After the Starlight Singing Contest, fans couldn’t get enough of Zhu Qing’an’s song, so they rolled around on Weibo and asked him to sing it again.

The new song wasn’t only a new song, but also a duet with someone.

It was with a male.

–A star of Zhu Qing’an’s age had many romance scandals. But Zhu Qing’an didn’t have any scandals.

But …… From time to time, he would receive the gifts from the emperor star express, luxury fleet, high exquisite clothes …… many people guessed that he had a very powerful backing.

The person who could sing a song with Zhu Qing’an, they were almost certain it was his legendary backer!

The song had just been posted, Zhu Qing’an and the little mermaid’s song download rate instantly broke ten million.

After the song finished playing, the blank comment section became filled with various comments.

Zhu Qing ‘an didn’t react a bit. He thought that since he hadn’t posted anything on Weibo for a long time, he would be treated coldly by netizens. He didn’t expect …

His heart welled up with warm joy.

That’s great.

The song of the little mermaid, would certainly be liked by many people.

The result wasn’t what Zhu Qing’an expected.

The voice of the teenage Qin Hengyi was still low and sexy, but it had an ethereal and mysterious sense of youth, plus he was a mermaid, his voice was naturally great.

The voice of Zhu Qing’an, who accompanied Qin Hengyi’s singing, seemed to have become even better than before, driven by the magic of the mermaid singing. — it was a very gentle and clear sound, warm, like it could melt everything in the world into a pool of soft water at any time.

“I want to prove to you the greatest love in the world……”

“Even if it is difficult……”

Their voices together were an unexpected match, mysterious and deep. The sound of the waves lapping against the soft sand in the background seemed to remind people of the fresh smell of the ocean, or the deep, dark ocean.

The lyrics were still written in ancient Earth language. Since Zhu Qing’an set a precedent in the singing industry by singing in the ancient earth language at the talent show, more and more artists had tried to sing in the ancient language.

But no matter how many times those artists released songs in ancient languages, none of them were as good as Zhu Qing’an’s, and on this new song, it set an even higher standard –

The singing was so good!

It was so good that it made people’s legs go weak!

[Woohoo! What a divine voice! Both voices sound great!]

[QAQ] [Pregnant ears ow ow ow!]

[I didn’t think the language of the ancient earth was so beautiful ……]

[ I want to know who the person who sang with An An is!]

[ I bet the person who sang with An An is a big shot in the singing world! It’s so good!]

Zhu Qing’an’s fingers trembled lightly as he slowly swiped through the comments section. His hand clutching the light computer felt a little hot, he subconsciously ignored the netizens’ comments about him, his eyes were full of everyone’s praise for the little mermaid.

The corners of his lips rose more and more.

That …… lonely gloomy boy, seeing this, he would be very happy, right?

Inadvertently, Zhu Qing’an saw some netizens speculating whether the teenager singing with him was his lover.

He paused for a moment then hastily explained: [No, he’s just a good friend of mine]

With this statement, in a sense, he violated the persona of the lover he played in the game.

But Qin Hengyi wouldn’t see these words, he thought to himself.

And Zhu Qing’an’s explanation inexplicably gave a feeling that there was no silver lining here.

[Hahahaha! An An, don’t explain! That’s your lover, right?]

[ I translated the lyrics, it’s a love song, well, lover is correct.]

[I envy An An’s lover, who sings with him and has such a beautiful voice.]

[It must be a lover! An An finally has a boyfriend (with an old mother-like smile of relief)]

Zhu Qing’an: “…………”

No, I don’t.

Zhu Qing’an was a little helpless, but inside he felt more joy.

At the same time, he also remembered a problem.

How were these reviews …… going to be seen by the little mermaid?

The little mermaid …… was a virtual character in the game.

Zhu Qing’an glanced at the False Love app on the light computer and silently begged it to add new features in this regard.

He yawned a little, a little sleepy.

Unknowingly, he became the legendary immortal cultivator who burst his liver for the game.

Zhu Qing’an exited from the comment section page which was still growing, washed the cup of milk and went to take a shower, then he laid down on the guest bed in the private room, covered himself with the quilt, rolled into a ball, and went to sleep.

The next day.

The next day, Zhu Qing’an slept until the party was almost over, and then woke up. Outside the window, there were only a few scattered staff members in the cruise lobby, and guests who were ready to leave.

He briefly washed up, packed his things, and when he was ready to leave with his things on his back, he abruptly found an extra text message in his light computer.

It was from Sami.

[Game backstage staff: You posted a new song? The new song is sung with …… Qin Hengyi, right?]

Zhu Qing’an frowned and replied: [Yes. What’s wrong?]

[Game backstage staff: Nothing. I want to ask you, if Qin Hengyi was a real person, what would you do?]

Zhu Qing’an: “…………”

This question, Sami seemed to have asked him last time.

If Qin Hengyi was a real person and had the memories of spending time with him in the game.

Then …… how would Qin Hengyi see him? Would he still treat him as a lover?

After all, the game world and the real world, was completely different.

He also unnecessarily expected too much.

[Zhu Qing An: If he is true and not interested in me, I won’t do anything about it. If he still remembers me, I’ll be happy.]

[Game’s backstage staff: He won’t be interested in you? Oh.]

