C10—– The Runaway Bride (IX)

The viscount also finally reopened his eyes. The whites of his eyes reddened, and he also looked in the direction of the window.

“Running away.”

The godfather beside him didn’t answer, he pursed his lips, making the corners of his lips tense into a straight line.

“He ran ……”

The Viscount’s smile widened a little, he looked at the person beside him, his voice was so sweet that it could almost create delicate shreds of sugar.

“If caught–”

The tip of his tongue slowly moistened his lips.

“He’ll be mine, my lord knows that, right?”

The godfather still didn’t respond, and he stood still, looking grim. From the viscount’s point of view, he stood in the thick shadows, and he looked like a wooden or stone statue, without any semblance of life.

The Viscount smiled and lazily ruffled his hair. That ruffled out some of the powder, he sneezed violently, then he immediately jumped over the window, towards the thick fir woods.

It couldn’t really be called walking – his body was suddenly elongated, as if someone was tugging his head from above and pulling him into a long, thin strip. He had sharp claws on his hands, glowing with a sharp, cold light, no one wanted to be scratched by him like that, it was unknown how much flesh could be brought off.

His limbs fell to the ground and he gradually transformed into a horrific, pupil-less beast. Its eyes, which were all white, rolled towards the depths of the fir forest, and then he ran into it like a gust of wind.

A few moments later, the godfather slowly moved. He put on his tall black hat and pulled open the door.

From the window, he could see that he had likewise entered the fir forest.

There was finally movement in the room again. After a thin rattling sound, Kou Dong lifted a corner of the tablecloth and quietly listened for sounds.

He didn’t hear another sound.

He slowly crawled out from under the table and stood in the corner of the wall that couldn’t be seen from outside, before taking out a pocket knife and cutting the cumbersome skirt all the way to his thighs, then he yanked off the long train.

Kou Dong happily removed the bag of chilli powder from the gown.

The trip to the kitchen in the morning was impromptu, he had been looking for places he could find props that had combat power.

Until he saw the chilli pepper in the kitchen ……

Kou Dong said from the bottom of his heart: “Pepper spray really works.”

If this kind of thing was sprinkled on someone’s face, even the most ferocious NPCs would sneeze wildly.

Thanks to the wisdom of the people!

Game system: [……]

It has become so numb that it didn’t want to say anything.

Kou Dong straightened up and surveyed outside the window from behind the curtain. To escape from the ancient castle, he needed to go through the woods.

And now, both NPCs were in the same woods, and may or may not come back to the ancient castle at some point. He didn’t have time to delay.

“So,” he muttered, “I have to find a path now.”

From among the countless dead-end roads, he needed a way out.

He really had nothing to defend himself with, except for the two knives he had brought from the kitchen. The kitchen knives were too bulky and heavy to make good use of; So Kou Dong took two small knives.

There were many knives in the kitchen, he even saw a bone gouging knife and skinning knife. This reminded Kou Dong of those white skins he discovered, so he left those knives hanging there.

Finally, he went upstairs and put the ashes of the butler into a small bag.

Heslipped out of the old castle through the side door. These days, he hadn’t seen the daytime sky like this. Now the sun hadn’t yet set, everything was shining brightly and had the fragrance of earthy grass.

Kou Dong took a deep breath and finally smelled the scent of rotting flowers on him.

The sun was still hanging above the fir forest, without the slightest trace of setting.

He had to hurry before sunset.

Kou Dong increased his pace.

He went headlong into the dense fir forest.

The fir trees were growing very well, and the canopy was lush and shaded the sky. The light in the trees was dim, and the ground was covered with a mess of vines, so Kou Dong kept an eye on his feet so he wouldn’t trip over them.

As he walked, he listened carefully for any sounds nearby.

No sound.

It was silent, silent enough to make one’s scalp feel vaguely numb. Kou Dong brushed aside the sharp blades of grass, feeling that something was wrong, and only when he glanced at the lush weeds did he suddenly realise –

In such a bush, he hadn’t even seen an ant. It seemed that apart from these trees, there was nothing else alive in the jungle.

Only he was left.

Only him.

Kou Dong walked deep into the forest, only relying on his sense of direction to barely distinguish his bearings. He couldn’t even tell how long he had been walking, the endless trees were driving him crazy, there was no end.


Looking around, it was the same trees and the same landscape. If he hadn’t marked them with a knife when he passed, it would have made him think he was walking the same way.

Kou Dong had to stop to catch his breath. He held onto the rough tree trunk and looked at his leg which had been cut by the grass leaves.

Also at that moment, he suddenly heard an unusual movement.



Not light or heavy, careless.


Kou Dong’s scalp tingled violently.

Who was stepping on the fallen leaves?

The movement wasn’t far from him, Kou Dong didn’t dare turn back, nor did he dare to stop again, and almost immediately he was on his way again. As he walked forward step by step, the noise followed him, to him, it wasn’t much different from a death bell, making him panic.

But when he turned around, he couldn’t see the pair of eyes that were peeping in the dark.

Kou Dong pursed his lips, he simply didn’t care, he increased his pace and ran in the direction of the door.

But his luck was really bad today, and before he could run two steps, he heard another familiar voice from the jungle.

“Let me look for him,” the viscount said softly, stepping on fallen leaves and opening his eyes that belonged to a beast. There were no pupils in those eyes, all whites, it turned up and down, and his nostrils flared gently, probing over in his direction, “Let me find …… where my bride is?”

Kou Dong jerked his steps to a halt. He hid himself behind a fir tree, his heart thumping.

He had vaguely seen the Viscount’s hair and couldn’t help but lament in his heart.

