C1—- Winter Of The 35th Year Of The Qing Dynasty

Gu Wuyou draped in fox fur stood at the entrance of the city, flanked by kneeling people who were bowing their heads and crying bitterly, many people were also standing beside her, her cousin the prince, her cousin the princess and hers and Li Qingyuan’s family …… Behind them, there were hundred officials who were bowing their heads and wiping their tears.

This was a very big battle.

Such a battle was only seen many, many years ago, when the last Duke of Wei, her father-in-law, died in battle.

That time.

It seemed it was also a winter day, the snow fell heavily, the ground was covered with snow, when a foot stepped on it, it left a big hole …… …

But now.

There was nothing left.

They were all worried about her. Since the news of Li Qinyuan’s death came through, Gu Wuyou seemed to have become mute overnight, not saying a word and not shedding a single tear.

She still woke up every day, slept as usual, and handled the house’s internal affairs as usual, as if nothing had happened, only her fading figure let people know that she wasn’t so indifferent.

They would prefer her to cry, cry bitterly, it was better than to hold on like this.

“Here it comes ……”

She didn’t know who said that.

All eyes looked towards the city gate, Gu Wuyou’s blank expression for many days also finally had a change, her hand clenched into a fist where no one could see, her purple lips from the cold also pursed into a straight line.

It seemed to be the only way to suppress her emotions.

First of all, she saw the national flag of the Great Zhou, and then a few battle flags engraved with the word Li.

At this time.

These battle flags in the icy sky and snow, was followed after a black coffin, the soldiers on both sides silently pushed the coffin forward, no one said anything, even those who were crying more than the moment they saw the coffin also stopped crying.

Gu Wuyou could no longer see anything else, her clear eyes were now unblinkingly fixed on the coffin.

The coffin had been pushed to the city gate.

The wheels stopped.

Covered in snow, Fu Xian walked to Gu Wuyou, and went on one knee, the original spirited man, now with white snow covered head, looked like he had aged ten years, he knelt in front of her with red eyes and a quiet voice and said: “I ……” He choked, “failed to bring him back safely.”

Gu Wuyou didn’t speak.

She didn’t even seem to hear him talking, her gaze was on the coffin.


She moved.

“Madam ……”


Those people didn’t know what she wanted to do, so they shouted at her, but Gu Wuyou didn’t listen, she walked straight to the coffin, she was dressed in plain clothes, her body seemed to blend with the earth, but the snow on top of her head made her noticeable, in just a short time, her hair was covered with a layer of snow, even her raven-feather eyelashes were also covered with snow, blurring her vision.

She didn’t say anything, but reached out her hand, and swept away the snow on the coffin.

But how could she wipe it clean?

When she wiped off an inch, the empty place would be covered again, her hands, her face had long been frozen numb, but she wiped as if she wasn’t aware of it, the action was gentle as if she was wiping the face of her beloved.


Xiao Jingxing saw her like this, he really couldn’t bear it, he held an umbrella up and walked forward, then covered her and he lightly sighed: “Stop.”

“Cousin.” Gu Wuyou finally spoke, she hadn’t spoken for almost ten days, her voice was very soft, “He loves cleanliness, I can’t let him go home like this, he’ll be upset.”

Xiao Jingxing looked at her, he numbly opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say a word.

He could only look at her like this, everyone was watching her, watching this slender woman, standing by the coffin, as if wiping her beloved object, inch after inch, she cleaned the black coffin.

No one spoke.

The wind was getting stronger and stronger, like someone was crying.

Gu Wuyou’s long hair was also blown by the wind, but she didn’t care, someone put an umbrella over the coffin, and then more and more people brought more umbrellas, they all had red-eyed but they didn’t speak, they quietly and silently watched Gu Wuyou wipe the coffin.


The coffin was wiped clean.

Gu Wuyou’s delicate face revealed a light smile, she rested her face on the coffin, “Great General …… I’ve come to take you home.”

“We ……” She opened her mouth, her voice gentle, “are going home.”

The cold wind was haunting.

Gu Wuyou stood by the coffin with an umbrella, the people accompanied her by the side, the capital city was filled with people kneeling all over the long street to receive their great general home in this way.


Li Qinyuan’s funeral ceremony was held very simply, during the funeral operation, everyone was worried that Gu Wuyou would collapse, but she always kept her sanity and sobriety, she didn’t cry, she was calm and composed.

She received guests and chose the blessed place without ever showing a trace of weakness or weakness.


