Su Zhe’s first day of national team training began with receiving a mission prompt from the System.


“Today’s random task: accumulate 100 points of audience satisfaction.”


Almost immediately after he woke up from his sleep, the prompt for this task rang out at the right time, causing Su Zhe to inexplicably have the strange illusion that it was filled with anticipation.



Rubbing his forehead, although the thought of the live-streaming mission gave him a bit of a headache, Su Zhe still quickly rolled out of his bed in the dormitory, packed up and washed himself, and then went to the dining hall of the training base.


The track and field teammates in the training base had always gotten up very early, and many of them were laughing and joking as they ate breakfast in the dining hall together.



When Su Zhe was about to step into the cafeteria, he happened to meet Zhou Tianjue and Zhang Minghao who also came to eat breakfast, and under Zhang Minghao’s greeting, the three of them went into the cafeteria to order and take their meals.



Among the three of them, Zhang Minghao and Zhou Tianjue were similar in height, they were both 195 meters tall. Walking with them, Su Zhe realized that he was still a normal height and instantly became second class, forming a perfect concave trough among the three.


Until the three people seated, Su Zhe’s professional sensitivity let him sense that the dining hall had a few hidden cameras, which weren’t like live streaming machines, but rather machines for collecting materials for documentaries to be produced by sports channels.


The staff had also informed the training team yesterday, where cameras for collecting materials would be placed.


Zhang Minghao and Zhou Tianjue, after following Su Zhe’s line of sight and discovering the camera, both ignored it without any concern and started to eat their breakfast.



The official start time of the training was at 8:00 a.m. After breakfast, although the time was still early, Su Zhe and the three of them, because each of them had the additional task of carrying their own personal live broadcasting room, they still found the location of the sports channel staff together to understand the content that each of them needed to be responsible for.


As a matter of fact, there wasn’t much for them, the athletes with individual live studio tasks, to do.



At the start of the broadcast every day, they spent 5 minutes to say hello to the audience in the live broadcast room, waved at the audience during the rest period between training sessions, and then relayed the daily fitness and weight loss tips to the audience according to the table book they had given them before going off the air in the evening, that was all.


The fans on the internet were still enthusiastic about the live broadcast of the “National Athletics Team Closed Training and Exploration Tour” organized by the sports channel.


Early in the morning, many melon eaters squatted in the live broadcast room and began to wait for the sports training routine.


Ding Yuwei, who went to school in B city, was a member of Su Zhe’s fan group “Philosophers”, before Su Zhe’s several matches were in the provinces, her family wasn’t assured to let her go watch any matches outside the country, so she hadn’t been able to catch up with Su Zhe’s live matches.



Finally, Su Zhe arrived in B city to participate in the national team’s training, and even the training base of the national track and field team was not far from their school. However, the closed training prohibited unrelated personnel from entering, which once again shattered her dream of seeing Su Zhe on site.



Fortunately, this time there was such a live channel …… although it was still across the screen, but this kind of live broadcast was after all a little different from live TV, there was a gimmick of “can see the real Su Zhe”, it was enough to attract fans like Ding Yuwei.


Around 7:45 am, the equipment of the live broadcasting room was assumed to be completed, in Ding Yuwei specially opened the live screen, in addition to the staff who were debugging the equipment, Su Zhe had also waited beside the staff, he seemed to be checking with the staff to see if the equipment was functioning properly.



The screen of the live broadcast room wasn’t full of filter effects like many webcasts, and just by looking at the staff who were debugging the equipment together with Su Zhe, one could see the simplicity of this live broadcast.


[ah ah ah! Cub ……! This live broadcast is too honest, right? The filters aren’t even open?]



Ding Yuwei screamed silently in her heart while continuing to look intently at the live broadcast screen.



On the screen of the live broadcast room, some of the male and female fans and passerbys who had already gathered at this time also left comments.



