C8— The Bar

Although he hadn’t had much contact with him, Lin Yuxun knew that Cheng Hao was different from the people he had grown up with.



The people around him who were about Cheng Hao’s age were always ganging up and fighting over the position of chief, all of them cursed and whoever didn’t would be bullied.



People were always very irritable, a simple disagreement made them jump up and fight and if there were good things, they fought for it endlessly.



They also drank heavily, they were addicted to m*arijuana and women, and focused on the moment, they didn’t think about how they were going to live tomorrow.



And Cheng Hao …… although he also fought yesterday, he didn’t say a single swear word.



He ate fast, but his posture was very nice.



His English, he spoke as well as the announcer on the radio.



He was injured and fell into this place, but he didn’t belong here at all, he was afraid he would leave soon.



Right now, he had probably left.



It was nothing. Lin Yuxun told himself, he had always been alone, and could be alone in the future.



No, he wasn’t alone, he had Danny to take care of.



Someone walked past him and scoffed.



The man spoke loudly, but Lin Yuxun inexplicably couldn’t clearly hear what the man said. His body felt heavy, and the strength in his whole body was almost gone.



Without Danny, he would never have continued to live.



“Lin Yuxun.” A voice suddenly rang out, the mist in front of Lin Yuxun’s eyes faded and he saw Cheng Hao.



His heart suddenly settled down.



Cheng Hao didn’t have a watch and wasn’t aware of the time. When he arrived at the school and saw Lin Yuxun, he immediately asked, “You were waiting for me? Is it time for lunch?”



Lin Yuxun’s expression changed: “The time for lunch has passed.”



“It’s been that long?” Cheng Hao was a little anxious: “Let’s quickly go over and see …… By the way have you eaten?”



Lin Yuxun shook his head.



Cheng Hao pulled Lin Yuxun forward, while running: “Why didn’t you go eat? You have to eat regularly in the future, okay? Don’t stay hungry either, it’s not good for your stomach.”



Lin Yuxun nodded, and only after nodding did he realize that Cheng Hao was running ahead and couldn’t see him.



Cheng Hao dragged Lin Yuxun to the school cafeteria and found that there were only one or two people left there still eating, while the person who was sharing the meal was directing a black woman to clean up the table, he wasn’t working himself, but still complained incessantly, “I’m really fed up with this place, can’t these guys just stop eating all over the whole table?”



As a result, when he complained, one of the remaining people who was still eating used his hand to wipe the ketchup from the dinner plate and spread it on the table.



Cheng Hao glanced at the boy who had rubbed ketchup on the table and rushed to the person who was distributing the food: “Is there any more lunch, please? I’m very hungry ……”



“I remember you …… you ate so much this morning yet you’re still hungry? I thought you wouldn’t be able to eat today!” The person sharing the meal said.



“I have a big appetite.” Cheng Hao smiled at him.



“Okay …… but it’s not lunchtime anymore.” The man said, “You’re over twenty minutes! Not two minutes, but twenty minutes!”




“Got any extra food? You’re a kind person ……,” Cheng Hao looked at him.



The person who was sharing the food wasn’t a good person, but he wasn’t a bad person either: “For pity’s sake.”



He quickly took out some food.



The food was rough, it was blackened bread, some bacon, and a few slices of orange and some raw purple kale, oh, and some ketchup.



Cheng Hao had always been averse to eating raw vegetables, the only thing he could accept was the little bit of vegetable leaves in a burger.



He wouldn’t have eaten this raw purple kale in the past.



But he was hungry.



Cheng Hao swept away all the food, but Lin Yuxun’s bread was only half eaten.




There was some food left in the cafeteria, but the man who shared the food didn’t give Cheng Hao too much, so it was good that Cheng Hao had eaten a lot of food throughout the day and had relieved his hunger.




After eating, Cheng Hao had time to talk to Lin Yuxun: “I went to the relief center today and got some food, you can take them home after class later.”



Cheng Hao gave the sandwich and milk in his hand to Lin Yuxun.



“I still …… have to attend classes, it’s inconvenient to bring them with me, so you can take them back.” As Lin Yuxun said that, he gave the key of the roll-up door to Cheng Hao.




Cheng Hao thought the food might be stolen from Lin Yuxun at school, so he immediately agreed, adding, “Then study hard, I’ll go back first.”



