C20 —- It’s Hard To Fly Without Wings [VIII]



Kou Dong jerked to his feet. He took a big step in the direction he get watched and saw nothing. It was just a white wall, without half a person.



But he didn’t feel it was an illusion.


The gaze was extremely heavy.



The players didn’t look too good when they regrouped in the dormitory.



The sudden round of attacks had simply given them a head-on blow, and even the excitement of coming up with ideas had worn off. Three people were wounded, and the man with glasses had one arm hanging down, nearly bitten off by the experimental bodies.


A hand touched Kou Dong, “Where are your clothes?”



Song Hong had sharp eyes, a glance showed that Kou Dong was only wearing a sweater, the lab coat was missing.



“It’s burned.”


He said his deduction to everyone, “Clothes and laboratory table, these are two conditions. When the two conditions are met at the same time, it will lead to a riot.”


Song Hong’s pupils shrank and he was also a bit chagrined, “I can’t believe I forgot about this.”


According to the background of the copy, the experimental bodies and the researcher were naturally on opposite sides. They were tortured by researchers day after day, electric shocks, experiments, disembowelment, how could there not be resentment?


But the players never focused on the clothes, because the clothes were automatically generated after entering the copy. They didn’t have a backup option, looking at everyone wearing the same white coat, they naturally wouldn’t realize that there was something wrong with the clothes.



This was elmost equivalent to the malice of the game. If they had gone over the lab bench first on the first day, wouldn’t there have been an immediate riot?



The only thing to be thankful for was that the experiments up there were still quiet for now. The affected group of A-class experimental bodies didn’t destroy them.

Song Hong asked for everyone to go back and rest, “We have already been attacked today, there will be no more problems for the time being. Take advantage of this period of safety, everyone go to bed early.”



The voices answering were scattered, the feeling of weakness and exhaustion after fleeing for one’s life came up together, dragging people down with staggering steps.



Kou Dong also walked towards his room, when he suddenly heard a female voice, “Wait first.”



Kou Dong looked back and found that it was Ah Xue, the girl in Song Hong’s team. The girl looked calm and didn’t seem to feel anything about the chase that had just happened, “Do you know how they went back?”


Kou Dong shook his head.

The girl looked at him thoughtfully, her eyes lingered on his pants for a few seconds, and finally said nothing, waving her hand to indicate that he should go back.



Kou Dong in the room was still hatching the egg.


He tried cooking the egg, but it didn’t work well. Finally, he simply tore a piece of the bedsheet, roughly wrapped the egg in it, tied both ends behind his back, and artificially tied him and the big egg together.


The researcher’s clothes were loose, when Kou Dong pulled the outer sweater down, it was like a big belly.



System: [……]


It was somewhat difficult to say, but this image was really unsightly.



Father Kou lovingly stroked the ball under the clothing and sighed, “It won’t be long before it’s born.”



The system wisely chose not to speak. As expected, Kou Dong’s next words followed, “System, what do you think, what name should be given to it?”



The system really couldn’t bear to name the prop in the game, but it didn’t care for Kou Dong’s naming skill at all, so it hurriedly responded: [After the hatching is completed, it will be named automatically by the game].


No need for you to name!


Kou Dong didn’t listen, he said very aggressively: “Obviously I worked hard to hatch it, why don’t I have permission to name it?”




When he said that, the game system seemed like a scum.



It had to step back, [Player can name it.]


A glow emerged on Kou Dong’s face and he spoke seriously, “I want to name it Dagen.”






“Or Great Weapon.”




[ Why, just because you don’t have one?]


Kou Dong shamelessly responded: “Because such a name can best reflect its father’s masculinity.”



If the game system were a person, he would be pissed off at this moment.


Kou Dong hugged the big egg and sat on the bed for a while, “System, do you think there will be movement tonight?”


Without waiting for the system to answer, he continued “I think there will be.”


[Why do you say that?]


“Hungry people don’t always sleep well,” Kou Dong said, “That’s why there’s a midnight snack.”



His snacks were all fed to the experimental bodies.


Alas, it was just a pity that his cookie was extra sweet, others were plain, but his were strawberry flavored ……


The players in the room gradually fell asleep one by one.


The quality of their sleep wasn’t so good, but for some reason, this night, as soon as their bodies touched the bed, their eyelids seemed to weigh a thousand pounds, they couldn’t open it no matter what.


Kou Dong dreamt all night. At first, he dreamed that he was rewarded by an unknown account when he was an anchor. The money tree gave him a hundred million in one go. Kou Dong almost laughed out loud.


Later he dreamt that his egg son hatched, he opened his mouth and didn’t call him father, instead he called him wife ……



This was a bit frightening, so Kou Dong beat his son in the dream.


