Wang Lifeng and the others just stabilized the situation, seeing those speed ability zombies retreat, they breathed sighs of relief, but it didn’t take long before a huge whirlwind moved towards them, they could see dozens of wind ability zombies.

The whirlwind was strong, the almost frozen ground lifted up, Wang Lifeng and the others couldn’t even open their eyes, their cries for help was blown away by the wind, it couldn’t reach the ears of their companions, they didn’t know how many people were carried away with the wind.

Wang Lifeng and the others were already in trouble. This whirlwind was made by the third-rank wind ability zombies. How could it be so simple? He didn’t know how many invisible huge wind blades had been hidden in the whirlwind. One of the fourth-rank high-ranking agents had been cut to pieces by the wind blade.

Ye Tianyi also ordered the earth ability zombies to make the ground swampy when the ability users were tired of dealing with the attacks of the wind ability zombies, and the wood ability zombies had to control the trees that weren’t mutated but still much bigger than before the end of the world to attack the ability users, so that those humans who intended to cling to the ground or grab the trees to resist the whirlwind lost their support and could only be swept helplessly into the whirlwind and then cut into countless pieces by the wind blades hidden in the whirlwind. ……

The survivor base of B city sent out many ability users, now only the few fifth-rank and fourth-rank peak ability users survived with great difficulty, the others all died without a complete corpse.

Wang Lifeng was drenched in blood from the wind blades, he couldn’t care less about his own wounds that were still bleeding, he looked at the mess and broken bodies around him after the whirlwind, his face twitched and he said in a hoarse voice to the few ability users who survived, “We must retreat!”

The few ability users who belonged to the Institute had never cared about Wang Lifeng, the nominal captain, but at this time they didn’t refute what he said, they only nodded in silence, looking reluctantly at the deadly scene, and retreated cautiously.

However, they were willing to retreat, but Ye Tianyi wasn’t willing to let them go.

The surviving ability users, such as Wang Lifeng, were all under his surveillance, and Ye Tianyi’s spiritual power, which was infinitely close to the sixth rank, was undetectable, so he could control the zombies along the way to intercept them and he ordered many evolved zombies to chase them.

The six dozen military trucks stuck in the swamp couldn’t get out, the few remaining survivors also didn’t have the ability to get them out, their retreat and escape could only rely on their legs, although the speed of an ability user was fast, the speed of a zombie was even faster.

At present, these zombies had low intelligence, but with Ye Tianyi controlling them, each became like a specially trained soldier, they quietly formed a circle to surround the few fishes that slipped through the net, and then swarmed on them, killing them all.

The surviving ability users were all high ranking ability users, and they were desperate, most of the zombies sent by Ye Tianyi died. So the crystal nuclei of the dead ability users and zombies were dug out and brought back by Ye Tianyi’s order, and the bodies of the dead ability users became food for the zombies.

Ye Tianyi knew that since the survivor base in B city sent more than 1,000 teams of ability users and they were wiped out, such a big loss, the base would certainly not rest in peace, he turned back from Wujiawan to Mengjiawan ……


B city survivor base, underground research institute.

There was a snare for all the researchers who were still alive in B city. Although they worked well in the institute, they would lose their freedom, this was nothing in the precarious last days.

This underground research institute, only the leaders of the base knew about it, the people in the base of had never heard of it, only the surface of a small research institute was xposed to the people’s eyes, they generally researched how to purify water to improve soil quality to increase food production and other livelihood issues. And the underground research institute, was the study of the zombie virus and zombies ……

Gao Nuoping was the director of this underground research institute, but now he was in his forties. Before the last days, he was a very famous medical scientist. Although he couldn’t compare with the medical figures of Taishan Beidou, it was only because Gao Nuoping was still young that he couldn’t compare with those old medical scientists who were seventy or eighty years old.

Now that the end of the world had arrived, those titanic figures were too old to survive the early days of the end of the world, but Gao Nuoping was lucky enough to awaken a mental ability and was saved by the Gao family and taken to the B City survivor base. It could be said that he didn’t experience any suffering in the end times, he only needed to bury his head in research, the rest were handled by the Gao family behind him.

The Gao family was the second largest force in the B city survivor base, more so because there was Gao Nuoping, a medical doctor who had researched the anti-insect agent to solve the harm of mutant insect ants, but he couldn’t compete with General Han who controlled the army, but the ambition of the Gao family had never disappeared.

This time, Wang Lifeng and others were sent to Wujiawan to hunt the zombie king by the Gao family.

Now it was several years after the end of the world, the original broken communication had been re-established, although it was only short distance communication, A city survivor base and B city survivor base had made the exchange.

