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Jiang Chengyi looked back out and saw a man in barman’s clothes standing outside his car, supposedly the bar valet he had made an appointment with earlier.

“Come on in.” Jiang Chengyi waved his hand in a somewhat feeble manner.

The one who came in was a robust dark man, and after he sat on the driver’s seat, he suddenly turned his head towards Jiang Chengyi and showed a smile, and also sprinkled a powder substance on Jiang Chengyi.

  Too late to react, Jiang Chengyi lost consciousness.

When he woke up again, Jiang Chengyi saw the person he hated most, Han Tian.

Han Tian, who was just in his early thirties, had hidden his former gangster temperament and looked at Jiang Chengyi with contempt in his eyes: “F*ggot, you’re awake?”

Only then did Jiang Chengyi realize that his hands and feet were tied and he was lying on his back on the floor, and where they were, was a basement.

“What do you want to do?” Jiang Chengyi didn’t struggle, nor did he cry out for help or resist …… It was definitely useless to call for help at a time like this.

These years he has been in the United States, but he still paid attention to articles about Han Tian, it seemed that today’s Han Tian, in addition to this identity of the actor, was now involved in the mob …… no wonder he now dared to do this!

“I also don’t want to do anything …… white boy, but you dared rob my woman, today since you’ve gotten here, forget about getting out alive.” Han Tian spoke coldly, “Originally, when I saw the hatred in your eyes before, I had no intention of killing you, but Yu Ting even said that I am no better than you …… you are nothing but a disgusting f*ggot!”

Jiang Chengyi knew that he was really going to be killed, but even so, as long as there was a ray of hope, he wouldn’t give up!


He observed his surroundings quietly.


 ”Jiang Chengyi, I’ve been trying to enter Hollywood for the past two years, but I’ve been unsuccessful, the one who sabotaged me, is you, right?” Han Tian spoke again, while extending a foot and stepping on Jiang Chengyi’s face.

Jiang Chengyi struggled desperately before rolling to the side, he bowed his body and hid his hand to a dead corner that Han Tian couldn’t see, and when he looked at Han Tian, the hatred in his eyes could no longer be concealed.


“You hate me?” Han Tian laughed, “You really should hate me, if I hadn’t given you and Yu Rui the aphrodisiac, you wouldn’t have been unable to stay in the country.”


“What did you say?” Jiang Chengyi felt that the insults and beatings from Han Tian were acceptable to him because he wanted to stall for time so he could untie the rope on his hand, but now ……


Wasn’t the person who drugged him Yu Rui? He also sent a text message to Mo Yuting!


“You’re going to die anyway, I’ll let you die with knowledge, since you can say things about me and Yu Ting in front of Qianqian, why can’t I teach you a lesson?” Han Tian spoke.


It was Han Tian! It was Han Tian! Jiang Chengyi only felt that his mind was in turmoil, he always thought that the person who drugged him was Yu Rui, but it wasn’t Yu Rui, but Han Tian?


Jiang Chengyi’s heart was filled with hatred, but he had already untied the rope on his hand.


He had previously played a clown magician in a movie, and in order to be able to play this role, he learnt a little about it, including untying ropes.


“In fact, you should thank me, after all, if not for me, you certainly wouldn’t have known the taste of a man.” Han Tian spoke again, although he had been calling Jiang Chengyi a f*ggot, but he also knew that the person Jiang Chengyi liked at that time, was Mo Yuting.


Mo Yuting used to be Jiang Chengyi’s fiancee, but now she was one of his women, and since that was the case, he wouldn’t allow Mo Yuting to think about other men! And he wouldn’t allow other men to covet Mo Yuting! Han Tian turned his head sideways: “Xiao Si, the drugs are ready, right? It’s time to inject our big star.”

Drugs? Jiang Chengyi understood Han Tian’s intention, he also knew why Han Tian was so emboldened, there were other people here!


He had already untied the rope and had planned to find the right opportunity to escape, but now ……


  It was obvious that Han Tian would not give him a chance.

Jiang Chengyi jumped up and pounced on Han Tian!


  Jiang Chengyi was a good fighter, as soon as he pounced on Han Tian, he used his hand to hit Han Tian’s eyes, while his knee bent to attack the man’s weakest point.

Unfortunately, Han Tian quickly covered his eyes, and his eyes weren’t injured, but some part of him was hurt, making him wail in pain.


Jiang Chengyi then grabbed Han Tian’s neck again, trying to hold him.


Unfortunately, he and Han Tian weren’t the only two people in this basement.


As soon as Jiang Chengyi grabbed Han Tian’s neck, he was kicked and quickly pulled away by a few people.


After that, his struggle and resistance were only rewarded with punches and kicks.


Finally, a needle stuck into his wrist ……

Boundless pain followed.


By the time Jiang Chengyi opened his eyes again, his world had changed.


It was a white world, and in this world, there was nothing but a book.


He was already dead? Jiang Chengyi smiled bitterly, after he died, his death was probably scandalized, right?


However, he was dead, he no longer needed to think about it.

Jiang Chengyi sat dumbfounded for a while, he wanted to look around, but found himself unable to move, he simply remained sifted and looked at the book.


The Godfather of the Entertainment Industry – that was the name of the book.


  Jiang Chengyi knew that the entertainment industry was a place where many gangsters used to launder money, and there was once a gangster who was known as the godfather of the entertainment industry, could this book be about such a person?

After a moment’s hesitation, Jiang Chengyi opened the book, only to find that the main character was called Han Tian.


An ordinary geek on Earth who liked to watch movies spent the legendary end of the world safely, but transmigrated on New Year’s Day 2013, and became an actor in a parallel world.


They had the same date of birth, same name, but completely different identity and appearance ……


  In this parallel world, it was extremely similar to everything on Earth, but completely different.

For example, the TV series and movies that existed on earth, didn’t here.


Originally, Han Tian, as an extra actor,  was controlled by the members of a g@ng, and ran around the venue day and night. Even if he was in poor health, he couldn’t help acting, but his income was very, very low …


He was exhausted, and then he transmigrated.

Han Tian, who transmigrated, was of course not willing to be controlled, and incited the same actors as him to rebel against that gangster, and by the way hooked up with the gangster’s only daughter – Li Qianqian, who ran out alone and wanted to see the famous actor Zhao Ziwen.

  Then Han Tian didn’t care about those who rebelled with him, he began to flirt with Li Qianqian, and even copied the scripts from his original world and made a deal with the gangster……

It turned out that Han Tian’s talent was fake!


All his works were copied!

This book was very long and written in detail, Jiang Chengyi wanted to read it all to see if he was in it, and even more so to see the end of Han Tian.


Han Tian found that the movies and TV in this parallel world were completely different from his original world, so he used this to write a script and make a movie with the gangsters.


After that, he left the gang for various reasons and joined Morning Glory Entertainment.


Morning Glory Entertainment, the company that Jiang Chengyi once signed with.


Jiang Chengyi continued to read, looking at those things that Han Tian did, looking at the fact that Han Tian got his fiancée’s love with just a few words, suddenly he felt that this book was ridiculously absurd.


However, these ridiculous scenes were all the things that he had personally experienced!

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