C15 —- It’s hard to fly without wings (3)


The one standing in the corridor was also a researcher, in his early thirties, with one hand impatiently pinching his watch. He had drooping triangular eyes, swollen eyeballs, and low cheekbones, a typical fierce look, and he looked at everyone with extra ruthlessness.


At his voice, players came out one after another and gathered, ready to hear what he had to say.


“How unlikeable,” the NPC said, glancing over several of them as he lectured them in the dark, “What time is it already? You’re still sleeping, are you all done with the experiment? Have you handed in all the data?”


The NPC seemed unconcerned, he cursed some more, and lifted his wrist to look at his watch.


“Hurry up,” he urged, “it’s time.”


Before the words left his mouth, he took the lead and walked out. The players who remained in place didn’t move, and the boy in Song Hong’s team looked at Song Hong timidly, “Brother Song …… are we going to follow?”



Song Hong looked at him, “Of course we should follow. Such a critical NPC, how can we not follow?”


“But,” the man, who looked like an amateur, whispered, “but he doesn’t look right ……”



He had tried to speak as euphemistically as possible, in fact, just now when this NPC looked at him, he felt like his body was soaked in ice water, it was freezimg cold.


Song Hong, in front of the crowd, didn’t give him face, he bluntly responded: “We have to follow. If we don’t take the initiative to check, how will we get the contribution value? Will we get contribution value if we muddle through?”


These words immediately poked a sore spot, the newcomer didn’t say anything. Kou Dong listened on the sidelines and thought to himself, it was really for the contribution value ……


He didn’t really understand these people’s thoughts either.


Just for the sake of points, why did they look like they were ready to fight to the death.


It was like they could spend it as money.


The crowd followed the NPC’s footsteps forward through the narrow passageway, and the lead NPC used his door card to swipe open a room they had never entered before.


The light inside was on, and the NPC turned sideways and urged, “Hurry up-”


The crowd’s eyes abruptly widened.


Kou Dong heard someone behind him let out a short, sharp breath, as if he wanted to exclaim, but was held back hard.


There stood countless vessels two to three meters high, like a foot in a strange, nebulous mirage. The floor’s inhabitants were immersed in a pale blue nutrient solution, countless strong and powerful tentacles floated with the swaying of the water waves, the texture looked strange and it was light gray, they could see that the top was striped.


Kou Dong had never seen such strange creatures, it wasn’t like any kind of fish, and they stretched out indiscriminately with countless tentacles, more like they were broken up and put together at random.


They even had peculiar fins with sharp, pointed edges, wrapped in a transparent membrane.


“My goodness ……”


Someone murmured in a low voice, their voice trembled as they spoke, “These, these things ……”


Kou Dong understood what he was thinking. Anyone who had seen what such things looked like would never want to tame them – this was simply a carnival paradise for monsters, he passed these transparent vessels, and could still see many flashing light following him, pieces of bright flakes followed his movements. After looking for a while, he realized that they weren’t lights, but the eyes of these things.


They watched him in silence, twisting their huge heads in response to his movements, their eyes shining with the light of predators.


No one said anything for a while, then the NPC announced, “What we’re going to do today is electric shock experiment.”




No one could imagine trying to electrocute these things. The NPC turned on the electric switch and rubbed his hands, his expression was full of excitement. He pushed the current strength of the first experimental vessel up high, and all the buttons snapped and twisted to the maximum.


The effect was obvious, and almost at that instant, the monster in front of him jerked and trembled violently. Its tentacles hit the thick protective glass, it twisted and churned, and the nutrient solution was stirred up into a white foam.


It struggled fiercely.


A sharp buzzing suddenly sounded, stabbing the crowd’s temples vaguely, they soon realized that the monster was screaming. If it had a mouth and a human voice, its screams would be more miserable.


The NPC was unaware of this and asked them, “How come you’re not recording?”


Kou Dong looked at his hand that was still fixed on the button and didn’t answer.


“Such valuable data, why don’t you record it?” The smile on the NPC’s face deepened, “Record it quickly-we have more experimental projects to do.”


