All the guests were old acquaintances. Even if there were unfamiliar guests, introduced by Wen Run and Xie Yupan, they soon became familiar with each other.


Because the guests came in the morning, it was still early. It was almost time to prepare lunch. Since they were acquaintances, there was no need to be polite, the four guests were assigned work. Chu Yu had learnt how to cook, so he took the initiative to cook with Shen Muxun. Guo Congfei and Lu Zhan squatted by the water cage to clean the crayfish.



Guo Congfei and Lu Zhan were both outgoing types, their style and hobbies were also very similar, after cleaning a few crawfish, they immediately formed a revolutionary friendship and begun calling each other brother.



Guo Congfei absent-mindedly cleaned the crawfish, but his eyes lingered on Shen Muxun, then he smilingly asked: “Brother, you used to be roommates with Shen Muxun?”



Lu Zhan: “Yes, why?”



“So has he ever been with anyone? What type of person does he like?” Guo Congfei moved a little closer to his side, and asked in a whisper.



“Why are you asking this?” Lu Zhan looked at him suspiciously.


“Curious.” Guo Congfei didn’t blink, “I am his iron fan.”



The suspicion in Lu Zhan’s eyes subsided a little, but he was still wary: “We haven’t talked about it, as for what type ……” his eyes flashed with a cunning light as he spread his hands: “I don’t know.”



Guo Congfei frowned, measuring whether he was telling the truth or not. But Lu Zhan hummed a song and continued to scrub. If he asked again, he’d seem a little too concerned, so he could only end the conversation, he’d find Wen Run later.



He felt that this Shen Muxun was really too difficult to get, he was neutral and always escaped his plans. But the more this happened, the more attracted he was, it itched his heart to know what it would be like when such a person, genuinely liked someone.



Guo Congfei thought happily, was it possible that he could melt steel, and let him knead it round and rub——



“Ow !!!! It hurts!!!” As Guo Congfei’s mind wandered, a sharp pain stung him – he got too distracted and the pincer of a crawfish caught his finger.


He was spoiled and had tender skin, he never got hurt. These crayfish were wild, so its pincers were large and powerful, once it clamped, it refused to let go, Guo Congfei frowned in pain, he wanted to pull but he dared not, he could only frantically shake his hand while crying out.


“Put your hand in the water!” Wen Run walked over and pressed his hand into the water basin, as soon as it hit the water, it released its pincers, swimming back to the other side.


Guo Congfei cried and moved his hand closer, and saw that his index finger was bleeding, the wound was a little red and swollen around.


“Rinse the wound first,” Wen Run said, “I’ll get the hydrogen peroxide and a band-aid.”


Lu Zhan looked at his wound, “hissed” and threw the crawfish in his hand back into the basin, it was too scary.



“I’ll wash it.” Shen Muxun helplessly looked at the two, one holding the injured finger as if his hand had been injured, from time to time he’d smack his lips and sigh, “What do you feel now?” “I looks so painful ah” ” It seems to have swollen a little bit eh”.



Guo Congfei was scared enough, if he wasn’t trying to save his pride, he’d have cried on the spot.



Shen Muxun thought it was a little funny, and walked to their side: “The water quality is good, the crawfish are quite clean, with hydrogen peroxide, there shouldn’t be a problem, if you’re not sure, and then go back and take a tetanus shot.”


As he was talking, Wen Run brought a cotton swab and hydrogen peroxide over, “Is the wound washed clean?”


Guo Congfei looked at his movements and shrank back in fear.


“It won’t hurt very much.” Wen Run smiled and he quickly turned to Shen Muxun: “Hold his hand, don’t let him hide.”


Shen Muxun went up and grabbed both of his wrists.



The wound wasn’t big, it would just hurt for a while, but Wen Run was afraid that he would try to avoid being treated, seeing their actions, Guo Congfei suddenly felt nervous, feeling like he was going to be tortured. Wide-eyed, he desperately wanted to shrink back, but Shen Muxun’s hand was steady and strong, he simply couldn’t struggle. Wen Run took the opportunity to pour hydrogen peroxide on his finger and clean it with a cotton swab.



When the white cotton touched the wound, Guo Congfei trembled and cried out again.



He stared angrily at Shen Muxun, and muttered ruthlessly in his heart, “When I get you in bed later, I’ll make sure you can’t get out of bed! Let you kneel on the bed to admit your mistakes!


Then he thought: d*mn how did this person grow up, he was so strong that he couldn’t even struggle!


In his heart, as he angrily condemned Shen Muxun and thought of a way to retaliate, Wen Run had already cleaned his wound and finally put a band-aid on it, “Okay, I told you it doesn’t hurt.”



Shen Muxun obediently let go of his hand, Guo Congfei lifted his band-aided finger and looked at it, and then glared at Shen Muxun and gave a cold hum in his heart. Although it didn’t hurt too much, revenge must be taken!



Seeing his glare, Shen Muxun’s eyebrows slightly raised, Guo Congfei had been staring at him since just now, he definitely didn’t have any good ideas.


However, he also saw that he was spoiled by his family, he had a young master temper but he wasn’t bad-hearted. Either way, he didn’t care, he left Lu Zhan and Guo Congfei’s side and sat on Guo Congfei’s former seat, then he began to clean the crawfish.



The guests worked together and by noon, a dozen dishes were finally brought to the table.


The large round table was carried out again in the courtyard, three pots of crawfish occupied the C position, two pots of spicy and one pot of garlic flavored crawfish. All were red and tempting.


Everyone around the big round table sat in a circle, Wen Run sat in the middle of Shen Muxun and Lu Zhan, the other side of Shen Muxun was Guo Congfei.