[23333, this is worthy of the sports channel engaged in the live broadcast room, too real, no lighting, no filter, it gives you the most direct scene ……]


[Pfft, the staff haven’t realized that they are on the air, the contrast effect is too tragic ……]



[To be honest …… thanks to the staff present, it makes me believe that this is a live room without open filter XDDD]


Just as the crowd was happily leaving comments, the live broadcast room had also been officially debugged.



Ding Yuwei sat cross-legged in front of the computer, hugging her pillow, finally watching the official start of the broadcast.



In front of the camera, Su Zhe smiled and waved his hand at the live broadcast camera, saying a serious hello.


Instantly, the screen in the live broadcast room was also screened by the word hello.


It was a pity that this interactive phase was too short, just after interacting with the viewers for a few moments, Su Zhe quickly stated that he was about to head to the training center for an official training session, and that the live broadcast would be accessing the real-time footage from the training.



In front of the live camera, Su Zhe quietly breathed a sigh of relief in his heart – the audience satisfaction task given to him by the System today, which he had originally thought would be quite difficult to complete, but after simply interacting with the audience, he had already harvested a dozen points of satisfaction value.



With the relaxed mood of a stone falling to the ground in his heart, Su Zhe rushed to the training gathering place before 9 o’clock.



As a matter of fact, the sprinting team members present today were not complete, in addition to Su Zhe, there were two main players, Zhao Zhixuan and Meng Hao, who hadn’t yet joined the team for the training session because they were going to participate in the Grand Prix Finals of the National Athletics Competition held today.


After today’s Grand Prix Final, the final quota for China’s men’s 100 meters at the World Championships would be determined.


At present, apart from Su Zhe, three of the other five people in the team were also acquaintances. They were Wang Qin, Qiu Xinchu, Wang Ming, and veteran Jiang Zhongyan with a personal lead of 10.25 seconds, as well as young player Sun Weitong with a personal lead of 10.29 seconds.



These five people, in addition to Wang Qin, Qiu Xinchu had been temporarily designated as the official members of the 4 * 100 m relay team, Wang Ming, Jiang Zhongyan and Sun Weitong only joined the training as reserve members.


In the course of training, 3 debriefing tests would be arranged at different stages.



Based on the total results of the debriefing tests, the official members of the relay team and the only reserve member who would go with the team to the World Championships in D country would be determined.



After greeting a few teammates, the time also came to 9 o’clock exactly.


Su Yinsheng took Wang Jingsheng, who was in charge of physical training, and Zhang Ye, who was in charge of co-training instruction, to start the first training session of the sprint team.



At the same time, Zhang Ye, the coordinating coach, had already handed over the training schedules belonging to the different team members to each of them.



Su Yinsheng said nonchalantly, “What is in your hands now is the training schedule that our coaching team has made according to your different situations. The next thing I want to emphasize is the trust and communication between coaches and players.”



“If you feel that the coaching team’s schedule does not match your current situation, immediately bring it up, and the coaching team will modify it accordingly based on the actual situation. Similarly, during the training process, I need you to complete the training content without missing a step in advance, but once you feel that the training encounters problems, give timely feedback to the coaching team. This will maximize the training effect.”



What Su Yinsheng said, naturally, was often the case in intensive training, some athletes in the face of unfamiliar national team coaches, didn’t have enough trust or confidence, and coaches didn’t communicate in a timely manner, it may affect the final training effect.


After listening to the lecture, several members of the team immediately turned over their training schedules and began to check one by one whether the situation on the training table was consistent with the actual situation.


Su Zhe naturally also took this time to turn over the training table, from the table, the coaching team arranged for him to the first cycle of the training volume was quite large, from cross-country running to flexibility exercises, running specialized exercises (starting, accelerating, sprinting), intervals, standing ten step jumps …… there were also a variety of abdominal and back muscle exercises, physical development exercises and so on.



