C17 —- It’s Hard To Fly Without Wings


When he really straightened up in the petri dish, Kou Dong didn’t know what a height difference of 2.3 meters was- but it was definitely a lot.


The slender, powerful, smooth and beautiful muscles covering his skeleton, made Kou Dong look like a fragile child.


A sense of oppression rose, Kou Dong’s scalp began to tingle. He looked at the creature in front of him, it was really from nature – the creature even had a good face according to human eyes, but Kou Dong didn’t turn the flashlight directly at his face, he only used a little afterglow to see his well-defined outline.


The mermaid swooped down and stared straight at him through this layer of glass.


His eyelashes were thick and clear, the pupils underneath was incomparably deep. It felt like if he looked at it too much, he would would drown in it.


Kou Dong jerked back, the little animal-like intuition reared its head, he felt that the mermaid’s gaze wasn’t good, it was like a predator looking at their food.


The good thing was that the mermaid didn’t attack him, it only stared at him quietly. Kou Dong looked for a while, carefully examined the soft tail of the mermaid, and then withdrew his gaze.


He hastily moved around the laboratory and found some experimental body S research information. Kou Dong also didn’t bother to look carefully, he carried them all, quickly walked outside and closed the door tight.


He was obviously panicked, the game system suddenly asked: [Does the player feel scared?]


Kou Dong was silent for a while, then answered it: “A little …… I’m also a little hungry.”




Kou Dong’s gaze was filled with nostalgia as he murmured, “Before entering this ghost game, there was a store near my home that made the best braised fish pieces ……”


Saying that, he also couldn’t help but swallow his saliva, then he remembered the dry, tastless cookies sitting in the dormitory.


“Ah, I really don’t want to go back and eat those cookies.”


Game system: [……]


It fell into silence for a moment.


No one got hungry when watching a horror game NPC.


Kou Dong was probably a demon.



The cookies were so small, so naturally it wasn’t enough but he still ate it. Kou Dong took the big egg out of the luggage compartment and slept with it. When he woke up, he saw that the time countdown on the top had changed to “17:37:21”.


It was noisy outside, Kou Dong put on his pants and went out, ready to ask what was going on.


Song Hong stood in the middle of the crowd and raised his voice, “Everyone calm down first, don’t get excited ……”


“How can we not get excited?” A man wearing glasses in the middle said, he looked civilized and weak, with a bookish aura, but at this moment, he looked panicked and disturbed, “How can this be- if this is wrong, wouldn’t they all come out!”


“Then can we leave it locked?” A grumpy player next to him retorted, “There’s not much food, we’ll all have to starve to death here if we don’t find our way out!”


The blue veins on the neck of the man with glasses bulged as he hissed, “That’s better than being eaten by them!”


The two sides argued for a while, to the point that they almost got physical. Song Hong acted as the peacemaker, when he saw Kou Dong coming out, he clapped his hands.


“Everyone is here, in that case, we’d better vote.”


Kou Dong sat down on the chair and casually asked, “Vote for what?”


Song Hong seemed a bit helpless as he explained, “This morning, Ah Xue made an important discovery-”


The person he was talking about was a girl on his team. The girl was sitting right next to him, looking ordinary and unimpressive, but after entering this copy, she acted far more calm than the average person.


There were several big men who were out of control because of the stress, but she was always calm and silent, like a doll.


She took over and said lightly: “I found the secret door.”


Kou Dong: “Really?”


“Yes,” The corners of her mouth pulled into a frown, “and that’s not surprising. An institute of this size can’t have just one door – and I’m sure everyone searched for it.”


Kou Dong did search, but he couldn’t find it.


“Where is it?”


He asked.


The girl’s finger pointed toward the bottom.


“At the bottom.” She explained briefly, “This door is abandoned, the button is not working. There are alternate programs on the top floor, and among them is the program that controls the switch on and off of the petri dishes of experimental bodies.”

She brought out a flash drive, plugged it into the computer, and showed the file to everyone.


Due to the previous cases of experiments escaping, the institute facilities were damaged to a certain extent, and only one of the seven switches could open the secret door.


The remaining six would release all the experimental subjects in the petri dish.


Kou Dong understood that it was a game of probability. The switch controlling the switch was on the top level, and to press it, someone had to operate it manually at the top level.


But then, once it was wrong, it would be almost impossible for them to escape from the door again.


The experiments would swarm around them, enough to block their escape.


