“For the innocent idle people to talk after dinner, or for the malicious idle people to be the seeds of rumors … Even the best actor is just a player.”

Jiang Chengyi felt that this was a true reflection of himself, even if this sentence was said by Han Tian, whom he loathed the most.

Now it was late at night, but the bar was still brightly lit.

Jiang Chengyi sat in the corner of a bar and drained his glass of wine.

It was an ordinary wine, but he was able to taste the sour, sweet, bitter and spicy flavors ……

He poured himself another glass, and then thought of Han Tian.

He had experienced many big storms, he was now a lot more calm, but thinking about this person, he still couldn’t stop the burst of hatred from the bottom of his heart.

If not for Han Tian, he wouldn’t be notorious, wouldn’t be reduced to no way to return to the country, not to mention becoming a loner ……

Of course, he also had a fault, the fault was that he was too stupid and childish.

At that time, why did he pester Mo Yuting who had betrayed him? Why did he have to target Han Tian again and again? Why did he do a lot of stupid things?

If it weren’t for that, he was sure that his achievements wouldn’t stop there.

Just a short while ago, he received the Best Supporting Actor award from the MoSCA.

Although it was only the Best Supporting Actor, such an international award was already the dream of countless people, but he couldn’t be happy.

Because he knew very well that this was already the pinnacle of what he could achieve, and even he got it by luck.

He had too many scandals, so much so that fans had turned their noses up at him, even with his father’s full support, he couldn’t act in those big movies, but only in some of the less expensive literary films.

If it weren’t for his good fortune in literary films that were appreciated by the jury, the two actors who competed with him for Best Supporting Actor had accidents, and there were many people on the Internet who opposed Mosca’s racial discrimination ……

He was afraid that no matter what, he wouldn’t have gotten the Mosca Best Supporting Actor Award.

And such good luck, he was estimated to have only once in his life.

His luck had never been good, the person with the best luck, had always been Han Tian.

If he didn’t go against Han Tian at that time ……

Well, that wasn’t possible.

Han Tian stole his role, stole his beloved fiancée, stole his agent …… such a person, how could he not hate? How could he not go against him?

Jiang Chengyi gently turned the wine glass in his hand and lit himself another cigarette.

This Christmas Eve in 2018, he was already destined to spend it alone.

Five years ago, he was surrounded by his simple and lovely fiancée, his best friend who was dedicated to him, and his manager who could take care of everything around him, but now, they all betrayed him!

His fiancée became Han Tian’s …… third woman? His best friend drugged him to ruin his reputation, and his agent, too, has betrayed him to work exclusively for Han Tian.

He, Jiang Chengyi had lived for thirty years, he couldn’t say that he had no wrongdoing, but at least he hadn’t done anything illegal, but he didn’t know how, since Han Tian appeared, his life had completely changed?

Jiang Chengyi took another sip of wine, he had long been used to wearing a mask, so even though his stomach was full of resentment, he still had a smile on his face.

The bar was very noisy, and Jiang Chengyi’s mood became worse when he thought of how Han Tian’s film had won the Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars, and that he had received the award on the same stage with him and was being praised.

He stood up and walked towards the entrance of the bar.

On the way, several people accosted him, both male and female. After Yu Rui drugged him, people defaulted to him being gay, so much so that even he was confused as to whether he really liked men ……

That said the male lead he acted as, was a homosexual.

Walking out of the bar, the cold wind blowing in front of him made Jiang Chengyi much more sober, at the same time, he heard the sound of cameras taking pictures.

In tomorrow’s entertainment news, he was sure there would be a small space reserved for him.

The phone suddenly rang, Jiang Chengyi picked up the phone and saw a very familiar number, which had already called him a dozen times.
The music in the bar was so loud that he didn’t even hear the phone ring.

Jiang Chengyi felt guilty, although he didn’t know who owned this cell phone number, but this person was vital to him.

When he fell from the clouds to the dust a few years ago and just came abroad, he received encouraging text messages from this number, and in the past few years, it had never stopped.

Only when he called, the other party never answered, and their contact was limited to text messages.

This should be one of his fans. But …… they had never answered his calls, why would they call him today?

Jiang Chengyi was a bit puzzled, but still picked up the phone in a rather good mood.

Perhaps the fan wanted to give him a surprise? After all, today was Christmas Eve and ……

“Jiang Chengyi! Why weren’t you answering the phone?” As soon as the phone was connected, Jiang Chengyi heard a certain person’s roar, his voice filled with anger and rebuke, dousing the warmth that had just risen in Jiang Chengyi’s heart at once.

“Who are you?” The other party spoke in Chinese, so Jiang Chengyi asked in Chinese as well.

