The man was wearing a white-gold robe, his long silver-white hair poured down behind him like a waterfall, he had a monocle on the bridge of his nose, hidden behind the lenses, his narrow eyes stared at the few people present, he spoke lightly but his words and presence made the people tremble.

“Lord of the city!” Horace and the manager were the first to kneel down on one knee, then the others besides Qiao Nan, even the ordinary people who were further away, also knelt down in unison to show their respect for the city lord.
Of these people, only Qiao Nan remained standing.
“Greetings, City Lord.” Qiao Nan wouldn’t kneel, but he performed the etiquette between nobles, that was enough, but Norman could see that this man didn’t respect him and didn’t care about his presence.
As for him stealing his money bag …… that was nonsense.
Norman was very sure that he hadn’t seen him before.
At least he looked like he was just a young adventurer.
But that wasn’t what the information said.
This person was Qiao.

There was no mistaking it.
“City Lord, this kid’s money bag and storage bag have your pattern on them.” Edelman was the first to speak, “Dear City Lord, is this man your relative?”

Norman looked at Qiao Nan and slowly shook his head.

He was indeed not his kin …… but his teacher.
“Since he isn’t your kin, then his identity as a thief is conclusive.” Edelman looked up and glanced at Qiao Nan from the corner of his eye, not taking Qiao Nan to heart at all.

In his heart, Qiao Nan was just a thief.
Edelman, as a businessman, would never be stupid, or rather, he acted on purpose at the auction site.


At first it might have been just to teach this kid a lesson, but when he saw Qiao Nan’s money bag and storage bag, another idea rose up in him.

The idea might be absurd and unbelievable, but if it was utilized well, then his plan could take a big step forward.
“Surprisingly, he’s a thief?”

The auction had ended, and the members who were still inside the auction came out from the entrance in a line, but they didn’t expect to see the godly City Lord here, as well as Edelman Horace who was surrounded in the middle and the young man who dared to openly fight against Horace.

Edelman struck at the right time, stuck in the middle of the large group heading outside, plus the city lord and the auction manager were present, it immediately attracted the attention of most people.

“What, is it actually stolen money?” Edelman’s words instantly made the crowd explode.
The people who could attend the auction were all relatively prestigious people in various industries, and in addition to their status, another thing they had in common was that they were all rich.
You know, in order to prevent people from muddling through the water to disturb the order of the auction, before letting people enter, they determined the other’s fortune, it had to be in more than 100,000 gold coins to get the qualification to enter the field.

This was only the entry qualification.

His position was in the middle of the front position, to be able to sit in that position, it couldn’t be only 100,000 gold coins.
At the beginning when Qiao Nan bought the elven mother tree branches, there were many people who wanted to see who this fool really was, and they naturally looked at Qiao Nan’s position.
“How can this be?” The girl who sat next to Qiao Nan in the auction covered her mouth in surprise, “I thought he was very rich!”

The crowd recognized the girl, the youngest daughter of the Byron family, to be able to sit with Elisa; she thought the mysterious man’s family had the same standing.

The Byron family and the Horace family weren’t quite the same, the Byron family was an old aristocratic family, while the Horace family was just an upstart who couldn’t sit next to them.
These profiteers always liked to do things with money.

However, even if they refused to admit it, they clearly knew that in terms of financial power, the Byron family was no match for the Horace family, and even in the auction, the Horace family’s position was more forward than the Byron family.
Of course this was only a horizontal comparison, compared to the Horace family, Byron family was certainly poor, but compared to those guys below, Byron was still an unreachable noble family. From this, the fact that Qiao Nan could sit next to Elisa, his property was definitely not less.
Would a masked man with so much wealth really steal someone else’s money bag?
The crowd sincerely doubted.
Norman, who had been silent, naturally heard the crowd’s discussion, he had been looking at Qiao Nan since he arrived, his expression was blank, but his brown eyes occasionally flashed with a glimmer of light.
“Horace, do you have any proof that he stole my money bag?” The discussion among the onlookers was getting more and more heated, and seeing that the scene was about to get out of control, Norman frowned and opened his mouth to stop the crowd’s discussion.
That was an awful thing to say!
His eyes uncontrollably looked at the man standing beside him, his thin body was like a mountain, carrying the speculation and distrust of these people.

How could he come so late?
Obviously he could have come earlier.

Norman understood Qiao Nan’s character, he never wanted interference in his problems, so …… he didn’t dare directly stop them.

Norman crossed his hands, the index finger of his right hand regularly knocked on the back of his left hand, he clamped his fingers and suppressed a slightly shaky movement.

Horace was stunned, he hadn’t expected Norman to question him, in his opinion, Norman was the Lord of Bangal City, whether it was true or not, he had to favour his people.
What was more, whether the Lord of the City lost his money bag, shouldn’t he know?
Even if he was wronged, Qiao Nan was still smiling and standing in place, he didn’t quarrel with Edelman, instead he listened with interest to those people talking about themselves.
How to say it, he felt a little nostalgic.

Just for having wealth that didn’t seem to fit his status, he was vilified by them out of jealousy.
It was just the jealousy of the incompetent.
As for the money bag on his body ……
The pattern on his money bag and storage bag was the royal family pattern of today’s human empire: the Elliott family.
It was also the family crest of his disciple: Norman Elliott.
His disciple Norman was the eldest son of today’s emperor, with two sisters above, and two brothers and a sister below. In theory, the first in line of succession was Norman’s two sisters, but, in the year Norman turned seven years old, his two sisters died one after another, and as the heir to this position, only Norman could rightfully inherit the throne.