After the funeral ceremony.

Fu Xian knelt in front of Gu Wuyou in plain clothes.

“How did he die?” Gu Wuyou asked him with downcast eyes and a calm expression.

“He …… He was seriously injured in the battle of Yanmen Pass, later, we were attacked, he, he tried to protect me, an arrow hit his heart.” Fu Xian lowered his head, but he still couldn’t hide his pain, his always straight back at this time looked unstable, “If not for me, he wouldn’t have died.”

Gu Wuyou looked at him and said, “You grew up together, when you were young, you protected him a lot, so, he died protecting you, I don’t blame him.”

“Sister-in-law ……”

Gu Wuyou raised her hand, stopped his confession, and only asked, “Did he ever leave me any words?”

“When I arrived at his side, he was out of breath, but a fragrant satchel was firmly in his hand ……” Fu Xian trembled his hands, he took out a blood-stained incense bag from his arms and handed it to her.

Gu Wuyou looked at the satchel, her eyes slightly moved, the hand on the table also gently trembled a little.

Then she reached out and took it.

It was the year she married Li Qinyuan that she sent him the incense bag, at that time, she wasn’t good at stitching, later, she thought to give him a new one, but he always refused, he hung it on him proudly.

The blood on the incense satchel had long dried up.

She held it tightly, as if she could think of that man on his deathbed, holding the incense bag.

In fact, even if he didn’t leave her a message, she could guess what he would say, even if he died, he must have had everything arranged, he wouldn’t let her suffer a hint of aggravation, he was such a person, he would always leave a way for her.

Outside, the snow seemed to have stopped, it became more quiet.

He didn’t know how long it took.

Gu Wuyou only spoke, “Go out.”

Fu Xian was still a little worried about her, things had been happening for so long, but the woman in front of him had never cried, but he was an outsider and a male, it wasn’t suitable to stay, so he replied, “I’ll let Bai Lu come in.”

He went out to look for Bai Lu, and before he could find Bai Lu, he saw Mr. and Mrs. Zhao Chengyou.

The couple came towards him with umbrellas, Fu Xian and Zhao Chengyou looked at each other, no one spoke up, he was tired of Zhao Chengyou, but his wife was Gu Wuyou’s cousin, he naturally didn’t have the qualification to stop them.

Watching the couple walk forward without looking at him, he pursed his lips and went on to look for Bai Lu.

When they reached the closed door, Zhao Chengyu spoke, “You’ll stay outside.” His voice was cold, as if he wasn’t talking to his wife.

Wang Zhao saw him like this, her sharp nails pinched the flesh of her palms, she still couldn’t help the flash of cynicism and anger in her eyes, she lowered her voice but couldn’t suppress the resentment in her heart and said bitterly, “Are you so confident that she will return to your side now that Li Qinyuan is dead?”

“She hates you so much that she doesn’t have you in her heart anymore, even if Li Qinyuan is dead, she won’t go with you!”

Zhao Chengyou listened to these words, and fiercely turned his head, his usually gentle and jade-like face was hardened at this time, his violent expression couldn’t be concealed, “If you still want to be Mrs. Zhao, then shut up.”

He didn’t care what kind of look she had, he pushed the door open and walked in.

Wang Zhao watched him turn around at that moment, he completed concealed his violent nature, even his deep phoenix eyes had a hidden bright light.

She watched with red eyes as her husband entered another woman’s room with a heart full of joy and expectation.

The woman she called her cousin.

She could even imagine what Gu Wuyou would think of her after Zhao Chengyou said those words later? She would be very proud, she went to great lengths to snatch Zhao Chengyu from her side, after so many years, she finally became Mrs. Zhao, but in the end, she still had to watch her husband go looking for her.

What a …… It was ridiculous.

The old door, even if the movement was light, it issued a “creak”.

Zhao Chengyu carefully closed the door, as if afraid of disturbing the person in the room, or perhaps afraid of the cold wind outside freezing her, until the door was closed, until there wasn’t a trace of cold air in the house, he opened his mouth to call her, “Wuyou.”

His voice was very soft and gentle.

But his heart was very excited, there was a hidden smile on his face.

He was excited to be this close to her again, as his heart beat fast, he approached her step by step, he saw her holding Li Qinyuan’s tablet in front of the window, he frowned, but still said in a warm voice: “It’s cold outside, why are you standing there? ”

“You’re here.”

Gu Wuyou seemed to have guessed that he would appear, and didn’t turn around, she only waited before he reached out to close the window before speaking faintly, “I want to see the snow.”

