C16 —- First Boxing Match


“You’re going to work?” Lin Yuxun looked at Cheng Hao in surprise.


Previously, Cheng Hao had said something about looking for a job, but he didn’t take it seriously at that time, he didn’t expect that Cheng Hao had already found a job ……


Cheng Hao, was it true that he had found a job?



“Yes, I didn’t go looking for a job because my injury didn’t heal fully a few days ago, but today I’m better, so I went looking for a job and I found one.” Cheng Hao said.


Work wasn’t that easy to find …… Lin Yuxun was a little suspicious, but he felt that he shouldn’t suspect Cheng Hao.



“The bar manager asked me to go over at six o’clock, I was afraid you would come back too late, so I took Danny to find you.”


He could see that Lin Yuxun was a bit confused, so he explained a bit more.


When Lin Yuxun heard Cheng Hao’s explanation, he believed it. He wanted to ask more questions, but since he hid a lot of things from Cheng Hao, he was too embarrassed to ask more.



Cheng Hao dropped Lin Yuxun off at his doorstep and left to go to Old George’s place.


It was now early autumn on this side of New York.



The weather in New York, even in summer, wasn’t hot, and now that it was autumn, it was even cooler, the wind blew on Cheng Hao’s face, making his sweaty hair dry.


It was also this cold that made his body more alert.


Cheng Hao told himself that he must win the match.


He was really short of money.


And, when the weather got colder, he would be even more short of money.



Clothes for the winter were a must, and in addition, it would be better to change to a house that could be heated – the ground floor where they lived now with only a thin roll-up door was too unfriendly for winter, he didn’t know how Lin Yuxun had survived before.


When Cheng Hao arrived at Old George’s bar, it was already dark and those colorful lights in front of the bar were lit up.



But there weren’t many customers inside yet …… boxing matches didn’t start until 8:00 p.m. The one that was taken as the main match of the day would be even later, at least until 9:00.


Cheng Hao was stopped when he entered the door, he talked to the person who stopped him, only to learn that to come to the bar to watch the boxing match, there were some requirements, such as each person watching the game must place a bet.


There was no rule on how much to bet but generally speaking, few people bet less than five dollars, the average was ten dollars, some rich people would bet more, they could even bet a hundred or two hundred dollars.



The currency was dollars and the purchasing power was still very high.



Cheng Hao previously thought that Chester had to follow him instead of coming in himself because he wasn’t old enough, but now he knew that it was because he had no money.


In addition to betting, there were other expenses in the bar, Chester and a few of them relied on robbing students like Lin Yuxun to get a little money.


Cheng Hao said he was a boxer and was brought to Old George.


Old George was in a small room behind the bar, and when Cheng Hao entered, he was eating a burger.


Seeing Cheng Hao, he took a sip of coke, “I thought you weren’t coming.”


“I’m short of money, I couldn’t not come.” Cheng Hao replied.


“That’s right, people who are short of money are always very desperate.” Old George sighed, “You’re new here, the fighter I arranged for you is not so great, his name is Jellal …… wait for your first fight, warm up a little.”


Cheng Hao nodded: “Okay.”


Old George pointed to a room next to him, “All the fighters are there, you can go and get to know them.”


Cheng Hao followed Old George’s direction and went into a room next to him.



There were five black people there, and looking at them, it was obvious they were all boxers. At this moment, some of them were smoking and some were eating, and one was eating a burger just like Old George.



Cheng Hao felt that the people here didn’t actually like eating burgers, they always ate it because it was convenient.


As soon as Cheng Hao entered, the people in the room looked over.


Cheng Hao greeted them, “Hello, I’m Cheng, the new boxer.”


“You? A boxer?” The biggest man among these people looked at Cheng Hao and snickered: “Is old George crazy? He actually found a kid, a yellow-skinned monkey to box!”


After the said that, another man next to him also spoke, “It’s ridiculous, a yellow man can also fight? Aren’t you afraid of being killed?”



Their contempt for Cheng Hao was unconcealed, and the other three men chorused, “Little guy, go home and drink your milk, this is not your place!”


“Don’t come here to play games.”


“Are you here to get beaten up? Hahahahaha!”



As he was talking, the big black man who spoke first suddenly said to one of the three men, “Jellal, you always lose when you fight, no one pressed you to win anymore, and no one wants to see your botched performances on stage, but today old George let you come and got such a kid… . he’s certainly a match for you, so do well, Jellal.”



