“Will you …… sing again?”

“I will let many, many people hear your voice.”

The boy listened to Zhu Qing’an’s request, anɗ froze.

Perhaps because of the nature of mermaids, when he became a mermaid, he became very sensitive to music.

But he was in a lonely environment, no one listened to him sing, and no one wanted him to sing.

Zhu Qing’an…… was the first person who asked him to sing, and wanted more people to hear his song, so that he could be loved and get warm ……

The boy narrowed his eyes, his pupils glowing with an obscure red light.

— You want to cheer me up?

Zhu Qing’an nodded.

If he coaxes this little NPC, he would be able to heal Qin Hengyi’s past wounds …… and thus learn Qin Hengyi’s secret.

The boy narrowed his eyes, his slender tail curled around the other’s waist, he smothered a light laugh. Zhu Qing’an heard his voice, although it was only a short laugh, he still heard him – his voice was very good.

He was worthy of being a mermaid.

–I can sing to you.

–But I want to sing with you.

The boy wrote in Zhu Qing’an’s hand, and the tingling sensation was unnatural to Zhu Qing’an.

–I like the sound of your voice.

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

This little NPC, had such a sweet mouth.

He shrank back and glanced at the young man who was a head taller than him, and nodded his head shyly.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t sung before, singing with him was a possibility.

When he saw Zhu Qing’an agree, he gently wagged his tail, which stirred up a thin wave, the soft glow of the fluorescent stone reflected again the sea.

With the reflection of the fluorescent stones, Zhu Qing’an’s face looked like it was glowing.

Zhu Qing’an felt him retract his cold hand, and let out a relieved exhale. He lifted his head, the boy’s face was suddenly extremely close to him, his features were cold and perfect, just a little more youthful and gloomy.

Zhu Qing ‘an:? ? ?

This mermaid, was trying to kiss him?

Startled, Zhu Qing’an vigorously tried to leave the other’s arms.

He was at a loss for words and mumbled, “I I, I have to go back.”

Sending him with the fluorescent stone necklace was already very unexplainable …… if he kissed him, he would probably be eaten alive by Qin Hengyi.

His lover persona – absolutely couldn’t collapse!

The boy glanced at him coldly and didn’t speak.

Zhu Qing’an hurriedly fled.

He glanced at the clock of the in-game device and saw that it wasn’t late, and besides, he wasn’t at home, he was at a party, it wasn’t suitable to play an immersive holographic game.

He poked the system bar and quit the game.

Zhu Qing’an sat up from the sofa, he absently glanced out the window, outside the window was a large and prosperous hall.

At this time the banquet was half way done, a singer came on stage to sing a song promoting public welfare.

Countless bright stage lights were reflected on the singer, making him look like the brightest star in the night sky.

His voice became the most popular bubbly voice in the entertainment industry recently, it was so good that it drew screams from countless girls.

Zhu Qing’an looked at the star and thought again of the little mermaid who lived alone in the dark sea ……

If …… his song, could be heard and praised by everyone, how good it would be.

The sun might then illuminate that gloomy sea ……

Qin Hengyi’s eyes, too, might no longer be bloodshot.

Zhu Qing’an sat on the sofa and searched his light computer for any songs suitable for a duo.

Sami, whom he met at the party, got his light computer number from somewhere and sent a message.

[Sami: Hello 🙂 ]

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

He ignored him, and changed his contact to [staff of the game backstage]

Zhu Qing’an guessed that Sami was still hiding something, a business giant who monopolized the whole game world couldn’t possibly not be aware of the game “False Love” at all. At least …… he should know the reason why “False Love” moved to spend millions of millions on the players.

After all, that was a huge amount of money that could make his group’s stock market move several times.

If he still wanted to dig out more from him, he could only draw closer.

Zhu Qing’an turned off the communication and seriously searched the internet for duet songs.

Today’s duet songs …… were generally love songs.

Lively and lovely melodies, sweet and mushy lyrics ……

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

Whether it was Qin Hengyi, or the teenage version of Qin Hengyi. They weren’t suitable for these kinds of songs.

He searched again in various nooks and crannies for deut songs, in addition to love songs, he finally found something else, it was a very old old military song.

He could sing, and Qin Hengyi was certainly skilled.

Zhu Qing’an laid down on the sofa and frowned, he kept thinking over and over again.

In addition to finding the song himself ……

He might be able to ask …… what kind of songs the little mermaid liked.

It was likely that the little mermaid already had his own favorite song and was just waiting for someone to sing along with him in the future.

Zhu Qing’an subconsciously picked up the holographic helmet and was ready to put it on when.

His hand froze slightly.

–He didn’t know since when.

He rarely rarely touched other games.

They were replaced by Qin Hengyi ……

Every moment, he had this man’s name in his mind.

The other also didn’t forget him and always gave him the most timely help.

The man had given him a warmer and smoother life than he had in the past.

His ears grew red, his eyes closed, and he simply put on his holographic helmet.

Before officially entering the game, he checked the recording system and the folder where the audio was stored.

This time, the little mermaid might pull him to sing.

