C14– It’s Hard To Fly [II]

The earthquake lasted for a while. When calm was finally restored, the people in the room stood up, seeing how much of a mess they were in, “It’s really ……”



A middle-aged man wiped his face. The broken glasses had cut his face in many places, as he touched his face, his hands turned bright red.



He cursed his bad luck, “What a sh*itty game! The moment I came in, I got hurt.”



As if he noticed the eyes on him, he turned his head over, and said viciously: “What are you looking at! Look at me again and something bad will happen.”



These words were directed at Kou Dong. The middle-aged man looked like a he had a bad life, the top of his head was bald, like he had an unpleasant life. The corners of his mouth drooped down, he looked fierce.






Kou Dong averted his gaze in silence.



He felt a bit strange, but not because of this person’s face.



Rather, this person, how to put it, didn’t look like he could play the game of love ……



It wasn’t that he was discriminating, it was just that the age difference was a bit much, wasn’t it? The oldest uncle in the NPCs looked like he could be his son.



How was this a sweet sweet sweet love?



Kou Dong naggingly thought, would he make the little puppy call him dad?



“Okay, okay, cut the cr*ap,” the young man who had just struck up a conversation with Kou Dong suddenly spoke, “We’re all in a game scene now, and failure won’t do anyone any good, so let’s not argue over trivial matters.”



He was obviously a veteran and he spoke with verve, which subconsciously had a convincing power, “My name is Song Hong, this is the fourth time I;m entering this game. If you trust me, I nominate myself as a captain, and if I find any clues, I’ll share them with you.”



Kou Dong felt that his words were very sincere, and there was nothing wrong with what he said. But except the man and woman who were standing next to Song Hong, several other people’s expressions weren’t good, a few even clasped their arms with defiant expressions.



The middle-aged man even snickered, “You? You want to be the captain?”



The smile on Song Hong’s face didn’t change and he calmly responded, “If you have a better suggestion, you can put it forward.”



“What better suggestions do you need?” The middle-aged man spat on the ground, “What we all came in for, who doesn’t know? How can you talk about unity and cooperation …… who doesn’t know what you’re trying to do?”



Kou Dong knitted his brows. Song Hong, however, remained calm and replied lightly, “In that case, you can move on your own.”



“Of course,” the middle-aged man said impatiently, his eyes looking over the people present one by one, with a glare that was as sharp as glass, “Let me be clear, don’t think of grabbing it from me -”



He spat on the ground again.



“I can do anything else, but I won’t play with my life!”



As he said “play with my life”, the man’s forehead veins faintly throbbed visibly, he turned and glared at Kou Dong fiercely.



Immediately, he opened the door and walked out with big strides.



This seemed to be a trigger, soon, several other people also went out one after another. Either singularly or in groups. Finally, only Kou Dong and Song Hong and his team remained in the room, Song Hong smiled at him, looking a little helpless, “He may have just returned from serving his sentence, but he still has a bad temper. You’ll get used to it.”



Kou Dong: “..… get used to it?”



Not ……



Now prisoners were playing this kind of love game?



Kou Dong didn’t understand.



Song Hong asked, “This is your first time playing, right? Do you want to go with us?”



Kou Dong thought about it, but refused his kind offer. After all, he now carried a full range of NPC ‘goodwill’, if he went with them, they’d probably be hurt.



He didn’t want to be a pig teammate yet.


[TN: Pig teammate — Useless teammate]



Song Hong didn’t try to force him, instead he carefully gave him a few words of advice, and then he went out with his companions. Kou Dong stood alone in the room, he held the booklet in his hands and carefully read it again.



The cover was torn and tattered, and only the word “laboratory” was left. Most of the contents of the record book had been torn out, the only page left, was about the experimental body S.



The book was stained with bl00d, he didn’t know if it was just the middle-aged man’s bl00d. But these bright red dots fell on the white paper, making him feel uncomfortable.



Experimental body S, specific information isn’t known, the upper limit of its ability isn’t known.



Just from the words on the record, the researcher wasn’t quite like a human being, and the mood that was carried was warlike and fearful. As Kou Dong looked at these messy strokes, he could see the fear in the heart of the person who wrote this.



He tucked the record book away and walked outside first.



Because of the earthquake, the institute was a mess. Kou Dong stepped over the glass scraps on the ground and looked around to memorize the layout of the place.



As far as it seemed, the Institute had three floors, corresponding to the top and bottom. Each floor had thirteen separate small laboratories, each requiring different permissions.



The one they came out of was marked with a sign that read: A-01.