Just a few seconds after birth, you dare to make a mesa? It was hard to hatch you out, it wasn’t for you to engage in incestuous behavior!



The egg wailed in aggravation and kept shaking desperately.



Then it asked him: “Did you see me?”



Kou Dong opened his mouth, wanting to say of course he saw. But for some reason, the frequency of the egg shaking seemed to be getting faster and faster, making him vaguely dizzy, and the words that came to his lips stumbled and didn’t come out immediately.



“Say it,” the egg son in the dream urged him, “do you see me?”




It wasn’t right.


This wasn’t right!



Kou Dong suddenly understood something, he closed his mouth tightly and refused. The voice, seeing that he didn’t answer for a long time, became a little sharper, repeatedly prodding in his ear, repeating the phrase over and over again.


“Do you see me? Do you see me?”


In the end, the malice carried by that voice couldn’t be concealed at all, sharp and piercing. Kou Dong was disturbed and annoyed, he finally spoke, “I’m blind.”





This answer was a bit unexpected, the voice paused, as if confused and crestfallen.



Taking advantage of this time, Kou Dong made a strong effort amd finally opened his eyes vaguely.


An eye appeared in front of him.



The eye was large, the eye sockets were split open, and the inner eye dripped and swayed, covered with red blood. It grew on the wall, as if it was a thin layer attached to the top, and looked in his direction without blinking.


At the same time, Kou Dong also felt the unusual movement in his arms. The big egg desperately leaping up and down until he came to his senses, the amplitude was smaller.

…… It turned out not to be a dream.



Kou Dong completely opened his eyes and calmly stared back.



Seeing him, that eye froze then stuttered, “You, you now see me, I can eat you ……”



Kou Dong: “Who said I saw you?”


The eye was more confused, after a while it responded, “You’re looking at me right now-


We both met eyes ah!



Kou Dong’s small mouth opened, “I admitted it? Did I say that?”



That was true, but…


“Don’t use what I didn’t say to plant evidence,” Kou Dong said, “or I’ll send you a lawyer’s letter.”


Eyes: “……”


It was so shocked that even its eye couldn’t move.


If he really took one look at it in his dream, he wouldn’t have spent a long time talking with it in his dream.


This silly child.


It didn’t even have a mouth. It was too much to think about eating.


What do you eat?


When he said this, the eye was simply aggravated to death: “I have a mouth!”


It was just that it was all white. They didn’t stand out in front of the white wall!



Kou Dong: “Then why are you looking for me, I don’t have lipstick here to give you some color ah.”



Eye: “……”


Its long eyelash trembled wildly for a few times. It didn’t stop for a second. Without a word, it opened the door and went out. It looked like it was being bullied and wanted to find its parents.


The game system spoke: [You shouldn’t make the NPC angry.]



Be careful, it would really go gather all the other ones.


Kou Dong rubbed his chin, “I don’t hear half the meaning of don’t from you.”



It was like it wanted him to be eaten by the experiments here.



The system didn’t answer.


Kou Dong thought about it, sat up from the bed and sighed soberly, “Forget it.”


A crowd of eyes gathered around him, like a horror movie.



Just finding a backer?



Kou Dong said, “Then I will also look for it.”


The system seemed to have heard a joke, he didn’t understand what he could pull as a backer, [A-class experimental body cannot resist high-level experimental body.]


It wasn’t enough for this eye to swallow all the things that came out today.


Kou Dong had already lifted the covers and scoffed at the words, “Are you stupid? I’m not going to find them.”



The game system was even more confused.



Besides these, who else could he look for?



Kou Dong continued, “You must not have heard of the saying that the father is worthy of the son.”



System: [……????]



Kou Dong touched the access card in his pocket, and without untying the bed sheet tied in front of his stomach, he took his egg son upstairs.



He was faster than last time, and went straight to the lab where Experiment S was located.


As soon as he stepped in, the mermaid seemed to notice and slowly opened his eyes in the petri dish. His flexible tail was hanging down, showing a very beautiful dark blue, even in the night, the neatly arranged fish scales faintly glowed.

Seeing the youth’s figure, he slowly pressed himself closer to the glass, his pointed hand gently stroking the glass.


Kou Dong took his egg and stood up straight in front of the experimental body S. When he stood like this, the change in size was extremely conspicuous and couldn’t be concealed.



The experimental body’s gaze shifted, and then converged on his stomach, and a huge killing intent rose up in a flash.


“Now, I won’t hide it from you,” Kou Dong sighed soberly, “as you can see, I, am pregnant with your egg-”



System: [???!]


Experiment S: ????!


The author has something to say:


Kou Dong: Someone is bullying us orphan and widow!
Mermaid: ……
Nope, he said he wanted to fill it up, but he hasn’t started yet ……



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