C98—- Scolded By The Director

It was one o’clock in the morning.

After tossing Zhou Yuhe around for more than an hour, Xie Yifeng sat on the edge of the bed looking at his lover who had slept deeply all day, and instead of rushing to sleep, he changed his clothes and walked out of the room to Director Mike Lee’s room.

“Yifeng, you’re here.” Mike Lee lived up to his title as a desperate man, even at this late hour he was still working on the script and dealing with the set, and when he walked over to open the door he still had the script in his hand.

“Director, I want to talk to you about the movie.” Xie Yifeng raised Zhou Yuhe’s script.

“Welcome, welcome.” Mike Lee had a smile on his face, and even welcomed him in.

The two of them sat down on the sofa in front of the hotel’s floor-to-ceiling window, Xie Yifeng didn’t rush to turn to his own scenes, but his long fingers seemingly unintentionally stroked over the scenes shot today, he smiled and said, “Actually, I have a little opinion about the scenes shot today.”

“I know you’re not satisfied, but you can tell him directly, from what I know about him, he’ll do a great job and impress you.”

Mike Lee’s smile faded, his expression became a little subtle with a sense of distrust.

“I can’t say I’m not satisfied, he’s really okay, he is so young, so popular, and the investor chose him, frankly I was a little surprised by his performance today …… you know, this is only a commercial film.”

As a commercial film, and the selection of a popular star as male lead, Mike Lee originally didn’t have many expectations for Zhou Yuhe.

His requirements for acting were all on Xie Yifeng.

“When you say that, you’re treating him like an idolatrous actor, but the truth is he can do very well, better than most, you should have seen ‘Cat and An Xue’, right?” Xie Yifeng said, his acting skills were great, although he didn’t know why his performance was poor, it was definitely more than the current degree, Mike Lee shouldn’t look down on him with the standard of looking at internet stars.

“Of course I’ve seen it, I don’t know what magic Meng Chuan used to make him so vivid and vibrant, he was quite mediocre in my shots, oh except for his face.” Mike Lee pursed his lips.

Xie Yifeng looked at his expression and knew that his prejudice against Zhou Yuhe wouldn’t go away for a while, so he didn’t persuade him any further.

“Well, let’s not talk about him, didn’t you come here to talk to me about the movie?”

“…… okay.”


The next day’s scenes focused on Xie Yifeng.

Zhou Yuhe only had a scene with Xie Yifeng in the evening, but he still came to the set early to observe them shooting.

Xie Yifeng played the other main character in “Martial Arts”, the martial arts alliance leader Lin Hansha who was impersonated by Rong Qian.

In Hong Shui Villa, the fake martial arts master Rong Qian escaped being destroyed in Xiao Yunqing’s trials and tribulations, again and again, in a thrilling and exciting way.

On the other hand, what about the real Lin Hansha?

He was tied up in a bandit’s den.

The suspicious nature of Lin Hansha had long felt that the martial arts faction had an inside man of the Thousand Poison Palace, which was why he has returned in defeat in repeated crusades against the Thousand Poison Palace, and this time he was determined not to give up until he caught the mole, so he claimed to have lost his power to paralyse the demons and monsters, which lowered their guard.

He wasn’t expecting to have his package changed.

At that time, the situation was extremely chaotic, the people were mixed, and he was carrying the most ordinary and tattered linen package. The people who could enter the tea lodge to rest were quite well-off, who would have thought that something like that would happen?

Lin Hansha expected to be “tied” and dragged into the bandit den, as cautious as he was, the first he did was check his package.

The result was, of course, he was dumbfounded

And what was more unexpected was.

The original master of the bandit den, because he found out that his concubine was meeting an adulterer, in a fit of rage, the adulterer was beheaded under the knife, and because the bandit den had the iron rule of not killing their brothers, the master felt ashamed, so he also killed himself.

The bandit den was instantly a mess, all the bandits placed their eyes on Lin Hansha.

It turned out that Rong Qian from Hongshui Villa wrote a paper about thieves in a magnificent manner, which attracted a bunch of people’s admiration.

It attracted big-eyed stares –

In the large mountain fortress, no one could read and write.

The only “scholar” was among the hostages, the new military commander of the fortress.

K!lling people easily, their ghosts cried, the written words stunned Lin Hansha.

Looking at his “own” flowing lines and the clear and elegant article, for a moment, he didn’t know what to do.


As Su Su said, the amount of time Mike Lee NGed Xie Yifeng wasn’t lower than his, and even many were just details of small problems yet he was still scolded, he looked like a set tyrant.

However, there was a difference.

Mike Lee, when he saw Xie Yifeng perform well, he couldn’t help but show his awe and praise, and his eyes would be filled with joy, praising Xie Yifeng throughout –

This never happened when Zhou Yuhe successfully shot a scene.

That kind of appreciation for the actor, the satisfaction with the acting, wasn’t for him.

From this, Zhou Yuhe confirmed that he was being underestimated.

