The next day, all the scenes to be filmed were by Jiang Chengyi. The first scene was against the actor who played a Japanese military officer with him in the indoor drama yesterday – this was the scene where Cheng Jun saved several Japanese people on the street .

In this scene, both Jiang Chengyi’s expression and movements were highly demanding, and in the script, Cheng Jun truly infiltrated the enemy’s interior through this incident.

Jiang Chengyi used to rarely shoot martial arts scenes, but during his years abroad, he received specialized training in this field and was familiar with fighting and other related topics. Therefore, after hearing Li Hui’s explanation, he knew what he needed to do.

The gu.nshots rang out, and the Japanese officer’s side was protecting each other and fighting and retreating. However, he still encountered danger. At this moment, Cheng Jun, played by Jiang Chengyi, suddenly appeared, his hand sharp and indifferent, with a mocking expression. Without hesitation, he shot and k.illed a person who rushed over to assassinate him…..


Jiang Chengyi’s performance was good, but unfortunately there were a lot of people in this scene. There were only four cameras working, so of course he didn’t have a problem passing the level alone. So soon, Li Hui called out NG – there was a trick reaction, it was too slow!



At first, it was because of the set, but later, even Jiang Chengyi needed to reshoot because he didn’t pay attention to the props under his feet when he came out and tripped.



After several such NGs, everyone was a bit tired, especially Jiang Chengyi.


Jiang Chengyi had to do quite a few actions, and in addition to being practical he also had to look good, once or twice was fine, more times was still tiring in the end, and the Cheng Jun he played was completely different from the protagonist that Han Tian played, he couldn’t just loosely drape himself in a few pieces of cloth, and the white shirt that he was wearing had been drenched in sweat by now!



“Take a break first, Jiang Chengyi change clothes.” Li Hui opened his mouth, and then walked towards the several sets, explaining, at the same time, the props team began to toss those “firearms”, there were also people feeding water to those “corpses” that were lying on the ground and couldn’t move in order for the next scene to take place, everyone was busy.



Jiang Chengyi walked to the side, took the water in Xiao Wang’s hand and drank a big mouthful, then took a towel to wipe the sweat: “Xiao Wang, have you seen Ah Rui?”


“Brother Jiang, I’ve only seen screenwriter Yu once this morning.” Xiao Wang immediately responded.


Jiang Chengyi wiped his sweat, someone came up to fix his makeup, he could only keep quiet, but in the end, he felt a bit helpless. He knew that Yu Rui had a thin skin, but how could he expect that Yu Rui would just hide and not see anyone today ……


No, he actually met Yu Rui once. In the morning, Yu Rui called him up, and when he opened his eyes, Yu Rui was already dressed neatly. When he stood up wearing only shorts and asked Yu Rui to bring him clothes while trying to show off his figure, Yu Rui ran away….



Then, he didn’t see Yu Rui anymore.


Forget it, it was better to wait for the evening and talk to Yu Rui properly. After making up his outfit and seeing that the others weren’t ready yet, Jiang Chengyi sat down on a chair intending to take a break.



Not right! Jiang Chengyi suddenly thought of Yu Rui’s consistent performance and his behavior of avoiding him now, and hurriedly spoke. “Xiao Wang, give me my phone.”


Hearing the command, Xiao Wang felt out his phone and gave it to him, while Jiang Chengyi opened his address book and directly dialed the first number.



“Hey, Chengyi, what’s up?” Yu Rui had already packed up his things at this moment, last night’s matter came too suddenly, so much so that he didn’t sleep for the last night, and when something like this happened, he didn’t know who to ask for an idea …… When he thought about it, he had the idea of moving away from here.


“Ah Rui, what are you doing now?” Jiang Chengyi opened his mouth and asked.


“I’m not doing much …….”


“Ah Rui, I’ve had too many NGs this morning, I’m dying of exhaustion, will you make me something delicious later?” Jiang Chengyi’s tone was soft.