Combined with the information about Experiment S, he knew that the experiment in A-01 was the lowest level. Kou Dong looked around the room but he didn’t see any other creatures.



He tried to enter other laboratories, but most of them needed fingerprint verification. Perhaps the position of the body Kou Dong was occupying was too low, so he couldn’t open the room doors.



It seemed that the clues were really pathetic.



Kou Dong wasn’t surprised, according to his gaming experience, the key plot would often unfold after a period of time to prevent players from solving the puzzle too quickly. He searched all the rooms he could open and found a few tattered white tunics that were roughly stacked in a cabinet in the corner.



There were six pieces, all in different sizes.



Kou Dong counted and felt the pockets of these pieces of clothing one by one.



Perhaps because of the limited clues, he soon heard someone cursing and grumbling as he approached, “What the hell, pretending to be a god ……”



The middle-aged man pulled open the door, “What are you looking for?”




Kou Dong pursed his lips. He really didn’t like this man’s temper.




The middle-aged man walked over with big steps, he obviously didn’t take the thin and weak-looking Kou Dong seriously, “Get up.”



He shoved him over and lifted the shirt up himself, shaking it dramatically. Kou Dong frowned, but his fingers felt something in a pocket.






It was thin, like a card.



He gripped the card tightly.




The man next to him was unaware of it and was still searching, a few not-so-polite words came out of his mouth. Before he found out, Kou Dong moved quickly and stuffed the card into his pocket.



After taking the clue, he looked at the man again and felt he was pitiful.



Generally speaking, there was only one clue in a place.



This big brother was too poor, he was still here looking for it seriously……



If it was another person, Kou Dong may have shared it with him. It was a pity that he really didn’t want to share with this person.



So he carried the card and walked out first with peace of mind.



After a brief search, Song Hong shouted for the players to meet up.



“I found the resting place,” he gestured, pointing to the right of the stairs, “there are five rooms over there, it looks like their dormitory.”




No matter how the game went, there was always sleep to be had. They simply divided the rooms, there was no dispute, except for Song Hong and his team, everyone was more than happy to live on their own.



No one said anything, only the middle-aged man disagreed.




“Who knows what you will discuss if you live together?”



Song Hong usually looked like a gentleman, but now he was obviously angry. He turned his head, this time even the formal tone he usually used was completely omitted: “Or you can sleep on our floor to listen?”



The man sneered twice in response, then he slammed the door with a bang.



The remaining few players looked more or less embarrassed. After a long time, another woman who was working alone timidly proposed: “Why don’t we rest first. It seems like the plot will probably take a while before it’s triggered.”



Song Hong exhaled and nodded. The companion beside him patted his shoulder, and the three whispered as they walked to the room and closed the door.



The last room was Kou Dong’s.



This dormitory was an unusual four-person dormitory, it usually had bunk beds. But there was only one bed board with a quilt on it, as Kou Dong laid on it, he felt a little hesitant, which was rare.



He wanted to try the door card first, but the attitude of the players made him feel wrong.



Although Song Hong wanted “unity” and for them to “help each other” …… everyone’s faces weren’t that friendly.



He started the game without knowing the relationship between the players, Kou Dong wasn’t quite sure if it was to his advantage.



Were the players hostile because of the rule that points were distributed according to contribution value?



He asked the system, “Are there any hidden rules in the team missions that I don’t know about?”



System: [The game rules have been informed to the player as specified.]



Kou Dong felt a little uncertain. He sat cross-legged on the bed for a while and decided it was better to hatch the egg first.



When he pulled out the big egg, Kou Dong’s expression took on the glow of an old father, he kindly stroked its glossy eggshell.



“Aigoo my baby ……”



Game system: [……]



Wasn’t he getting into the role a little too fast?



Kou Dong hugged the egg, like all parents in the world did to their children, “Dad can only rely on you in this life. You, ah, better be born as some kind of anti-personnel weapon ……”



He wasn’t fussy, it could be missiles or even a rocket launcher!



There were still more than 20 hours left before the birth of the egg.



Old father Kou sat on the bed holding the egg, after waiting half an hour, he suddenly heard the sound of people talking outside the corridor.



“They still haven’t come out to work,” someone raised his voice and said impatiently, “What’s going on? Where is everyone?”



Kou Dong’s spirits lifted and he pulled the door of the room open and saw the girl who was also acting alone peeking out from across the room.



Looking to the side, several players came out one after another and gathered around to watch the commotion.



They all knew that this was the key plot they had been waiting for.



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