Zhao Chengyou’s hand paused. He withdrew his hand and stood by her side. When he saw her face, he couldn’t help his reaction … After so many years, all of them had changed because of the years.

Only she was still the same as before.

The years seemed to be extra generous to her, he couldn’t find a trace of age on her, she was even prettier than when she left him.

“I remember that once upon a time when it snowed, you loved to stay in my arms and made me move the couch to the window and hold you to look at the snowy scenery outside ……” Perhaps it was the memory of the old days, Zhao Chengyou was trapped in the memories of the past when the two were in love, his lips couldn’t help but curl up, “Wuyou, I’ll take you home, okay?”


Gu Wuyou lowered her head, she looked at the tablet in her hand, her finger traced his name, then she gently laughed, “I don’t have a home anymore.”

Zhao Chengyou didn’t want to see her like this, when he was at the city gate, he wanted to pull her away from the coffin regardless of everything, but in full view of everyone, he still had concerns, but now …… He no longer had a single concern.

His face sank and he replied angrily, “How can you not have a home? I am still alive!”

Noticing his attitude, Zhao Chengyou took a deep breath, barely suppressing his jealousy and resentment at the bottom of his heart, and changed his tone to a gentle one to talk to her, “Wuyou, I know I was wrong before, give me another chance, let’s start over, okay?”

“You don’t have to worry about what other people think, or what they’ll say.”

“I will treat you well, I will hold you in my heart and will take a lifetime to love you.”

The more he said, the gentler his voice became, and his broad palm pressed against the top of her head, inch by inch, as if touching a rare treasure, “Haven’t you always wanted me to treat you well? In the future, I won’t want anyone but you, whatever you want, I will satisfy you.”

Gu Wuyou looked at him and shook her head, “It’s too late.”

Seeing Zhao Chengyou’s complexion change again, she wasn’t afraid at all, instead she even showed a smile, “You’ve always been like this, every time you only know to regret when there is no room for turning things around.”

Zhao Chengyou’s expression changed.

He opened his mouth to argue, but he couldn’t say anything.

Gu Wuyou didn’t seem to care what he was thinking, she turned her head and let the wind and snow hit her, she looked at the plum blossoms outside again, “He told me when he left that he would carry me to pick plum blossoms every winter, and even when he was old and couldn’t carry them anymore, he would still hold my hand.”

She smiled.

She looked at the white snow on her shoulder, and then the tablet covered with a layer of white snow, he didn’t know what came to mind, but she laughed smittenly, “Snow falls all over my head, it also counted as grey head.”

“…… You like him that much?!” Behind her, Zhao Chengyou angrily gnashed his teeth.

Gu Wuyou smiled.

She remembered the man who stood in front of her when they first met, and said to her with one eyebrow raised, “You used to be like this, you didn’t say a word even when you were bullied.” Her heart broke, and she cried with a smile, “Yes, I like him so much.”

“I like him so much ……”

She couldn’t hold back a bit, tears slid down her cheeks as she cried softly, “I really like him.”

“Gu Wuyou!”

“You’re not allowed to–” Zhao Chengyou’s stormy voice rang out in the room, but before he could finish, the woman who originally stood in front of him with a straight back suddenly fell backwards, he was stunned, but his hand quickly reached over and caught her in his arms.

“What’s wrong with you?”

His voice was full of confusion.

He saw a trace of blood flowing from the corner of Gu Wuyou’s mouth, Zhao Chengyu’s eyes widened, he seemed to guess something, his lips trembled, “You ……” His eyes were red, she didn’t know if he was angry or crying, his trembling hands wiped the corner of her mouth, but the blood couldn’t be wiped clean.

He felt like he was going crazy, while wiping the blood, he shouted out “Go get the doctor, go get me the doctor!”

The door opened and Wang Zhao walked in, she stared at the image dumbfounded, then Bai Lu screamed, “Madam, what happened to you?!”

Zhao Chengyu just hugged Gu Wuyou, red-eyed, and kept saying, “Don’t die ……”

“Wuyou, don’t die, don’t leave me.”

“I forbid you to die!”

Gu Wuyou ignored his voice, she just held the tablet and placed it firmly at her heart, her consciousness was actually not quite clear anymore, but she seemed to see the figure of Li Qingyuan in a trance, he was standing in front of her, with a helpless and pitying expression.

She suddenly smiled.

Stretching out her hand towards that figure, she smiled, “Great General, take me home.”



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