“Okay,” the words of promise came out of his mouth, and when he finished, only then did Yu Rui regret it a little, “Chengyi, we’re going to shoot a movie here next, I’m going to go rent a venue and organize it first, so I won’t live here with you …… “Li Hui had the money and didn’t have many scenes to shoot in the film and television city, so he could also find a spot for group performances. That was why he spent a lot of money staying in a hotel, while most crew members rented a yard nearby, the production team that Jiang Chengyi was currently forming also had the same plan.


“No way!” Jiang Chengyi immediately refused, “Ah Rui, you can’t move out!”


“Chengyi, it’s inconvenient for the two of us to live in one room.”


“What’s inconvenient about it? I think the place we’re living in now is quite good! It’s a deal, I’ll wait for you to cook me something delicious!” Jiang Chengyi said firmly, then immediately hung up the phone.


When he hung up the phone, he was worried that Yu Rui would be in a hurry to do something else to the point of being too tired……. After thinking about it, Jiang Chengyi sent another text message, “Ah Rui, I plan to work with Golden Emperor, so you don’t have to worry about the crew, don’t be too tired.”



After Yu Rui hung up the phone with Jiang Chengyi, his previously restless mood calmed down. Now that Jiang Chengyi wouldn’t let him move, he could stay. Anyway, it was already like this.


Moreover, although he had been a crush for so many years, it didn’t mean that he didn’t have the luxury of …… even if it was just lying to himself – he was now living with Jiang Chengyi!


He had just figured it out when his phone got a text message alert, he looked at the text message and moved it to his favorites before editing one for Jiang Chengyi: “I got it, you should cheer up too!”


When Jiang Chengyi received Yu Rui’s text message, he heard that Li Hui was already directing everyone to start over.


This time, it was finally a one-take pass!


Because the crew started filming earlier in the morning, although this scene was delayed quite a bit, by the time the filming was done, it was only after 10:00 a.m., so Li Hui let the props team clean up the street a bit, and then started filming another scene on the street.


This scene had nothing to do with Jiang Chengyi, so he found a place to rest while reading the script, and after another two hours, it was finally time for lunch.



Jiang Chengyi had never been a picky eater, although the boxed lunch eaten by the crew wasn’t comparable to that of a restaurant, the taste of the braised meat cooked in a big pot was good, moreover, if a person was hungry, everything tasted good!


Jiang Chengyi had been busy for half a day, he was already hungry, and saw that the crew had already brought the food to a “restaurant” next to the street, and was about to go over.


“Xiao Jiang, your scene is in the afternoon, are you sure?” Li Hui called out to Jiang Chengyi at this time.


“Director Li, I will try my best!”


“That much I believe.” Li Hui nodded, many actors would be afraid of being tired, but in the morning, Jiang Chengyi NGed many times because of other people’s reasons and didn’t get angry much less complain of being tired, this was something he appreciated.



If Jiang Chengyi wasn’t Jiang Heng’s son, he would be happy to have a good contact with the other party, but unfortunately Jiang Chengyi was Jiang Heng’s son!


Li Hui and Jiang Chengyi sat down at a table while talking. As soon as they sat down, someone brought the rice. In addition to a box of rice and vegetables, Li Hui also had an extra dish of mushroom stewed chicken, and Jiang Chengyi….


Looking at the stainless steel lunch box that Xiao Wang handed over, which was completely different from others, Jiang Chengyi couldn’t help being stunned. Then he quickly remembered what he had told Yu Rui before. Yu Rui, wouldn’t have cooked for him at noon?



“Brother Jiang, this was sent over by scriptwriter Yu, he also had a large bag of watermelons sent over.” Xiao Wang smiled, he had a good relationship with Yu Rui and didn’t mind helping Yu Rui to show his credit.


Jiang Chengyi had long guessed, when whenever Yu Rui was free, he would cook by himself, and when he wasn’t free, he would also go to the nearby restaurant to pack, always taking good care of him, and this time he took the initiative to mention it, of course Yu Rui wouldn’t forget to send him a meal.


Opening the lunch box, Jiang Chengyi saw a few of his favorite dishes and his mood became better.