He walked over to the second Petri dish and introduced the current again.


The same buzzing sound joined in, scraping the eardrums like sandpaper.


Followed by a third, and a fourth ……


“We can’t do this anymore,” the female player behind them trembled and turned to Song Hong, “The way things are going, these things will definitely come out …… by then, we’ll all have to die here! ”


Song Hong’s eyebrows also furrowed, he whispered back: “Then we need to go first.”


Things had come to this point, the plot of this copy was already obvious, it was nothing more than the monsters couldn’t stand to be spurred on and therefore broke out, on the contrary, they were playing the role of researchers, so they were on opposite sides. Generally speaking, key NPCs tended to provide clues, this NPC was the opposite, rather than providing clues, it was the beginning of all the trouble. In this case, it was better to avoid it for the time being and find a safe place to avoid a reunion.


Song Hong didn’t care about the others, but he tugged at Kou Dong’s coat, lowering his voice, “Are you coming with us or not?”



Before these things were completely pissed off?


Kou Dong shook his head, instead he shifted his gaze. He slowly fixed his eyes on a glass bottle for experimentation and replied under his breath, “You guys go first.”


Song Hong paused, his voice a little surprised, “You still want to stay here?”


He already saw the thin cracks appear on that glass, it wouldn’t be long before the monsters escaped. When the time came, they would be hunted, did they have to stay here waiting to be killed by the monsters?


Kou Dong replied, ” I’ll try something.”



He stared at the back of the NPC’s head and held the glass bottle a little tighter.


The middle-aged man also heard their words and snorted, his eyes containing contempt. Song Hong opened his mouth, “You-”


Before the sentence was finished, he actually watched as the youth in front of him raised the glass bottle up high.


Players: “……?”


Game system: “……??”


None of them reacted, what was the point of raising the bottle?


Everyone watched as the skinny-looking youth fiercely dropped his hand and whirled around with unerring accuracy as the bottle broke on the NPC’s head.


…… not?


This instant, a big question mark almost emerged over the players’ heads.


This game, could be played like this?


Assaulting critical NPCs?


The NPC who was suddenly hit let out a cry of pain, then let go of the button and turned his head, looking a bit confused.


He was just a pre-sentient guiding NPC, and hadn’t really expected to be hit, so much so that he didn’t even react in time after the hit.


Taking advantage of this, Kou Dong made a split-second decision and gave him another shot with the broken glass bottle.


NPC: “……”


The NPC finally reacted and moved to go after him. But Kou Dong’s two strikes weren’t light, he only staggered five or six steps forward, then fell headlong, dripping bl00d from the roots of his hair fell outward, staining the ground with it.


Kou Dong ran up a few steps and turned off the electric switch.


After the button was pressed, the current naturally stopped, and the humming sound disappeared one by one, and the room went quiet. Feeling the pain stop, the monsters’ eyes flashed faster and they pressed against the glass in silence to look in the direction of Kou Dong, their tentacles wiggled and clinged to the glass like large suction cups.


They regained their composure and naturally stopped trying to break out .


Song Hong also stunned by Kou Dong’s tumultuous operation, stuttered a little as he spoke, “No, you ……”


Why did you hit the NPC?


Kou Dong instead gave him a strange look, he seemed very puzzled, “Otherwise, wait for him to toss a little longer and let all the experimental bodies get out?”


Wasn’t this risking your own life?




It made sense, but this was the pilot episode, how could there be such an interruption!


How would the game start?


According to the original plot of the game, it should be the experimental body escaping then chasing and trying to kill them; if the danger was gone, how would they play later?


Kou Dong was quite relaxed, “We have to choose, of course we’ll choose the strong, can’t we help them fight the researchers?”




Was that so? The crowd of players incredulously thought, they could actually choose sides in this game ……


The worst thing was that Song Hong, after careful thought, actually nodded in agreement, “It makes sense, strong is always better than weak.”


The crowd: “……”




Look us in the eye and speak with your conscience, are you serious!?


