C9—- The Runaway Bride VIII

 Kou Dong didn’t sleep at night, instead he tossed and turned as he thought about the meaning of that last sentence. Because of his restlessness, he even lit the lamp, intending to search the house again.

As soon as the candle flame was lit, the owner of the eyes behind the photo visited in time.

Kou Dong: “……”

This time, he was really angry.

He searched and quickly found out a small silver scissors in the room, with the blade shining, he placed it right in front of the pair of black pupils.

Silently watching as the eyes looked at it, Kou Dong actually saw a hint of aggression in those eyes.

He couldn’t help but think angrily, shouldn’t he be the aggravated one?

Wasn’t he f*cking spying on me?

He silently raised the candle in his hand again, as a gesture to burn.

Eyes: “……”

The eyes quickly withdrew from the back of the canvas, the place was left with two empty black holes.

The system was convinced, threatening the game NPC, what was this operation!

Kou Dong didn’t care about that. He sat cross-legged on the bed, and carefully sorted out the clues, in order to prevent the little puppy from coming back, he put out the lights, and curled up in the quilt.

The curtains weren’t pulled tight, and the moonlight pouring in from outside was white.

Kou Dong remembered the white bones buried under the inner room. They were illuminated by the light of those jewels …… They also emitted light.

He frowned and forced himself to close his eyes.

When he opened them again, there was a violent darkness in front of him. Kou Dong sat up only to see the butler drawing the curtains up.

It was already dawn.

The butler turned around and respectfully said to Kou Dong, who was still in bed: “It’s time to get up, young master. On a day like today, you can’t be late.”

The snow-white wedding dress was hanging on the side, with the skirt cascading down to the floor. Kou Dong smelled the reeking scent of flowers again, as if the dress had been soaked for days and nights from the flower juice, making him feel sick to his stomach.

“I will freshen you up after breakfast,” the butler whispered, “do you have any orders?”

Without waiting for his master’s answer, he slowly retreated and went out, “In that case, please allow me to leave for now–”

“- Wait.”

Kou Dong suddenly called out to stop him.

The butler straightened up again and turned to him inquiringly.

“Yes ……?”

Kou Dong’s hand played with a flower. The flower was the one he had taken out from under the bed sheet, and the flower juice in the petals had long since been squeezed to nothing left, and was crimson.

  His hand held the flower and waved it in front of the butler. His wrist and hand was snow-white. The skin of the spoiled noble was pale from head to toe like it had never seen the light of day.

“See?” He said carelessly, “This flower wilted.”

With a flick of his hand, the flower landed on the carpet next to the butler’s boots.

But the butler didn’t even look at it, still staring straight at him.

“What do you mean?”

“I want new flowers,” Kou Dong said, “I’m getting married soon, I deserve something new, right?”

He pointed out the window. Just at the edge of that fir forest were low rose bushes with fresh flowers shivering against the dew.

“I want the best one, and I want it now.”

The butler looked at him for a moment and finally replied, “At your service.”

The sound of his boots slowly moved away, and Kou Dong slumped on the windowsill, propping his face lazily on his hands. He soon saw the butler through the window, the man leaned down to carefully select them, and then carefully cut the flowers with small scissors, put it in a vase filled with water and brought them up for him.

Kou Dong squinted to observe his movements, he didn’t find the slightest difference. When the butler returned, he carefully stared at his exposed hands and face, but didn’t find any abnormalities.

Maybe it was a wrong guess? The phrase “the end of the night” in the clue didn’t mean this?

Kou Dong looked at the mission countdown that had entered the last day.

He couldn’t help but think back to the days he happily played games……

Game system: [The copy is about to end, what way will the player use to escape?]

Kou Dong also thought carefully, and then replied from the heart: “Lust – seduction?”

System: [……?]

Kou Dong: “For example, I first take off my clothes, then let the two of them  shower first, then I’ll take the opportunity to run away ……”

System: [……????]

D*mn what the hell was this play?

[Please note that this game is currently categorized as “horror”.]

Kou Dong sighed and wailed miserably: “But I only know how to play romance games. ……”

He wiped his eyes, feeling heartbroken.