From the training content and the number of groups, it could almost be called a single day complete training volume, if he was involved in the project only men’s 100 meters, it wasn’t a problem at all, but he also had a 110 meter hurdles training program.


Every day in the afternoon, he must report to the hurdles team’s head coach Lu Fei, who naturally had a batch of training content waiting for him.


Although he didn’t mind the large volume of training content, Su Zhe was a little worried about whether the training program between the two events would conflict.


After hesitating for a moment, Su Zhe still inquired, “Will this training volume be a bit too large? I still have hurdles training every afternoon ……”



Hearing Su Zhe’s skepticism, Su Yinsheng mercilessly rolled his eyes, “Alright, this training plan of yours was confirmed by me together with that Lu Fei guy, part of the physical training and the exercises common to the program have already been accounted for, when you go to him, naturally, there will be other training contents waiting for you.”


After the individual players clarified their respective training programs, the players also dispersed to different venues to train accordingly. The coaches, on the other hand, were observing the training phases of each team member at all times, recording the corresponding training information in real time, in order to be able to fine-tune the training content of each team member in a timely manner.



It was already 9:30 in the morning when Su Zhe started warming up for cross-country running.



In the city of B in September, the sun was still a bit hot at this time of the day, and Su Zhe looked up at the bright sun and thought that he should have prepared a pair of sunglasses.


The training area where he was, naturally, was the frame range of the live broadcast.



The live broadcast room, which had originally gone cold and silent with only the occasional fan chatting, came back to life when Su Zhe reappeared.



As a warm-up exercise, Su Zhe’s 1km cross-country run didn’t pursue speed, but just followed the normal rhythm. For Su Zhe, who was used to running 10 kilometers on a daily basis, this 1-kilometer cross-country run was really just a sprinkle.


During Su Zhe’s warm-up, the conversation in the live broadcast room also quickly centered around Su Zhe’s warm-up run.



[ah …… I cub, is it my illusion? Why does it feel like his skin is so white that it glows when he runs in the sun?


[Sisters in front, it’s not an illusion! I also found out that the cub’s skin is so white that it can reflect the light.]


[Passer-by here, would like to know what brand of sunscreen Su Zhe uses as an athlete every day in the outdoor training and during competition, how does he maintain this skin?]


Crouching in front of the computer Ding Yuwei also couldn’t help but agree with this question, as a girl, in this kind of sunny days, she coated herself with thick sunscreen, and then got herself a powerless sunscreen equipment, yet she still wasn’t willing to go out.


Just looking at Su Zhe’s bare skin under the scorching sun, Ding Yuwei couldn’t help but want to apply ten to eight layers of sunscreen and a set of sunscreen clothes for him.



[Speaking of it, watching this live broadcast of sports really gives a mysterious feeling. There is an illusion that after watching the cub’s exercise, I have already moved myself ……]


[Hahahahahahaha, this sister, this would really be an illusion! But I also want to +1 ….!]



Outside of this wave of happy +1+1+1+1 topics that clearly originated from the sisters, another force of viewers was also very ferociously brushing their presence.



[ah, Boss Zhe, this is the cross-country running …… This is really solved my century long doubt, I have been thinking, for athletes practicing 100 meters, their daily training shouldn’t be just practicing short distances …… It seems that training is actually also done like this.]


[Resolved +1, I’d like to take a look at boss Zhe’s training schedule, this is the most curious one so far.]



[I have the same curiosity, so I’ve been planning to stay in this live studio in the near future and try to decode some of Boss Zhe’s basic training program …… to see how the intensity is actually like.]



[Will Su Zhe be making technical adjustments for this workout? Or consider firming up the stride? I read an analysis article last night that said boss Zhe’s stride was still unstable, running from 46-49 in a race, which wasn’t conducive to stability in technical rhythm ……]


This discussion from Su Zhe’s track and field straight male fans in the live room, and the girl fans discussing a topic of their own without interfering with each other, surprisingly and accidentally reached some kind of harmony.


