C66 — Fan Photo

“Wrap it up, thank you for your hard work.”



The staff in charge of this closed shoot came over, “It’s already noon, what do you want to eat?”



“Thank you, we’ll eat outside.”



After the shooting, the first thing Gu Yanshen did was to take off the scarf, he didn’t like wearing a scarf, if not for work, as long as the temperature was tolerable, he never wore one.


The staff revealed a meaningful smile, “Okay, then we won’t disturb the two teachers, thank you and happy cooperation.”


Lu Wenxing held a cup of hot milk tea and asked with a smile, “Is Mr. Gu going to treat me to dinner?”


“What do you want to eat?”


Gu Yanshen took a step forward and naturally lifted his hand to help Lu Wenxing press down his upturned hair.


His sudden action caused Lu Wenxing to freeze for a moment, he blinked, half a beat slower, “Thank you.”


The two of them went to a private restaurant that made Chinese food, and there were quite a lot of foreigners eating here.


They picked a corner spot, after they had had several dinner appointments, Gu Yanshen had long been familiar with Lu Wenxing’s appetite and preferences. After ordering, he glanced at Lu Wenxing again, “Do you want anything else?”


“If it’s not enough, we can order again.”


Because it was in K country, and wasn’t the peak season for tourism, along the way they didn’t encounter many nationals, so Lu Wenxing didn’t bring a mask. They also went to the mall after dinner, Lu Wenximg was planning to bring some gifts for his family and friends, Gu Yanshen had nothing to do and took the initiative to accompany him.


“Mr. Gu, does this scarf look good?”


Lu Wenxing was holding a grey scarf in his hand, Wen Huaizhe and Wen Zheng wore suits to work, and this color was a good match.



“This one looks good too.” Gu Yanshen took the dark blue scarf on the display rack and showed it to Lu Wenxing.


“Buy them all.” Lu Wenxing said with bravado.


Passing by the glass counter, Lu Wenxing’s line of sight fell, and a delicate cufflink caused him to gaze at it for a few more seconds.



The cufflinks were placed in the center, distinguishing them from the other two rows of cufflinks. When he looked at the price, it was about eight million RMB.



Lu Wenxing retracted his gaze for a second, then expressionlessly passed by the counter and walked towards the cashier.


Wen Huaizhe and Wen Zheng’s gifts were all bought, the first choice for Ji Yuan was still jewelry.


Lu Wenxing had a clear purpose, picking what he wanted and paying for it before leaving and moving on to the next target point.


“Ahhhhh! It’s Lu Wenxing.”


Lu Wenxing came out of the jewelry store and met two girls who had traveled to K country in a group, their faces were filled with surprise and disbelief.


The girl shrieked out in shock and quickly covered her mouth again, she looked around and was relieved to see that no one was paying attention to this side.


“I’m sorry, I was so excited.” Still unable to hide her surprise, the girl hugged her best friend beside her, “I can’t believe I’m seeing Wenxing. Ah ah ah ah, I’m so happy.”


Lu Wenxing smiled, “Want to take a picture together?”



The girl froze for a second, the surprise in her eyes about to overflow, and there was a bit of incredulity in her tone.


“May, may I?”


“Yes, I want a group photo.”


Without waiting for Lu Wenxing to answer, the girl hurriedly opened her mouth again, afraid that if she was a second late, she would miss the opportunity to take a photo with her favorite star.



“Baby, help me take it.” The girl put the meat skewer in her hand into a paper bucket and shoved it to her best friend.


“Me, I want to take a picture too.”


“That ……” Her friend looked at Gu Yanshen, who was standing on the side without saying anything, “Can Brother Shen come along?”


Lu Wenshing raised his eyes to look, Gu Yanshen didn’t hesitate, “Sure.”


After the four took a group photo, Lu Wenxing blinked awkwardly and asked, “I want to know …… where to buy this meat skewer.”


The girl froze for a second and gave Lu Wenxing directions.




Gu Yanshen then left with Lu Wenxing, and the girl looked at the back of the two leaving with an excited expression.


“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, I actually saw …… Wenxing. And took pictures, ah ah ah ah, I’m dying.” The girl hugged her best friend, happily bouncing in place.


“Happy now?”


“I always thought I was unlucky, I didn’t think I’d have such a day!” The girl held her friend tight, “Thank you for bringing me to K country. Love you.”



Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen left the mall and went back to the hotel, Chen Che had already packed his bags and was ready to go to the airport.



“Then Mr. Gu, I’ll leave first.”


Gu Yanshen let out a ‘hmm’, “Xingxing, see you in the country.”


