B city wasn’t much smaller than A city before the end of the world, second only to the capital city S, the big city, the population was naturally extremely large, zombies were also many. But the good thing was that although the garrison in B city wasn’t as much as in A city, it was still a lot, so they quickly established a security base.

The B city survivor base had hundreds of thousands of people, it was a powerful force, which made power-hungry people greedy.

The Gao family was second only to General Han in the B city survivor base, they were naturally ambitious, but this time the Gao family made a mistake. But soon the Gao family released a message – A press conference will be held in three days.

The Gao family only vaguely said they would hold a conference, but they didn’t mention what they wanted to talk about, this was the end of the world who cared about a conference? But the Gao family also spread a hidden message, they said they would release an invention that had a significant role in the survival and development of mankind …… it was like they created an invention that would make them the Saviors of mankind.

Although many people secretly muttered that they wouldn’t buy, but on the launch day, many people went to see what invention the Gao family created.

At the launch, the head of the Gao family walked onto the stage with Gao Nouping, followed by a few ability users for protection.

When they saw Gao Nuoping, everyone’s eyes were focused on him. The people still knew Gao Nuoping, a medical talent who wasn’t very old but had high medical attainment, and the Gao family had used his name to recruit people.

The head of the Gao family first said a few words, and then handed over the main part to Gao Nouping.

Gao Nuoping came forward and took a metal box from an ability user behind him, the box opened, he took out a spray bottle from inside the box, the spray bottle’s body was transparent and it contained a light green liquid. He raised the spray bottle with the light green liquid in his hand, and his voice spread through the audio: “Everyone, look at this spray bottle in my hand.”

The crowd had long been focused on the test tube in his hand.

Gao Nuoping continued, “We all know that since the last viral storm, plants have mutated together with it, and the most numerous and aggressive of the mutated plants are vine type plants.” He looked excited and raised the spray bottle in his hand high, his voice was also high, “This is the vine repellent I have researched, just lightly sprayed onto the vine type mutant plants, those vine mutant plants will automatically retreat ……”

Gao Nuoping revealed the effectiveness of the vine repellent, then took a few steps back, and let a plant ability user bring out a vine mutant plant, with the spray bottle, he pointed it towards the writhing vines and lightly sprayed it, immediately, as if the vines had encountered something scary, they hurriedly retreated …… Gao Nuoping also sprayed some vine repellent on himself, and then walked towards the vine mutant plant, wherever he went, the mutant vine avoided him.

The people listened to the words of Gao Nuoping, and then saw the effect of this vine repellent, and suddenly went crazy ……

Gao Nuoping said that as long as it was a vine type mutant plant, this vine repellent would effective. When they left the base, they mostly encountered vine type plants, it was very difficult, if the vine repellent could reduce a lot of casualties, why wouldn’t they go crazy?

Ye Tianyi, who was mixed in the crazy crowd, reached out and pressed the hat on his head, quietly turned around and left the conference site ……


Since the fight in Wujiawan, Ye Tianyi knew that in B city’s survivors base, someone was keeping an eye on him, he couldn’t avoid it. Fortunately, his appearance was the same as that of a human, and the means of detecting whether a human was infected with the zombie virus was also a single isolation day, he easily blended into B city’s survivor base like he did in A city’s survivor base.

He mixed into the base just in time for the Gao family to escape responsibility for the deaths of the more than 1,000 ability users and the release of the vine repellent agent that was used to divert the attention of the public.

As he left the launch site, Ye Tianyi wasn’t in a good mood, because the human research on mutant plants and zombies was likely to exceed his imagination, now the Gao family could create a vine repellent agent, maybe one day they would inventory something against mutant plants and animals, or even research against zombies ……

If Ye Tianyi was still human, he would be happy, but now he was a zombie, regardless of his original race, he and humans were mortal enemies. It wasn’t about personal grudges and feuds, but the two sides were already hostile and irreconcilable.

Just as a rabbit could never trust a lion to be kind to it, so did humans to the zombies who fed on the flesh and blood of the living.

Through the precise manipulation of space distorted spatial fluctuations, Ye Tianyi achieved the effect of stealth, he quietly avoid the base patrol and snuck into the underground research institute.

