C13— It’s Hard To Fly Without Wings[I]

After watching the flashback, Kou Dong felt numb: “……”



Alas, he was tempting to call 12315 to complain about this twist.



[TN: 12315 —- The 12315 administrative law enforcement system focuses on safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.]



It was more than the wrong product-it was totally off-flavor. He entered the game to show his sweet love. Now, he had seen the love line, but what about the sweetness?






He couldn’t understand, a group of psychopaths loved him, how was that sweet?



Kou Dong wiped his face in despair and vowed to report this over-scaled cr!p game …… to the Broadcasting Authority after he got out.



But at the moment, Kou Dong still had to live in this broken game conscientiously.



A newbie copy had been enough to make Kou Dong fearful, if the NPC hadn’t eventually softened, Kou Dong couldn’t guarantee that he would have been able to escape.



He thought about it, but still decided to try to draw a card first.



No matter what he drew, it was better than being a poor man with no good sense.



After the nature of the game changed, the color of the redemption pool also changed to a pool of water with an unusual scarlet color, bubbling at the bottom, there were only a few palm-sized stone tablets on the top, barely able to float. Kou Dong walked towards the summoning table in the middle of the pool, but after taking a few steps, he felt something holding his ankle.



Only when he lowered his head did he realize that it was actually a ghastly white hand bone. The thin finger bones tugged at his ankle and dragged him toward the pool water.



Kou Dong looked into the water, dense white bones were poking out of this bloody water, rigidly reaching for him.



“Come on,” a myriad of soft voices in the water called to him sweetly, like sirens, “come on ……”



“It’s your turn, come to me ……”



This scene was undoubtedly a little creepy, Kou Dong thought about it and very calmly took off the shoes on his feet. This action was a bit unexpected, even the system got stuck, it didn’t understand what he took off his shoes for.



Immediately after, Kou Dong sternly used the shoes on his feet to slam the hand that grabbed him.






In the end, the hand bones were fragile, and he didn’t know how long it had been dead, after he hit it a few times, it almost fell apart, cowering to recover. Kou Dong dragged it back, removed its wrist joint, then he held the white tragic hand bone in his hand while looking around.



The white bones in the pool water were shivering as he looked at them: “……”



“It looks a bit like a bowling ball,” Kou Dong commented, “How many hands do you think I could break by throwing this one?”






The white bones instantly all retracted, the lake was cold and clear, not even half a finger moved. Kou Dong rubbed his chin, looking a little regretful, “Oh ……”



He had thought that it was time to play. Sure enough the system wasn’t that kind.



He stepped on the stone monument and walked forward step by step. As he approached, the summoning table also gradually emitted a glowing light, it seemed to sense him.



[Exchange pool: Players can use twenty points to extract once, the object of extraction is not fixed.]



Kou Dong took a look at the rules and instantly got a toothache, one redemption actually cost twenty points.



His first copy was equivalent to a novice instruction guide, and it only rewarded him with a total of twenty-five points. After this, Kou Dong would be broke, he was really a poor person.



He tried to negotiate, “Can I take it on credit?”



Game system: […… Of course not. Players can only get points through the dating board.]



If you can’t, you can’t, why say more …… Kou Dong muttered, he quickly clicked on the dating board.



Before entering the copy, the module was still blank, but now, there were already new characters in it. Both the black-robed godfather and the smiling little puppy were standing in their own box, extending a hand towards him, palm up, a typical invitation pose.



[Dating: Each time a player uses this function, he can select an NPC for a date. After the date is completed, the player will be rewarded with the corresponding number of points according to the change in the NPC’s mood value. The points can be used to exchange pool modules.]



Kou Dong understood that this board was to make NPCs happy.



And how could the NPCs be happy?



After thinking for a short moment, Kou Dong could say with confidence that if he took off his clothes and laid down on the bed, the NPCs would instantly be happy ……



But he was a game anchor with modesty, how could he do such a thing?!



He righteously turned off this module.



“It’s not just drawing a card ……”



Kou Dong put his hand on the summoning table, as his palm touched the stone plate, it felt like it was burning, he took a deep breath and pressed his hand down deeply.



The temperature of the wind seemed to rise abruptly. Something twisted and gurgled upward in the pool of blood, two large, interlaced, coiled serpents. They had a cold metallic hue, they simultaneously held a shiny ball of light, and only when they leapt to the same height as him, did the ball of light stop in front of him.



Kou Dong’s hand touched it, and the ball of light slowly opened up. A large egg rolled out.



The egg was as long as Kou Dong’s arm, the surface was green and black, he squatted down and looked at the large, polished and round egg, and fell deep into his thoughts: “……”



This was it?



He actually had expected a rocket launcher.



Kou Dong touched the surface of the egg shell, and a description popped up on it.