As soon as it was put down, everyone stared at the crayfish. The crayfish here tasted fresh and sweet. Wen Run pinched a crawfish and watched Guo Congfei fighting with the crayfish with his injured finger. He bumped Shen Muxun with his elbow and asked in a low voice, “Why is he here? He isn’t following you, right? He hasn’t given up yet?”


He thought that he had made it very clear in the last phone call, Guo Congfei should have understood the difficulty and backed off, right? He didn’t expect this at all.



Shen Muxun was about to respond when Guo Congfei stretched out his head to the side and smiled, “I’m here to see you for my father.”



“Cough ……” Wen Run was surprised by his sudden interjection and choked, he drank half a glass of water but his face was still red, “Don’t talk nonsense.”


Lu Zhan and Shen Muxun both looked at him curiously, “You’re friends with President Guo?” President Guo was Guo Congfei’s father.


He was gentle and quiet. He didn’t know how to explain that this “father” wasn’t his father. Moreover, when he said father, he thought of Guo Congfei’s joke about “calling them mom and dad”. He really didn’ t know what to say.

Shen Muxun saw his red face and his uncertain expression. So he quickly changed the subject, peeled a crawfish and placed it in Guo Congfei’s bowl, “Eat more.”



Guo Congfei squinted as he ate the crawfish, “I was just joking, I’m just following Shen Muxun.” He finished and looked at Shen Muxun’s reaction.


Unfortunately, Shen Muxun didn’t have any reaction, he acted as if he didn’t hear, peeling the crawfish one by one. His technique was very high, he twisted the head first, and then pinched the shrimp tail a few times and then from the tip of the tail, he gently squeezed and pulled the shell out.


Lu Zhan looked at Shen Muxun and then Guo Congfei, his eyebrows gradually furrowed, he turned to Wen Run and whispered, “What’s going on with the two of them?” Then he changed his mind , “No, what’s the matter with Guo Congfei? He doesn’t ‘t like Shen Muxun, does he?”


He shook, incredulous: “What is he doing? Is it bad to live?”



Wen Run originally didn’t think so much, he only thought Guo Congfei hadn’t yet given up on the script, but now that Lu Zhan reminded him, and he thought back for a while, he also realized that there seemed to be a hidden meaning.



The two looked at each other, and finally unanimously looked at Guo Congfei sympathetically.


It was tempting to ask him why.


Shen Muxun’s character was really good, he was mature, stable and reliable, but this was the surface, Wen Run and Lu Zhan and he had lived together for nearly two years, they understood Shen Muxun’s true nature, he wasn’t like Buddha, in fact, his heart was black. Wen Run was okay, he was good, so he usually didn’t clash with Shen Muxun. But when Lu Zhan met him for the first met, he was still in the middle. Shen Muxun quietly cleaned him up several times before he became obedient. Later, when he saw Shen Muxun, it was almost like seeing the teacher. Once he returned to the dormitory, he was as good as a student. He was afraid that Shen Muxun would teach him a lesson.



Some people were really born with a teaching aura, It was obviously his first move, but it could still make you unable to lift your head in front of him.


Luo Zhan and Guo Congfei had similar personalities and hobbies, but it never occurred to him that Guo Congfei had the courage to flirt with the teacher.


He secretly gave Guo Congfei a look of admiration, and then enjoyed eating crawfish and watching the play.


He felt bad when he was bullied by Shen Muxun, but it was good to see him bully others.


After a lively meal and a break at noon, the guests were taken to the fields to see the seedlings in the afternoon. After a break at noon, the guests were taken to the fields to see the seedlings in the afternoon.


The guests scored the guests’ hospitality and left gifts before they left by bus.



Guo Congfei sneakily went to see Wen Run before leaving, he narrowed his eyes smugly, “Just now I wasn’t kidding, dad asked me to see you, the gift was also prepared by him, he is busy and didn’t have time to come.”



Wen Run looked at the exquisite gift box, he felt that the words coming out of Guo Congfei’s mouth sounded a bit off. Before he could figure out what was wrong, he heard Guo Congfei say, “Look, I’ve helped you, you have to help me too, courtesy and reciprocity, you know?”


“Help you with what?” Wen Run asked.


“Naturally, help me persuade Shen Muxun, let him take my drama.” Guo Congfei was dissatisfied: “Didn’t you say before that the crew configuration wasn’t working? I hired a big director this time, the supporting actors are veteran actors, the other male lead is also a TV star, it can win awards, this time he shouldn’t refuse me again, right?”



Wen Run looked at him critically, remembered Lu Zhan’s words, and said seriously, “Do you actually want to invite Shen Muxun to the drama, or do you want to use it to get close to him?”



“Is it that obvious?” Guo Congfei froze, Wen Run had always been silly, how could he suddenly see it? With a twinkle in his eye, he immediately remedied the situation, “Actually, it’s both. I have my eye on the entertainment industry, and it just so happens that Shen Muxun’s acting skills are good and I like him, so if I want to promote someone, of course I will give priority to the person I like.”


Wen Yun shook his head, “Then I can’t help you.”


“Then forget it,” Guo Congfei deflated, and then said with high morale: “If you don’t want to help me, I’ll convince him myself, but you must not betray me.”



This time Wen Run was quick to agree, since even Lu Zhan saw it, maybe Shen Muxun noticed long ago, did he still need to deliberately remind him?


Guo Congfei got the promise, then caught up with the guests and left.


Wen Run quickly returned to the room with the gift box in his hand. He blocked the camera with his clothes before opening the box.




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