“Okay, see you later, Teacher Gu.”


After dinner, Wen Zheng returned home, and at this point Ji Yuan and Wen Huaizhe were sitting in the hall watching TV.


“Xiao Zheng is back.”


Wen Zheng answered, his expression was a bit heavy, Ji Yuan looked at like him suspiciously, “What did you encounter?”



“There is something I have to tell you guys.”


Wen Zheng raised his eyes to the second floor, Ji Yuan knew he was looking for Lu Wenxing and explained. “Wenxing hasn’t come back yet, he went to play with his classmates.”


Wen Huaizhe put down the orange in his hand and looked over.


“Is it related to Xingxing?”




Ji Yuan immediately tensed up, Wen Zheng took out a pile of information from his bag and placed it on the table.


“We’ve spent so much time, energy and financial resources, but we’ve never been able to find him, and here’s why.”


Ji Yuan was stunned and picked up the reports and information on the table.


“The blood samples collected from Xingxing were swapped.”



When Wen Zheng said this, Wen Huaizhe’s complexion instantly sank.



Lu Wenxing was lost in kindergarten.


During that time, Ji Yuan was busy with the new product launch, and during the day she would send Lu Wenxing to the kindergarten before driving to the company. But at night, she occasionally worked overtime and wasn’t always able to pick up on time. Therefore, the family specially hired a nanny, and when Ji Yuan was busy at work, she would let the driver drive the nanny to pick him up.



The day he disappeared, the driver had a small car accident on the road that delayed a little time, and when the nanny arrived at the kindergarten, only to find that Xingxing disappeared.



Only the second floor of the kindergarten has a monitor, it captured Xingxing and his classmates down to the first floor, but the first floor wasn’t equipped with a monitor, the teacher on duty didn’t notice whether he went out of the door.


The nanny called the police first before they were contacted.



The driver’s car accident was unforeseen, but Ji Yuan was in deep remorse, and she took the fault on herself.


For a while, Ji Yuan thought she was a blundering mother, especially when she saw other mothers picking up their children from school, Ji Yuan would especially regret it.



If she had gone that day, this would not have happened. But she couldn’t put the blame on the driver or the nanny.



The nanny and driver were always on time and would wait in front of the kindergarten, the car accident was unpredictable, and the nanny couldn’t have imagined that a delay on the road would result in a missing child.


“Auntie Lu had said that the first thing they did after Xingxing had gotten well was to take him to the police station to register, the public security system was not as perfect and advanced then as it is now, but it was also necessary to collect a blood sample.”


In the past, B City was still just a small county, and it was not so perfect in every aspect. Unlike nowadays, one could go directly to the DNA laboratory of the criminal investigation brigade to collect blood samples.


Lu Xiaofei brought Lu Wenxing to the private hospital in the small county for the collected blood sample, which was then forwarded by the hospital to the police station in the village and town, and then there was a mistake in the process of submitting the blood sample.


“I’m more inclined that the blood samples were swapped right at the hospital.”


Ji Yuan squeezed the report with a deadly grip, and Wen Huaizhe’s expression was terribly gloomy.


No wonder, both sides were searching, but they just couldn’t find it. The blood sample had been swapped, how could he be found?


“Also, the parents that went to him before us were the staff of the orphanage back then.”


This matter Wen Zheng and Wen Huaizhe said, those parents were also sent to the police station, Ji Yuan was aware of it, but if there was a problem with more than just that couple ……



“The other people at the orphanage also have problems?” Ji Yuan sneered.


The one who was most enthusiastic about charity was Ji Yuan, she loved children and couldn’t bear to see them suffer, when she knew that the children in the orphanage weren’t living in a good environment, her first thought was to rebuild the orphanage and provide supplies and financial help.


Was it really because of her that the Xingxing suffered?



Ji Yuan’s thoughts were in disarray, and she suddenly felt a throbbing pain in her heart, as if a needle had been stuck in her heart, and she couldn’t pull it out, but it hurt so much that she couldn’t stand it.


Wen Huaizhe patted Ji Yuan’s chest, “Don’t think blindly, listen to Xiao Zheng.”


Ji Yuan would always put the blame on herself for anything that involved Xingxing, and this had been the case for so many years. Wen Zheng originally thought that Ji Yuan’s heart would be untied after he was retrieved.


But in fact it didn’t, Ji Yuan didn’t come out from that incident back then at all, she was still afraid, it had been more than a year since he was brought back home, only Wen Huaizhe knew that Ji Yuan still occasionally awakened by nightmares.



“Xingxing participated in a painting competition in high school, but someone impersonated him and almost took his guaranteed place.”