“Hey, I think you are just making this difficult for me.”

The system that watched him burn down the ancient castle the other day: [……]


This scene was just very fake.

Filled with aggravation, Kou Dong went downstairs to eat.

As far as he knew, there was a tradition in the Western world that the bride and groom shouldn’t meet early on their wedding day, otherwise it would bring bad luck. But apparently the NPCs didn’t care about bad luck, and now greeted him in the dining room.

Kou Dong’s temples throbbed at the mere sight of the two of them, he tried not to meet their eyes.

But as if the little puppy couldn’t see his eyes dodging, he sweetly acted out an emotional scene: “Today, brother can finally become my bride.”

His eyes contained a blazing light, he  leaned down and kissed Kou Dong’s hand on the table.

The back of his hand was so white, like frozen cow’s milk.

Kou Dong’s hand shrank back, but the little puppy’s face followed, and when he slowly raised it again, his dark brown eyes contained a subtle smile.

“Don’t hide from me …… brother.”

His lips were cold, almost like touching a piece of ice. Kou Dong couldn’t help but shiver slightly.

The little puppy’s voice was extremely sweet and cloying.

“After all, brother doesn’t want to be eaten by the beast outside, right?”

He mentioned the beast once again. Kou Dong stared at him and vaguely saw two tiny canine teeth.

“-Yeah.” He finally said, not moving his body again.

The godfather didn’t look up the whole time, sitting upright at the table  upright as he sipped his cup of black tea, and only at this point did he place that cup not so gently into the cup and plate, and said coldly, “Dinner.”

This was a call to action, the remaining two people also picked up the tableware again.

After eating, Kou Dong took the opportunity to put away his napkin and quietly hid a fork.

Now, there were only two places left in this ancient castle that he hadn’t visited – they were the rooms of the two NPCs. Kou Dong pondered between the two, and finally chose the little puppy, after all, as far as it seemed, the little puppy was obviously the one that fit the demon role better.

He went upstairs on the pretext of wanting more food after dinner, and when no one was looking he walked to the Viscount’s room. When he passed the window, Kou Dong looked down and saw the butler who was guarding the door like a titan.

At this time, he was still watching the door, that was too unethical!

Kou Dong was a little angry, he reached out and pushed the door, then became even more angry.

D*mn, it was actually locked.

Clearly the servants’ rooms weren’t locked, wasn’t this a clear discrimination?

Kou Dong muttered, “All day long accusing other countries of lack of human rights, I feel that their own human rights isn’t much better …… Luckily I had the foresight to bring this.”

He pulled out the silver fork from his pocket.

The system sent a question mark.

“Ever seen a spy movie?” Kou Dong was excited, “A lot of secret service agents use this kind of thing to open locks!”

System: […… Does player have the relevant skill?]

Kou Dong was a game anchor, how could he have such skills?

The player pondered for a while and replied, “No.”


“It’s by luck,” Kou Dong said, “A bunch of keys are hanging on the butler’s belt, the location is a bit awkward, I really don’t want to touch that place ……”

Especially since the housekeeper was a wooden doll, who knows who’s skin he was using, the thought was disgusting.

Kou Dong rubbed his hands together, “I’ll try.”

The system didn’t respond.

The silver fork was weak and extremely malleable. Kou Dong carefully twisted it a few times, afraid of it breaking.

He put it in seriously and then twisted and twisted –

The system finally couldn’t look at the scene anymore and said coldly: [ Player shouldn’t speculate and try solving the problem seriously -]

It hadn’t finished speaking, when it suddenly heard a very light “snap”, then the door handle moved, and slowly opened.

Kou Dong: “!!!”

System: “!!!”

Kou Dong stared at his hand, and couldn’t help but mutter: “D*mn, this f*cking works too ……”

System: [……]

It wanted to say the same thing!

Kou Dong praised himself with joy, “What a good hand.”

He pulled the door and walked in confidently.

His first feeling was that it was cold.

The cold made his bones shiver. His hand touched the wall, which was covered with a thick layer of frost.