“Xiao Jiang, this is someone thinking about you!” Li Hui glanced at the dishes in Jiang Chengyi’s hand and immediately teased.



“Director Li, Screenwriter Yu also brought you something.” Xiao Wang suddenly opened his mouth, although he had a good relationship with Jiang Chengyi, he was still a bit intimidated in the face of Li Hui, so he didn’t dare to take it out hastily just now.


When Li Hui heard this, he didn’t look surprised at all, “Bring it over to me.” Yu Rui was able to remember him so he was considered to have a conscience!



Xiao Wang also had a small lunch box in his hand, Li Hui took it and opened it, only to realize that it was also a small portion of dishes, “Although it’s probably made according to someone else’s tastes, but it can be put down.” Li Hui smiled.


“Director Li, you’re familiar with Ah Rui?” Jiang Chengyi asked curiously, Yu Rui seemed to have mentioned that he was going to look for Li Hui in the first place …… He was very familiar with Li Hui? How come he made a meal and even gave Li Hui a special portion?


“I should be fairly familiar, he even came to my crew to help out in the past.” Li Hui had no intention of continuing.



After eating, the actor who played the Japanese officer who had already played two scenes for Jiang Chengyi came over to greet Jiang Chengyi, and after thanking Jiang Chengyi, they talked about the scene they were going to shoot in the afternoon.


What they were going to shoot in the afternoon was the scene where Cheng Jun was suspected of ki.lling someone, and before Cheng Jun killed someone, as a Japanese officer, of course he had to say a few words, and at that time, he had to grasp the look and everything, so he hoped that he could practice a bit in advance with Jiang Chengyi.


For such a request, Jiang Chengyi certainly wouldn’t disagree.


They didn’t have many lines, so memorizing them was easy, and after a few more times, he was somewhat sure!


The man in the white shirt had a cold face, raised his hand, and aimed his g.un at the unarmed women and children, but k.illing his own compatriots for the sake of the enemy was in fact another thing that tortured his conscience ……


Cheng Jun, who had his back to the Japanese, had a complicated look on his face, and after firing two shots in a row, he revealed an expression that was worse than a cry, and finally, glanced at the kang hole with deep meaning, where a child was hidden.


Jiang Chengyi’s performance in the morning’s scene was very good, but in the end there were still some mistakes, but this scene, perhaps because he had already done a few rehearsals for when he auditioned with this scene, he completed it surprisingly well!


Especially for the few acting with Jiang Chengyi, their feeling was the most real, at first they were still a little nervous, but when they really began to act, facing Jiang Chengyi staring straight into their eyes, they actually felt afraid, as if they were really going to face death …… of course, it completely met the requirements.



It was done in one take, for this, Li Hui was exceptionally satisfied, he had originally only arranged for a scene here this afternoon, but now that Jiang Chengyi had performed well, it was possible to add another scene!


“Brother Jiang, you acted really well!” While the field workers were packing up, Xiao Wang came to Jiang Chengyi’s side.


“Yes?” Jiang Chengyi smiled, he had just gotten the Best Supporting Actor at the Mosca before his accident, for him, in his previous years, he had just been struggling hard abroad, and with a heart full of hatred and Jiang Heng’s guidance, his acting skills had naturally improved very quickly.



Today’s last scene was another indoor scene, Wei Na appeared.



Many people in the entertainment industry were actually very talented, but unfortunately, they had never had the opportunity to make a name for themselves, and Wei Na, was one such person.



She played a woman who was given to the Japanese by her father this time, and at the beginning was a crying scene. Some actors would need some eye drops at this time, but she actually cried when they said she should!

And when Jiang Chengyi played Cheng Jun helping her, her eyes were filled with gratitude, even though she was in a state of embarrassment, with tears in her eyes, there was also a hint of enchantment and charm.


Because they rushed three scenes in a row, the crew wrapped up late, and when Jiang Chengyi followed the crew back to the place where they were staying with the intention of eating, he saw that Mo Yuting was already sitting there to eat.