The Gao family and the Xiao family of the A city survivor base were family friends before the end of the world, and when the Gao family learnt that the Xiao family had successfully kicked out Commander Jiang to the top, they were envious and jealous, and were even more eager to kick out General Han themselves.

A while ago, the survivor base in city A was also attacked by mutant insects and ants, the Xiao family contacted the Gao family and got a lot of insect repellent, as payment, the Xiao family told the Gao family a lot of useful information, one of which was – the zombie king Ye Tianyi!

When the captured half-corpse was sent to the underground research institute and fell into the hands of Gao Nuoping, Gao Nuoping’s research on the zombie anti-virus progressed much faster, the Gao family then targeted Ye Tianyi, the zombie king, in an attempt to capture him for research. If they could use him to study the anti-virus agent, they could pull in most of the ability users, the original base leader General Han would nothing, the reign of the Gao family was just around the corner.

The ambitious Gao family privately sent people to poke around and lost a lot of ability users before finding out that Ye Tianyi might be in Wujiawan, so the Gao family issued a mission to clean up thousands of zombies in Wujiawan, and the generous compensation got the attention of a lot of ability users. But the Gao family only told those ability users that the thousands of zombies were ordinary zombies and the evolved zombies weren’t many, they also secretly sent a few high level ability users along, they intended for the more than 1,000 ability users to be cannon fodders.

However, the Gao family didn’t expect that Ye Tianyi would directly wipe out all those people sent by the Gao family. Not only did the Gao family’s plan fail to succeed, but they also lost several high-ranking ability users.


After more than half a month, Gao Nuoping hadn’t been able to wait for his research experiments, the Gao family sent people to investigate, but only found abandoned military trucks and the ground full of bloody corpses in Wujiawan.

The Gao family realized that the people they sent there were all wiped out.

The death of more than a thousand ability users, and all on the same mission, even in the post-apocalyptic world, where human life wasn’t worth much, it still caused great concern.

The mission was issued by the Gao family, and at once the Gao family went from low profile to the limelight.

The head of the Gao family was in his study, throwing a tantrum, and he couldn’t be at peace as long as he thought of those bastards who had attacked him explicitly and secretly to take resources away from him.

At that moment, there was a knock at the door. If anyone dared to disturb him in the midst of his anger, it had to be something important. The Gao family head said with a gloomy face, “Come in.”

The person who came in through the door was none other than the Gao family head’s cousin, Gao Nuoping.

Before the end of the world, Gao Nuoping’s parents died, and his status in the Gao family wasn’t high, and he was excluded from the core of power, which was why he took the path of studying medicine. Now that the end of the world happened, the status of medical professionals like him was very high, especially because Gao Nuoping was indeed a capable one, so now his status in the Gao family was second only to the head of the family.

Gao Nuoping wasn’t afraid of the gloomy face of the Gao family head, he sat in front of him with a calm and steady expression, and opened his mouth to ask: “Big brother, how is the situation?”

The Gao family head said in a deep voice: “All of the more than 1,000 ability users are dead, although a few deaths in these times aren’t much, but they died because they were on a mission issued by our Gao family, how could those b*stards let go of such a good excuse? They will never rest until they blackmail the Gao family.”

Although the Gao family was the second largest power, the gap with the other third and fourth largest power wasn’t very big, so those powers were watching him behind the scenes, and the base leader General Han also wanted to suppress the Gao family. The casualties of this failed operation was used by those forces as an excuse to attack the Gao family, they were all trying to bite off a piece of meat from the Gao family.

Gao Nuoping wasn’t a person without political acumen, he frowned and asked, “So, should we take out the vine repellent now?”

Since the plants also mutated, human survival had become more difficult, especially the survival ability of the extremely large number of difficult vine type mutant plants.

Gao Nuoping and his researchers had painstakingly used countless experiments on mutant vines to research a medicine that could expel most types of mutant vine plants – vine repellent. This kind of vine repellent could undoubtedly let the ability users in the field have more chances of survival, it was an extremely meaningful invention.

But the Gao family had hidden it in order to use this in exchange for greater benefits. After they began the layout, this happened, Gao Nuoping proposed to release the news of the birth of the vine repellent agent in advance, as long as the vine repellent agent was in the hands of the Gao family, other forces wouldn’t dare to make a move.

The Gao family head pondered for a moment, he was very hesitant, he originally had a greater plan for the vine repellent …… However, thinking about the situation of the Gao family, he nodded his head and agreed to Gao Nuoping’s proposal: “In that case, the announcement date will be set in three days.”

He had already conceived several plans in his mind to take the opportunity of announcing the vine repellent agent to make the most profit for the Gao family.

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