The horror plot that just about to unfold was aborted, Kou Dong found the feeder and fed the monsters. He put his palm on the glass, the monsters slowly put its suction cups like tentacles on the glass and its sequins-like eyes stared at him fiercely.


Kou Dong studied it for a while before realizing that it was probably a gesture similar to a puppy or kitten putting its head on a human hand.


So thinking about it like that, it was weirdly cute, although each of these things were taller than two of Kou Dong combined and two Kou Dong wide, in front of them, Kou Dong was like an extremely small child.

The creatures ate fishes.


The fishes were huge, and as the monsters ate, bl00d and foam covered the water, and the scene was a bit uncontrollable. After seeing the scene of them tearing the food apart, many people were instead glad Kou Dong stopped the scene just now, after all, if they escaped, one or two of them would certainly be sacrifices, which would barely satisfy the creatures.


No one wanted to be sacrificed here, everyone wanted to live. So the crowd became more polite to Kou Dong.


Originally when they saw him, they thought Kou Dong was thin and weak, and that he looked like a small white flower couldn’t withstand the wind and rain, they had concluded he’d be scared out of his wits early. They didn’t expect him to be bold, also, his thoughts was different from normal people.



Only the middle-aged man pulled a long face, his expression wasn’t very good, especially when he looked at Kou Dong, his eyes were like hardened poison.


When walking past, he also deliberately went closer to bump against his shoulder. Kou Dong had sensed his gaze wasn’t good, so he moved back early enough and avoided it.


The man didn’t hit him, so he stumbled from the momentum. He lifted his head and viciously spoke, “Walking without looking at the road? What a weakling.”


“Come on,” Song Hong intercepted, “don’t look for trouble.”


“Who’s looking for trouble?” The man sneered, “You’re still protecting him now? You’re not afraid that the plot will break and we’ll all be trapped inside and won’t be able to get out?”


Song Hong remained stern, “The copy rules will be automatically perfected. –You’re the one who’s thinking too much, don’t think we don’t know. You thought that if two people die, you will have two less competitors?”


Once these words came out, the remaining few people cast over a somewhat unkind gaze. The middle-aged man wasn’t blind, and after feeling it, he even let out a snort, “Who didn’t think that?”


Who didn’t come to this game for money?


And who wanted to share this money with others?


Now one by one, they were acting pure.


He thrust his hands into his pockets and wiggled it, making up his mind to find more clues on his own and try to survive to the end alone.


After searching a few rooms, he unknowingly returned to the laboratory where the NPCs had taken them. The creatures there were still calm and nothing was moving.



“Pretending to be fierce.”


He grunted disdainfully, and tapped his fingers hard on the glass.


No sequins were pointed at him, and the monsters looked like they were all asleep. The man searched the room, found no useful clues, and began to press the buttons on the lab table to try to see if some secret passage would open.


Anyway, the electric switch was off.


With this in mind, he didn’t even raise a semblance of defense, he fumbled around in front of the desk.


Just then, a drop of water dripped on the back of his hand.


It was wet and rolled away.


“What the hell,” the middle-aged man muttered, “a leak?”


He looked up and saw that the ceiling was high and there were no additional water stains. It was as if the drop that had just occurred was nothing more than an illusion on his part.



But soon, more water dripped down. The water hit continuously, wetting his hair and making it cling to his forehead.


The man suddenly furrowed his brow and smelled a strange sea odor. The smell was so close to him, like it was pressed against his back.




The middle-aged man suddenly shuddered a little for some reason.


He realized something was wrong. — When they left, no one had disposed of the NPC’s corpse.


But when he had just come in, the ground was clean and unmarked.


It was like —


Like, it had been wiped off by someone.


At the same time, the sound of gurgling tentacles twisting came from behind him, a slippery touch clinged to his neck as a huge tentacle slowly probed out. The man shuddered and turned his head a little, a little stiffly–


A huge mountain peak.



He was in the midst of this mountain peak and his eyes met countless sequined-like eyes.



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