The Viscount’s room, at first glance, didn’t look different from the others’ rooms. It was the same tall four-poster bed, the drapery that stretched down to the bed, and a soft and gorgeous carpet. Perhaps because it had been cleaned, the bed didn’t have any traces of it being used.

There was a deerskin glove at the head of the bed, as if it had been played with many times. Kou Dong picked up the glove and noticed that something was wrong – it wasn’t the size of the little puppy’s hand.

  The nobles’ gloves were all measured and sewn by the tailor, a mistake couldn’t be made. Instead, they fit over his hands just right.

It seemed to be the original owner’s gloves.

This thing had been on the bed ……

Kou Dong revealed a disgusted expression.

This couldn’t be for any special use, he hurriedly threw the gloves away.

The little puppy’s bed wasn’t paved with flower petals, but it had the same smell of rotting flowers. Kou Dong followed the smell and didn’t find flowers, but instead found a huge wooden box under the bed, unlocked.

He originally thought that the box should be flowers, but he didn’t expect to see bright red after opening, he was so scared that he immediately closed the lid of the box.

…… What was that?

Kou Dong slightly held his breath. He slowly reopened the lid and finally distinguished what was there.

It was meat.

The thing that was piled up in the box was meat.

The meat was piled up in large chunks, with traces of cuts on it, and next to it were ice cubes that hadn’t yet melted, the strange smell had been coming from the box. Kou Dong finally understood why the room temperature was so low, if it was high, how could the freshness of the meat be guaranteed?

He closed his eyes and tried to reassure himself that these were animal flesh and blood, but a firmer voice inside refuted it-

It wasn’t.

Those dead servants, he only found their skin and bones, but the flesh was never found.

He felt a little nauseous, and when he stood up, he found a gold plate and gold cutlery on the table. When he brought it closer, it had the same strange scent.

Were the bodies of the servants soaked in flowers? Even after death, their flesh and blood still had the same smell.

Kou Dong sniffed his body.

He could no longer distinguish whether it was the scent in the room …… or the scent on his body.


Kou Dong wasn’t able to stay in the room for long. He was afraid of arousing the NPCs’ suspicion, so he quickly came out and made a trip to the kitchen.

Just as he appeared on the stairs, the godforsaken butler stood in the hall and bowed to him, “Young master, please enter your room, it’s time to bathe.”

After stepping out of the warm pool, the butler wrapped a wide towel around his entire body, drying all the water droplets.

This was followed by the under-suit, the corset, the wide skirt support, the inner skirt, and the outer skirt.

The large skirt draped down his body like a flower upside down on the floor.

He was wrapped in snow-white lace, gauze and silk clinging to his delicate skin. His slender neck peeked out from above the neckline, like snow.

It was like he came out of the snow and could melt with a single breath.

The butler put on his shoes and wore the last buckle. The roses he picked this morning were stuck on his chest, the veil obscured his view, and things became hazy in front of him, and he sat by the side with his head slightly hanging, just like a perfect virgin-bride.

“Please wait ……”

The butler whispered, and then closed the door. He stood beside the bride, looking at a gold pocket watch in his hand, his hand trembled slightly.

Kou Dong made a vague inquiry from under the veil, “Butler?”

“Nothing ……” the butler spoke as best he could, but his voice was a little slurred, “Nothing, nothing.”

Although the words were said, he uncontrollably fell to the ground. Kou Dong violently lifted the veil in front of him and he subconsciously reached out, and only then did he see what was spreading over the butler’s hands and face –

It was fine white lines. Those lines were almost like it was a brand, it was now glowing, the butler’s trembling hands touched his face, then he let out a broken wail.

At the same time, his body swelled up like a balloon, as if someone had inserted a straw from those lines, blowing hard into it. His limbs were gradually blown round, and his voice became shrill.

“Ahhhhh …… ahhhhhhhhh!”

“Hot ah, hot – ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

This scene was something Kou Dong didn’t expect in any way. He subconsciously grabbed the pillow on the bed and lunged at the man, trying to relieve some of the pain for him – however, this didn’t help, the butler shivered and fell to the ground, struggling and shrinking into a ball.

“Young master,” he made a low hoarse sound in his throat, “young master …… you, your flowers–”

Kou Dong subconsciously ducked backwards, thinking he had decided to kill him.

