C58— Day 58

Shen Jue rubbed his face and replied perfunctorily.






He had to agree first.



Otherwise, with this lady’s character, she wouldn’t give up until she received a definite answer.



Shen Jue put away the terminal.



But not long after, he took it out again, taking the initiative to send a message to Mrs. Song.



[Mom, do you have a copy of Shen Tong’s audio data? Send it to me.]



Mrs. Song replied quickly: [What Shen Tong? It’s brother Shen Tong to you.]



Wasn’t their generational gap too large for that?



Shen Jue was too lazy to respond.



Mrs. Song didn’t just criticize him, she also sent the audio data files. Shen Jue didn’t immediately click on it, after all, the location wasn’t appropriate, and he still needed to accompany the guests.



He gave a look to his secretary, who began to contact the people at the banquet, and Shen Jue himself took a few steps forward, “Your Majesty.”



It was this sound that brought Shen Tong back to his senses.



He snatched back his hand as if in shock.



He rarely felt this panicked.



In fact, it wasn’t only panic, his heartbeat also accelerated.




He couldn’t understand why.




Maybe Caesar’s voice was too low, maybe the temperature of his hand was too hot.



Shen Tong’s eyelashes fluttered lightly.



This feeling, for him, was too strange.



Shen Jue’s interference could be called untimely, but for Shen Tong, it was like a splash of water that rescued him, so that he no longer needed to feel this hot temperature.



Shen Tong smiled gratefully at Shen Jue.



Caesar’s expression was also quite straightforward.



–An eyesore, roll.



Because of Shen Tong, Shen Jue was eager to chat with him, but Caesar was the monarch and Shen Jue still had to follow orders, he gave a nod to Shen Tong and withdrew his gaze with slight regret, “Your Majesty, Mr. Shen, please get in.”




Shen Jue personally pulled open the door of the private hover car for them.




After the two were seated, Shen Jue didn’t have the intention to get into the car, Shen Tong asked softly, “Aren’t you coming in?”



Shen Jue smiled, “There is another car behind.”



Shen Tong quickly nodded in response.



Shen Jue had a good impression of Shen Tong, Shen Tong also had a good impression of Shen Jue, but with just a sentence, someone’s jealousy was knocked over.



Before Shen Jue closed the car door behind him, he vaguely heard their young monarch speak, “You want to sit with him?”



Shen Jue quickly closed the door.



He lightly hummed.



That young man named Shen Tong had a good nature.



It was only thanks to his good nature that he could stand such a jealous person.



It was really a case of flowers in the jar of vinegar.



Shen Jue regretfully thought.



At the same time, in the private hover car….



The atmosphere was quiet, and the sound of breathing was clearly audible.



“Hmm?” Caesar raised his eyebrows lightly.



He patiently waited for Shen Tong’s response.



And this question, no matter how Shen Tong answered, it was a trap in itself.



With Shen Tong’s character, he wouldn’t say he wanted to.



But if he said he didn’t want to, Caesar could interpret it as him being more than happy to stay with him.



He glanced at Shen Tong lightly.



Shen Tong wasn’t really good at dealing with such situations.



He had no romantic experience, and he was slow to respond to other people’s kindness. He couldn’t tell if he was lucky or unlucky. In all his years, Shen Tong had never met a person like Caesar- so awkward that he made people think he hated them, but frankly, he was so straightforward that he couldn’t be ignored at all.



To be fair, Shen Tong didn’t hate such a contrast.



He even felt it was a little cute.



It was because of the …… cat filter, right?



He liked felines, they were all cute.



Shen Tong attributed the reason to this.



He tried to change the topic, “Have you been to Blue Star before?”



Caesar’s thin lips flicked open and commented, “Lame.”



This change of topic was indeed very stiff, Shen Tong was exposed, so he unnaturally inclined his head and looked out of the window.



Caesar watched him for a moment, his gaze resting on the youth’s ear.



It should have been as white as jade, but at the moment it was red.



Not long after, Shen Tong said very softly and gently: “Before you weren’t so ……”



Active? Straightforward? Didn’t have such a strong sense of aggression?



Shen Tong frowned to think of the appropriate wording, Caesar replied faintly: “Before you didn’t intend to leave.”






So it was still of his own making?



Shen Tong wrinkled his brow.



A few days ago Caesar had already experienced “too much is too little”, so he temporarily closed his hand and let Shen Tong go, lest this good-tempered rabbit be annoyed, he could also jump and bite him.