Wen Zheng didn’t really want to take credit for Gu Yanshen, Gu Yanshen had made a lot of effort, and there was no need for Wen Zheng to hide it.


“Impersonation is against the law, not only will it affect your future development, but in serious cases, you will be sentenced to jail. The boy who took the place of Xingxing had good grades in school, even if he didn’t take the art exam, he could still go to a pretty good university.”


Wen Huaizhe understood Wen Zheng’s meaning, a high school student knew the law, there was no need to commit this kind of risk, but if someone instructed it, it was another matter.


“The boy’s father was a truck driver who injured his leg after a car accident and was in desperate need of money, at this time someone helped him advance the medical bills and saved his father’s leg, in exchange he promised that person a condition.”


“I asked Gu Yanshen to send a few audio clips to that boy ……”


Wen Zheng clicked on a recording.


At the beginning was the audio that Wen Zheng had sent out, and another boy’s voice came from the recording.



“That’s the voice. I can’t remember it wrong, he was wearing a mask and a hat, he was isolated at the time, and as much as I wanted him to help me, I was also worried that he was a liar. And he didn’t show his face, so I made a point of memorizing his voice.”



Ji Yuan’s face was completely devoid of blood, her nails inadvertently pinched into her palms, her lips trembling slightly, “Wen Yu?”


Wen Huaizhe wasn’t as surprised as Ji Yuan, but he was also shocked. Because of Wen Zheng’s caution, Wen Huaizhe also withdrew his heart, but he didn’t expect Wen Yu to be so bad.



Obviously, Wen Yu had long known that Lu Wenxing was Xingxing, and to make sure that they didn’t know, Wen Yu had been paying attention to his every move.



It wasn’t hard to guess the reason for finding someone to replace Lu Wenxing, because Xingxing would attend a school that was in C City, and Wen Yu’s purpose for doing so was to get Lu Wenshing to leave C City.




Wen Zheng folded up the information that had been pressed at the bottom, “Previously, both Xingxing and Wen Yu were signed artists of Mang Cheng Entertainment.”


They were aware of this matter, and Wen Yu had acted surprised when he learned that Xingxing had returned home, acting as if he didn’t know.


But with the previous finding a replacement, then Wen Yu’s later demeanor seemed very deliberate.



“Xingxing was bullied at Mang Cheng, I also thought it was the manager’s problem at first, but it wasn’t ……”


“Also, the first time he was on the hot search list was for a dance, but it was quickly removed.”



It didn’t take much thought to realize that it must be Wen Yu, it had happened more than once.


“The resources that Xingxing received were always intercepted by Wang Man and ended up in Wen Yu’s hands.”


Wen Zheng had his assistant go to Wang Man.



Wang Man was very frightened at the time and told him the whole story, that taking the resources from Lu Wenxing and giving them to Wen Yu was because she had limited resources in her hands. After knowing Wen Yu’s identity, she would occasionally squeeze other artists under her name.



Lu Wenxing was the most disobedient one, Wang Man’s desire for control was aroused, she didn’t really want to snowball Lu Wenxing, she wanted to use this way to make him obedient.



When asked how she knew Wen Yu’s identity, Wang Man’s exact words were.



“I asked him to wait for me in the office that day, and when I entered, I accidentally heard Wen Yu talking to someone on the phone. Because Wen Yu hadn’t told anyone, I assumed he didn’t want anyone to know, so I pretended not to know. But privately, I became more accommodating to him, it’s human instinct to tend to others.”



“Wen Yu’s heart is deep, he must have let Wang Man hear it on purpose.”


Ji Yuan’s fingers curled up, her knuckles trembling slightly, she didn’t take care of Wen Yu as much as she should have, but what was agreed upon before was funding.



They had done enough, Wen Yu had been kid-napped ‘because’ of Xingxing, and the Wen family felt indebted, so the Wen family did their best to compensate Wen Yu.


After curing Wen Yu’s leg, they agreed to let him recuperate in the Wen family house, knowing that his body was weak after surgery and the orphanage environment was not good.



They made concessions again and again, from financial support to recuperation, and finally agreed to let Wen Yu live in the Wen family temporarily until he reached adulthood, so as to provide him with a good living environment. They had never shortchanged Wen Yu materially, giving him the best education, but how could he, Wen Yu, do such a thing?



Ji Yuan was shaking with anger, and under the worried gazes of her father and son, she leapt to her feet and said word for word.


“I want to publicize this matter.”


With just a look, Wen Huaizhe understood what Ji Yuan meant.


“Doesn’t Wen Yu want to be famous? Then …… give him this opportunity.”




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