The location of this underground research institute was very hidden, and the materials used in the construction could hide it from mental detection, but this strange material also had a limit, it couldn’t hide from ability users from the fifth level upwards, so the institute couldn’t escape his mental detection.

Ye Tianyi’s strength today was enough to win against everyone in the B city survivor base, as long as he didn’t reveal his identity to attract countless cannon fire siege, he wasn’t afraid. The underground research institute with strong defense was full of flaws, he easily avoided countless patrol officers and entered the interior of the institute, those that couldn’t be avoided were some sensing devices, those who set these sensing devices wanted to guard against humans, not zombies, so these sensing devices that enveloped the entire institute could only sense living people, but was completely unresponsive to Ye Tianyi who has no life characteristics.

Ye Tianyi went into a laboratory room, there were many zombies locked in a room, there were also individual ability users lying in the nutrition module …… no wonder this underground research institute was hidden by the base senior, they didn’t dare expose it, although now it was the end of the world, this kind of heartless thing would still cause panic and unrest.

Ye Tianyi moved slowly in the room and accidentally saw an acquaintance.

“Su Tianyun ……,” In his heart, Ye Tianyi silently recited the name of the guy who looked like a human being and a ghost.

He looked at the miserable state of Su Tianyun who was soaking in the unknown medicinal liquid, and the hidden anger and hatred in his heart actually calmed down.

He coldly smiled, then without hesitation turned around and left the room.


Su Tianyun was indeed miserable now.
His head was half open, and the brain nerves pulsating inside could be seen, and the body below his chest had been separated from his upper half. The body below the chest had been separated from his upper body, it was installed in another chamber soaked in a light blue liquid. And a half-formed man in an incubator next to him was a zombie ……

Su Tianyun was originally sent to the Xiao family laboratory in the A city survivor base, but the Xiao family in this area of research didn’t have much success, their research members were only a group of ordinary researchers, unlike the B city survivor base research institute that had many talented researchers, and Gao Nuoping, the top medical doctor before the end of the world.

So after the Xiao family couldn’t squeeze more benefits out of Su Tianyun, they used him as a bargaining chip to exchange with the Gao family for the insect repellent, which was a wasteful use.

But Gao Nuoping got more benefits from Su Tianyun – because Su Tianyun often drank the spiritual spring water in the space during the time when he got the Jade Goddess space, he had certain abnormal points.

These abnormal places weren’t easy to be discovered, the Xiao family researchers didn’t notice, but Gao Nuoping, when studying the half-zombie found that the half-zombie’s body had a certain substance that was actually the same as the substance in Su Tianyun’s body.

Su Tianyun was still conscious, although he couldn’t speak, his brain was connected to the side of the instrument, the content of his thoughts would all be displayed on the display of that instrument. As early as the first day he was sent into this underground research institute, all his secrets were exposed on that instrument, how he pushed Ye Tianyi, who was in the process of awakening his abilities, how he got the Jade Goddess Space …… all these secrets were learned by Gao Nuo Ping through this instrument, which was also the reason why the Gao family wanted to send someone to capture Ye Tianyi privately.

But the fact that Su Tianyun was reborn wasn’t shown on the instrument, the Xiao family also didn’t know.

Ye Tianyi, who left the incubation room where Su Tianyun was, also found the incubation room where Ning Zi’an and other half-zombies were located, but their condition wasn’t much better than that of Su Tianyun.

Ye Tianyi turned around, he had looked at each experimental room and laboratory once, but he couldn’t understand those research instruments data, but it didn’t matter, he would destroy it. He didn’t alarm anyone, he places a lot of explosives in each room.

Then Ye Tianyi quietly returned to the original path and left the underground research institute. After leaving, he immediately triggered his spiritual power to make all those explosives he placed explode ……


The whole B city survivor base was slightly trembling, the building above the underground research institute collapsed, revealing a few blown up underground research institute remnants, and even some laboratory walls were still standing firm, B city base senior really didn’t spare money, these materials were all post-apocalyptic mutant materials.

But unfortunately, Ye Tianyi’s explosives blew up the inside. Even if the walls were still intact, the experiments and instruments in the room were certainly completely destroyed.

The bombing of the underground research institute caused a huge shock in the survivor base of B city.


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