The morning’s basic training time passed quickly, at about 10 o’clock, Su Zhe’s basic training had been completed, and the next technical details were adjusted, the training area where it was located was not within the scope of the live broadcast, so under the guidance of the staff, Su Zhe earnestly said goodbye to the audience of the live broadcast for the time being.


When waving goodbye for the time being, the screen was full of all kinds of reluctant goodbyes.



To be honest, as a live broadcast whose content was all about basic training, it actually had a boring feeling as if it was watching a surveillance video for a lot of the time.



Su Zhe was touched by the fact that the audience had stuck around to see the end.


During this period of basic training alone, the satisfaction value that Su Zhe had gained in the live broadcast had already exceeded 50 points. This also allowed Su Zhe to completely breathe a sigh of relief.


To say the least, sometimes the wisdom and power of the fans was really powerful, and some of the fans had guessed correctly that the first issue that Su Yinsheng had circled for Su Zhe in the upcoming technical adjustments was the control of stride length.


In the past few months of training, Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe developed a training program for Su Zhe, which was more focused on the starting reaction, the technical connection between starting and accelerating, and other issues.



After this period of training, it could already be seen from the actual matches that Su Zhe’s skills in this area had already made rapid progress, but because Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe hadn’t yet had time to carry out further research on Su Zhe’s stride, it resulted in Su Zhe’s stride still appearing to be relatively undefined.



Generally speaking, for athletes at Su Zhe’s level, the stride length of each step taken during a competition was carefully calculated and trained, thus ensuring that this stride length and the athlete’s stride frequency could achieve the most efficient unification, which would allow the player’s performance to be maximized during the competition.



After clear communication with Su Zhe and repeated tests, Su Yinsheng finally waved his hand and let Su Zhe leave for his lunch break, while he and his co-coach transmitted the relevant measurement data to the technical team, where the experts began to calculate the stride size most suitable for Su Zhe.


At the beginning of the afternoon training, Su Zhe had already moved from the 100-meter training ground to the 110-meter hurdles training group.


Compared to the sprint group led by Su Yinsheng, the hurdles group where Lu Fei was located was even less in number at this time.


Ye Jun was still in Nibong today and needed to participate in the final of the championships before returning to China in the evening, while Su Zhe’s training was only in the afternoon, so Zhou Tianjue was the only one who was being watched by Lu Fei and his coaching team.


Seeing Su Zhe’s arrival, Zhou Tianjue was obviously energized and waved his hand towards Su Zhe and shouted little sheep.


Like Su Zhe, Zhou Tianjue also had an exclusive live broadcasting room, which had been opened after the start of training in the afternoon session.


And Su Zhe was different, Zhou Tianjue’s live room, had more pure track and field fans, mixed with a part of the curious passers-by, the live room discussion was usually related to technical details and training intensity and other related topics.


However, after Zhou Tianjue’s ‘little sheep’, the live broadcast room couldn’t help but burst into laughter.


[Hahahaha, he’s still calling boss Zhe a little sheep ah? Shouldn’t boss Zhe’s kind be a wolf in sheep’s clothing?]



[XDDD No, it should be a little snow leopard in sheep’s clothing ……!



Su Zhe’s live broadcast audience naturally also noticed Zhou Tianjue as well as the phrase little sheep, many people immediately posted hahaha, and in this group of hahaha voice, a few not quite the same voice quietly emerged.


[Ahem, little wolf dog and cute little sheep …… suddenly a little delicious ……]



[In front …… me too ……]


However, this point of sound, soon drowned in the other comments, disappeared, they struggled a bit, but temporarily gave up the soul of CP that had just been ignited in their hearts, and continued to watch the live broadcast, joining the discussion of other topics.



After greeting Lu Fei and other members of the coaching team, Su Zhe also got the training materials that Lu Fei had prepared for him.