It was a pity that Norman liked to learn from childhood, and was quite interested in magic and various formations, for this reason, he worshiped the then Qiao Nan as a teacher, following Qiao Nan to learn the most profound magic in the world.

Addicted to learning, Norman naturally didn’t want to stay on the throne, he directly dumped the emperor’s position on his brother, while Norman left in the empire as a travelling ambassador.
As the emperor’s teacher, at that time, Qiao Nan’s food, clothing, housing and transportation were the responsibility of the royal team single-handedly.

After Norman turned thirteen, it was taken care of by him.
From headwear to shoes, they were all arranged by his disciple. The little prince, who had never suffered since childhood, liked to hold fabrics and various accessories during his rest time, thinking about how to make them look good, and figuring out how to embroider beautiful decorations.

Later, he also learned to break apart his family pattern and melt them into the pattern of the clothes, he was even better than a little girl.

But …… Norman …… shouldn’t be born yet.

“Just have him take out his money bag and look at it, as long as it has the same grain as your money bag, it will prove everything.” Edelman said.
Qiao Nan laughed lightly.
“What an ignorant fellow, it’s sad to have a nobleman like you in Bangal City.”

Norman coughed, not really wanting to admit that Edelman was from Bangal City.
He had already cleaned up the rotten nobles in Bangal City, but he didn’t expect that there were still fishes that had slipped through the net.

What a …… disgrace to him.

Norman had already given this guy his own sentence, when the day was over, the surname Horace would disappear from Bangal City.

The man’s eyes fell on Qiao Nan’s mask, his eyes seemed to show a vague kind of complex nostalgia, waiting until Qiao Nan followed his line of sight, he continued: “God will not wrong a good man, of course, he won’t let go of any bad egg …… I hope …… to be able to look at your money bag.”

He looked to Qiao Nan, Qiao Nan took out a palm-sized money bag from his storage ring.
This money bag was naturally a spatial magic weapon, but the capacity wasn’t very large, it could only be used to contain dead things, less than twenty square.

This money bag had been made by Norman when he first learned space magic and he specially gave it to him, it had been commemorative. Qiao Nan had used it since then, but he never changed it. Because it hadn’t been changed, the state of the money bag wasn’t good.

Even though he carefully protected it, after more than ten years, it became old, the white embroidered gold pattern of the money bag looked a little dull, and didn’t match his identity, not to mention the wealth that Qiao Nan had shown.
Seeing Qiao Nan take out this money bag, Edelman and the onlookers had a slightly contemptuous expression on their faces.
If he was a rich nobleman, why should he keep using this money bag that wasn’t of good quality and had been used for many years?
As nobles, they had to maintain their dignity at all times, all the things that were detrimental to the face of the nobility couldn’t be done, it had to be directly thrown away, rather than embarrassing themselves.
No wonder Horace said that this masked man stole other people’s money, because he was simply a poor man who was down and out and had no money at all!

Norman’s hand trembled gently when he saw the money bag, but his hand was blocked by the wide sleeve, no one could detect the shock except himself.
If he had been unsure, he was sure now that he knew the money bag that Qiao Nan held out.
“Are you Qiao?” Norman suddenly asked an unrelated question that no one had expected, and Qiao Nan turned his head to look at him, his response was self-evident.
Norman didn’t pursue the question further, but took out his own money bag as well.

It was a completely different money bag from the one Qiao Nan was holding, white-gold, brand new, and even embedded with gems.
The only similarity between the two was probably the pattern embroidered with gold thread on it.
“It’s really the same!” Someone exclaimed.
When the two money bags were put together, it was enough for the crowd to see the pattern on it, and at once, the weirdness that people questioned completely disappeared.
Everyone felt that this was Qiao Nan’s problem.

In fact, Edelman’s speech had a lot of places that didn’t make sense, such as how he stole the city lord’s money bag, why he didn’t show fear, and he hadn’t tried to explain himself.

But all they needed to know was that Horace was a person from Bangal City, and Qiao Nan was an outsider.

They would choose to help their own people, and as for whether the other would be harmed, what did that have to do with them?

“City Lord, look, I wasn’t wrong, right!” Edelman tilted his head to take credit and said loudly, “Please also give the order to arrest this shameless thief for hanging.”

“Hanging?” Norman’s light laugh seemed to be squeezed out of his throat.

Norman’s disguised face was obviously quite gentle, but at this time, the people present didn’t even dare to look him in the eye, they felt a mountain of pressure out of thin air, everyone couldn’t breathe, they could only lower their heads.

His teacher was able to stand here, alive, talk to him.

The teacher who was stained with blood and lying weakly on the bed, but still believed in the God of Light slowly faded away and was replaced by this still young teenager.
He really, really didn’t want to recall that scene again.

But, his gentle teacher was being bullied by this dirty man?

It was absolutely not allowed.

“You people, if I wasn’t here, you would slander an innocent person, right?” Norman’s smile became wider, that cold face melted like spring snow, his expression suddenly darkened.
Except Qiao Nan, no one dared to look directly at Norman’s face.

Because of Norman’s anger, the street was extremely quiet, Qiao Nan was a bit surprised, why was this person so angry?
They obviously didn’t know each other at all, him being angry on his behalf was completely unreasonable ah.
“You really have shallow knowledge, even the royal family’s family crest can’t be recognized.” Norman put away his money bag and wanted to touch the money bag in Qiao Nan’s hand, but Qiao Nan snatched it back first, carefully patted the dust off it and put it away.
Seeing Qiao Nan’s action, the corners of Norman’s mouth subconsciously hooked up into a smile, and then he hid it with his hand.

“Horace, full of lies, and slandering an innocent person, this crime …… you should know what the punishment will be, right?”


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