[A mysterious egg. Effect: Unknown. Duration: unknown. Countdown to hatching: 24:00:00]



Kou Dong stared for a while with a happy expression and quickly noticed the countdown.



“What’s going on?” He asked the system, “Is there a bug?”



Game system: [Please note that the countdown is a hatching countdown.]



Kou Dong: “It’s the hatching countdown, what’s wrong with this – hell, it doesn’t mean that I need to hatch it myself, right?



He wasn’t a hen!



Or a nest!



System: [In the player’s world, egg hatching also requires temperature.]




The implication was that this was very scientific.



Kou Dong: “……”



But this is a horror game, is that scientific ah!?



He breathlessly picked up the big egg, firmly tucked it in his arms, and saw the twenty-four-hour timeline jump, changing to 23:59:59 ……



“Okay,” Kou Dong brainwashed himself, “just think of it as a bonus son in the game.”



He’d make a lot of money by picking up a son for nothing.



Kou Dong didn’t intend to waste these 24 hours. He incubated the egg on the bed silently for a while, it was strange, so he simply decided to enter the team copy first.




The team function was opened after he passed the newbie mission, Kou Dong hadn’t actually experienced it yet. The good thing was that the system still had a luggage bar, so Kou Dong could put the big egg in and wait for it to hatch.



Before entering, the system announced the team rules for him.



[The real identity of the player in the real world can’t be mentioned in the mission; Player cannot mention the word “game” or any game name; Player cannot mention software, APP, website and related applications; after the copy is over, the points will be distributed according to the player’s contribution value.]




[This copy’s points: 200. number of team participants: 7.]



【Please note that the copy will be opened soon.]



Kou Dong fell into a darkness and felt his body sink downward. His eyelids were so heavy that he could barely lift them.



Then it was blindingly white.



There were many transparent vessels in front of him, containing various liquids. Kou Dong smelled a pungent smell, like it was rotten, it emitted a fishy smell.



He quickly stood up, he didn’t know whether it was because of dizziness, but he stumbled backwards and an unknown person gave him a hand and asked, “Is everything okay?”



Kou Dong stood firm, “It’s okay.”



Only then did he see the appearance of the person next to him, a young man. The man with protective goggles was wearing a solemn white coat, he looked like a researcher.



It wasn’t a familiar NPC’s face, Kou Dong sighed in relief.



At the same time, the young man was also looking at him: “It seems that we are all experts this time?”



He pointed to the name tag on Kou Dong’s chest, which read “Expert Bai”.



Kou Dong nodded and also saw the other’s name tag, which read “Expert Tang”. But since his name tag was a fake name, these names were obviously automatically generated by the system,it wasn’t credible, “You are also a player?”



“This is your first time, right?” The man was obviously a veteran, he pushed up his glasses, “For the team copies, players will basically be together at the beginning, to confirm each other’s identity.”



Kou Dong now looked at the individual closely: “Hey, I played before the revision. At that time it wasn’t like this ……”



That time, it was still all about sweet sweet sweet love.



The man’s expression became a bit strange, as if pondering, and then he slowly replied: “Revised?”



They didn’t have time to continue talking. Soon, the others in the room also woke up one after another, Kou Dong counted, it was no more, no less, exactly seven people. Together with him, there were five men and two women.



“We’d better go out first,” the man said, “I feel like something’s not right ……”



Before the words left his mouth, Kou Dong felt another wave of dizziness. But this time, he vaguely felt that something was wrong, “It seems to be some kind of sound–”



Several people’s expressions froze.



The ground beneath their feet began to shake, glassware crackled and exploded, crumbling all over the floor. A man yelled, “Get down!”



In this gap, Kou Dong glanced at the record book he was holding, on which a few lines were hastily written.



“On September 27, Experiment S appeared to have a strange movement …… Experiment S is good at using mental attacks and relies on sound to destroy human will …… Lab protection upgraded to level 3 ……”



“On November 20, Experiment S was again in an abnormal state and three researchers were injured ……”



“On December 4, the experimental body was monitored to be coming to its senses.”



The writing at the back was no longer readable. The cabinets around him collapsed with a bang, several players were injured by the bursting glass and let out a few cries of pain, Kou Dong was no longer able to look, and could only hastily shrink his body under the harder table.



At the same time, a pale, thin hand slowly pressed on the protective glass.



This hand didn’t seem human, light blue veins could be seen clearly. His nails were thin and long, due to years of soaking in the light blue nutrient solution, it had slowly turned white.



“I can smell it,” he hissed, “I can smell it–”



He jerked his scarlet pupils up and looked in one direction, an odd, joyful smile spread across his lips.



“My precious ……”



He murmured.



“This time, I won’t let you get away again.”





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