However, the butler used his hand and yanked Kou Dong closer. Then, he desperately explored his body, using the last bit of strength in his body, he pushed his lips on the back of Kou Dong’s foot.

Kou Dong was scratched a few times by the butler, and his skin was branded with bruising marks. But he couldn’t think of anything else at this moment, he just stared at the butler’s eyes.

His gaze was sorrowful, but also had the joy of a well-deserved death. He placed his lips on his master’s skin with deadly force.

Then, in a soft thud, he completely burst.

Puffs of ashes fell all over Kou Dong. His nose had the fragrance of flowers after the sudden burst, the overwhelming smell made him dizzy.

Kou Dong’s hand jerked on the bed and he realised an almost absurd fact.


The system didn’t say a word.

“…… He loved me.”

Kou Dong muttered, almost incredulously, “He loved me ……”


“He killed himself so that he would pick those flowers for me?”

That was just a test. Kou Dong just wanted to know if they could move freely in the daylight.

But the butler ……

The butler wasn’t a target NPC, so how did it end up like that?

Kou Dong sat baffled in place when he suddenly heard a soft thud at the door. The person who walked in was the Viscount in full costume. He clearly saw the puddle of ash on the floor, but he just smiled as if nothing had happened and extended his hand towards him.

“It’s late,” he said, “time to go, my bride.”


Everywhere was completely decorated, with a bouquet of white roses bundled on the stairs and petals spread thickly on the floor. A long table was set up in the hall, where valuable porcelain glittered with jewels, and the hall was illuminated by the eerie light of candles.

He didn’t know where the sound of music came from, but it was pure and lilting.

The long hem of Kou Dong’s skirt brushed up fine flowers as he slowly walked down the stairs, where the godfather was waiting.

The bride then put his hand on the Godfather’s and together they walked slowly towards the Viscount who was waiting a short distance away. The Viscount’s hand was adjusting his bow tie, and his face showed extreme joy.

The Godfather’s hand was also cold and he slowly tightened his grip.

“Don’t be in a hurry,” the Viscount said warmly, pulling Kou Dong’s other hand up as well, “we have lots and lots of time. Brother ……”

A fine light shone in his eyes as he leaned close to Kou Dong’s veil, his fingers brushed back his bride’s hair.

He took a slight breath.

“Brother nowadays, even your hair is fragrant.”

Kou Dong couldn’t help but shudder.

The little puppy, however, seemed not to notice at all, still encircling him.

“I’ve been imagining the taste of brother since the first day I saw him ……” the viscount smiled faintly and licked his tiger teeth, his smile was obviously loving and gentle, but from it came an icy and bloodthirsty meaning, “If I hadn’t been blocked, brother would have been eaten by me long ago.”

 The godfather’s eyebrows wrinkled up as he spoke coldly, “That’s enough.”

“Okay, okay ……” The little puppy muttered seemingly reluctantly, still pulling Kou Dong, “Then ma the bride now kiss his groom.”

Kou Dong didn’t move, he stood steadily in place, as if he hadn’t heard the words at all.

The little puppy said as if he was teasing him, “Brother ……”

“How can this be?”

Under the veil, finally came the bride’s soft voice. He lowered his head slightly, through this light veil, he could also vaguely see the red on his face, “Lord Viscount, it should be you kissing me.”

The viscount wasn’t offended by such words, on the contrary, the words of the bride made him even more pleased. He even smiled deeper, muttered a small “Yes”, and raised the veil to see the bride’s face hidden underneath…

The veil fell and revealed the entire view at once. The viscount didn’t see the bride’s face, but instead something hit hi, catching him off guard.

He choked twice and said angrily, “What is this–”

The Viscount’s eyes couldn’t be opened, he continously sneezed. The godfather had lowered his eyes, he didn’t want to witness the scene of the two kissing, but when he opened his eyes again, he only saw powder rustling in the air.

The bride, who was standing in front of him, was nowhere to be seen.

Godfather: “……”

His expression slowly hardened, searching around, his eyes finally stopped on the wide open window.

He ran away.

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