As Su Zhe’s earliest identified entry for the World Championships, long before he returned to the team, Lu Fei and his coaching team had long ago collected all of Su Zhe’s information and data, and had sorted out Su Zhe’s comprehensive technical problems in response to various image data.



For Su Zhe, his basic hurdles technical action had been very perfect, his hurdles rhythm was practically gifted, but due to height disadvantage and lack of explosive power, it was difficult to form an advantage in the early stage, and even the early disadvantage needed to make up for the rhythm through the hurdles, which was very unfavorable for Su Zhe.



Especially when entering into the international competition, he would also meet the early explosive power of stronger players, this problem is the same sprint program Su Zhe needed to make up for this point, as Lu Fei and Su Yinsheng communicated, Su Zhe’s explosive power training was arranged to 110 meters hurdles related training.


In addition, there was also the landing technique of running between fences, Lu Fei keenly found that Su Zhe’s swinging leg forefoot landing technical movement mastery wasn’t solid, but rather showed exceptional performance in competition. At the same time, there were also shortcomings in the connection technique between hurdle running and the first step of takeoff, which were all included in the list of issues that need to be corrected and improved by Lu Fei in the following period.



When Su Zhe finished the whole day’s training, it was already 6 o’clock in the evening, and the audience in the live broadcasting room had already gone through several rounds and changed several rounds.



In the Athletics Kingdom, the athletics fan who had expressed his readiness to collect and organize Su Zhe’s training volume in Su Zhe’s live broadcasting room in the morning, sent a copy of Su Zhe’s basic training volume on September 4 to the forum after Su Zhe’s training had finally ended completely.


This male fan also specially labeled that the above training volume didn’t include the training content of non-live time.


Just like this, it had already set off a wave of discussion on the forum of Athletics Kingdom.


【This training volume …… is still only the first day of training? Will it be a bit too much?]



[9 hours of all-day training volume …… To be honest, I have paid attention to the live broadcasts of other players today, and I have yet to see a player with a training volume larger than this one.]



[Boss Zhe has parallel training for two programs, so it looks more scary, right?…… But with two people, Tiger Su and Lu Fei, controlling the whole situation, this amount of training should still be within the permissible range.]



[For non professionals, I won’t be fooled anymore. Today, during my break from work, I took some time to watch some live broadcasts. I just want to say that it’s not easy for any athlete to become a good person by enduring hardships . To achieve the current results, everyone’s efforts should not be underestimated..]



After a daytime live broadcast, in the afternoon hours, the day’s random live broadcast task had reached the standard value of task completion. Su Zhe still remembered that during the afternoon’s training break, he suddenly received a mission completion tone from the system – although it sounded like a mechanical tone without any emotional elements, Su Zhe inexplicably felt an air of reluctance from it, making him unable to help but make up an image of a system that was regretting that the mission was too simple.



And just as Su Zhe was about to return to Su Zhe to rest, he was stopped by a handful of the sports channel’s staff, and he then remembered that he still had a final task that hadn’t been completed ……



When Su Zhe was invited to the specially arranged training corner, “Follow the national champion to lose weight and get fit!” This one banner was pulled above the sports equipment area, and the aesthetics of its live room setup could be said to be very simple and crude.



After getting the script provided by the staff of the sports channel, Su Zhe silently covered his face.


Perhaps taking into account that athletes weren’t good at reading a script, the staff made the text extraordinarily simple and brutal, and emotional keywords such as “loudly”, “enthusiastic”, and “excited” were specially added after the sentences, which made the effect of reading more appealing to foreign consumers.


[Hello, I am a member of the Chinese team for the World Championships, and I am competing in the men’s 100 meter dash and 110 meter hurdles. Today I will lead you together with the common designated muscle groups training in our training …… the next period of time, please follow the champion player to train together, to develop a good habit of national fitness!,]



On that day, after struggling to complete the full set of live interactions, Su Zhe finally let out a long breath – he never expected that this final live broadcast would be the biggest difficulty of his day today.




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