That was fine as well …… The song would be recorded, then he could post it on Weibo –

As Zhu Qing’an thought, the corners of his lips curved up slightly, then he clicked to open the game.

[Welcome back to “False Love”!]

The familiar scene came into view.

The fluorescent rocks emitted soft light, swept by the waves, lapping the shore. The sky …… was still dense with black clouds, without any semblance of light shining in. This world was as if all relied on Zhu Qing’an to bring the little light.

Zhu Qing’an deliberately avoided the place where Qin Hengyi often stayed, groping in the dark, he took a path and went around to another sea area.

His bare feet just entered the sea, immediately, a pair of hands wrapped around his waist.

The young mermaid emerged from the sea, his wet blond hair clinged to the contours of a perfect face, his blood-red eyes were deep and mysterious.

Zhu Qing’an felt the other’s shallow breath, lapping at his cheek.

His heart skipped a beat and he asked: “…… I can sing with you right now. What song do you want to sing? I can find it for you, or you can teach me to sing it ……”

The boy froze, and his cold fingers moved on the other’s palm.

— I’ll teach you to sing.

Before Zhu Qing’an could react, he was hugged by the other fiercely and his long, thick tail circled around him.

His and the boy’s position was ambiguous, and he sat across the other’s tail, facing him.

But since the boy was actually also Qin Hengyi himself, Zhu Qingan had no objection other than being embarrassed.

–Listen to me sing.

The boy withdrew his fingers and closed his eyes. His talent after being transformed into a mermaid was slowly stimulated by Zhu Qing’an’s encouragement.

Mermaids had beautiful voices, unlike humans, their voices carried a bit of magic. Like a small feather, it softly grinded through the soft depths of the human heart, and finally, with a boom, the heart collapsed, leaving only a soft puddle of water.

Even Zhu Qing’an froze as he listened to him.

Although …… he couldn’t understand what language the other party was singing.

A song after.

Zhu Qing’an doggedly smiled, his eyes glowing with shimmering light, and he sincerely praised him: “This is a beautiful song, the first time I’ve seen someone who can sing so well …… I’m sure there will be many people who will like your song.”

The boy laughed softly.

–Sing along with me.

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

He could only stiffen his head, and after a while, he slowly began to sing with the other.

Zhu Qing’an had a talent for singing, and previously Qin Hengyi had also taught him to practice singing songs in ancient Earth languages that he had never been exposed to.

Now, learning to sing an unfamiliar song wasn’t a difficult task.

What was more –

The boy touched his throat and pointed to his lips every now and then as Zhu Qing’an hummed lowly ……

–The throat knot should be relaxed.

–Don’t close your lips too tightly.

A whole song, all parts of Zhu Qing’an’s body had almost been touched by the boy.

His face was red, so red that it burned, and his lips still had the touch of the other’s fondling.

But the duet song, was completed.

He thought it would take days of practice to complete, but he didn’t expect the singing to go smoothly, without any roadblocks.

He could go back to reality and post the audio of them singing to Weibo.

Give the little mermaid a surprise.

“Thank you for teaching me how to sing ……” Zhu Qing’an rubbed his waist which was a little sore from being hugged by the other, he blushed and stammered, “I can give you a surprise when we meet next time. So …… I’ll leave first.”

He lowered his head, his eyelashes fluttered lightly.

The boy didn’t say anything, he only gently put him down.

He didn’t tell Zhu Qingan.

The magic that came with a mermaid singing would make the voice of the person accompanying the singer even better, not inferior to the mermaid’s song.

Zhu Qing’an’s soft and warm voice, driven by his song, seemed even more warm and beautiful. It seemed to melt this cold, dark sea. If this voice was released in the music industry, it could cause a lot of people to go crazy.

Moreover, singing the same song with a mermaid meant being partners with that mermaid.

The boy’s eyebrows were slightly relaxed, and he looked at Zhu Qing’an’s departing back with pleasure.

–That man, if he knew that they sang together, what would happen?

Zhu Qing’an took off his holographic helmet.

By now the banquet was over, and it was quiet outside the window, with the faint sound of ethereal and secretive waves, plus the dark environment with no lights on, made him momentarily confused between reality and the game.

Qin Hengyi seemed to be there.

He found himself a small blanket, carried a cup of hot milk and a piece of strawberry cupcake snack, sat in front of the coffee table, and ate carefully.

At the same time, he opened Weibo.

Zhu Qing ‘an hadn’t been on Weibo for a long time. He thought his popularity would drop.

Unexpectedly, the hot search still had his name.

The suit he wore today was very eye-catching. It was photographed by the media from 360 degrees and posted on Weibo, which rightfully set off a big wave of praise from fans.

[Woohoo! Trying to rip the fabric of his suit! Pull his buttons!]

[Wants to use the tie around his neck ……]

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

He opened the folder.

The song he sang with the mermaid in the game was saved.



Not half a minute later.

On Zhu Qing’an’s long-dormant Weibo page, a new Weibo post appeared.

[Zhu Qing’an V: Song sung with a mysterious gentleman from the ocean ## Click to download audio ##]

–The song of a teenager who was enchanted by a mermaid, as well as a real mermaid’s voice, was revealed to the public.

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