Zhu Qing’an: “…………”

[Game backstage staff: The game has uploaded a new feature, go check it out, kid.]

Zhu Qing’an was stunned.

Could it be that his wish from yesterday was successful?

He exited the chat and hurriedly opened the game.

[New feature is online!]

【Do you want to share all kinds of things in the online world with your lover? This game introduces a new feature – the built-in light computer!]

【Built-in light computer: You can use the light computer given by the game in the game.]

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

This game, finally had a conscience for once.

He could use the light computer in the game and show the little mermaid what the netizens had to say about them.

Zhuo Qing’an put down the game first, carried his backpack, and left the cruise ship.

Immediately he returned home, he couldn’t wait to put on his holographic helmet.

[Welcome back to False Love!]

Zhu Qing’an returned to the familiar dark sea, he opened his eyes and found a white light computer in front of him. The light computer was suspended in mid-air, waiting for him to take it.

He reached out and took it off.

The light computer could be turned on, there were many software, it wasn’t different from a real light computer.

Zhu Qing’an was eager to share everyone’s comments with the little mermaid, so he didn’t go to the man, but as usual, took a detour to the little mermaid.

Hopefully the man would only think he was too busy to go online, instead of finding him online and not only was he not going to him, but going …… to find the other mermaid.

Zhu Qing’an went to the beach where the little mermaid often stayed, he just took one step further, when his body was brought into a familiar embrace, with his hips resting against the cold, hard fish scales.

The boy carried Zhu Qing’an closer to his fish tail, his hands wrapped around Zhu Qing’an’s waist, the tip of his nose was buried in his neck, and he sniffed him carefully.

He was much more active than the adult Qin Hengyi, but to be precise, he didn’t know much about proportion.

Qin Hengyi at least would be concerned about Zhu Qing’an being young.

Zhu Qing’an shivered because of the mermaid’s ambiguous movements. He subconsciously moved away from the other’s hands and shivered: “You don’t get it, I …… I’ve brought you a surprise.”

The other party’s action paused, his blood-red eyes stared straight at Zhu Qing’an.

Zhu Qing’an took out his light computer, opened Weibo, and logged into his account –

In one night.

The song he sang with the mermaid had already made it to the hot search. On the Weibo page he posted the song, the comments even reached hundreds of millions.

“Look.” Zhu Qing’an’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the corners of his lips contained joy. He opened the comment section and handed it to the little mermaid to see –

“Everyone is praising you.”

“You’re not alone, many people like your song.”

Dense comments, the words, emotions, and meanings they showed may be very different, but they all conveyed a warm and fuzzy meaning – we love your song.

This was the first time the teenager Qin Hengyi saw a message from the outside world.

The boy froze for a long time, his eyes reflecting the light from the light computer, lightening the blood red color a lot.

When he came to this sea, he had no memories, nor any one to communicate with.

He vaguely knew about mermaids.

Mermaids were very ferocious and scary creatures.

No one loved them.

Everyone wanted to kill them.

Yet, he was a mermaid.

He thought for a while that he would always be hated, always be alone.

–Till the teenager appeared.

The teenager brought light to the dark seas.

He also brought him a gift.

The comments in the comments section seemed like applause after applause, resounding hotly through these cold, dark waters.

Many people liked him and liked his song.

The boy pursed up his lips, and tightly embraced Zhu Qing’an.

-Zhu Qing’an, I like you. I really like you.

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

He shrank his neck and nodded his head: “Hmm.”

The boy couldn’t help but glance at the comment section in the light computer again, he stared for a long time and finally pointed to a comment and asked Zhu Qing’an.

–What is the meaning of this comment?

Zhu Qing’an went over to take a look.

[Woo! The two people singing are so great! This pair of CP are lovely! This kind of voice in bed should be very good [dog head]]

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

Zhu Qing’an’s face became as red as strawberry jam.

He grabbed the light computer, he lowered his head, and mumbled, “No, it doesn’t mean anything ……”

— Really?

“It’s just that …… They’re complimenting me on how good my voice sounds.”

He didn’t dare let the other party continue reading, because there might be worse comments later, and when that happened, he didn’t know how to explain.

The boy laughed lightly and took advantage of Zhu Qing’an’s inattention to gently kissed his forehead.

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

His face was even redder, he didn’t know where to put his hands. He broke away from the other’s embrace and said, “I …… need to get some air.”

Zhu Qing’an hid behind a reef not far from the boy.

The cool, wet and soft sea breeze brought down the temperature of his hot face by a lot.

This …… couldn be really, too ……

Their actions were too intimate, which wasn’t a good thing.

If Qin Hengyi found out, his lover persona, would completely collapse.

Zhu Qing’an quietly opened the light computer and found that it also had a communication function.

He logged into his account and froze when he glanced at the communication list.

It seemed that he hadn’t contacted his teacher for a long time.

He had been too busy lately.

Naturally, Zhu Qing’an would not let this opportunity slip by as he thought about what he had decided to talk to his teacher about.

He guessed that the teacher wasn’t often on Weibo, so he sent the song he sang with the little mermaid.

[Strawberry Shortcake: Thank you for teaching me! You’re great! I’ve learnt how to sing, and I even sang a song with someone! Listen to it and let me know what you think! #Click to download the audio#]

It took only a few minutes to send.

The communication system replied automatically.

[The other party has received the audio you sent]

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