The other completely treated him as a vase, because he didn’t have expectations, so even if his performance was below par, he would feel that it was already very good for an internet star.

No matter what …… he felt a little reluctant.

Now he had accumulated two lifetimes of acting experience, not to mention that this move was one he had already acted once in his previous life.

The desire to win gradually shone in Zhou Yuhe’s eyes, he cupped the script in his hand, familiar with the lines and scenes, his scene was tonight and his memory of the same scene had been reviewed countless times, he wanted to impress Mike Lee in the evening.

The scene shot at night was when Lin Hansha learned that someone in the Hong Shui Villa was impersonating him, he came to investigate in the middle of the night.

Light as a swallow, Lin Hansha easily passed through the heavily guarded Hong Shui Villa and arrived at Rong Qian’s room.

Rong Qian was sitting on the couch reading a book, when suddenly the flame of the candlestick shook quietly, and the alert Rong Qian immediately rolled over and rolled down from the couch.

The next second, a dagger was thrust into the couch where his heart used to be.

The expression of the young man in brocade and fancy clothes changed, “Who are you?!”

Like a ghost,Lin Hansha landed on the ground, sharply took out the dagger on the couch, his smiling eyes looked at Rong Qian on the ground.

Although his eyes were smiling, the murderous intent was spreading, and the air around him seemed to have frozen, a mysterious and powerful aura came from the black-clad Lin Hansha, making it difficult for him to breathe.

“You are Lin Hansha?” Lin Hansha looked at him in a subtle context, the dagger in his hand reflected a glittering silver light in the candlelight, the light jumped quickly as if it was about to flash past his neck in the next second.

Zhou Yuhe was inevitably a little nervous.

This scene also appeared in a previous life, when he had been completely by Xie Yifeng, it took a full three or four hours to shoot the scene.

The past was still fresh in his mind, the absolute suppression of that aura seemed like yesterday, and what was worse, was that this life’s Xie Yifeng, his acting skills were actually better.

That kind of murder, that kind of temptation, wasn’t because the actor was his lover. He couldn’t find Xie Yifeng in this scene at all. He was perfect, powerful and bloodthirsty. He was the unpredictable Martial leader, Lin Hansha!

Zhou Yuhe froze, he actually forgot his lines for a moment.

Mike Lee scolded him in anger behind the camera: “Zhou Yuhe, why are you dazed! Didn’t you sleep last night? Focus!”

Zhou Yuhe pursed his lips and apologised.

Xie Yifeng pulled him up from the ground, with a slightly worried look in his eyes.

“Is everything okay Yuhe? You haven’t been in the right state since yesterday.” The cold-blooded and ruthless martial arts master instantly turned into a little wolf dog, sticking to Zhou Yuhe’s side, handing him water and fanning him.

It was he who was affected by the memories of his previous life.

This couldn’t be said to anyone, so Zhou Yuhe just shook his head and said he was okay.

The second take started.

This time, Zhou Yuhe did remember to say the lines, but his aura was completely suppressed by Xie Yifeng, they watched the screen in the monitor three times, they all felt unsatisfied, so they decided to reshoot.

But one take, and then the other, and then the other.

Obviously, the scene was previously shot, but after two times in a row, the shooting didn’t go well.

This brought a lot of pressure on Zhou Yuhe.

After this scene, for a variety of reasons, Mike Lee called it off.

He was so angry that he asked Zhou Yuhe to go back to rest and come back to shoot tomorrow after eight hours of sleep.

This was still the first scene in which Rong Qian and Lin Hansha met, and there were so many rival scenes ahead.

He originally thought that Zhou Yuhe’s acting skills were quite passable, it was even considered good, but compared with Xie Yifeng, he was so much different, when the two stood together, Zhou Yuhe was completely reduced to the background of Xie Yifeng, the male lead turned into the second male lead.

Even if there was no hope for Zhou Yuhe, such an obvious contrast still made Mike Lee very angry.

After getting off the shed.

Zhou Yuhe didn’t go back to the hotel, but was pulled by Xie Yifeng close to the lounge.

Once he locked the door of the lounge, only the two of them were left in the spacious and bright personal lounge.

Zhou Yuhe sat on a stool.

The light as bright as daylight hit his fair face, making his exhausted expression even more heartbreaking.

Xie Yifeng sat down opposite him, squeezed his hand, gazed into his eyes and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

“You’ve been really out of sorts these past two days, did something happen?”

Zhou Yuhe originally wanted to say nothing.

But his eyes were too sincere.

It made him unable to bear to lie.

Zhou Yuhe was silent for a while.

Only then did he slowly speak: “Yifeng, let me ask you, if you were to re-enact Emperor Xuan Tong now, what would you do?”

It was obvious he didn’t expect him to ask this.

Xie Yifeng obviously paused.

Only after a long time did he reply cautiously, “…… If I had to reenact Pu Yi, I would probably fail.”

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