Although everyone called this NPC a little puppy, that didn’t really mean that this NPC should have a beast form. Now he looked more like a mutated mountain leopard, tall and agile, he was now half a head taller than Kou Dong – in front of him, this body was simply a rag doll, with half the power to fight back. Kou Dong didn’t have the slightest doubt that even if he hid in a tree, he could easily leap up and drag him back from the top.

Calm, stay calm.

This was an inevitable deadlock. Although he thought he wouldn’t die, it wasn’t impossible.

The beast inhaled without moving. He stared closely at the Viscount’s movements and soon realised that something was wrong, the Viscount’s nose opened and closed, like he was trying to sniff something.

Smell what? Kou Dong immediately remembered the fragrance of flowers on his body and jolted.

No wonder ……

No wonder the little puppy could find him so easily.

It was impossible to get rid of this fragrance – he didn’t know how long the original owner slept in that bed, and now even the marrow of his bones had this strange fragrance. Kou Dong’s heart thought of other ways, but he suddenly noticed that the Viscount’s actions weren’t very smooth, as if he was inhaling something irritating, he shook his head irritably.

Even his nose had an abnormal flush.

Kou Dong: “……”

He suddenly remembered that it was his chilli powder.

Really sorry, big brother, he had wondered why the viscount looked like he wanted to sneeze ……

Kou Dong once again mentally thanked the wisdom of the socialist people.

There was hardly any wind in the bushes. The viscount twitched his nose suspiciously and took a few more steps in his direction.

Two more steps forward and he would have found his dishevelled bride, hiding behind the fir tree not far away.

With his steps, the bride who had fallen away also slowly moved his feet, alertly changing direction not to be found by him.

The little puppy sniffed again, and the corners of his mouth gradually rose.

“Brother ……”

He bared his sharp fangs unkindly.

“Brother, I can smell you.”

“I can smell ……”

He leapt forward!

Kou Dong understood, and immediately stepped back.


He stumbled and ran towards the front.

However, his two legs, in such a forest, were far from four legs; he heard the sound of huffing and puffing, a hot breath followed him, spraying at the back of his neck. Kou Dong didn’t even have time to stop once, he nearly tripped over the vines under his feet several times, before he could run much further, he heard a roar belonging to the beast, followed by a sudden weight on his back, a great force that instantly suppressed him.

His speed was too fast, Kou Dong didn’t even react, his eyes met the beast’s white eyes, filled with desire to chew him up – he didn’t know when the Viscount had reached him, his huge body blocked him tightly.

He moved forward, and used his huge claw to press Kou Dong to the ground, the original short skirt moved higher. The viscount held him down impatiently, a low, delighted growl escaped from his throat.

He bit the side of Kou Dong’s neck, the tips of his sharp teeth pierced the skin,blo*d spilled over.

Kou Dong’s scalp felt numb, he waved the knife in his hand in desperate resistance, however, his knife, in the viscount’s eyes, was child’s play.

With a light wave, he could break it.

He would eat him.

Kou Dong felt the teeth embedded in his skin, the premonition in his heart became more and more clear.

He would really eat his ……

His hands fumbled around in his arms, expecting to feel something. But in the end, what he came across was only the ashes belonging to the butler. Kou Dong’s fingers touched the small pouch, he gritted his teeth and decided to spill it first –

But, just at this moment, he suddenly saw light.

A light that was all over the sky.

The light illuminated the gloomy woods, and finally converged on his body. The viscount let out a violent cry of pain and took a few steps backwards, and when he tried to get closer again, he couldn’t get any closer.

The light was like a barrier that separated the runaway bride from the groom searching for him.


Kou Dong inhaled the strong scent of flowers in the air.


It was the butler ……

He didn’t have the time to think any more, and took advantage of the fact that the Viscount could not get closer now, and hurriedly pulled away. He didn’t know how long he ran forward until he could no longer hear the Viscount’s angry roar, and only then did he stop.

Kou Dong held the trunk of the tree to calm his breathing for a while, then he pulled out the bag containing the ashes.

As expected, the bag was glowing.

–it saved his life.

Kou Dong sensed something was wrong. He frowned, ready to sort out the story trail again, but suddenly saw the godfather from not far away in the bushes slowly step out. The man was tall and handsome, wearing a bowler hat and carrying the majesty of a superior man, a gentleman of honour and respect.

His hand firmly squeezed the sceptre.

“Nolan, don’t fool around,” the godfather said, “come back.”

Kou Dong didn’t move a step, he only squeezed his knife and aimed the sharp blade at him.

The godfather didn’t show any expression, he slightly frowned and coldly urged his godson: “Quickly.”

Kou Dong still shook his head and stared at him warily.

“Come back with me,” the godfather’s patience seemed to have vanished as he stepped forward, “We’re about to miss the time -”

“What time?” Kou Dong cut him off, tilting his head and sneering, “The time to make me into something like that?”

The mere thought of it was disgusting. Kou Dong would never accept that change.

The Godfather’s face changed.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m not going to be that thing,” Kou Dong said, “I’m not going back, I’d rather die out there -”

“Come back with me.”


“Come back!”


The two men confronted each other in the woods, and eventually the godfather blurted out, “Then you’ll really die out here!”


Kou Dong heard something else in these words.

He frowned and asked, “What?”

The godfather also looked remorseful, however, this sentence had already spit out, it couldn’t be retracted. He finally revealed the truth, “If you don’t accept, with your genetic disease, you won’t survive this year.”

Kou Dong: “……”

Kou Dong: “……??”

Crap, what is this plot development? How did the horror plot suddenly turn into a tragic drama???



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