Of course, if he was really willing to jump up and bite, Caesar would be in a better mood.



He lifted his arm and rested it casually on the car window, while his other hand took out his terminal.



He looked focused, as if he was using his personal terminal to deal with some important political business.



In fact, this was Caesar browsing the strategy sent to him by his think tank.



–How to make the queen-to-be their queen.



One, learn to show weakness.



Two, create an ambiguous atmosphere.



Three, use words to tease.





And under the third guide, there was a link, Caesar clicked on it, his think tank had thoughtfully compiled a book, it covered a variety of places, occasions, each category had under a few thousand love words.



What Caesar said earlier –



“You only have to reach out to me, I will never let go”, “you look good” were listed.



But he added his own words to it.



But the effect seemed good?



Caesar raised his eyebrows and slowly and methodically scrolled down the screen.



Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the banquet.



The banquet was held in a sky garden, which was suspended in mid-air.



The special transparent elevator led to it.



Politicians who had been informed in advance waited at the entrance of the elevator.



“Your Majesty.”




“Greetings, Your Majesty.”



“Your arrival, Your Majesty’s arrival has brought the Blue Star to life ……”



They hung their heads respectfully, and Caesar raised his eyes slightly to stop the meaningless greeting.



The politician who reacted quickly hurriedly pressed the elevator for him, “Your Majesty, please.”



Caesar didn’t move, but looked down at Shen Tong, signaling him to go in first, Shen Tong didn’t think much of it, he habitually walked in and when he turned around, he met a lot of surprised and inquiring eyes.



“What’s wrong?” Shen Tong asked suspiciously.



The Blue Star politician hesitantly asked, “Aren’t you …… supposed to let His Majesty go in first?”



Shen Tong blinked, finally realizing that something was wrong.



Was this …… habit becoming natural for him?



They got along in private that even in public he still acted like this, his behavior wasn’t quite appropriate.



Besides, Caesar was in a high position, and everyone was lowering their status to show their respect to him by inviting him to enter first, while Shen Tong was just a stranger to these people.



It was rude of him to steal the first spot.



How could he forget this?



Shen Tong was chagrined.



Caesar glanced at the talkative politician with dissatisfaction, his jaw lightly clenched, “He shouldn’t go in first, then should you?”



Who dared?



The politician hurriedly shook his head, but his movements froze and he realized that the relationship between the two was probably not ordinary.



Who would dare to walk in front of His Majesty?



If he asked anyone to go first, no one would dare!



Thinking of this, this politician instantly understood.



Did he inadvertently offend …… His Majesty?



Was this youth His Majesty’s person?



The rest of the politicians quietly watched, they had to be a little more careful, they hadn’t missed Caesar’s gesture just now and his attitude gave them many guesses, and they finally overturned it one by one, leaving only one last possibility –



Could …… this be their future queen?



Originally, when the Monarch went out to visit, how could he bring a person around for no reason?



Thinking this way, these politicians looked at Shen Tong and their expressions immediately changed from the previous amazement and inquiry to respect.



Shen Tong: “……?”



What was it again?



Caesar saw the situation, he understood, but he didn’t have any intention to clarify it, nor did he lash out at them again, instead he lifted his feet and walked into the elevator. Caesar asked lazily, “Still not entering?”



“Yes, yes.”



The people hurriedly followed closely behind.



As he thought of what just happened, Shen Tong realized with hindsight that he actually shouldn’t have attended this banquet together with Caesar either.



No, he shouldn’t have come at all, but Shen Tong didn’t think of this point earlier.



Shen Tong looked at Caesar.



Was he doing it on purpose?



Caesar’s thin lips lightly curved.



He did it on purpose.



Everyone thought he was his queen, so where else could the youth go?



He could only stay by his side.



The elevator took them to the suspended sky garden.



This banquet was to welcome Caesar, and Caesar’s status was noble, so the scale of the grand specifications was jaw-dropping.



Besides, when there was a banquet, there would be a ball, and all the single noble girls in Blue Star were invited to come to the banquet today.



“Your Majesty.”



The crowd saluted respectfully, and many noble girls were bold enough to steal glances at him.



His Majesty, even though he was violent and indifferent, he was handsome enough to make any girl’s heart flutter, so the girls’ senses towards him were complicated, with fear, but also a hint of yearning.



If they could have the first dance with him –



They would be willing to be ghosts.



The noble girls silently thought.