“Can’t you even hear my voice? You are really a noble man who forgets things …… Jiang Chengyi, I have nothing to say to you, I am calling you today to tell you that Yu Rui is dead!”

Yu Rui? When it came to Yu Rui, Jiang Chengyi remembered the identity of the other – Yu Rui’s best friend Li Chao.

When he and Yu Rui were lying n@ked in bed and were photographed by the reporters who swarmed in, he was angry that Yu Rui had drugged him and broke off his relationship with him.

In those days afterwards, Li Chao didn’t stop looking for him, as if he had harmed Yu Rui, making him annoyed …… He had wanted to ask Yu Rui why he drugged him before he left the country!

Only, Yu Rui was dead? How was this possible? How was it possible that Yu Rui, who was only in his early thirties, could die? Li Chao was clearly lying!

“You are Li Chao …… what do you want? And, where did you get this number?” Jiang Chengyi coldly asked, while talking, he took out his car keys to open the back seat of his car – he had drank, so he couldn’t drive.

“What do I want? Yu Rui, he’s dead! Jiang Chengyi, Yu Rui, he’s dead!” Li Chao yelled again, with a choke in his voice.

“I’m asking you, whose number is this!” Jiang Chengyi’s hand was on his chest, his heart was beating very fast, not from excitement or happiness, but from panic, Yu Rui …… he was really dead?

“Whose is it? Of course it’s Yu Rui’s. I didn’t expect you to treat him badly, yet he still stored your number!” Li Chao couldn’t even conceal his whimper.

This number was Yu Rui’s? The person who had always encouraged him and walked with him through the most difficult years was Yu Rui?

Jiang Chengyi’s heart seemed to be stuffed with something as uncomfortable, his body stiffened beyond compare, after a while, he found his voice: “Yu Rui died? How …… how did he die?” Yu Rui, how was it possible for him to die like this?

The Li Chao on the other end of the phone seemed to have calmed down a bit, he lightly “heh” then said: “He had stomach cancer, he died in the operating room …… before he went in, he said, if he came out alive, he had to have the courage to make a phone call to you, and wish you a happy birthday …… but he died.”

Li Chao’s sadness seemed to be transmitted through the phone, and after Jiang Chengyi heard his words, he knew that Yu Rui was really dead.

Stomach cancer …… He knew that Yu Rui’s stomach wasn’t good, but he didn’t expect that Yu Rui would have stomach cancer.

Jiang Chengyi’s entire body involuntarily trembled lightly, he couldn’t control his hand, but he still accurately pressed the hang-up button, but after hanging up, he felt like his heart was empty.

More than three years ago, he was alone, forced out of that country, and then came here and started everything over again.

At that time, it was the text messages from this number that rekindled his fighting spirit, and he didn’t give up even if he was suffering. …… Those text messages, were they from Yu Rui?

Yu Rui …… Jiang Chengyi reached out and touched his dry eyes, he didn’t know what kind of expression he should use at this time to face all this.

Once, Yu Rui was his best friend, at that time, he said he would one day win the best male lead of Mosca, and make Yu Rui become the best screenwriter of Mosca, but in the end ……

He had never understood why Yu Rui gave him drugs that day, obviously they had always been very good friends, but it was those drugs that made them have s*x, but also the next day, Mo Yuting saw them, and they were photographed by a large group of reporters ……

All this, after he had gotten nominated for the Shanghai Golden Award, he fell from heaven to hell at once.

Then things got worse, he was boycotted by the entire entertainment industry and the netizens, and after six months of hard work, he finally couldn’t hold on and had to leave the country amidst all the questions.

At first, he thought that Yu Rui was also a victim, after all, at that time Yu Rui’s situation was also really miserable, but Mo Yuting told him that it was Yu Rui who told her to come ……

At that time, he already didn’t trust Mo Yuting much, but on Mo Yuting’s phone, there was a text message sent to her by Yu Rui.

Yu Rui betrayed him.

However, even if he hated Yu Rui, hated Yu Rui for causing him to lose his reputation, he remembered his old feelings, so he didn’t do anything to him, so when he heard the news of Yu Rui’s death, it was even a little difficult to accept.

Today, during the day, Han Tian took Mo Yuting – his former fiancée in front of him, he only coldly glanced at the two, there was nothing else but disgust in his heart, but now, he felt some heartache.

A few years had passed, he had put down a lot of things, but still couldn’t forget the years that he and Yu Rui had together and that night, he often dreamt of him ……

And now, Yu Rui was dead.

Jiang Chengyi stayed alone in the car for a long time, motionless, until someone knocked on his car window.

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