but because they were ready to threaten him.



This story was just like a soap opera, so much so that the majority of people who saw it didn’t have concerns about the future of the empire in the first place, but speculated about the reasons behind it.



What exactly did they use to threaten Duan Hengye? After listening to the words of Dongfang Hewen, the majority of people still hadn’t figured this out. In their opinion, although Duan Hengye was adopted by the Empress family, but the ten years of upbringing wasn’t enough to be a threat. As for Duan Hengye’s brother …… it seemed that their relationship wasn’t very good either, using Duan Hengxing as a threat seemed a bit silly.



After the words were spoken here, Dongfang Hewen couldn’t help but pause for a moment.



Although the notice was a little late the military department knew the content of this press conference and had long been meeting to confirm countless times, and finally they decided to say everything according to the actual happenings. But when it was time to speak, Dongfang Hewen couldn’t help but hesitate for a moment.

The hesitation was very brief, but hundreds of millions of people were now staring closely at Dongfang Hewen, so this hesitation didn’t escape the eyes of the audience.



Next, Dongfang Hewen glanced at the light screen, and then said right into the camera, “They were holding Duan Hengye’s antidote as blackmail.”



Duan Hengye’s antidote?



After hearing Dongfang Hewen’s words, everyone found that the doubts they had just generated were not answered, but on the contrary, a bigger mystery was born.



The research meeting of the military department decided to put everything on the table this time, without any reservations – even the identity of the “undercover agent”. This was actually forced by the situation, although Duan Hengye had deleted some important information in the royal family intranet. But if the royal family wanted to retaliate by disclosing his identity, it would be bad. Instead of being exposed at a later stage and lowering the authority of the military press conference, it would be better to say it at the beginning.



At this time, Duan Hengye’s classroom held a thousand people, although most people were listening carefully, there were people who couldn’t help but open the light computer dual purpose to watch the press conference. The amount of information in this press conference today was too large, because the front of the matter was explosive enough, a student clenched their teeth, so they wouldn’t scream.



After swallowing that scream hard, the student secretly poked the person next to him, and then handed the light computer over.



So while Duan Hengye continued his class at the podium, this freshly baked heavy news spread through the classroom in a small way. Duan Hengye saw the strange eyes of many students below, but he didn’t pay attention. The person on the stage were so calm that the students who knew the progress of the live broadcast had a sense of separation – as if the live broadcast was happening in a parallel world.



At this time, the content of the lecture by Dongfang Hewen finally spread out from “dru-g control” and entered the focus of the whole conference today.




The people who were watching the live news of the Southern Stars didn’t expect that the “Star Pirates incident” and the relationship between the royal family and the Queen’s family were just the appetizer of the day. The image displayed on the light screen behind him switched to a mecha design as Dongfang Hewen started speaking.



The real excitement had just unfolded, a long article written by countless people spanning several decades.





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