Caesar nodded slightly, “There’s no need to entertain me.”



The crowd responded and dispersed to all directions.



Shen Tong breathed a sigh of relief, he wasn’t used to being watched by thousands of eyes like this.



Of course, being watched through the screen was an exception.



Caesar glanced at him, “Sooner or later, you have to adapt.”



Shen Tong understood what he meant.



Shen Tong: “…… not necessarily.”



Caesar smirked and reminded him, “You took the crown.”



Shen Tong: “But I didn’t know ……”



“Is it important to know what it represents?” Caesar’s voice was low and moving, “You took it, so in the future you will be my queen. You will sit with me on the throne, ruling our empire, and many years from now, we will be buried together in the depths of the nebula.”



“Because you received my crown.”



Shen Tong looked at him in a daze.



These words were actually spoken in an unreasonable and overbearing manner.



Shen Tong had accepted the meaningful crown without knowing anything, yet he had to keep the promise that the crown brought.



It was simply –



Shen Tong thought for a short while, but couldn’t find a suitable word, he could only respond softly, “It’s unfair.”



Caesar lightly smiled.



He lowered his eyes and stared at Shen Tong for a few moments, then he  suddenly extended his hand to him, “Dance?”



“Dance with me.”



It wasn’t a questioning tone, but a somewhat forceful request.



Although Caesar told people not to entertain them, there were still many people staring at him, as soon as Caesar’s hand extended, the noble girls who had some hope for the first dance regrettably sighed.



The king was indifferent, but to be invited by him to dance the first dance? They knew how much glory they would gain.



But obviously, their hopes were dashed.



But who was this young man who was invited to dance?



He seemed to have come with His Majesty, and was very close to him?



Everyone sized up Shen Tong.



Wait a minute, wasn’t this, wasn’t this the Shen Tong who was known as the human catnip!



The eyes of the noble girl who recognized him widened.



A noble girl who didn’t recognize Shen Tong, on the other hand, murmured, “How strange, why does this little brother somehow make me feel so comfortable?”



Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Shen Tong.



It wouldn’t be good for Shen Tong to reject Caesar in public.



So he quietly whispered, “I don’t know how to dance.”



Caesar didn’t mind, “I’ll teach you.”



Shen Tong had to give him his hand.



Just a second of their fingers touching each other, Shen Tong unexpectedly remembered what Caesar had said to him earlier.



—As long as you stretch out your hand to me, I will never let go.



Shen Tong’s fingertips trembled and his heart inexplicably burned up, he subconsciously wanted to retract his hand.



But Caesar was faster, as he caught Shen Tong’s hand, his gaze lightly dropped, it seemed to carry some warmth, then he lowered his head to his ear and whispered: “I caught it.”



His voice was extremely low, low to the point of it being moving, and between the words, Shen Tong’s ears and neck quickly reddened.



Caesar happily attributed this series of reactions to “shyness”: “Now, hold me.”



Shen Tong avoided his gaze and did as he was told.



Caesar spoke again, “Come closer.”



Shen Tong nodded, but Caesar wasn’t satisfied, “Closer.”



Shen Tong really thought he was teaching him to dance and obediently did as he was told, and this time, his entire body was almost completely in Caesar’s embrace.



Caesar and Shen Tong had never had such moments of intimacy, it was only when Caesar was in his snow lion form that the youth behaved intimately with him.



He put one hand around the youth and said carelessly, “It seems that you really can’t dance.”



Shen Tong looked up at him in confusion.



Seeing the youth’s bewildered expression, Caesar was in a better mood, he slowly said, “You can’t dance, since you can’t dance, you just have to hold me.”




Shen Tong realized something, “You ……”



The word “cheated” wasn’t spoken, when Shen Tong inadvertently glanced at a waiter who came forward, he was carrying a tray, the wine glass in the wine was shaking, but the waiter had a hand pressed under the tray.



At first glance, Shen Tong only thought that the waiter was afraid of the red wine spilling out.



But Shen Tong vaguely felt that something wasn’t quite right, then he looked again.



This time, Shen Tong finally saw clearly.



The waiter’s five fingers gap, had a mechanical cold shine on it.




Shen Tong panicked when he met the waiter’s eyes.



It was deep and unfocused.



Perhaps it was because he was discovered, in the next second, the waiter immediately raised the mechanical weapon, towards Caesar.



He pulled the trigger.




Shen Tong didn’t think too much, he subconsciously pushed Caesar away.





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