The ability to directly take the life of the prey, this ability was terrifying when he thought about it. But Rong Yue knew that extermination was always not one’s forte.


The skill of the cleric, fundamentally speaking was actually a kind of magic that enhanced or weakened the life force, just because of the different methods of release, it could have a different effect.


For example, the skill [Spring Return], which was open at level ten, could continue to restore the wounded for a certain period of time after release; while the [Sacred Prayer], which was open at level thirty, could act as a massive recovery after chanting, and could later remove negative status.



And all of these …… were healing abilities.



If a cleric wanted to ki-ll, it was either with a holy ball of light slowly penetrating, or in the upgrade, he could get a skill that could condense divine power into a sword, he could barely use it so it wasn’t very powerful.



The game would have closed a long time ago if the clerics could ki-ll people.


But none of this stopped Rong Yue from being happy with himself.


He still hadn’t figured out the experience gained from healing people, but hunting animals was already a real upgrade – upgrade while hunting, as long as Tian Yang could help, he would hunt till his heart’s content!


Snakes had snake soup, deer had coral venison, guinea pigs were pigs, it was okay to fry or cook ……


When they got the seasoning, Kung Pao chicken and shredded pork would be easy to make!


However, animals had life force, plants should also have it, right?



He raised his hand and burned through a piece of weed with a ball of holy light – it quickly withered, startling Rong Yue.



He fixed his eyes to look at the experience and found that the bar rose a tiny bit.



Understood, it wasn’t cost effective to substitute with plants.



Tian Yang watched Rong Yue experiment while looking around opportunistically.


A moment later, he suddenly spoke: “Don’t move.”



Tian Yang held the bone knife in one hand, plucked away the grass and gently moved forward.



After walking less than ten meters, he peeled away the bushes, only to see a half-collapsed earthen cave, a litter of pups were sleeping, he couldn’t see whether it was dog or wolf cubs.



Rong Yue followed, curiously squatted down, then he picked up the one on top and turned its ears and tail to see.



The little things were about half a month old, covered with gray fluffy fur, but not barking or grunting, they looked miserable.



“Looks like a dog?”


Tian Yang grabbed the back of one’s neck and weighed it: “It’s a dog. Their ama may have died, otherwise it wouldn’t have left its pups here.”


Rong Yue picked at the nest and exclaimed.


“Several are dead.”


A litter of seven pups, only two were left alive. Rong Yue and Tian Yang picked them up one by one, when the holy light brushed over them, the pups looked less frail.


“Take them back and raise them, right? I remember the tribe would also raise dogs.” Rong Yue touched the pups with satisfaction, the pups may have recovered a little energy and they felt even more hungry, so they scrambled to wail first.



Rong Yue’s hand shook and he stuffed the little gray dumplings into Tian Yang’s arms.



Tian Yang smiled: “I guess it hasn’t been weaned, but now there’s no milk, we can only feed them some twisted soup.”



The pups wouldn’t die for a while, and Rong Yue had no intention of changing his schedule for them. Tian Yang tugged a few broad leaves and weaved it into a net pocket, the two pups were hung around his waist.



Rong Yue followed him forward, seeing snakes and rats and pheasants and other small animals burned to dea-th with holy light, he spoke, “When we go back, let’s give them to Ergou to raise.”



Tian Yang froze for a moment, and then laughed aloud: “Don’t, I’m afraid Ergou will ki-ll them and eat them.”



Rong Yue thought it was reasonable, so he stopped thinking about arranging a place for them to go.



Thanks to the blessing of the holy light, near noon, Tian Yang had already carried a messy pocket of small animal meat. The upgrade progress was still slow, Rong Yue had just moved up to level four, nowhere near his goal.



“If there was a large prey, or some hundred-year-old tree, I guess it would get me up a wave.” Rong Yue was a little sweaty, gasping for air as he let his hair down and re-tied it high.



This body was really weak, more brittle than his original strong cleric body.


Compared with him, Tian Yang was as strong as a bear. He climbed up a tree and jumped down in a moment. The earth shook and startled a pile of insects.


“Let’s go east, I see a huge tree there. Check if it’ll be good to burn, it won’t be a waste since the tribe needs wood.”


After experiments, it took only a moment for the holy light to k-ill a small snake.



But for a pheasant with a larger size, it took about five seconds.



That was to say, replaced by a more aggressive larger size of the wild boar or a wild deer, he would have to spend time with it, needing the assistance of Tian Yang.


It was easy to k-ill the prey, but it was difficult to control its movements all the time. Relying on Tian Yang alone wasn’t good.


To be on the safe side, it was better to look for plants with strong life force.



The two walked a short distance, seeing that Rong Yue was panting heavily, Tian Yang simply carried him.



Rong Yue had been carried several times, he squirmed a little, then quickly adjusted his posture and acquiesced to Tian Yang’s behavior.


The two soon came to the hundred-year-old tree.


Saying it was a hundred years may be looking down on it. There were only trees here. The tree leaves look like banyan trees in the Xingyue era, but they weren’t banyan trees when he looked carefully.



“In our place, this kind of tree is called Huahua tree.” Tian Yang patted the old bark and tilted his head to look at the canopy.


“Huahua tree?” Rong Yue didn’t have this one in his memory, so he was a little curious.



“When the wind blows, a large area of Huahua tree connected together, making a clattering sound, later, this tree was named Huahua tree.”


This way of naming, although it was simple and crude, it was carefully thought about and also quite interesting.



Rong Yue lamented: “Such a big tree, burned it will be a pity.”