Lin Yuxun nodded his head. His father used to always tell him to study well, he didn’t expect Cheng Hao to say such things too ……



When Cheng Hao saw Lin Yuxun’s docile appearance, he couldn’t help speaking, “Don’t give the keys to your house to just anyone in the future, what if you meet bad people?”



Lin Yuxun didn’t say anything, instead he looked at Cheng Hao with wide eyes.




Cheng Hao pinched his face, turned around and left.



As soon as Cheng Hao left the school, he saw Chester.



Chester bullying Lin Yuxin was abhorrent to Cheng Hao, but Chester himself was a minor, so he couldn’t possibly go too far with Chester.



But because he wasn’t familiar with this place, he needed Chester’s help.



However, he didn’t intend to be friendly to Chester, nor was he happy to let Chester stand in front of Lin Yuxun …… so when he came, he told Chester not to follow him so Lin Yuxun wouldn’t see him.



“I need to go back first, then go to that bar,” Cheng Hao said, “Do you want to come with me, or wait for me here?”




Chester eagerly replied, “I’ll go with you.”




Cheng Hao asked, “You’re not studying?”



“Studying? I didn’t read properly, and now I can’t even recognize all those words.” Chester smiled cheekily, with a proud expression.



Cheng Hao had nothing to say after seeing his expression.



The two soon arrived at Lin Yuxun’s home, Cheng Hao used the key to open the door, walked in, and then went into the bedroom, Danny was holding a can, using a fork to eat the soy beans inside.



He couldn’t hear, so at first he didn’t notice Cheng Hao, but when he did, he just quietly looked at Cheng Hao, and left Cheng Hao alone.



This child was too calm …… Cheng Hao wondered if he had other problems besides deafness.



But now he and Lin Yuxun were poor, even if the child had other problems, they couldn’t do anything.



Cheng Hao put all five sandwiches and milk on the bed and pushed them in front of the child.



This child looked at Cheng Hao again, then opened a box of milk and calmly began to drink.




Cheng Hao stroked his hair before leaving.




Chester was waiting outside, and when he saw Cheng Hao come out, he carried the sandwich and milk wrapped in his shirt and walked forward.



Old George’s bar was a thirty-minute walk from where Lin Yuxun lived, and when he entered the vicinity of this bar, Cheng Hao sensed that the atmosphere wasn’t quite right.



He saw g*uns on several people, and the people coming and going were not to be messed with at first glance.



Old George’s bar was conspicuous in that row of stores. The bar door was well decorated, the sign was also decorated with a lot of lights, it was daytime so he couldn’t see the effects, when the lights were turned on at night, it would definitely  make the bar look more striking.



Once he saw the bar, Chester jumped up and down: “I haven’t been inside yet, I don’t know what it’s like!”



Cheng Hao looked at Chester: “Thank you for bringing me here, my grudge with you is settled, as long as you don’t bully Lin Yuxun anymore, I won’t go after you and your friends …… See you later!”



“You’re not taking me in?” Chester was dumbfounded.



“Kids shouldn’t come to places like this.”



Chester immediately took offense: “I’m not a kid! I can already sleep with women!”



Cheng Hao was already walking towards the bar and almost stumbled when he heard him.



The kinds of things that happened in this poor community were really a little too much for him, a person who grew up under the red flag, to accept.




Although Chester thought he was already an adult, Cheng Hao still had no intention of taking him with him.



He entered the bar in stride, and then just as he entered, he was stopped by a not-so-young, bearded black man: “Kid, what are you doing here?”



The person who stopped Cheng Hao had a cigarette in his mouth, and that cigarette gave off a smell that was very different from the smell of ordinary cigarettes.



Cheng Hao’s face remained unchanged, “I came to find old George …… I am a boxer and I want to box here.”



“Boxing? You?” The man spat a mouthful of smoke toward Cheng Hao.



Cheng Hao silently held his breath.



“I’ve studied boxing for many years,” Cheng Hao said, “and I’m Chinese, I know Chinese kung fu.”



Having fallen to this point, Cheng Hao knew very well that he couldn’t pick or choose, he had to learn to keep his head down.




The man frowned slightly.



Cheng Hao added, “Whether I lose or win, it’s always a gimmick to have someone who knows Chinese kung fu boxing in a bar.”



“I don’t need a gimmick here …… but you’ve convinced me.” The man threw his cigarette on the ground, “Come on in, little man!”



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