“Either that, or just be honest and look for the gate key here,” the girl said, pulling the flash drive out, “but looking at yesterday, there are already experiments here that can move around at will.”





A momentary silence fell over the hall.


After a long time, another girl who worked independently said with a trembling voice: “The probability is too low ……”


This statement was correct. There were only seven of them, and now that one had disappeared, there were only six left.


But there were seven switches that controlled the door, even if only one person went up to try at a time, if they were unlucky, they would die sooner or later.



The man with the glasses rubbed his face with such force that his face turned red.


“You can’t open the secret door,” he said, “it’s a f-ucking death wish! Isn’t there …… no third option?”


“There is,” Song Hong snapped coldly, “you can choose to do nothing, sit here and wait to starve to death.”



The glasses man’s face turned red and he stood up all of a sudden, “You fuc-king–”


“Without ability, you shouldn’t have come here to win the money,” Song Hong said in a cold voice, “Since you came in, you have to be prepared. If you want to muddle through, you might as well jump into the petri dish and feed yourself to them and pave the way for us.”



Since entering the copy, this was the most unfeigned words Kou Dong had heard Song Hong say. Although it sounded rather odd, a game, how could they make money?

Kou Dong had only heard of the game mode of “The Dead”. In the holographic era, human life materials had greatly increased, but the inequality between the rich and poor in society was increasingly serious. “The Dead” stood out in this situation, the manufacturing company was unknown, the producer was also unknown, almost in the form of a pervasive virus, it suddenly appeared in everyone’s personal terminal. It attracted countless players, including some outlaws, with its generous material rewards, and the higher their contribution value in the game, the greater the material rewards they would receive in exchange.


Therefore, the game players of “The Dead” could be said to be the most numerous.



But, the game of “The Dead” was divided into two sections, the ordinary section was just some small rewards, losing wouldn’t make a difference; but if a player opened the special section, the situation was very different. Not only was the prize money coveted, but if they failed in the game, they would also need to pay the price – the holographic game accessed the human brain waves, once the brain waves were affected, the person would be either demented or stupid, or they may even become a vegetable.



Paper couldn’t cover fire, when the first crazy person appeared, the crowd thought he was too deeply affected, laughing at him for taking the horror game seriously.


The second person appeared abnormal, people also heckled and laughed and praised the scenes and plot of “The Dead”.


When the third and fourth committed suicide one after another, the situation finally changed. More people were involved, the story couldn’t be covered, and people finally focused on the only thing they had in common.


The link that connected these victims was “The Dead”.


In response to this situation, the authorities had long blocked the game for a long time. They just couldn’t find the owner of the game, and with the current technical means, they couldn’t remove the game from the personal terminal, and could only explicitly prohibit everyone from opening the special mode.


But the era of calm and quiet was too long, and the hearts of the people grew restless. Those who wanted to get rich, those who needed money urgently, those who craved excitement …… there would always be a steady stream of players coming to the game, willing to take such huge risks.



And now, Kou Dong felt the breath of this game again. This breath followed him, like a thin shadow.


No matter how he escaped, he couldn’t shake it off.


He asked, “Have you thought of another way?”


Song Hong’s eyes turned in his direction, revealing a questioning expression.


Kou Dong: “…… outside technology is so advanced, we can’t make a program to create robots to automatically turn on the switch?”


Why did someone have to do it?



Once this idea was raised, the people present were confused.


Not ……


Their hearts were uncertain, could it be done like this?


Kou Dong: “Isn’t this more useful than us going up one by one?”



The players fell into complete silence. A long time later, Song Hong replied dryly, “It makes sense.”


–A little too much sense.


He couldn’t help but look Kou Dong up and down, from the time he first stepped into this copy, he felt that this person had a magical aura of going off the set path.


Right now it seemed that he was right……


What exactly did he eat grow up?


The glasses man’s eyes snapped open and he raised his hand: “I can do this! I am studying programming and mechanical engineering, if there are parts, I can try!”


The atmosphere immediately changed, finally seeing the dawn of hope, the people’s expressions became relaxed.


The girl who worked alone looked at Kou Dong several times with moistened and reverent eyes, she moved closer to him, her voice soft and sweet, “Brother, you are really great.”


Kou Dong wanted to sigh.


Sister, calm down, don’t look at me like that.


If you come like this, the NPCs behind you are going to storm out ……



Not far away, the experimental body pressed itself against the glass, and its sequined eyes flashed in the direction of the two. Its tentacles tangled together and made a slow gurgling sound.




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