Tian Yang looked at him: “Then we can go fight with the bison?”



Rong Yue raised his staff: “I’ll burn.”


Just as the ball of light entered the tree, Rong Yue suddenly felt a difference.



A blade of grass, a snake, were just small dusts of nature, but this tree, was like a shell in the gravel.



It was holy and beautiful, the energy was pure, Rong Yue raised his staff above his head, so the divine power would have a faster output ……



But only a branch of leaves had burnt.



Wouldn’t it take years to burn this tree to death?



Rong Yue took a deep breath and separated the three balls of light and placed them against the tree trunk elsewhere. After doing this, he tapped the tree trunk: “Collect!”



He output the divine power autonomously to the maximum, his hair was swept back by the wind, everything moved violently in all directions!



With the tree as the center of the circle, the plants in a ten-meter radius all ambled outward, and a strange sight beyond the reach of human hands was presented.



The air power surged out in waves, and it took ten minutes before the tree creaked and fell, and the yellow leaves scattered.


Rong Yue stumbled backward a step, and was supported by Tian Yang. Disapproval flashed in Tian Yang’s eyes, and in the vine pocket at his waist, the two pups were startled and barked.



“It’s okay.” Rong Yue calmed down and exhaled.


He was just exhausted, it wasn’t a weak period. After resting, he would recover. But this tree wasn’t easy to drag away.


Tian Yang checked the root system of the tree: “It’s good that it’s okay, the tree is dead, but it still has to be cut, otherwise we can’t move it.”

Rong Yue raised his staff: “That’s good, my holy light can also melt inanimate objects. Did you forget? To take you out of the village that day, my small plate carriage was cut out by me.”



Tian Yang really didn’t know. After seeing the magic from a close distance, his eyes became more profound when he looked at Rong Yue.


The two of them worked together to get some prey, barely raised another level, and returned with a full load.



Rong Yue held the dogs, carrying the net, Tian Yang carried the giant tree, just out of the forest, they could see the distant grassland, people were working feverishly.


When they approached, even Rong Yue was startled: “How fast!”



The two of them had only been out for a day, and a group of small wooden huts were built out of the frame! Pieces of wooden boards were cut out by the crowd with rope and line, men used their strength, women made tools, and the materials were made in a flowing manner.



The place where the house was built was even more lively.



No nails, it was fixed with the inlay method, and then supplemented by rope tying.


Although it didn’t look very strong, it was better than lying in the open, right?



After yesterday’s healing, Ah Jiu could already sit. He had good eyesight, looking at the front of this “construction site”, he occasionally pointed out the wrong or crooked places.



“Left.” He said.


“…… right.” And then again a little later.



When the piece was finally leveled, he nodded: “Good.”


Rong Yue: “…………”


This person was really shy of words, it was really hard to imagine that he was Guoguo’s husband.



Should he get him a board to hold up?



“Sacrifice Yue!” Guoguo arrived, she came back with several middle-aged women holding the collected firewood: “Sacrifice Yue, Lord Tian Yang, you’re back! There’s still some meat from yesterday, later we’ll make meat soup to drink!”



“Ah,” She finally noticed the movement in Rong Yue’s hand: “Caught live prey? Rat beast? Rat beasts are very good, they can be used to get oil, skin for knee pads, all very useful! The two rat beasts that Lord Tian Yang brought back yesterday were cleaned up by us. Look, those two pieces of skin are still drying ……….”



The two shivering pups in the net pocket: “……”



Rong Yue smiled and pointed to the distance: “You guys go ahead and get busy, Tian Yang and I will put things away first.”



The timber and prey were taken over. Rong Yue was tired all day and went back to the tent to rest.


He closed his eyes.



Upgrading couldn’t be rushed, he originally wanted to quickly accumulate experience in the forest today and reach level ten, but then each level up required more experience, even after killing a deer, he only crossed the threshold of level nine.



As for the Huahua tree, they didn’t find a second tree like it. Moreover, even if there was, Rong Yue would have hesitated a little.


Trees were the foundation of the forest, the future of this forest was their tribe’s backyard, it couldn’t be damaged.


They were to engage in sustainable development!



After recuperating for a while, the tent was lifted and Tian Yang walked in.



“Sleeping?” He whispered.


Rong Yue opened his eyes, “No. When is dinner?”



Tian Yang smiled: “Soon, but what they make may not be too good, I’ll make something for you alone.”



Rong Yue’s heart moved then he suddenly remembered, “Is your injury still not healed too?”



Tian Yang’s previous injuries were too heavy, in the cave, even after healing the surface injuries, he always remembered to continue healing, but he was rushed by miscellaneous things, and accidentally lost the staff, he almost forgot.


He blamed Tian Yang’s expression of being fine for giving him the wrong impression.



“Not all better, but even without you, it will slowly get better.”



Rong Yue frowned and slightly blamed himself and pulled Tian yang closer. He put one hand against Tian Yang’s abdomen and closed his eyes to check with his divine energy.



The injury was indeed not healed.



On others, they wouldn’t be able to move from the pain, but Tian Yang not only carried him for half a night, rolled into the mudslide, climbing up and down, today he also cut trees ……



Rong Yue really envied his physique, he also wanted it ah!



Without further ado, the white ball of light, which was no longer a “firefly”, was sent into Tian Yang’s body with healing power.



Half a moment later, as his injuries were completely healed, a ding dong tone rang in Rong Yue’s head.



He opened his eyes excitedly.


He had reached Level 10!





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