When the man finished, he burst out laughing, and several other people also laughed.


The man named Jellal was red in the face, but didn’t dare to offend those two men, instead, he looked at Cheng Hao: “B*stard, you better kneel down, or I won’t let you go!”


Cheng Hao didn’t say a word and sneered at Jellal.


In the past, he would repeatedly study his opponent’s match videos before participating in a tournament, and would even watch his opponents’ interview videos.



After watching these, he probably knew how his opponent’s character was like and what method he was going to use to fight.


But he couldn’t see the past match videos of these guys now, so he could only observe them in person.



From the performance of these people, he roughly knew what kind of people they were.



This Jellal in front of him, his mental state was really not good, and he was probably going to storm out soon.


As Cheng Hao expected, this Jellal really raged and began to say obscene words to him.



When Cheng Hao ignored him, he became even more angry, he looked like he wanted to tear Cheng Hao apart.



On the contrary, the other few who were sitting close by, chatted and joked about something else.



Cheng Hao then learned that today, in addition to him, a foreign fighter named “crazy bull” would come.


He wasn’t famous, and wasn’t seen by these people, the foreign fighter was very important to them – these people used to come at seven or eight o’clock, but today they came at six o’clock, in order to see the fighter earlier.


Cheng Hao listened to them carefully, although these things had nothing to do with him for the time being, he could remember them in advance.


He couldn’t remember the foreigners’ names, nor their faces, so he had to listen to them a few times and look at their faces to remember.


Jellal had been very angry, but Cheng Hao ignored him, he couldn’t do anything about it, so he just screamed that he would teach Cheng Hao a hard lesson when their match came.


Cheng Hao didn’t care about this.


He carefully observed Jellal and found that although he looked strong, his body was a bit weak, it wasn’t enough to fear him.


The only thing that was more troublesome was that his own body was also weak and still lacked specialized exercise.


Time passed quickly, not long after, it was almost eight o’clock.


Old George walked in and turned to Cheng Hao: “Cheng, go to the stage! Let people know you!”


When Cheng Hao heard Old George say this, he knew there should be some rules here, he didn’t delay and followed Old George up to the stage.


Old George said to the customers in the bar, “There will be a very powerful boxer, Crazy Bull from New York City coming to fight with us today, everyone must be eager to meet him!”



There were already people in the bar, but not many yet, but even so, the atmosphere warmed up when they heard Old George’s words.



At this time, Old George spoke again, “But the strong crazy bull isn’t here yet and can’t come out, so I’ll introduce a new fighter who will join Jellal for the first fight of the day.”



Hearing the name Jellal, these people sighed simultaneously: “Old George, are you kidding? How dare you put that softie Jellal in the ring?”


“I don’t want to see Jellal, I want to see Crazy Bull!”



“Watch Jellal do what? Watch him get beaten up?”




These people snickered loudly, and Cheng Hao clearly saw the veins on Jellal’s head rippling with anger.



But he had no emotion whatsoever.


He had participated in many matches and knew that in the boxing ring, mental quality was as important as physical quality.


If you want to win, you can’t have too many messy thoughts.


During the day, Cheng Hao didn’t want to win, he just thought about showing the spectators a good fight and concede defeat in the process, but now, he had the determination to win.


After all, the winner got four percent of the money, while the loser only got one percent.



He needed the money.



Old George continued, “Next we have our new boxer coming up, and everyone can place their bets.”


Cheng Hao got on the stage.


The boxing ring wasn’t very big and the audience was very close.


This allowed the audience see everything that made people’s bl00d boil in the ring up close, and also allowed Cheng Hao to get a good look at what they looked like.



Most of these people were fierce and had gu-ns on them.



However, he had now entered a special state so he didn’t care.



Cheng Hao was calm, and those who laughed at Jellal before now laughed at Cheng Hao: “Old George, are you crazy? How dare you let a little doll come to the competition?”


“Old George, are you going to let us watch two chicks fight?”


“Ha, it suddenly occurred to me that Jellal can’t win by beating others, but he can definitely win by beating this little doll!”


“It’s a Chinese-American then, what a pretty little doll …… Go Jellal, break his head!”


“Jellal, throw him down!”




These people shouted excitedly, Cheng Hao turned his head and saw Jellal, who wasn’t far away and not yet in the ring, showing an unkind smile.


The match, soon after, began.





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