Jiang Chengyi already knew that Mo Yuting had come over to be the art director’s assistant, but she seemed to be a bit free-spirited – she hadn’t been studying alongside the art director, not to mention that she wasn’t the lead actor or even the director-producer or anything like that, so how could she sit down to eat on her own before the crew came?

Of course, she could have eaten first, and there was no problem returning to her room, but she still stayed in the hall…..


Li Hui was aware of Mo Yuting’s identity so he turned a blind eye to this scene. Seeing them, Mo Yuting seemed to recognize that she did something wrong and became cautious.


After not seeing Han Tian all day today, Jiang Chengyi’s mood was much better, even if Mo Yuting kept looking at him, it didn’t have much of an effect.


And when he returned to his room and saw that Yu Rui was sitting in front of the desk tapping on the keyboard, his mood became even better!


“Ah Rui, the meal you sent over for lunch today tasted very good.” Jiang Chengyi spoke very happily.



“Is it? It’s good that you like it.” It was always good when you cooked and someone else liked it and gave a compliment back, Yu Rui instantly revealed a smile.


“But Ah Rui, why did you give a portion to Li Hui? Are you familiar with him?” Jiang Chengyi was a bit curious about this, Yu Rui really just helped out in the crew, was it possible that Li Hui remembered him? Yu Rui knew people quite a lot, but unfortunately, some were not reliable …… When he and Yu Rui’s scandal came out, in fact, the condemnation was faced on Yu Rui, after all, in the eyes of others, Yu Rui was the “little third party”. However, at that time, in addition to Li Chao, there seemed to be no one else that stood up for Yu Rui. ……



“I’ve had contact with him before. Chengyi, you are now in the crew, of course you can’t be too special, I think, when your side of the scene is finished, do you want to invite the crew for a meal?” Yu Rui asked.


When he was in college, in order to be able to write better scripts, he also stayed in a few crews, at that time, he did miscellaneous jobs, if he was slightly not as good as he wanted, he would be reprimanded, the hard work of a field worker couldn’t be underestimated!



Jiang Chengyi knew that Yu Rui was changing the subject, but didn’t look deeper into it, “I also have this intention, lest they think I don’t respect the staff.” At first, Han Tian had once said something about him disrespecting the staff, and Han Tian, always able to mingle with the people around him received a lot of juniors.



Although he couldn’t learn those practices of Han Tian, he couldn’t spend much money on treating people to a meal or something.



“Who said you don’t respect the staff?” Yu Rui asked while frowning, although Jiang Chengyi didn’t like to socialize with others too much, he wouldn’t play big names or anything, among those actors he had contacted, Jiang Chengyi could be said to be a very good one.


Jiang Chengyi really couldn’t answer Yu Rui’s question, so he could only change to a serious expression, then looked at Yu Rui and flirted: ”No one said that, Ah Rui, have you taken a bath today? Summer is the time to wash more often, but did you bring enough change of clothes? Do you want me to lend you mine to wear?”


Yu Rui had already taken a bath in advance today, it wasn’t hard to tell because of the change of clothes, so now that he heard Jiang Chengyi’s words, for a moment his entire body became unnatural: “I have something to do, I’ll go out for a while first!” As soon as the words fell, he quickly opened the door and walked out.


He didn’t know if it was because it was hotter outside without air conditioning, after leaving the door, Yu Rui felt that his face got hotter. He didn’t have much to do at all, he was completely looking for an excuse to come out and simply walked around the hotel.


However, what Yu Rui didn’t expect was that in the end, he really ran into something!


Today, Yu Rui had stayed in the hotel all day, and had also inquired about Han Tian and Mo Yutjng, so he knew that Han Tian had gone out early in the morning. And now, Han Tian had returned, and, at this moment, he was in the hall, joking with a few of the cast and crew.



Han Tian didn’t mean to hide it, even if Yu Rui didn’t approach, just asking the staff about it, he’d know what Han Tian was talking about – today he went out for a day with the script, and finally negotiated a contract with the World Pictures under the name of the World Media Group, which would invest in his newly written script. It also promised to arrange a famous director to direct the movie.



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